Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House

The U.S. has identified individuals and groups who passed Democratic Party material to WikiLeaks.

Did Russia also hack Hillary's campaign calendar and delete all her stops in rural Wisconsin, Penn., and Michigan? link
  • Frank Luntz (FrankLuntz)

    Did Russia also hack Hillary's speech Word docs and make her call voters who disagreed with her "irredeemable?" link

  • Frank Luntz (FrankLuntz)

    Did Russia also hack into the Hillary campaign's to do list and delete "Have a Press Conference Soon" for 9+ months? link

  • FrankLuntz You can't be serious.

  • Brady (BJohnsonArgos)

    drmichellelarue FrankLuntz serious about what?

  • BJohnsonArgos FrankLuntz This is so far outside the scope of what's important at this point. She won't be pres. Period. 1/n

  • BJohnsonArgos FrankLuntz 2/n But potential Russian influence on our democracy is bigger than who won and who didn't.

  • BJohnsonArgos FrankLuntz These comments of Frank's are seriously off base. 3/3

  • LoatheLiberals (DrrrtyDan)

    drmichellelarue BJohnsonArgos FrankLuntz U imbeciles keep screaming "but she won the popular vote!" So Russia controls the E/College?

  • GetSerious (mrconsltant)

    FrankLuntz I was waiting for someone to say that. I wonder if they also hacked donnabrazile brain and had her provide the debate questions.

  • ?PepeTrump?? (fige1000)

    mrconsltant FrankLuntz donnabrazile link

  • Fred Nicolaysen (phred47)

    FrankLuntz UnitedCitizen01 They also convinced people to stay away from Hillary's rallies by the thousands davidaxelrod

  • RJ (UnitedCitizen01)

    phred47 FrankLuntz davidaxelrod & for her to NOT do Rallies, & mostly do FUND Raiser$

  • Jason Staley (jstales7)

    FrankLuntz Do they have to be mutually exclusive, Frank?

  • jstales7 FrankLuntz no but everybody needs an excuse the folks in those states voted on economic populism not bull shit conspiracy Theory

  • Jason Staley (jstales7)

    mcrichierich FrankLuntz HRC never had a response RE Comey that worked. The only thing Trump did consistently well was msg off Comey/emails. HRC needed 2 b better

  • jstales7 FrankLuntz he spoke about jobs mfg sector, immigration,national security and law enforcement over and over again that message res

  • Jason Staley (jstales7)

    mcrichierich FrankLuntz But he would break from that and was scattered is what I'm saying.. seemed Comey focused him (maybe it showed him he could win).. he ran btr

  • jstales7 FrankLuntz all part of the scenario but She had no message at all was a horrible candidate.

  • Jason Staley (jstales7)

    mcrichierich FrankLuntz 100% correct -- couldn't agree more. This can be applied to primary too-- candidates just didn't have the chops to go up against DJT

Congrats, Republicans. You helped a Russian covert op to elect Trump. The US public deserves info on this now. link
  • DavidCornDC washingtonpost Will everyone in power stop clutching their pearls and DO SOMETHING.

  • Resbird457 (Resbird457)

    PeaceAndRhythm DavidCornDC washingtonpost We the people are going to have to continuously protest this scumbag & others in power.

  • Resbird457 PeaceAndRhythm DavidCornDC washingtonpost M. MCCONNELL/P. RYAN SHLD BE IMPEACHED/TRIED 4 TREASON! Must have a spec election!

  • lepton939 (lepton939)

    DavidCornDC washingtonpost election results should be nullified; officials who suppressed this info should be prosecuted

  • J32P (_J32P_)

    lepton939 DavidCornDC washingtonpost Uh, no! The Dems were the ones putting anything at risk. Oh wait, the WashingtonPost is fake news.

  • Inez Tyler (TylerInezktyler)

    _J32P_ lepton939 DavidCornDC washingtonpost Is the CIA fake news too?

  • J32P (_J32P_)

    TylerInezktyler lepton939 DavidCornDC washingtonpost The Dems were the only ones even caught red handed cheating, yet, libtards ignore!

  • Inez Tyler (TylerInezktyler)

    _J32P_ lepton939 The only people caught committing voter fraud in the last election were Trump voters. link

  • J32P (_J32P_)

    TylerInezktyler lepton939 1. The WashingtonPost is FAKE NEWS. 2. So Bernie wasn't screwed over by debbie wasserman schultz & the DNC?

