The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It

When I read about the incredibly active first week of the Trump administration, I struggle with two competing narratives about what’s…

As author admits, there's no telling if this is true yet. It's a hypothesis. But perhaps one worth considering... link
  • mryan150 (mryan150)

    hitRECordJoe Medium see, the problem with this, is it insinuates that the Muslim ban isn't a big fucking deal, and it is

  • Jill Johnstone (Jillj343)

    mryan150 hitRECordJoe Medium It is a big deal but it may not be the biggest.

  • mryan150 (mryan150)

    Jillj343 hitRECordJoe Medium I agree, but a lot of these are making the rounds, and it seems dismissive.

  • Mike EY (SGde3a)

    mryan150 Jillj343 hitRECordJoe Medium The ban is a stunt for 120 days so people cant say he was a lier during campaign.

  • mryan150 (mryan150)

    SGde3a Jillj343 hitRECordJoe Medium There is plenty of fuel left to call him a liar.

  • hitRECordJoe Medium I have a feeling the checks and balances may not be as resilient as one might imagine. Let's not forget the ACA move.

  • Natalie (n_foley_)

    ChrisCavallucci hitRECordJoe Medium Checks and balances are only effective if the people in those positions enforce them

  • brownbob06 (brownbob06)

    n_foley_ ChrisCavallucci hitRECordJoe Medium You mean like if the president doesn't fire anyone who disagrees with him?

  • Kate J. (nabbunkate)

    hitRECordJoe Medium def plausible but it doesn't mean #resistance shouldn't happen esp with this #muslimban ...

  • Kate J. (nabbunkate)

    hitRECordJoe Medium also my hope that this doesn't divide us. Lawyers on ground + protesters are there for the individuals affected

  • mryan150 (mryan150)

    hitRECordJoe Medium yes, there is other shit happening, but we don't get to pick our battles this time. They must all be fought

  • Nancy Diaz (ndiaz624)

    hitRECordJoe Medium Many protesting are quite aware of larger implications of this all. Lots of us arent in fact falling for a "headfake."

  • Andrew Leber (AndrewMLeber)

    . hitRECordJoe Might also not be worth considering, if the punchline is "protests are silly" - thepoleax link

  • Dane A. Wisher (daneawisher)

    AndrewMLeber hitRECordJoe If only it didn't have a misleading title that obscured the whole "hypothesis" part . . .

  • Andrew Dayton (adayton5)

    hitRECordJoe Medium How about we hold off a bit on creating an InfoWars for the left...

  • paularead (paula_read)

    hitRECordJoe Medium Smoke&mirrors, shock&awe-the real work is going on elsewhere & if we aren't careful, will be done before we notice.

  • hitRECordJoe scottsantens Pair it up with this and it makes even more sense ... rel="nofollow" target="_blank">link… High treason?

  • Cheryl Castjohn (livininnola)

    hitRECordJoe Medium I wouldn't call T**** an intellectual, but is definite tactician. Serves dual purpose, to satiate constituents

  • Veronica (VSahlen)

    hitRECordJoe Medium rel="nofollow" target="_blank">link… more ppl point out this pattern

トランプ政権の入国禁止令はフェイントで、本当の狙いは三権分立の中で行政府の優位を確立するための手段であるという分析。無茶な大統領令を連発して、裁判で負けても無視して実行して既成事実を積み上げる戦略だ、とのこと。 link
  • 片田直久 (KATADANaohisa)

    KS_1013 aidoldaisukides Medium トランプが理想とする統治モデルは日本だってことですかね。

  • アマヤ (yosinagakoyuri)

    KS_1013 Medium でんでん安倍がすでに実行しているやり口ですね。

  • SI (EiL1mjCbfs3zgZZ)

    ks_1013 ☚真に、当時世界一民主的な憲法といわれた「ワイマール憲法」を改変して世界を混乱と恐怖に陥れたヒットラーの手法そのものですね!

“The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It” by jakefuentes link
  • Betty Cracker (bettycrackerfl)

    Medium jakefuentes - Sweet Jeebus, can we STOP with the fucking "stop paying attention to this! look at this!" bullshit? Multitask!

  • Mae (schr0ddie)

    Medium jakefuentes It is not a headfake, it's simply not the only thing they're doing wrong.

  • Medium jakefuentes Trump is doing what he promised. That's too much for liberals to comprehend. They prefer BSers like Obama.

  • jswriter65 Medium jakefuentes I know this might sound crazy to you, but if you look carefully and objectively, Trump is a serious BSer.

  • PPricklepants Medium jakefuentes If you look carefully and objectively, Obama and Clinton were far bigger BSers than Trump.

