The new MacBook Pro is kind of great for hackers

A million hot takes have been posted about how the late-2016 MacBook Pro with USB-C is the undeniable proof that Apple doesn’t care about…

The new MacBook Pro is kind of great for hackers – Medium link
  • Sven Grundberg (svengrundberg)

    BenedictEvans Medium Begs the obvious question: why didn't, Apple adopt USB-C for iPhone?

  • Benedict Evans (BenedictEvans)

    svengrundberg Medium size, amd also it wasn't ready then, I believe

  • Sven Grundberg (svengrundberg)

    BenedictEvans Medium The specs for USB-C were done and dusted in 2014, so couldn't have been a timing question. Size, maybe but... link

  • Benedict Evans (BenedictEvans)

    Interesting: is the MacBook Pro is the first Apple laptop with no proprietary connectors at all?

  • archie4oz (archie4oz)

    BenedictEvans No, the pre-existing (slim) MacBook didn’t have any proprietary ports either.

  • Benedict Evans (BenedictEvans)

    archie4oz true

  • archie4oz (archie4oz)

    BenedictEvans if you want to go further back, the original iMac… link

  • Chuq Von Rospach (chuq)

    BenedictEvans I’d disagree on “more ram better than less” when very few people need it.

  • Benedict Evans (BenedictEvans)

    chuq yes, I know the argument. Applies even more on phones

  • snipe (snipeyhead)

    BenedictEvans shannmcnicholl s/hackers/people who use Android devices/

  • Steve Lacy (sklacy)

    BenedictEvans Medium funny how approx half this article is "USB-C is awesome on my Android phone" but the title skews Apple.

  • Andreia Gaita (sh4na)

    BenedictEvans So what you’re saying is, all the dongles are really useful and standards are nice. What does that have to do with the MBP?

  • Nitin Borwankar (nitin)

    BenedictEvans indrayam ageitgey I wish I could add another 16G of RAM and a recent CPU via USB-C, though. that would be awesome.

  • Nitin Borwankar (nitin)

    BenedictEvans indrayam ageitgey also here's what developers seem to think about it on Hacker News link

  • Deadal Nix (deadalnix)

    BenedictEvans AbriCoCotier So USB-C is good, but I already have that on my XPS15 . Plus a 4K display and other plugs.

  • AbriCoCotier (AbriCoCotier)

    deadalnix oui mais l'idée c'est plutôt de dire au monde Apple que mettre de l'usb-c uniquement c'est pas si horrible.

  • Deadal Nix (deadalnix)

    AbriCoCotier Non, mais QUE de l'usb-c, c'est un poil relou.

  • AbriCoCotier (AbriCoCotier)

    deadalnix c'est clair. Un usb-a en plus, ç'aurait pas été de trop.

  • Sergio M. (sir_joe)

    BenedictEvans Medium yeah USB-c is great, but sadly iPhone use lightning so the new MBP works better with android. That's ridiculous!

Dongles are people too link
  • Kustodian (_Kustodian_)

    codinghorror Not a big fan of you using the word hackers for USBc, next thing people will be saying my pants have pockets great for hackers

  • Joshua Pinter (joshuapinter)

    _Kustodian_ codinghorror link

  • A Ch0w, sneeze (ach0w)

    codinghorror Medium ergo, buy a macbook pro and an Android phone. He he.

  • zack  ? (shippage)

    codinghorror Medium Terrible article, all his points are "it has USB-C!!!"

  • Liberated (JustinAtwell)

    codinghorror new iPhone rumor. link

  • RJ Turlington (RJTurlington)

    codinghorror Medium #AppleDisciplesBeLike this thing that Apple did that most people don't like, let me tell you how it's amazeballs

  • Kevin Lannen (kevlan)

    codinghorror Medium a Dell or any other manufacturers pc with USB c ports has all of these great benefits plus an escape key...

  • Brian Hollenbeck (_kuma)

    codinghorror Plus stores like Target may actually start carrying a single goddamn USB-C cable, like they don't do now. Because Apple.

  • Benjohn Barnes (benjohnbarnes)

    codinghorror AthanSpod Medium I agree USB c is fab. It the keyboard & price that irc me.