  • Inez Tyler (TylerInezktyler)

    _J32P_ lepton939 Capitalizing it doesn't make it true.

  • J32P (_J32P_)

    TylerInezktyler lepton939 Last time I checked Trump had not chance at winning according to them, just saying IRL link

  • Tom Myers (Tom_Myers)

    DavidCornDC From now on, I'm going to address anyone who insists that Trump won fair and square as "Comrade." washingtonpost

  • Inez Tyler (TylerInezktyler)

    Tom_Myers DavidCornDC washingtonpost President Putin Puppet.

  • lilshebeast (LilSheBeast)

    TylerInezktyler Tom_Myers DavidCornDC washingtonpost #PresidentPutinPuppetPussyGrabber

  • Gazza Buzzman (GazzaBuzzman)

    LilSheBeast TylerInezktyler Tom_Myers DavidCornDC washingtonpost #PutinRootingForPlumpTrump

  • Amy Moreno (VivaLaAmes)

    . DavidCornDC Breaking: Russian hacker has been identified. His only comment was "I must break you." link

  • DavidCornDC washingtonpost we demand subpoena of trump's taxes & bank records as part of Russia investigation, including his debts

  • Deb R (Deecamry)

    Tina49747372 deliamcmanus DavidCornDC washingtonpost #TrumpTaxes #Trump #TheResistance #AuditTheVote #GrabYourWallet #notmypresident link

  • Bud Wynn (tampabaybud)

    Deecamry Tina49747372 deliamcmanus DavidCornDC washingtonpost T won't show tax returns. All promises =lies EXCEPT THAT ELECTION RIGGED.

Filed under: confirmation of things we tried to tell y'all for months. MalcolmNance kurteichenwald link
  • Mark Dice (MarkDice)

    JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance kurteichenwald Nah. Just more Fake News from the lying liberal media. Disregard.

  • MarkDice JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance Eager for you to offer up the evidence to contradict so many intelligence agencies. US and Europe.

  • kurteichenwald MarkDice JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance Kurt, you did read the part where they say they have no evidence, right? link

  • ShadowPenTester MarkDice JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance Yah, thats exactly what I said weeks ago. Except European intel links them.

  • JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance kurteichenwald - you tried but not many. And WTF about this? link… - link

  • Joy Reid (JoyAnnReid)

    ehschoenberger MalcolmNance kurteichenwald YouTube well DavidCayJ has been talking about that for years.

  • Bernie_2020 (AnthroGirl73)

    JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance kurteichenwald More proof that the DNC & media colluded to rig the primaries for Hillary. #hypocrites

  • AnthroGirl73 JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance U should try visiting the real world. It's nice. Well, sometimes.

  • Bernie_2020 (AnthroGirl73)

    kurteichenwald JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance Not to mention the finger pointing & blaming instead of taking responsibility for your candidate

  • AnthroGirl73 Bernie never cracked communities of color. U obviously believe no smart person wouldnt vote 4 him. U think CofC's stupid?...

  • JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance kurteichenwald washingtonpost what is the point of disclosing NOW? Too little, too late!!!

  • MaryEllenMacke JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance washingtonpost Nance, Joy and I disclosed before election. No-one listened.

  • MaggyResistant (Maggyw519)

    kurteichenwald MalcolmNance MaryEllenMacke JoyAnnReid washingtonpost media outlets acted as Russian agents publishing wikileaks

  • MaggyResistant (Maggyw519)

    kurteichenwald MalcolmNance MaryEllenMacke JoyAnnReid our media is complicit they used Russian. Propaganda against Hillary as fact

  • JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance kurteichenwald #fakenews #FakeNewsMedia #fakenewsalert link

  • QuantumBios JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance Keep grasping at straws. Then read a book about how these ops work. Or read: link

  • kurteichenwald coffee_minion QuantumBios JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance Newsweek RedumbliKKKans read this-- link

  • Nunyabizness44 kurteichenwald coffee_minion JoyAnnReid MalcolmNance The #AltRight diagnosed Clinton supporters with D-K months ago #SAD

The CIA outright says they “do not have specific intelligence” tying Russia to email leaks. Fake News on Steroids. link
  • William B. (willbarrett_1)

    . StefanMolyneux The recount failed so Dems are trying plans X, Y, Z LOL

  • willbarrett_1 StefanMolyneux Not just X, Y and Z. Might as well put the whole alphabet down. Lol

  • William B. (willbarrett_1)

    BagOfCheetose StefanMolyneux Yes exactly, I put X, Y, Z cause those are the final letters and they have used all others LOL !

