Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say

Researchers say sophisticated tools were used to boost Trump and undermine Clinton.

Increasingly looks like Russia just conducted an intelligence and propaganda operation of historic significance. link
  • Matt Brown (Colchester1891)

    rolandparis NATOSource washingtonpost if true, they saved us from the fraud who corrupted the entire system: HillaryClinton

  • Colchester1891 rolandparis NATOSource washingtonpost HillaryClinton NO American should be ok with foreign interference in elections.

  • BrooklynPainter Colchester1891 rolandparis NATOSource washingtonpost HillaryClinton Thank you! Go live somewhere else idiot #trumpkin!

  • Zoe (zoehunter_zoe)

    rolandparis bwaggonerps After all that America went through during the Cold War, how are we just letting them screw us over like this?!

  • Fresh Brew (TheFreshBrew)

    The GOP was willing to gain totalitarian control thru whatever means were available. SpeakerRyan zoehunter_zoe rolandparis bwaggonerps

  • Joyce Tyler (joyce_tyler)

    rolandparis Russia, with the help of Facebook, has succeeded: My faith in American democracy has been well and truly undermined.

  • joyce_tyler rolandparis we need to give credit to anti-liberal wikileaks

  • Michaelloinsigh joyce_tyler rolandparis wikileaks When it happens to the GOP, then they'll be upset about it. Hate this partisan crap.

  • MusicTramp (MusicTramp)

    rolandparis SusieFierce washingtonpost And cowardly American media let it happen

  • Susie Fierce (SusieFierce)

    MusicTramp rolandparis washingtonpost Yep. Going for clicks and train wreck ratings and "both sides..." No policy. Beat emails to death

  • Thomas in Texas (thomasntexas)

    rolandparis GerardAraud washingtonpost sad part is our government isn't going to do dick about it #pathetic

  • thomasntexas rolandparis GerardAraud washingtonpost we have a government until January, what will we have then?

  • Linton Kwesi Johnson (LKwesiJ)

    rolandparis ImadMesdoua In a tacit collusion with FBI leadership...

  • Marge Davis (Marjee123)

    rolandparis Una_Bear_Dog If they find ties to russian hacking Trump should be the one "who is locked up"

  • Marjee123 rolandparis Una_Bear_Dog Instead of "Hail Trump" it is important for it to be "Jail Trump!"

  • Terri (SocialTerri)

    rolandparis Between this & Trump Jr. Negotiating with Russia during the campaign it's increasingly looking like Putin is our Pres by proxy.

  • BeeMan (BeeMan233)

    SocialTerri rolandparis don't forget Ivanka vacationing with Putins girlfriend! Trump had his kids do dirty work on the down low.

  • BeeMan233 SocialTerri rolandparis Trump's been wanting to do business in Russia for ages. Of course Ivanka vacays w/ Putin'$ girlfriend.

  • Terri (SocialTerri)

    AddenoidalHonk Now he'll get all the business deals he wants with Russia. The fact that he's profiting off the office sickens & angers me.

  • SocialTerri Yeah. From here on any sitting-POTUS will use the office as and it's funds as a family-and-friends piggybank.

  • Terri (SocialTerri)

    AddenoidalHonk #AMJOY - From now on, anyone with a Twitter acct can be POTUS & turn it into a Family Owned Business.

"The flood of 'fake news' this election season got support from a sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign..." link
  • Deborah (treeofpeace)

    brianstelter harrisj fearing that the Russians can hack into voting machines and change votes. Trying to throw the blame on anyone!

  • Jacob Harris (harrisj)

    treeofpeace brianstelter Clinton made some tactical mistakes that cost her election. Doesn’t make Russian efforts any less concerning

  • Caleb  ?? (NCpreneur)

    harrisj treeofpeace brianstelter do nations not have valid interests in other elections in a connected global economy?

  • Jacob Harris (harrisj)

    NCpreneur treeofpeace brianstelter what was Obama doing to meddle in Brexit? Did it involve covert actions?

  • Caleb  ?? (NCpreneur)

    harrisj treeofpeace brianstelter how does speculation about O's covert actions differ from pure speculation about Russia covert actions

  • Jacob Harris (harrisj)

    NCpreneur treeofpeace brianstelter so you’re saying there is evidence of Obama taking covert actions to stop Brexit?

