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My dear #bronies, Smurgen and I could use some help moving. Please consider buying something off our eBay shop at link
  • Purple Tinker (prpltnkr)

    We are moving to Canada and need your help. If you can help, please help (even a little bit) with our GoFundMe: link

  • Scribble (ScribbleWT)

    prpltnkr lexustheun1corn Smurgen oki is it because of trump?

Our founder prpltnkr is moving to Canada and selling a bunch of goodies— especially PONY goodies! Check em out at link
Gooood morning #bronies! Buy some goodies to help Smurgen and me move <3 link
So Smurgen and I just listed more goodies! Buy some stuff, help us move! link - Or just toss us $5 on GoFundMe maybe?
Hey #bronies, listed a bunch more stuff for sale. Help us move: Buy stuff! link
Hey #bronies! Help Smurgen and I move; buy some of our stuff! link

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