  • jswriter65 Medium jakefuentes True, provided you're alternative careful and objective.

  • PPricklepants Medium jakefuentes Are you the objective police on Twitter? I sure don't see much from those bashing Trump.

  • kelly kend (projectid)

    Medium jakefuentes if you like this, check out sarahkendzior. She studies authoritarianism and knows what she's talking about.

  • lex (lexylexlex)

    Medium jakefuentes this is a story that everyone should be reading. thank you, jake.

  • James Head (jashead)

    Medium jakefuentes It's a very involved argument excusing yourself from doing fuck all. I'll support marchers over navel-gazers any day.

  • Bill Krause (BillKrause2)

    Medium jakefuentes God forbid the non-Nazis have a cause to rally around. Jesus fucking christ.

  • Bud Leizear (Racerbud38)

    Medium dose jakefuentes can y'all stop calling an immigration ban? Maybe research a bit

  • Will Stamped (willstamped)

    Racerbud38 Medium dose jakefuentes what would you call it?

  • Burke Weston (WestonBurke)

    willstamped Racerbud38 Medium dose jakefuentes what the fuck? What is it then?

  • Bud Leizear (Racerbud38)

    WestonBurke willstamped Medium dose jakefuentes immigration hold and refugee ban.

  • Will Stamped (willstamped)

    Racerbud38 WestonBurke dose jakefuentes The ban on immigrants won't be lifted. The one on refugees is will be(except for in syria)

  • Bud Leizear (Racerbud38)

    willstamped WestonBurke dose jakefuentes do y'all know he isn't the first president to do this? What obamas ban on Iraqis?

  • Will Stamped (willstamped)

    Racerbud38 WestonBurke dose jakefuentes Trump bans visa holders and refugees cleared by state department. Obama stopped new visas.

  • Burke Weston (WestonBurke)

    willstamped Racerbud38 dose jakefuentes link

This genre of paranoid Medium riff is the mirror-image, 2017 equivalent of the Glenn Beck chalkboard rants of 2009 link
  • Tim Geoghegan (timogeo)

    . alexburnsNYT jbouie Medium no, it's based on a lot more circumstantial evidence. And aligns with ACTUAL intent (in Bannon's own words) link

  • Tim Geoghegan (timogeo)

    alexburnsNYT jbouie Medium and slate lol. Where to get started? How's 'finger on pulse' Vorhees doing? Still shellshocked?

  • Alex Burns (alexburnsNYT)

    timogeo jbouie Medium Slate If your best defense of a conspiracy theory is ad hominem attacks on MSM, that's vintage Glenn Beck.

  • Tim Geoghegan (timogeo)

    alexburnsNYT jbouie Medium Slate no, this is a strawman by u. My initial point was 'defense': those medium articles r based on evidence

  • Alex Burns (alexburnsNYT)

    timogeo jbouie Medium Slate Bannon and Trump saying some dark things is not "evidence" of an incipient fascist junta. Be well.

  • Tim Geoghegan (timogeo)

    alexburnsNYT jbouie Medium Slate no one said it's conclusive. I said circumstantial. Critical analysis; simply a 'possibility'. Be well

  • Jeff Greco (jeffgreco)

    alexburnsNYT something about Medium is the message?

  • Alex Burns (alexburnsNYT)

    jeffgreco Medium boooooo

  • Noah Hurowitz (NoahHurowitz)

    alexburnsNYT noahmccormack 1st they came for immigrants + I didn't speak because a Medium rando with a numbered list cried "distraction"

  • George Wishart (GWBiscuit)

    alexburnsNYT Medium is self-publishing. Beck had Fox News backing him. So yeah, totally on the same level...

  • alexburnsNYT Medium trump=head fake king . trump=just plain fake

  • Tim Geoghegan (timogeo)

    alexburnsNYT jbouie Medium w/ NYT+MSM, there's a failure to look into mirror+come to terms w/how flawed own pre-election 'insights' were.

  • Nathan Schumer (nathanschumer)

    alexburnsNYT jbouie weren't liberal conspiracy theories ubiquitous during the bush years? I seem to remember a lot of it

  • Rachel Unkefer (runkefer)

    alexburnsNYT Do you think defying court orders less deserving of attention than OE effects? 'Cause that's what's happening. Unintentional?

  • (((Alex Mark))) (agraybee)

    alexburnsNYT *A head emerges from the nuclear wreckage* "Don't let them distract you with this" it croaks

  • Spicy Take Man (roscada)

    alexburnsNYT DavidPontious I think it's something more sinister: Liberals soothing their ego.