  • Caleb  ?? (NCpreneur)

    harrisj treeofpeace brianstelter CNN/NYT have parroted more fake news than anyone. Why NYT losing $. Faux intellectuals. Dunning Kruger

  • Jacob Harris (harrisj)

    NCpreneur treeofpeace brianstelter I think Kaspersky, Mandiant and others have done good analysis on two groups traced back to Russia

  • Howard Sherman (hsherman)

    brianstelter washingtonpost Frightening = article's statement we lack tools 2 fight back. Storyful snopes factcheckdotorg out gunned?

  • David Clinch (DavidClinchNews)

    hsherman brianstelter Storyful snopes factcheckdotorg key is to combine all efforts to make algorithms better + increase media literacy

  • Howard Sherman (hsherman)

    DavidClinchNews brianstelter Storyful snopes factcheckdotorg Yes! Also, can we teach skepticism in school? Produce critical thinkers?

  • hsherman Yes please. I've been harping on this for several years. Critical thinking skills should be part of the curriculum very early on

  • brianstelter washingtonpost I didn't know that cameraman who hated realDonaldTrump and wanted a recount for HillaryClinton was Russian

  • Brian Keith O'Hara (bkohatl)

    brianstelter Elections aren't what they used to be. No longer free. I still wish someone would explain why no one looked into Trump's BRIBE link

  • bkohatl brianstelter #pizzagate #paedofile

  • Brian Keith O'Hara (bkohatl)

    JanJohnsonFL brianstelter Hate is such a beautiful thing when done by an artist like you, you are Picasso of venom.

  • Brian Keith O'Hara (bkohatl)

    brianstelter Lets see, Republican FBI/Chief Comey interfere in election under Giuliani's direction, with the help of Russian Communist KGB

  • Perry Bullock (PerryBullock)

    bkohatl brianstelter The KGB no longer exists. The 50s called and wants you paranoia back.

  • Brian Keith O'Hara (bkohatl)

    PerryBullock brianstelter which makes his point far more valid that a semantic difference that you offer.

  • Perry Bullock (PerryBullock)

    bkohatl brianstelter You must have read that at Slate or Huffinton Post.

  • Brian Keith O'Hara (bkohatl)

    PerryBullock brianstelter I majored in Ancient Roman History/Russian Studies in college for my Bachelor's Degree. Familiar with them all

  • Perry Bullock (PerryBullock)

    bkohatl brianstelter So the Uranimum sales to Russia by Obama/Clinton/Kerry was wrong?

  • Brian Keith O'Hara (bkohatl)

    PerryBullock brianstelter Either drink deeply of the Pierian Spring of knowledge or not at all. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Our leaders must ensure that Russian subversion does not become a partisan issue and that it is counteracted. link
  • Ross Rojek (SacBookReviewer)

    Evan_McMullin washingtonpost how is the party of Reagan suddenly ok with the Russians picking our next President?

  • Heather Smith (heathersgarten)

    SacBookReviewer Evan_McMullin washingtonpost As a child of the 80's I remember the Cold War...history anyone?

  • . Evan_McMullin Exposingfrauds7 I agree, this is 100% an American issue, and all Americans are required to put on their big boy pants now.

  • andyrosebrook I agree. Everyone needs to rise and become better to deal with this situation. It won't magically resolve itself.

  • Bill Bame (billbame1966)

    Evan_McMullin washingtonpost the question is did Trump collude it this or is he just a a benefactor

  • Heather Smith (heathersgarten)

    billbame1966 Evan_McMullin washingtonpost he is on tape asking Russia to hack Hillary.

  • Bill Bame (billbame1966)

    heathersgarten Evan_McMullin washingtonpost where's the tape ?

  • Heather Smith (heathersgarten)

    billbame1966 Evan_McMullin washingtonpost link

  • Bill Bame (billbame1966)

    heathersgarten Evan_McMullin washingtonpost YouTube I think this was in jest. It was going on before this was ever said.

  • evan (evankuchar)

    billbame1966 heathersgarten Evan_McMullin What's the quote? "If you want to get away with a lie, tell everyone and say it's a joke"

  • Heather Smith (heathersgarten)

    evankuchar billbame1966 Evan_McMullin j/k

  • David Tyler (Ardhen723)

    Evan_McMullin the gop gleefully accepted what happened because it benefited them. in any sane universe it's treason! ToniTagliarino

  • Dave Stewart (davestewart4444)

    Evan_McMullin AWorldOutOfMind admitting it would mean admitting the election was rigged And they want power

  • Mouse in catspeak (Meouse)

    Evan_McMullin stanveuger washingtonpost But Mr. McMullin, our leaders ARE Russian now.

