Secret Service to investigate Madonna after expletive-filled rant

The Secret Service has reportedly said they will open an investigation into pop singer Madonna after her intense speech at the Women's March on Washington on Saturday afternoon.

Nasty Women. link
  • Harry Cook (HarryCook)

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  • Lula (happinessjoy134)

    piersmorgan I don't understand what they're protesting about! A bunch of whiners! I am a woman and I love Trump!

  • PBF (This_Here_Girl)

    happinessjoy134 piersmorgan Before I say anything, what attempts have you made to educate yourself on their issues?

  • Russell Oates (oatesie63)

    This_Here_Girl happinessjoy134 piersmorgan Let's hope Lula has gone off to read a book!

  • Noman Ansari (Pugnate)

    piersmorgan nasty 'man'.

  • . piersmorgan I don't understand your need to send tweets like this. If you have nothing good to say better to keep your mouth shut.

  • Vad (Workoutsmurf)

    awomanwonder piersmorgan ah like saying you want to blow up the White House, or the president wants his daughter, those good things??

  •  ✨ Beth (bethwalters)

    piersmorgan stop being so can't tar every woman with the same brush

  • S benson (Sbenson19071982)

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  •  ✨ Beth (bethwalters)

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Secret Service WILL investigate Madonna for plotting a terrorist attack on The White House: link
  • Diane Z (ultralady711)

    MarkSimoneNY Good.. Make an example of her for her threats..celebs are not above the law

  • Kathy (KrazieKate6)

    MarkSimoneNY good throw her jail she should not get away with threatening the president

  • Ex-deplorable Morton (bob312d)

    MarkSimoneNY Veteran4Trump whats there to investigate? she can be charged with various federal statues

  • Trisha (tubbiluna8795)

    MarkSimoneNY EagleJack7 good! Who the h*** does she think she is?

  • MarkSimoneNY She should be jailed!!

  • Cathy Forbes (CathyRobertsonF)

    MarkSimoneNY Veteran4Trump She's nt smart enough 2 plot 1, my concern is her fans will carry it out 4 her. I'm glad they will investigate

  • Jax (jaxx613)

    CathyRobertsonF MarkSimoneNY Veteran4Trump Another Hinckley is always there

  • TrumpAvenger (ejgoldin)

    MarkSimoneNY Tale of 2 singers: jackieevancho gets worldwide acclaim 4 Inaugural performance, Madonna gets jail time.

  • Robert Zuccaro (robzuc1997)

    MarkSimoneNY Veteran4Trump They did to Ted Nugent. Fairs fair!

  • IAMHUMDINGER (haroldmcpeak)


  • Tee (Tee98466820)

    MarkSimoneNY Veteran4Trump GOODbecause I KNOW IF WE THE ORDINARY ppl would of said what Madonna said we BE hunted down4 TERRORISTS THREATS

  • Ed (YankeeClipper61)

    MarkSimoneNY and I hope she goes to jail!

  • Deplorable & Fed-Up (kdealaey)

    MarkSimoneNY johnnyreb1864 Put Madonna in jail, an ordinary person would end up there

  • Drew Hanson (johnnyreb1864)

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  • MarkSimoneNY Outatanding! Hold Madonna accountable for her crime!

  • Jillana Logan (JillanaLogan)

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  • Denise Burke (DeniseB18501248)

    MarkSimoneNY Veteran4Trump . Treat her like any other criminal. Let this be a example to all even a so called celebrity is not exempt

  • MarkSimoneNY Veteran4Trump. Just ARREST her like you would anyone else who is not a celebrity. Terrorism is not picking who says this

Feminist protesters displaying their class and intelligence. This is why Donald Trump is President. #womensmarch link
  • Josh Sánchez (jnsanchez)

    TheMarkRomano 415Joker No. He won because he was saved by the electoral college & uneducated white people in flyover states and the south.

  • TheMarkRomano Boy oh boy, we should all really care what that SLUT has to say.

  • I'mSTILLWithHer (stefsstuff)

    Charlie68952337 Yes, I agree.melania should just zip it. TheMarkRomano

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  • I'mSTILLWithHer (stefsstuff)

    Charlie68952337 I'm just grateful you are NO LONGER a teacher,& sad for the students you came in contact with. TheMarkRomano

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  • Kim (KimHarm63660098)

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  • Sandy Carr (MyInfo80689134)

    TheMarkRomano AshleyJudd and Madonna definitely don't speak for me. Sorry but I believe both need to be in the looney bin. They're disgusting.

Secret Service to investigate Madonna link
  • tomhays67 (MasterTruth777)


  • Carl Gottlieb (c_cgottlieb)

    MasterTruth777 LANURSE1 MKANTONIO1 Madonna is what happens when you refuse to age gracefully.

