The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting: Ilana Wiles: 9781419722196: Books

Next Special Offers and Product Promotions Editorial Reviews Review This is everything I absolutely love about Mommy Shorts in one perfect little package. It's hilarious and comforting and a must have for every mommy you know!!  (Jill Smokler New York Times bestselling author and founder of the top parenting website, "Finally, the perfect survival book for parents who are normal. T...

mommyshorts What social media platform do you enjoy using most? link #MTBookChat
Good news for moms on the go! #mommyshortsbook is also available for the Kindle. #MTBookChat #kindle link
❓❓❓mommyshorts What does it mean to be a remarkably average parent? #MTBookChat link
Get your copy of #mommyshorts by Ilana Wiles here link #MTBookChat makes a great ??
. mommyshorts What chapter in #mommyshortsbook is your favorite and why? #MTBookChat link
. mommyshorts What do you hope readers take away from the book #mommyshortbooks? link #MTBookChat
For next hour we’ll be talking with Ilana Wiles mommyshorts about her new release #mommyshortsbook link #MTBookChat
. mommyshorts How did you choose the cover for the book? #mommyshprtsbook link #MTBookChat
❓❓❓ mommyshorts What’s the most important thing you have learned from your readers? #MTBookChat link
  • Ilana Wiles (mommyshorts)

    Momtrends The most important thing i have learned from my readers is that I am not alone. #MTBookChat

  • Mrs. VP (Tina3c)

    mommyshorts Momtrends that's what I feel after reading parenting books too! I feel normal #MTBookchat

  • Ilana Wiles (mommyshorts)

    Tina3c Momtrends Making other moms feel normal is really why I wrote the book. #mommyshortsbook #mtbookchat

  • Mrs. VP (Tina3c)

    mommyshorts Momtrends glad it speaks to moms as well, many books are going on n on about what to play, feed and raise kids! #MTBookchat

  • Momtrends mommyshorts That's right! You are not a lone. I feel great in the company I am in! ;) Average rocks! #MTBookchat

  • Ilana Wiles (mommyshorts)

    SassTheCouponer Momtrends AGREED! We are kindred spirits. #mommyshortsbook

  • lorri langmaid (lorri1956)

    Momtrends mommyshorts #MTBookChat And that is so important to hear your not the only one going through things!

  • Momtrends mommyshorts good question! #mtbookchat

  • Amber Cheras (shadow62310)

    Momtrends mommyshorts great question #mtbookchat

A huge thank you to mommyshorts for tweeting w/ us about #mommyshortsbook. pick up a copy link #MTBookChat

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