  • Evan_McMullin Moshi0313 washingtonpost As the lines become blurred, I'm glad McMullin still walks the straight line of Truth!

  • Renee (SocialCivility)

    Evan_McMullin tampagirl19655 washingtonpost Thank you Russian interference is NOT a partisan issue it's defending USA Country b4 Party

  • Yaz (john_yazek)

    Evan_McMullin washingtonpost GOP not speaking out is proof they put power ahead of country. Disgraceful

  • alayes (sseyala)

    Evan_McMullin you are my new favorite republican. I don't generally agree with republican 'values' but you have me listening.

  • Brian Isaac (rafi17)

    Evan_McMullin What leaders? Which country are you living in?

Russian hacking, Russian trolls, Russian fake news looking like maybe the biggest story of election 2016 link
“It was like Russia was running a super PAC for Trump’s campaign. . . . It worked.” link
  • Team Titan001 (TeamTitan01)

    gavinnewsom you sound like you need more therapy the Play-Doh hot cocoa coloring books therapy dogs cryins aren't working for you.

  • Richard Ascher (rascher5200)

    GavinNewsom SophiaBush washingtonpost Washington Post reported as much false news an any other source.

  • The El Dude (SamuelGibson302)

    GavinNewsom SophiaBush lol such desperation. There's zero EVIDENCE of this. What you've provided doesn't fit the bill #YouLost #GetOverIt

  • GavinNewsom rezaaslan washingtonpost The irony of WaPo calling out fake news

  • Lost Turntable (LostTurntable)

    IssyHatt please point to a piece of fake news published by the Post.

  • LostTurntable Just open it anytime there is daily PR done for govt. That is all fake BS

  • Lost Turntable (LostTurntable)

    IssyHatt example please

  • LostTurntable IssyHatt yeah. Because the media is so quick to report on itself. The entire US media was a Hillary super PAC.

  • Lost Turntable (LostTurntable)

    Delib_Sarcastic IssyHatt example please

  • LostTurntable Delib_Sarcastic find your own examples

  • Lost Turntable (LostTurntable)

    IssyHatt you both seem to be accusing the Post of printing fake news, I'm asking for an example.

  • I am (Ndege)

    GavinNewsom badwebsites You mean like the Wapo ran a super PAC for Hillary? Because, everything they published was HILLARY OMG! <3 !

  • Julius Young (jjlive1)

    GavinNewsom suzanne_butzin America has interfered with elections worldwide for decades

  • GavinNewsom washingtonpost Such good examples of desperation in the midst of being a bad loser! #StopYourWhining!

  • Clyle Alt (clylealt)

    GavinNewsom washingtonpost Imagine if Russia had done this on behalf of a Democratic candidate! The outrage would be loud & non-stop!

  • Michael Self (NoteFromSELF)

    GavinNewsom Along with mainstream media who enjoyed reality show ratings.

  • michikokakutani GavinNewsom there is clear evidence of the US interfering in other countries' at every level. None linking Russia to GE

  • Father Mayhem (father_mayhem)

    GavinNewsom GreatDismal I remember the WaPo ran Sanders hit-pieces. WaPo is propaganda. Elites hate and blame us link

  • GavinNewsom And just like the actual PACs, there was illegal collusion with the trump campaign. Where is the law of the land?

Embarrassing how many reporters breathlessly tweeted this without clicking through to the really shady site featured link
  • Trevor Timm (trevortimm)

    Apparently Drudge Report is Russian propaganda! Maybe that's how ProporNot got to this absurd #, which we have no clue how they calculated link

  • Alex Gibney (alexgibneyfilm)

    trevortimm Drudge doesn't have to be Russian propaganda to run with stories seeded by Russians. NYT has also been played by Roger Stone.

  • Trevor Timm (trevortimm)

    alexgibneyfilm but what they are doing is labeling whole sites as Russian propaganda based on some unseen story they don't cite. It's shady

  • Alex Gibney (alexgibneyfilm)

    trevortimm Agree that they are not showing the evidence yet. But there is something to the Russian story.WP didn't label Drudge as RU site.

  • Trevor Timm (trevortimm)

    alexgibneyfilm WP didn't but the anonymous researchers they featured did. It's on their blacklist when you click through to their site

  • Sheera Frenkel (sheeraf)

    trevortimm craigtimberg fwiw, a lot of reporters passed on this story.