  • Nurse Patriot (LANURSE1)

    lulubelle65 c_cgottlieb MasterTruth777 MKANTONIO1 And put up wet....

  • Carl Gottlieb (c_cgottlieb)

    LANURSE1 lulubelle65 MasterTruth777 MKANTONIO1 haven't heard that one in a while.

  • Kat (kathro55)

    LANURSE1 diff than locker room talk right.... She is a passionate woman....leave her alone

  • mike (Mike_Tweeted)

    kathro55 LANURSE1 so was trumps talk about girl know everyone masturbates right, private is private, you can't exploit this

  • Nurse Patriot (LANURSE1)

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  • redqueen (mykastle)

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  • Mark Hogan (inperilous1)

    LANURSE1 This woman won't be able to fart with out them knowing it. Any infractions will be recorded and used in a court of law against her

  • inperilous1 LANURSE1 Isnt she sad?A womn her age shld hve mre sense & decency. Wht am I sayng??This is Madonna! Shes nevr had any decency!

  • tomhays67 (MasterTruth777)


  • LANURSE1 ModjajiTen take every threat serious these people are advocating and inciting others to acts of murder and lawlessness

  • eSeStheticsx2 LANURSE1 I do, I have been around this All my life, But this time I will not back down

  • ModjajiTen LANURSE1 we will not be scared into silence by the bullies on the left. We either stand up or get stood on.

  • eSeStheticsx2 LANURSE1 No, I will not be stood on, All for one, And one for All. link

  • ModjajiTen LANURSE1 it is our time to stand like it's never been before my life no longer lacks purpose it's time to shine in days darknes

What a PR disaster. Left again looks awful Women's March Turns Ugly. link via MailOnline
  • Dan Laird (LairdMDJD)

    NolteNC MailOnline Who's Madonna?

  • D.Stairs (dstairs1)

    LairdMDJD NolteNC MailOnline If you vote Dem she gives you a b j

  • Dorothy (woodseysmith)

    NolteNC DumDems MailOnline these women are an embarrassment to my sex.They don't represent me or my moral values.

  • janine leach (Janineleach6600)

    NolteNC MailOnline I'm a women but these women really need to shut up and quit whining!

  • Thomas Milton (TheRightGuy001)

    NolteNC MailOnline wake me when Maddonna has anything of value to say...and oops I'm in a coma.

  • Ben Tallmadge (AWright1971)

    NolteNC MailOnline that is a literal terrorist threat, I don't care if it's Obama or Trump. She threatened to attack a U.S. Institution

  • Kristie Hunt (Sunshine71x)

    NolteNC MailOnline How would those pink hat pussies feel if Bill Clinton showed up? link

  • NolteNC Madonna is not exactly the best choice when wanting to talk about women's dignity. What a fail, lulz.

  • Mrs. Coffee (ifwehadcoffee)

    NolteNC MailOnline and Trump's family is bowling at the White House trying to recuperate a bit from all the winning.

  • CarCzar313 (CarCzar313)

    NolteNC MailOnline Madonna's voter protein shakes obviously are effecting her thinking. Judd, you're not a poet and you know it!

  • NolteNC MailOnline The more these people talk the less I understand what they want. Do they even know?

  • Brand Ex (brandx7597)

    NolteNC So,unprotected irresponsible sex is good as long as abortion is the #birthcontrol of choice? Keepin' it #classy. MailOnline

  • Marianne Cowger (mcowgerFL)

    NolteNC MailOnline What a bunch of LOSERS being led astray by BIGGEST LOSERS OF ALL!

  • Michael Martin (mmartin0007)

    NolteNC MailOnline Madonna What a slap in the face to fans, all 10 CD's in the TRASH now!!!!!

  • Trump (Trumponly)

    NolteNC ofccadjust MailOnline link

  • NolteNC slone MailOnline hasbeen insecure Madonna has so many facelifts should be in jail for threatening blow up Whitehouse

  • Good Guy Mojo (GoodGuyEnergy)

    NolteNC MailOnline We're looking at Trump's 2020 victory.

Secret Service to investigate Madonna after expletive-filled rant link via MailOnline
  • Butta Like (ButtaLike)

    Patrici15767099 MailOnline. Hoping she don't give the investigater a proposition they can't refuse

  • Niki (nklyns1)

    ButtaLike Patrici15767099 MailOnline believe me they will be happy to decline.

  • Mary Dudley (mdudfishinggal)

    Patrici15767099 Trump4Hope Good just cause she is a celebrity doesn't give her the right to threaten our Potus! Madonna pathetic!

  • Kicking Bison (KickingBison)

    Patrici15767099 julie_cappiello MailOnline Trump doesn't mess around Madonna ,

  • Good Citizen (GoodCitizenUSA)

    Patrici15767099 Trump4Hope MailOnline Please do! She is inciting violence. Ridiculous! How is she a role model for women? #WomensMarch

  • Niki (nklyns1)

    Patrici15767099 MailOnline a dried up performer trying miserably to get the people to notice her one more time.