  • Trollbus driver (Choibolsan)

    willbarrett_1 BagOfCheetose StefanMolyneux They should use the Russian alphabet. Because it has 33 letters i.o. 26 in English.

  • William B. (willbarrett_1)

    Choibolsan BagOfCheetose StefanMolyneux Great idea, John Podesta might know it he has financial ties there!

  • Harasser (Tevorbowles)

    StefanMolyneux Even in the headline: "was trying to help Trump win." So? Saudi Arabia was trying to help Clinton win.

  • Tevorbowles StefanMolyneux Saudia's,EU, NATO, MSM, name it tried to get her elected..oh but that is ok

  • Red Dog (MGatMES)

    landsend99 Tevorbowles StefanMolyneux This isn't about election results, Trump won. It's about a foreign govt meddling in our election

  • MGatMES Tevorbowles StefanMolyneux maybe we should stop meddling in other countries elections & overthrowing their governments

  • Red Dog (MGatMES)

    landsend99 Tevorbowles StefanMolyneux Fair pot, but Russia's stated goal is 2 disrupt democracies around the world. Can't let it happen.

  • Harasser (Tevorbowles)

    MGatMES landsend99 StefanMolyneux As Debbie said, America isn't really in a position to whine about foreign intervention.

  • Alan Guinn (aguinn)

    StefanMolyneux It appears to all the world that Mr. Obama is trying to find a Russian under every stone and behind every tree.

  • aguinn StefanMolyneux too bad he didn't put as much effort in finding ISIS

  • Alan Guinn (aguinn)

    landsend99 StefanMolyneux. Indeed, but that would not have fit his narrative.

  • StefanMolyneux ChateauEmissary Fake NEWS trying to start world war 3 with Russia! "Secret CIA" isn't that stupid!

  • DogGone (HardlyApathetic)

    realjunsonchan StefanMolyneux ChateauEmissary link

  • StefanMolyneux Yet throngs of #trump supporters were chanting "lock her up" when there was no specific evidence. #doublestandards much?

  • Clinton Hohneck (eastslidah)

    heyjoshhaines StefanMolyneux people who have handled classified material have all the evidence they needed.

  • eastslidah heyjoshhaines StefanMolyneux > No specific evidence > "If anyone else did it there would be sanctions" literally said by FBI

I will join lawmakers in both parties & demand investigation of Russia's effort to influence presidential election. link
  • WendyBrandes (WendyBrandes)

    SenatorTomUdall #hero

  • SenatorTomUdall ezlusztig gregpmiller respect

  • Notinmyname (NastyNana16)

    SenatorTomUdall nhdogmom Thank you, Senator. Hoping to hear from KellyAyotte on this assault on our democracy. #nhpolitics

  • Celeste Marx (shaker0309)

    . NastyNana16 nhdogmom SenatorTomUdall KellyAyotte Remember Putin has RNC emails. They are compromised. WE KNOW. Under foreign thumb.

  • Elnigma (galaxiou)

    shaker0309 NastyNana16 nhdogmom SenatorTomUdall KellyAyotte you got to wonder what Putin has threatened Trump with beyond blackmail

  • SenatorTomUdall badwolf303 washingtonpost We need something done BEFORE this horror takes office.

  • Elnigma (galaxiou)

    realflickchick SenatorTomUdall badwolf303 washingtonpost exactly. Why isnt the GOP informing Electors Trump UNFIT, to vote someone else?

  • Elenilinda11 (Elenilinda11)

    SenatorTomUdall washingtonpost Tell congress they have all lost their minds if they think this new administration is any way acceptable

  • Gary S Defiant (gant1014)

    Elenilinda11 SenatorTomUdall washingtonpost If he gets inaug. you can bet elections in two years are gonna be Earth shattering for them!

  • amanda blount (amandablount2)

    gant1014 Elenilinda11 SenatorTomUdall washingtonpost I hope he doesn't make it to office. 2 years of GOP rule is 2 years too much!

  • Gary S Defiant (gant1014)

    amandablount2 Elenilinda11 SenatorTomUdall washingtonpost Time will tell. the longer it takes the more we die .. slowly ....