  • George Scriban (scribandotcom)

    sheeraf trevortimm craigtimberg Is Watts, Weisburg, & Berger’s work similarly shady? link

  • Dani (DaniDonblizz)

    scribandotcom sheeraf trevortimm craigtimberg you can call it shady, you can also more correctly call it bullshit

  • George Scriban (scribandotcom)

    DaniDonblizz Speaking for myself, you may feel free to shill Putinism elsewhere sheeraf trevortimm craigtimberg

  • Dani (DaniDonblizz)

    scribandotcom sheeraf trevortimm craigtimberg but when ur done with it please go look for saddams wmds, they are still missing :(

  • George Scriban (scribandotcom)

    DaniDonblizz sheeraf trevortimm craigtimberg

  • Caroline Olsen (CaroOlsen)

    . trevortimm At least the animals know that he is not "fake"... link

  • CaroOlsen trevortimm putin is telepathically controlling my cat to disrupt my dogs hes a bad person

  • trevortimm Incredible lack of vetting by washingtonpost

  • duneknight (duneknight)

    trevortimm washingtonpost this cacophony of fake news is hilariously propagated by actual fake news elite media. We are Soviet Russia now

  • duneknight trevortimm washingtonpost Seems it's OK for two/three corporation$ working together to control news, just not "the state" ☭

  • Anthony G. (TrumpDatBitch)

    trevortimm RAMrants washingtonpost Propornot claims wikileaks is a fake news site..& infowars..& zerohedge. Seeing a trend here? #Lying

  • trevortimm WaPo liking that little taste of fascism-let the book burning begin.

  • John W (LpsdlwyerW)

    HillaryGuess trevortimm More like setting itself up as a private sector HUAC

  • LpsdlwyerW My Dad,lowly union steward,investigated by FBI 4 HUAC-totally innocent but traumatic trevortimm

  • John W (LpsdlwyerW)

    HillaryGuess trevortimm Hope he came through it okay; those were dark dark times

  • LpsdlwyerW He did. Very dark,files from that time period now available to FBI vault,esp interesting movie stars & harassment trevortimm

“It was like Russia was running a super PAC for Trump’s campaign... It worked." link
  • Mark Lively (pskinny00)

    SamuelAAdams washingtonpost lol. Russia again! Sorry, the "fake news" was coming from the MSM in this country! Wikileaks exposed it.

  • Sam Adams (SamuelAAdams)

    pskinny00 Wikileaks "exposed" that reporters talk to the people they report on. Shocking.

  • Mark Lively (pskinny00)

    SamuelAAdams i guess its common practice to let the subjects of your news reports edit their own story before publishing.

  • Sam Adams (SamuelAAdams)

    pskinny00 allowing someone to read and comment on part of a story is not giving them editing privileges

  • Mark Lively (pskinny00)

    SamuelAAdams keep on pushing that "there is no media bias" narrative. The American people surely believe you.

  • Sam Adams (SamuelAAdams)

    pskinny00 Keep on ignoring evidence of Russian interference because it’s inconvenient to your beliefs.

  • Mark Lively (pskinny00)

    SamuelAAdams evidence fed to us by an upset biased media? how are we to know what to believe anymore when its PROVEN you are lying to us?

  • Denny Paul (MrDennyPaul)

    SamuelAAdams washingtonpost The ultimate in elite thought. They cannot digest they would be voted against by the servants [ie voters].

  • Sam Adams (SamuelAAdams)

    MrDennyPaul washingtonpost It’s a news article. Perhaps you should read it.

  • Denny Paul (MrDennyPaul)

    SamuelAAdams washingtonpost I did. Its dribble. #FakeNews #Unreliable

  • Sam Adams (SamuelAAdams)

    MrDennyPaul The word is "drivel."

  • Sam Adams (SamuelAAdams)

    Ppl dismissing WaPo on Russian “fake news” w/o reading bc it says something they’d rather wasn’t true explains why fake news is so effective

  • Larry Mc - VA (LarryMcVA)

    SamuelAAdams maggieNYT washingtonpost It sure helped along with a number of other factors. Too many to mention.

  • Sam Adams (SamuelAAdams)

    LarryMcVA maggieNYT Yes. Weird how many ppl's reaction is "So X didn't matter?" It's an election! Lots of things mattered.

  • SamuelAAdams all news is potentially flawed. You need a brain & to do research. WMD's? Gulf Of Tonkin? Libya blown up to be saved. LOL

  • Sam Adams (SamuelAAdams)

    JeffersonianAll There’s a pretty big difference between inevitable human imperfection and deliberate propaganda.