  • Deplorable Gregory (greg52451)

    Patrici15767099 MailOnline The March organizers were reaching deep down in the barrel to pull a Madonna out to speak. Her offers of oral sex to HRC voters helped a lot

  • Patrici15767099 MailOnline yay lock that trash up!!!

  • Couldn't Resist (Goodoz)

    Patrici15767099 MailOnline I hope it's a Trump revised Secret Service...make the Beeeeotch suffer a little!

  • Winston_Truth (Winston_Truth)

    Patrici15767099 MailOnline She's so old that she'll claim dementia.

  • Rhonda (rhondataylor)

    Winston_Truth Patrici15767099 MailOnline not just "claim" dementia, it's real-but prosecute her "expressing" herself illegally anyway!

  • Patrici15767099 MailOnline What are they teaching our children about America. The damage is done and we can't retract it.

  • Shahar Faran (FaranShahar)

    Patrici15767099 MailOnline you are, how we say, not a smart person... link

  • MERCY&GRACE (Annposter1)

    Patrici15767099 RobertA87413263 MailOnline GOOD .....THA LADY IS A T R A M P

  • Patrici15767099 Cgerm1 MailOnline O,theyll say Madonna was just bluster kind of like realDonaldTrump & BillyBush_Real She gets a pass

  • Jena shahadi (JShahadi)

    Patrici15767099 bridgetjoyce11 MailOnline the look of horror on her daughters face said it all

  • JB (wildmaresnw_b)

    Patrici15767099 850Sunny MailOnline #boycottMadonna

  • ankhfnkhonsu (ankhfnkhonsu)

    Patrici15767099 MailOnline She's merely an idiot Personally I'm more interested in the BJ count for votes as part of Team Pantsuit

  • Get a Grip (getrealuwish)

    Patrici15767099 MailOnline lol what's false story she saying thought about and going to are very different first of all losers

Secret Service to investigate Madonna after expletive-filled rant link
Finally! Dealing with the madness! Secret Service to investigate Madonna after expletive-filled rant link
Left-wing nut, and blithering idiot Madonna under Secret Service investigation. Source: link
  • Ticook (TigCook)

    TheMarkRomano Madonna Lock her up!

  • Raised Right (America1st2018)

    TheMarkRomano Madonna she needs to be made example of.. some fucking nut is going to hear here and try to do what she speaks of.

  • David Detrixhe (starbq)

    TheMarkRomano Madonna make an example of her to stop this crap. She represents no women that I know.

  • Anne (anne_rosone)

    TheMarkRomano as she should be. Her comments made us all unsafe.

  • Jeanne Manton (jemanton)

    TheMarkRomano Madonna put 'er on a 'no fly list'!

  • Nicholas Estep (NicholasEstep)

    TheMarkRomano Madonna Lost a fan yesterday. Great music. But you are a complete nutcase. Enjoy ur chat w/ FBI

  • TheMarkRomano Madonna Yes!!!! She made a direct threat to the President and his family, she should be detained for questioning lock her up

  • ∞ JEN ∞ (Jypsy_Jen)

    TheMarkRomano She took a protest that should represent all women and made it about herself. #SelfishSelfEntitledWannaBe #GoodRiddance

  • Robert (Demsstopcrying)

    TheMarkRomano Madonna Lock her up package deal. Hiliary and this freak can share a cell.

  • Melanie (LoveSunAndYarn)

    TheMarkRomano Madonna Good.

  • eileen stocker (estocker8)

    TheMarkRomano ForTennessee Madonna good.

  • TheMarkRomano ForTennessee Madonna Permanent Exile or jail, lolol; these mouth pieces for sedition in Hollywood & music is a Nat threat

  • Trouble (Ladydelamnt)

    TheMarkRomano RDRoebuck2 Madonna Treat her like any citizen who threatens the President of the United States and family.

  • TheMarkRomano Madonna She wants to BLOW UP the White House? DEPORT. DEPORT. DEPORT.

  • Alaynia (Alaynia1)

    TheMarkRomano Madonna Good! Those in Arts have responsibility to avoid threats, they are role models to youth of America! So examples 2!

  • TheMarkRomano Madonna Fuck Madonna, She's A Has-Been Loser Seeking Attention. #ArrestMadonna

  • MsD (MsD_408)

    TheMarkRomano Madonna Good.

  • R Roebuck (RDRoebuck2)

    TheMarkRomano Madonna they need to escort her out of the country somewhere they might be happy to take her she's a great role model (not)

The Secret Service has allegedly said they will open an investigation into pop singer Madonna after her intense ... link

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