  • amanda blount (amandablount2)

    gant1014 Elenilinda11 SenatorTomUdall washingtonpost I agree. Which is why we have to fight this with every breath and every step.

  • SenatorTomUdall washingtonpost Thank you so much! I hate all the partisan nonsense. This is so serious.

  • Elnigma (galaxiou)

    McTestaInc SenatorTomUdall washingtonpost If a Dem was doing this, there would be enormous bipartisan fury. This is about a Traitor. Done

  • SenatorTomUdall One of the reasons Y the #Dems Lost,They keep feeding us #FakeNews Like UR doing now! #Hillary & the #DNC is Y U Lost!PROOF

  • savanna (savannastc)

    mobygrapefan omg u don't have a clue! Is it going to take Putin walking into the white house b4 u open your eyes? Russia is not our friend!

  • savannastc IF #Russia #Rigged #Election,then Y did she win the Popular #Vote?& where is UR Proof #Russia Hacked Election? Put up Or #STFU!

  • savannastc Do U live under a Rock? #Assange says #WikiLeaks didn't get emails from #Russia link… #FeelTheBern

  • savanna (savannastc)

    mobygrapefan look I get you think you are right but I will believe the NSA of my own country.

  • savannastc Let me tell U something,I worked 4 #GOVT 20+YRS,Did some Investigations,How many Xs did the GOVT tell me the Truth?0xs!

  • savannastc Their #Lie caused 2 Co-Workers 2 die of #Cancer & they got away with it! #People had their Water Wells Poisoned,they dont know it

  • Elnigma (galaxiou)

    mobygrapefan savannastc right, so you voted Trump who is in bed with Putin, Exxon, and Sago mining. Killers. Why?

Incredible how Democrats are now concerned about tampering with elections when cheating is a part of their GOTV. link
  • SheriffClarke They just didn't cheat enough! They believed MSM! Glad #PresidentTrump had us on Twitter! #Genius!

  • PATRIOT232 (maclover232)

    BCCMMC3 SheriffClarke yes! Keep tweeting Mr. Trump! We are here for you #MAGA

  • Russ Adams (patpend)

    SheriffClarke Anyone checking on truth of wikileaks email where Dems tried to get Trump nominated? That's election interference.

  • Tom Przystawik (cheftomsays)

    patpend SheriffClarke to date ALL Wikileaks have never been disproven. Dems Trojan Horse candidate strategy is true.

  • Russ Adams (patpend)

    cheftomsays SheriffClarke Old attorney once told me never to put anything in email that you don't want discoverable. ;-)

  • Tom Przystawik (cheftomsays)

    patpend SheriffClarke referred to as EvidenceMail!

  • Go-Hillary-Go (KevinEdge8)

    SheriffClarke their weak attempt to make Trump's win over their socialist agenda, look illegitimate and stolen.

  • Harleyman (Harleym22000178)

    KevinEdge8 AtlTeaPartyLove SheriffClarke link

  • SheriffClarke democrats are misfits of the highest order.

  • Joe Isola (JIsola16)

    TrumpsGreatWaII SheriffClarke democrats have proven to be the most hypocritical bottom feeders in existence. A truly sad case.

  • Phyllis (PHAIRR1)

    SheriffClarke - if a third-rate Russia can hack our election and change results, then our current #POTUS really sucks at protecting us.

  • Todd H (Todd_H_225)

    SheriffClarke Dems cheat. Illegals vote, dead people vote, people vote in multiple states. They can't believe they cheated & still lost

  • Tina Anello (Canello180)

    SheriffClarke let's see protesting didn't work, recount didn't work. So now the Russians hacked the Elections. No Hillary USA didn't want u

  • D Knight (DKnightstick)

    SheriffClarke Dems are afraid that someone can outcheat them. They have worked so hard to get everyone in place for decades, only to lose.

  • Neil LaChance (MSGNeil)

    SheriffClarke Funny, it was their M.O. against Bernie... ?

  • Penny Perfect (PrettyPenny579)

    MSGNeil SheriffClarke And yet why isn't Bernie hopping mad? Wonder how much hush money he got?

  • Celestial Man (grants4usa)

    SheriffClarke ...Amazing isn't it? They could never admit that Mr. Trump has 10 times the work ethic of HRC and out campaigned her!