  • SamuelAAdams Max Keiser, georgegalloway, Thom_Hartmann Russia Today not simply propaganda. Helped me understand Libya war WRONG

  • Tammy Cooper (TBeaucoupe)

    SamuelAAdams I think we need to be careful making Russia the scapegoat, Most of this was probably our very own GOP.

  • Sam Adams (SamuelAAdams)

    tcooper9999 I don't think you can lay any election down to a single factor, but this touches on some significant ones.

  • Tammy Cooper (TBeaucoupe)

    SamuelAAdams true. Im not believing it was all just Putin/Russia tho,, GOP is in on this too

Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say - The Washington Post link
  • MichaelKeaton Did Russian prop make Clinton take Millions from the Saudis? Kill hundreds of innocent civlians with drones? Private server?

  • Jennifer Hartness (JenKenobi)

    MichaelKeaton sir...the washington post IS "fake news"...

  • Matt Cohen (theCheeman)

    MichaelKeaton washingtonpost Mikey don't blame the Russians that people can't tell our "legit" media from nonsense.

  • Rob Pawlikowski (ZithRob)

    MichaelKeaton We have a problem. We don't have a mutually trusted source for information. We need facts that both Left and Right accept.

  • Derek Wasiak (dwazWGBB)

    MichaelKeaton that a shame.... CNN does that regularly

  • Casey L Payne (CaseyLPayne)

    dwazWGBB MichaelKeaton ChrisCuomo painted SenSanders as a bad guy during town hall/interviews questions.

  • Derek Wasiak (dwazWGBB)

    CaseyLPayne MichaelKeaton ChrisCuomo SenSanders I am not a Cuomo fan but dont follow him nor know much about him I will take your word

  • Aaron Smith (Aaron_Smith_26)

    MichaelKeaton washingtonpost based on what their pre election polls predicted, why would we put any value in this article?

  • Mark13 (Val1Morgulis3)

    MichaelKeaton Washington propaganda post...

  • Paula (evebaby78p)

    MichaelKeaton washingtonpost They didn't make HRC delete emails, lie about it repeatedly, take millions in exchange for favors, etc., etc.

  • photoguy (KaleJFPhoto)

    MichaelKeaton USA has the. It's advanced psyops and propaganda machine on planet. You actually believe Russia helped put Trump in office ?

  • Timothy Dougherty (mindtraps)

    MichaelKeaton WaPo blasted online for article accusing Russia of ‘sophisticated’ US election propaganda link

  • Michelle K (MichelleKate41)

    MichaelKeaton Truly not surprised. Putin simply loathed Clinton, makes sense that they used propaganda to sway attitudes.

  • Jon Adams (jonsherred)

    MichelleKate41 MichaelKeaton or it could be Hillary's LOUSY record?

  • daveharrison (_daveharrison)

    MichaelKeaton RealRonHoward washingtonpost. Fake news? You mean, like FoxNews?

  • CMKAGENDA (CmkIam)

    MichaelKeaton RealRonHoward washingtonpost The thing about successful propaganda is that lies become truth to those who want to believe.

  • Amy B (blumamy)

    MichaelKeaton same deal with the washington post. Spreading half truths

  • Jon Adams (jonsherred)

    MichaelKeaton RealRonHoward link

"It was like Russia was running a super PAC for Trump’s campaign. . . . It worked.” link
  • PaulBegala why isn't POTUS not speaking out against this? We should all be outraged as Americans, not party.

  • Rindie (Rindie62)

    PaulBegala It makes me ill that our govt isn't doing anything to correct this stolen election. JMZElection washingtonpost #AuditTheVote

  • Love Trumps Hate (JMZElection)

    Rindie62 PaulBegala washingtonpost I hope they are, behind the scenes, otherwise we are screwed.

  • PaulBegala Russia should have been the single most important issue during the campaign yet the media didn't give it too much imp.

  • CHRIS MALLOY (sunsetchris)

    K_TorresZayas PaulBegala No they just focused on HRC emails. Non stop & the media mogul got all free air time!Emails & Trump all the time.

  • Debra Hange (DebraHange1)

    PaulBegala washingtonpost and we are just letting it go. Shame on the US

  • CHRIS MALLOY (sunsetchris)

    DebraHange1 PaulBegala washingtonpost Should have followed real story instead of emails. Press obsessed with HRC emails. Fixed election.