  • Spicy Take Man (roscada)

    alexburnsNYT DavidPontious It feels much better to have lost to a 3-dimensional chess master than an idiot that's pure lizard-brain.

  • Sean McCormick (SeanSeanmac31)

    alexburnsNYT Medium And we need to recognize it as such and reject it loudly.

  • Nick Mancuso (Nick_Mancuso)

    alexburnsNYT Medium Also, if this really is a facist coup, wouldn't all these thinkpiece authors start vanishing mysteriously?

I just published “The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It” link
  • Kevin Cheng (k)

    jakefuentes Related: rel="nofollow" target="_blank">link

  • bob calhoun (bob_calhoun)

    jakefuentes in other words, the concern over being distracted in itself a distraction.

  • bob calhoun (bob_calhoun)

    jakefuentes burritojustice Respectfully, "what is really going on" may be unknowable. When we protest, we're protesting Trump in total.

  • Andrew Oplas (AndyOplas)

    jakefuentes Nictos Medium Your conspiracy theory is duly noted.

  • Not Three Guns (NotThreeGuns)

    AndyOplas jakefuentes Nictos He keeps saying there was an "explicit decision" that green card holders would be included.

  • Not Three Guns (NotThreeGuns)

    AndyOplas jakefuentes Nictos That's no where in the link he provides, each and every time he provides it.

  • Not Three Guns (NotThreeGuns)

    AndyOplas jakefuentes Nictos Without that his whole case debunks itself. Guys, this shit is getting really pathetic.

  • Not Three Guns (NotThreeGuns)

    AndyOplas jakefuentes Nictos "Our opposition pour out into the streets protesting the extremes of our measure, exactly as we intended."

  • Not Three Guns (NotThreeGuns)

    AndyOplas jakefuentes Nictos link

  • Not Three Guns (NotThreeGuns)

    AndyOplas jakefuentes Nictos link

  • jenesq2 (jenesq2)

    jakefuentes Medium Also, it's bullshit that protests don't shape policy. Worked for the tea party, and they wore costumes for godsake.

  • jakefuentes Yeah. Because any cynical-hipster-millennial "journalist" knows the #ImmigrationBan isn't affecting any real people. Moron.

  • jakefuentes Your basic argument is..all is already lost and there's nothing we can do. I more or less agree, but - am I missing something?

  • Lisa Marie (TeeteeintheCity)

    jakefuentes Medium I see this 100% - but what can we do?

  • Anthony B. (PoliticalAnt)

    jakefuentes You are really smart. I hope you can get on msnbc or cnn someday. Didn't JoyAnnReid retweet something you wrote?

  • Zach Haller (zachhaller)

    jakefuentes A1 analysis here, very well done, thanks for this

  • Becky Berry (Becks543)

    jakefuentes draiochta14 Medium with the firing of the acting AG, I'd say you are spot on.

  • Cleveland Lowers (squappie)

    jakefuentes I'm hoping that you're wrong, but I'm frightened that you may be right. Feels like we're bout to be fucked as a democracy

  • Likne (knoxnervig)

    jakefuentes Medium draiochta14 SenSanders This article should be read. We should be prepared. Don't get sidetracked by Trumps' smoke.

  • Centrist (Centerisbest)

    jakefuentes Russia fits in this somewhere too.

Why arent news outlets covering the NSA shakeup 24/7? Why aren't we protesting this dangerous move by Trumps Bannon? link
  • HeatherMac (NYTexanPatriot)

    CaroleRadziwill Medium Why wasn't anyone protesting Obama's dictatorship when he did it? It isn't a "ban" - how many are you taking in?

  • Debbie Peret (debbieperet)

    NYTexanPatriot CaroleRadziwill Medium did you even read the article? it wasn't even about whether or not you agree with the ban.

  • HeatherMac (NYTexanPatriot)

    debbieperet CaroleRadziwill Medium I did, it wasn't my point. And it's not a "ban."

  • Kathy Smith (KathySmith827)

    CaroleRadziwill Medium Trump is presenting such a multitude of issues it is dizzying trying to keep up with all of them. #myheadisspinning

  • JoAnn Black (bellamagick315)

    KathySmith827 CaroleRadziwill Medium That is his deflections,+distractions.

  • FunnyBunny413 (Andie413)

    CaroleRadziwill why don't you go back to your previous career. You have a passion for it. RHNYC paints women as caddy and superficial

  • Deirdre (deirdregoodman)

    CaroleRadziwill Medium Seriously. This was the scariest thing I read all week. And hat says a lot.