  • laphter (LinuxG)

    codinghorror Medium $4k though?

"I/O-wise, the new MacBook Pro is possibly the most open device Apple has ever built." link
  • Thomas Fuchs (thomasfuchs)

    counternotions …so the article is mainly about how Macs now work better with Android than with iPhones? :)

  • Vaughn  ? (sc_vaughn)

    counternotions Medium ageitgey Good article but isn’t USB-C a misnomer for Thunderbolt 3 ports that happen to support USB as well?

  • Kontra (counternotions)

    sc_vaughn ageitgey That's the Apple sauce.

  • Guy English (gte)

    counternotions Dude. You're blowing the narrative.

  • counternotions Medium kinda funny how you can reuse the Apple dongles with an Android phone but not with an iPhone, though

  • Raymond Pirouz (raymondpirouz)

    counternotions So, Apple has ushered in the "dingle dongle" computing revolution?

  • Roland Rick (trailsuender)

    counternotions Business value over customer satisfaction/convenience was always unsuccessful for Apple. Missing Steve's spirit.

The new MacBook Pro is kind of great for hackers link
  • Yuri (yntzl)

    DylanFeltus stroughtonsmith """""great for hackers""""" just because it only has USB-C. Sure.

  • Samuel Wallace (S_Wallace17)

    yntzl DylanFeltus stroughtonsmith right? Like what is the definition of hacker here?

  • Cary (caryhartline)

    DylanFeltus stroughtonsmith usb-c will be such a huge deal once peripheral makers catch up

  • Jeroen Van Hemelen (jeekes)

    DylanFeltus vjacobs Medium Android phones now have better integration than iPhones with the macbook. C'mon apple.

  • TD (TD_Advocate)

    DylanFeltus Medium I'm just saying, if they knew they would move to C then why is iPhone 7 not using C. Def more of a cash grab.

  • Tanner Bennett (ThePantsThief)

    DylanFeltus stroughtonsmith What a terrible title

  • Apheliation (apheliation)

    DylanFeltus stroughtonsmith so you’re saying MBP users should just get an android device? Cause that’s what the article tells me..?

  • runestar (runestar3)

    DylanFeltus The day when a Mac works better with Android devices than an iPhone…

  • Ahmad Alhashemi (hashemi_md)

    DylanFeltus stroughtonsmith also explains temp discount on peripherals. Gives 3rd party mfrs time to catch up without competing with them

  • enMTW (enMTW)

    DylanFeltus stroughtonsmith How does the new MacBook Pro help me break into companies and steal shit?

  • Tyler Haas (haasdev)

    DylanFeltus Jarsen your probably the most "glass half full" guy ever.

  • gameshack (gameshack_)

    DylanFeltus it's not entirely true as the last paragraph states. Adoption is slow. But in a few years i too will welcome usbC into my life.

  • Endless Mason (EndlessMason)

    DylanFeltus I'm not sure that "your laptop is more like your phone" is a compelling argument. I hate my phone.

  • Extra Meaning (HereSeanTalks)

    DylanFeltus stroughtonsmith Medium I kinda agree. Just that C ain't quite there yet either.

Re: link - iPhone doesn’t have USB-C - Neither do desktop Macs you may also use - Almost no 85W-power products for 15”
  • Marco Arment (marcoarment)

    We’ll get there eventually, probably. But that doesn’t make it less of a pain in the ass (and dongle expenditure) in the meantime.

  • Mohammed Taher (robokick)

    marcoarment Agreed. I moved from a rMacbook Pro to a Surface Book, and I squealed when I saw the battery. I wish Apple pushed for this. link

  • John Porter (el_maletero)

    robokick marcoarment I have been informed here on Twitter that nobody needs more than 10 hrs. You must be some sort of weird edge case.

  • Marco Arment (marcoarment)

    el_maletero robokick I’d love to get 10 hours in reality.

  • John Porter (el_maletero)

    marcoarment robokick Exactly. 10 hrs on a brand new battery under ideal conditions. It's definitely not going to get *better* with time!