  • MichaelGutierrez-May (MikeGMY)

    PaulBegala Still don't think they helped nearly as much as Cable news cheering for Trump and against Hillary. You were the rare exception

  • Karen (Kmadry1234Karen)

    PaulBegala neeratanden washingtonpost Even The Post knows Clinton was a drag on Senate Democrats link

  • Ben Spielberg (BenSpielberg)

    PaulBegala neeratanden This article boosts a source accusing Truthout of peddling Russian propaganda. Don't you think that's a problem?

  • CHRIS MALLOY (sunsetchris)

    PaulBegala washingtonpost Legitimate press did not do their job early in campaign when Russian connection surfaced.

  • Gayle Beyah (GBeyah1)

    PaulBegala washingtonpost There should definitely be a recount for USA to learn if and how hacking was done! #ElectionIntegrityMatters

  • David Spencer (Honxqp)

    PaulBegala mehdirhasan then just leveraging gullibility like a great untapped resource.

  • Paul Rabin (PaulRabin1)

    PaulBegala washingtonpost The difference is that they can't coordinate with a super pac.

  • #NastyWoman (Magdalena0113)

    PaulRabin1 "can't" and "don't" are different universes PaulBegala washingtonpost

  • CHRIS MALLOY (sunsetchris)

    PaulBegala washingtonpost You all shd have been on this way earlier in campaign instead of HRC emails. Press did this. Too late now!

  • AlengGiam (Alenggiam)

    PaulBegala washingtonpost What I want to know is, what can Americans like me do about it?

Of all the big celebrity deaths in 2016, I think the one that surprised me the most was democracy. link
  • Robert McNees (mcnees)

    A few words about that tweet. The comment was about people's willingness to accept misinformation when it supports preconceived ideas.

  • Robert McNees (mcnees)

    (For those of you who think the linked story is just another example of that: the irony is not lost on me.)

  • Robert McNees (mcnees)

    You don't need to invoke external agents to think that the role played by misinformation in this campaign seems outsized.

  • Robert McNees (mcnees)

    (Whether you accept claims about a Russian campaign is up to you.)

  • Robert McNees (mcnees)

    But rush to embrace what one wants to hear, and rejection of anything that could refute it, seems antithetical to healthy democracy.

  • mcnees Absolutely. German journalists saw the result even before the election results. link

  • Robert McNees (mcnees)

    OmanReagan Oof.

  • Marat (StinkFoot50)

    mcnees - Red Herring: The USA is a representative republic, not a democracy.

  • Robert McNees (mcnees)

    StinkFoot50 Okay thanks I don't think anyone on twitter knows this so be sure to tell everyone.

  • Andy McC (mccoubr)

    mcnees Democracy is fine. Civics is dead.

  • Andrew Henry (andrewphenry)

    mccoubr mcnees technical democracy is fine - right to vote, private polling booth, no intimidation, accurate counts, etc. (1/2)

  • Andrew Henry (andrewphenry)

    mccoubr mcnees What died (long ago) is principals of democracy: an EDUCATED electorate choosing leaders for good of the whole (2/2)

  • Robert McNees (mcnees)

    andrewphenry mccoubr Wasn't clear, but my comment was about willingness to accept misinformation if it reinforces preconceived ideas.

  • Andrew Henry (andrewphenry)

    mcnees mccoubr Yes - confirmation bias combined with laziness have been the nails in coffin. But I think this far pre-dated 2016.

  • Jamie Bostwick (JaBoz28)

    mcnees Jeff_Daniels washingtonpost how did democracy die?

  • Robert McNees (mcnees)

    JaBoz28 The tweet was about willingness to accept misinformation if it supports a preconceived view. Bad for healthy democracy.

  • Jamie Bostwick (JaBoz28)

    mcnees so everything that politics is, what papers like Washington post, ny times.., MSNBC, CNN, Fox News promotes, & what every politician

  • Jamie Bostwick (JaBoz28)

    mcnees or maybe people didn't pay any attention to it, and the country folk whom are deemed stupid and flyover states, see through the bs.

  • Joel Stanton (JoelStanton)

    mcnees Jeff_Daniels consider following miVoteAus and our progress towards redesigning democracy. link RT appreciated. link

  • Gary Cronkhite (papacronk)

    mcnees Jeff_Daniels washingtonpost We lost democracy back with the patriot act. With chads in Florida. With Supreme Court ruling.

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