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filming with my ex boyfriend tonight LOL (no clickbait) new video tomorrow link
I JUST DID SOMETHING SO CRAZY AND DRAMATIC....don't worry i filmed it. New video tomorrow link
im editing my new video and i keep slipping and falling from all of the TEA THAT I SPILT IN IT. so yea new vid today link
Oops I accidentally slept too long lol so new video tomorrow instead of today! link
NEW VIDEO IN 15 MINUTES!! link get your tea pot's ready bc a lot is spilling in this LOL
just filmed a really shooky storytime video from when i lived i the o2l house! :O goes up tomorrow at noon PST! link
Hey guys! I needed to sleep in some so I'm editing today's new video now but it'll up later today! link
About to drive the long drive back home! My new video for today is scheduled to go up at noon PST look out for it! link
New video tomorrow at noon PST: link turn on my post notifications so you'll know right away!! ? tweet me if you do

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