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Editorial Reviews About the Author A SPEAKER: Lolly speaks to business and organizations about personal and professional growth. She offers an amazing keynote address that combines her personal story with critical lessons in a way that resonates unlike any other speech you've heard. A WRITER: Lolly has written countless articles, columns, speeches, and presentations. Her soon-to-be-released firs...

Do one thing each day that is of service to someone else. ~LollyDaskal #book link #Leadership
  • iamhelping (iamhelpingtoo)

    LollyDaskal You're right, because your own life should never be about you, it should always be about you serving others

Do one thing each day that is of service to someone else. ~LollyDaskal #book link #Leadership
I am not my past. I am what I choose to be right now. ~LollyDaskal #book link
  • Ron Cordes (Ronsoy)

    LollyDaskal if your the same person you were a year ago, you have some thinking to do.

  • LollyDaskal the power of now its simple just have an conscious awareness of each passing moment right now and then now and so on

  • Jake Grey (jakegrey11)

    LollyDaskal I'm not defined by my past it's my future that defines where I'm going

There is a big difference between knowing yourself and understanding yourself. ~LollyDaskal #book link #Leadership
  • Salem Dib (SalemDib1)

    LollyDaskal amazon In every human being there are areas need to be discovered, either by themselves or by others!

There are no limitations except the ones we create ourselves. ~LollyDaskal #book link #Leadership
The process of achievement comes through repeated failures and the constant need to do better. ~LollyDaskal #book link
  • surendra kaul (kaulsk3)

    LollyDaskal even Mount Everest can not be reached without back steps or slips, one learns by these experienceshow to overcome difficulties

Listening is a human element. Caring is a human essential. ~LollyDaskal #book #quote link #Leadership
Behaviors that get reinforced get repeated. ~LollyDaskal #book link #Leadership
Your purpose will become clear only when you listen to your heart. ~LollyDaskal #book #quote link #Leadership
There has to be room in life for something bigger than ourselves, and larger than self-interest. ~LollyDaskal #book link
  • LollyDaskal raymond shazell says that there is always room for doing thing every day its what you like doing the most and the best ok

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