  • Mohammed Taher (robokick)

    el_maletero marcoarment I’ll need more time to see how long it lasts under normal and “work” (Lightroom/PS) conditions. Seems promising.

  • Brent Jones (brentajones)

    marcoarment Yet.

  • Sebastián Beán (sebbean)

    marcoarment Medium try pixel

  • Matt Chinander (chinanderm)

    marcoarment For an Android user, it's certainly a positive.

  • Austin Taylor (austintaylor)

    marcoarment I’d love to hear you guys talk about this angle link

  • marcoarment not sure how you feel about Kickstarters but this looks nice and is rated for 87w. link… - cc siracusa

  • Jake Mauer (jakemauer)

    danvpeterson marcoarment siracusa This is awesome. Is it power only or data+power? I can’t find info on the kickstarter page.

  • jakemauer marcoarment siracusa no data support, power only.

  • jramskovk (jramskovk)

    marcoarment fully agree, they should've switched to USB Type-C with the iPhone 7.

  • Jason Becker (jsonbecker)

    marcoarment also: - Most of the arguments apply better but to USB-A - Hacker doesn’t mean ‘I can plug stuff into my phone too’

  • Jamie West (iamjamiewest)

    marcoarment Medium if we're headed to a future where anything plugs into everything, the iPhone without USB-C stands out as a big mistake

  • Steve Moser (SteveMoser)

    marcoarment USB-C implementations are not all standards compliant. See QuickCharge and MacBook One’s charge cable profile.

  • Holger Krupp (_holger)

    marcoarment which doesn’t make the MBP bad but shows that Apple doesn’t have or doesn’t show a strategy.

  • jimmy little (jimmylittle)

    marcoarment -yet -yet -yet

Interesting take on USB-C and why the new MacBooks may be a step in the right direction, by ageitgey link
  • Jeff Ballweg (JeffBallweg)

    joewalnes ageitgey the only thing I don't get: why didn't iPhone 7 go usb-c? Include USB-c headphones, 3.5mm adapter, charger…

  • Antonia (antevens)

    joewalnes ageitgey USB-C is a big improvement, one port to rule them all but Mac is still a dud due to leaving dev community high and dry.

  • overbyte (overbyte)

    joewalnes ageitgey Medium that's barely a consumer grade apologetic. Anyone with an ide more interesting than sublime is going elsewhere

  • Adam Geitgey (ageitgey)

    overbyte joewalnes Medium I aspire to someday write an industrial-grade apologetic for people with serious IDEs like IntelliJ

  • overbyte (overbyte)

    ageitgey joewalnes Medium ~shiver

  • adrian (aows)

    reyam joewalnes ageitgey seems to me this post is praising the Nexus though

  • Oscar (reyam)

    aows joewalnes ageitgey or USB-C actually xD

  • adrian (aows)

    reyam joewalnes ageitgey yeah I love it on my iPhone! Oh wait...

  • Jeff Ballweg (JeffBallweg)

    joewalnes ageitgey Agree! I got a new MBP. While my old stuff requires dongles, generic are available and multiport power supply was $30!

The new MacBook Pro is kind of great for hackers ? link
  •  ? ?Patrick (justawebguy)

    ProductHunt Medium weird that I had to read this article to see all benefits.. Apple did not a good job on marketing these..

  • Tomáš Vahalík (straiki)

    ProductHunt so basically it's great because if you have non-apple phone, you can reuse adapters.. otherwise is still just "kind of great"

  • ProductHunt Medium sshhh don't tell wikileaks

USB-C is an open standard: link
  • Shatter (Shatter242)

    rands Their all in approach is a snotty way to treat customers though. Dell tried it, and next rev brought a few ports back to the XPS13

"Yeah, it works perfectly! Who knew Android phones supported ethernet interfaces?" link
Contrary to previous reports, “the new MacBook Pro is a hacker’s dream.” link
  • Fred Oliveira (f)

    zeldman if hackers don’t need battery life :(

  • Jasal Vadgama (donofkarma)

    zeldman My take away from that is that USB-C is great and there are other dongle suppliers other than Apple. Have I missed the point?

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