  • James (Dnbro1)

    SheriffClarke They think the world is flat and ISIS is an Egyptian Queen

  • Doug Bonestroo (dbonestroo)

    SheriffClarke what about Obama and his motley crew tampering with the IsraeliPM election? Hypocrisy again. realDonaldTrump

At face value, this implication: - Comey/FBI knew of Russian suspicions, kept quiet; - But HAD to share Weiner news link
  • John Osso (JohnOsso)

    JamesFallows paulkrugman We elected Trump not the Russians (I voted H). Anything they may have done goes under spying, many nations spy.

  • James Fallows (JamesFallows)

    JohnOsso paulkrugman You’re skipping the part about interference in a very close election result

  • John Osso (JohnOsso)

    JamesFallows paulkrugman I'm not saying it's right, just expected. We can't leave ourselves vulnerable.

  • James Fallows (JamesFallows)

    JohnOsso paulkrugman *Interference* in elections has not been expected until now.

  • John Osso (JohnOsso)

    JamesFallows paulkrugman With all we know about Putin I don't get the outrage. America electing Trump for me is the real Tragedy.

  • Zack Merrill (zackmer1)

    JamesFallows Comey isn't the director of the CIA.

  • James Fallows (JamesFallows)

    zackmer1 Great point! But read the stories and you’ll see that he/FBI were in on the intel.

  • btwnbooks (btwnbooks)

    JamesFallows washingtonpost Rudy Giuliani let it slip they had a heads up on the Comey letter before it came out; FBI picked a side here.

  • tim tuttle (tutlax44)

    btwnbooks JamesFallows washingtonpost Also Manafort and Page were in Moscow with Putins top Intel strategist on US election. Duped.

  • Patrick McDevitt (pfmcdevitt)

    JamesFallows washingtonpost it's almost like the election was complete bullshit and the press played right along and now we're f****d.

  • Kevin Clemmons (jefro531)

    JamesFallows gregpmiller Perhaps if the polls weren't indicating an easy win for Clinton, POTUS would have been more likely to speak out.

  • Anthony Cava (TonyCava)

    jefro531 JamesFallows gregpmiller Folks too eager to blame BHO- He knew w/out GOP backup his warning would come off as bogus Oct surprise

  • Anthony Cava (TonyCava)

    jefro531 JamesFallows gregpmiller Unprincipled R's and credulous press brought this on, it's up to principled R's and press to stop it

  • Anthony Cava (TonyCava)

    jefro531 JamesFallows gregpmiller Not to mention principled Americans responding, acting on it like principled Americans. It's on us too.

  • Ed Killmer (EDCNP)

    JamesFallows JuddApatow washingtonpost give it up, you lost and you have two years to change that, why not spend energy on that?

  • Jeremy (LazrRocketArm)

    EDCNP JamesFallows JuddApatow washingtonpost don't you get it? Not about who is or isn't Prez. Russia interfered with our elections!!

  • Ed Killmer (EDCNP)

    LazrRocketArm JamesFallows JuddApatow washingtonpost is this going to change the election?

  • Jeremy (LazrRocketArm)

    EDCNP absolutlety not. Trump will be Prez. But we can't just shrug our shoulders and say "oh, well". It is NOT what Russia did

  • Jeremy (LazrRocketArm)

    EDCNP *not ok

If this WaPo article is accurate, how the hell can this country allow the election of Donald Trump to stand? link
  • Green_Footballs the washingtonpost article is #fakenews. If you research them, you see its a CIA ran disinformation paper

  • Get the fuck out of my timeline. OgierLeDanois

  • Green_Footballs Electors? Ball's in your court.

  • This is *exactly* why the Electoral College was created in the first place. It’s not supposed to be a rubber stamp. CharlesPPierce

  • Freeway (freeway823)

    Green_Footballs washingtonpost The headline is correct but have see #FakeNewsMedia by Wash Post. I wouldn't use or reference them.

  • Just go away, and seek help. You’re not well. freeway823

  • Green_Footballs in case you need this: link

  • Green_Footballs Where are the serious people in our country? How can this nightmare be allowed to destroy our nation and planet?

  • Green_Footballs Putin guaranteed Trump's win. Thus birtherism and stealing of the election, fake news, wiki. History will prove this.

  • Jayelle (GreenEyedLilo)

    AlexanderCall86 Green_Footballs If we're very lucky and there are future generations of humanity to study 2016 as history.