  • Brenda Torgerson (brensnest)

    deirdregoodman CaroleRadziwill If you want to read something scary, Google 'Is Donald Trump an anti-christ.'

  • Barb (BarbL219)

    CaroleRadziwill Medium Sad day for Americans when our Joints of Chief are demoted for S. Bannon

  • CaroleRadziwill Medium Trumps rushing everything so people forget what he's done. Diversions. Hold him accountable

  • Kim Kearns (kkearns020724)

    CaroleRadziwill Medium because they are as weak as the damn Democrats.

  • CaroleRadziwill Medium Guess no one cares. Everyone complains but no one makes Trump pay. We all just take it up the ass! DO SOMETHING

  • Fun Fact Tammy (TammyGornick)

    CaroleRadziwill Medium Maybe do what Madonna wanted to.

  • CaroleRadziwill Medium BC T has tossed bait 2 vultures: fire Flynn, deflectn till Sess in - Sess wll drop any investig into all T acts

  • Solange (Fit_haver)

    CaroleRadziwill Medium hahahahahahaha

  • mp (mmmparker3)

    CaroleRadziwill very good goddamn question.

  • Tonya Soto (denay013)

    CaroleRadziwill I don't know? Why aren't YOU?

  • Kim Fuchs (FuchsKim)

    CaroleRadziwill Medium lame. "I don't know if this is true" but lets lay it all out there like it is.

  • dk (debbiek173)

    CaroleRadziwill Medium I don't know! I think we should be screaming from rafters that Bannon should not be on these councils.

Real life is a movie link
  • Blake Richardson (balrich)

    TheClaudiaBlack Medium Very well written piece! Thanks for the link, Claudia! <3

  • Olga563 (OlgaAlekseyevna)

    TheClaudiaBlack all this may not change things but it's a start, a start to create a better place. And with time, Together it is possible.

  • Tom Lewis (dropides)

    TheClaudiaBlack LexaShmexa Medium Thank yeah, pretty much what I was thinking, but more fleshed out.

  • Brookesey (brookesey66)

    TheClaudiaBlack Medium Wow. That's some worrying reading. :-(

  • Calico Cooley (DanIn3D)

    TheClaudiaBlack Medium Many coming to similar conclusions. This is terrifying.

  • Nikki (jrpaws)

    TheClaudiaBlack Medium The author articulated what I've been thinking. I think he could be right.

  • Kim Staples (KimmyKimStaples)

    TheClaudiaBlack Medium I understand the need for protests. But sometimes those protests do play into the hands of those you're protesting.

The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It link
  • kiki erickson kline (kiki405)

    AndreaChalupa Medium We are defending the people being harmed by it.

  • Lauren losT (TheLaurenlosT)

    AndreaChalupa Medium jakefuentes No one missed the NSC story! While you view from above a chess game, on the ground we see the blood!

  • AndreaChalupa Medium Article says nothing new, but in a new way & succinctly. That's important. Repetition important. New voice important.

  • AndreaChalupa Headline is awful though. Condescending. Does disservice to article, author & reader. Please someone Medium do better.

  • Wayne Orkline (waynegrow)

    AndreaChalupa Medium Funny, Lyndon Johnson chose not to run in 1968 due to enormous & frequent Viet Nam War protests.

  • lucy sexton (factress)

    AndreaChalupa Medium I believe what jakefuentes says but disagree that A--he's the only one seeing it and B-that protests aren't useful.

  • bonita_jay (bonita_jay1)

    AndreaChalupa Article weaves dt admin's outrageous actions into even more nefarious overall plan. Disturbing.

  • Wes Parker (wcparker1)

    AndreaChalupa Medium Anecdata says that ppl are aware of other moves, but public protest is important. Protesters also calling MoC etc.

  • KC&SR (Kacsil85310)

    AndreaChalupa Medium I think he wanted 2 have a reason 2 fire acting AG, and this way he can make the D's look bad for holding up his pick

  • Foresight (calisota91)

    AndreaChalupa Medium Trump has a formidable opponent, and gets to direct the battle field; he'll draw them away from the weakest front.

  • David C Lascelle (DCLascelle)

    AndreaChalupa Medium Large protests also give them cause to deploy National Guard & declare martial law to keep the country 'safe'.

“The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It” by jakefuentes link
  • Kanjin Tor ™ (xugla)

    timberners_lee DaffodilMite jakefuentes link

  • Tony Calice (TonyCalice)

    timberners_lee jakefuentes Medium Congress can always defund DHS if they don't like how the president is using it.

  • Alok Nayak (alok_nayak)

    timberners_lee jakefuentes Hope the deepening democracy vouches for its principles!

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