  • GreenEyedLilo Green_Footballs yes,i hope so

  • kim (kim)

    Green_Footballs excellent question, man. I hope we can count on these guys in the electoral hot seat

  • Deirdre (Celticlassy10)

    Green_Footballs It means we recognize that half of the country is willing to let a hostile power interfere as long as their guy wins.

  • UticensisWiggy (SlimWiggy)

    Celticlassy10 Green_Footballs which, technically speaking, is treason.

  • Classic Movies (ClassicMP)

    Green_Footballs gregpmiller MitchMcConnell swore an oath to uphold the constitution &protect & defend US from enemies FOREIGN & DOMESTIC

  • ClassicMP Green_Footballs gregpmiller and Trump just named McConnell's wife (Elaine Chao) to his cabinet! Quid Pro Quo #Electors think!

  • Raymond (YarmondShore)

    Green_Footballs if Republicans are on with Russia stealing an election they world be OK with concentration camps for their enemies.

  • Raymond (YarmondShore)

    Green_Footballs Not the time to worry about Democratic norms. Obama should start signing arrest warrants.

Explosive. CIA finds Moscow tried to help Trump AND GOP Hill leaders opposed calling out Russia for hacking. link
  • Mr Fox (dont_be_dumb_)

    DavidCornDC washingtonpost link

  • We Are F*ct (WeAreFct1)

    dont_be_dumb_ DavidCornDC washingtonpost Change your name to Russia First Thanks!

  • Mr Fox (dont_be_dumb_)

    WeAreFct1 DavidCornDC washingtonpost link

  • MoreyG (MoreyG77)

    dont_be_dumb_ WeAreFct1 DavidCornDC washingtonpost You can't have the handle "America First" and be happy about this, Comrade.

  • Mr Fox (dont_be_dumb_)

    MoreyG77 WeAreFct1 DavidCornDC washingtonpost link

  • MoreyG (MoreyG77)

    dont_be_dumb_ WeAreFct1 DavidCornDC washingtonpost I block Russian bots and traitors. You're both.

  • ?PepeTrump?? (fige1000)

    MoreyG77 dont_be_dumb_ WeAreFct1 DavidCornDC washingtonpost link

  • MoreyG (MoreyG77)

    fige1000 dont_be_dumb_ WeAreFct1 DavidCornDC washingtonpost Спасибо. Blocked.

  • William Ferrall (wmferrall)

    DavidCornDC Along w/ those 2.7M fewer popular votes, more certainty that presidency of realDonaldTrump will NEVER B considered legitimate.

  • Linda Kirby (LindaKi61072348)


  • DavidCornDC We don't need a recount. We need a redo.

  • NewsGhetto (thenewsghetto)

    . DavidCornDC - it names no names, says there's been no evidence presented, and says it wasnt the Kremlin. Ur candidate lost, get over it.

  • Nancy Lee (nancyleeny)

    thenewsghetto DavidCornDC The CIA told the Senators, one of them leaked. Trump is illegitimate. Get over it. #notmypresident

  • NewsGhetto (thenewsghetto)

    nancyleeny no names, no evidence, and nobody said anything about being "illegitimate." That's just reality lol

  • Diane Comer (1DianeMarie)

    thenewsghetto nancyleeny trumps has lead the Russians 2 MANIPULATE *OUR* *SYSTEM* MSM -and- VOTING for his #FalsePresidency! It's #Treason

  • NewsGhetto (thenewsghetto)

    1DianeMarie nancyleeny cute conspiracy. but what u just said has no basis in reality. nobody has even made a case "trump led the russians'

  • Diane Comer (1DianeMarie)

    thenewsghetto nancyleeny OH, How you wish. You #Fraud fronting as a "newspaper" LorettaLynch BarackObama Twitter ShelbyEmerald "lol"

  • NewsGhetto (thenewsghetto)

    1DianeMarie who's a newspaper? you don't make any sense. try again.

  • NihikiNeko (nihikineko2)

    DavidCornDC washingtonpost how come every single broadcast station didn't have breaking news moment? Where is outrage? ABC nbc CBSNews

  • nihikineko2 DavidCornDC washingtonpost ABC nbc CBSNews They're too busy salivating over tax breaks promised by the Traitor elect.

Wow. Lotta Trump tweets this morning. It's almost like there's something he doesn't want us to pay attention to ... link

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