Trial Balloon for a Coup?

Analyzing the news of the past 24 hours

I need you to read and share this. It may be the most thorough, cogent, important analysis of this weekend. link
  • Jonathan McDowell (planet4589)

    ShaunKing StephEvz43 Q: if CBP officers are ignoring the court order, why aren't regular police just arresting those officers?

  • Sandra (ghanagirl231)

    planet4589 ShaunKing StephEvz43 delicate federal vs state issue. State police don't have jurisdiction over federal agents

  • Jonathan McDowell (planet4589)

    ghanagirl231 ShaunKing StephEvz43 Ah, I see. So the only recourse is in the longer term with lawsuits and ultimately impeachment.

  • Sandra (ghanagirl231)

    planet4589 ShaunKing StephEvz43 so the enforcement needs to come form homeland security, and unfortunately Bannon now sits in.

  • Sandra (ghanagirl231)

    planet4589 ShaunKing StephEvz43 technically it's the president who enforces federal law

  • Jonathan McDowell (planet4589)

    ghanagirl231 ShaunKing StephEvz43 " the president who enforces federal law". Yes. We are so, so screwed.

  • Jonathan McDowell (planet4589)

    ghanagirl231 ShaunKing StephEvz43 (not that I didn't realize that already, but I didn't fully appreciate how powerless the courts are)

  • Sandra (ghanagirl231)

    planet4589 ShaunKing StephEvz43 the courts job is to evaluate the constitutionality of any laws passed

  • Geno Carter (Genosworld)

    ShaunKing Medium Frightening. A must read indeed.

  • SuCh (SuCh)

    ShaunKing SpeakerRyan, SenJohnMcCain, keithellison, SenSchumer,, CoryBooker: does any of this alarm you? rel="nofollow" target="_blank">link

  • George Siemens (gsiemens)

    ShaunKing Medium nope. This "they go nuts, we go nuts" approach is a huge challenge. They are making (or cajoling) us to act like they act

  • Joy316 (joy31608)

    gsiemens ShaunKing Medium By the way the trolls are paid per response so best to ignore-& hard to remember

  • George Siemens (gsiemens)

    joy31608 ShaunKing Medium not sure I follow your point

  • Chicago Joe (adudeinaplace2)

    . ShaunKing Medium Stop telling Black people what to do, White man.

  • Seltzer Daddy (trilly_joel)

    adudeinaplace2 ShaunKing Medium he's not white.

  • Johnathan Cagg (deplorable065)

    trilly_joel adudeinaplace2 ShaunKing Medium Uh, yes he is. He got burned in the media pretending to be black. He's a complete hoax....

  • Seltzer Daddy (trilly_joel)

    deplorable065 he got "burned" by breitbart, a white supremacist news organization. He's biracial with lifelong advocacy for people of color

  • Alicia (AzLeeshy)

    trilly_joel deplorable065 Shaun's a human being, like you, last I looked. Your point?

Don't be a pawn, educate yourself with what's really going on in this evil chess game. 8 minute read: link
Trying to analyze what the past 24h mean for us. We may have just seen the trial balloon for a coup. link
  • yonatanzunger Medium Yonatan, I politely but strongly suggest you take this down. It is unsubstantiated and freaking people out.

  • AuerbachKeller Every factual statement in there is linked to references. If there are errors in reasoning, please, tell me!

  • yonatanzunger 1. Decision to block green card holders was made after exec order released, was not coherent strategy.

  • AuerbachKeller Per CNN, that decision was made by Bannon, Miller, Trump. That seems like coherent strategy to me. link

  • yonatanzunger Why was it not put in the order itself then, so that it wouldn't have been reported as NOT applying for hours?

  • Peter Barfuss (bofh453)

    yonatanzunger good article. btw the State Department chart you have in that article is by EmilyGorcenski

  • bofh453 EmilyGorcenski Thanks! I'll update the reference.

  • Jim T (j_dext)

    yonatanzunger Medium Calm down chicken little. The sky is not falling.

  • j_dext Help me find the mistakes.

  • yonatanzunger j_dext Silence on that front of course. The Rosneft connection is a new one for me. Good catch.

  • James Binder (kidjim25)

    yonatanzunger Medium in a sense though Mr Zunger hasn't the Coup already happened? congress isn't moving to impeach and the EOs keep comin

  • kidjim25 EOs aren't a coup per se. Armed police accountable only to the President, neither courts nor Congress, would be closer.

  • James Binder (kidjim25)

    yonatanzunger thanks just trying to wrap my head around all this as calmly as I can

  • Sheril Kirshenbaum (Sheril_)

    yonatanzunger What's the endgame?

  • AmericanParadox (thehadsshow)

    Sheril_ yonatanzunger elimination of opposition parties, protectionist economic policies that ultimately benefit the autocrat. Fascism.

  • Rae Carson (raecarson)

    yonatanzunger Medium Dang, Yoni, that was some great analysis. Thank you.

  • LM Taylor (dollyllamaX)

    yonatanzunger Medium The coup already happened, we need to stop analyzing if it's going to, it is here. Now we need to act, call your reps

  • badwolf303 (badwolf303)

    dollyllamaX yonatanzunger Medium What about massive protests? Don't they give us some leverage to motivate Congress?We have to move fast

  • LM Taylor (dollyllamaX)

    badwolf303 yonatanzunger Medium We have to keep our eyes open. The Muslim ban is very bad used to distract from NSC shakeup=bad or worse

  • badwolf303 (badwolf303)

    dollyllamaX yonatanzunger Medium It's a coup. Congress must act.

Absolute must read. “Trial Balloon for a Coup?” by yonatanzunger link

    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium what do we do?

  • MAKARMUSIC MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium link


    Lifeavdenturer MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium thank you downloading tonight. Joining my local group. Best!!


    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium - hi all - if you read only one thing to day - read this


    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium this is terrifying

  • Nic (NiCFRESCHi)

    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Hey Mark, we are doing a massive call for impeachment today. Our reps need to know this is what we want. Please share with your followers. link

  • wong (ProbertSue)

    nicfreschi Brickmunky MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium God bless you. I tweeted the same thing this morning. Impeachment must happen.

  • Nic (NiCFRESCHi)

    ProbertSue Brickmunky MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium We need to get enough calls in today that it is noticed nationally. Please help me tweet at popular anti-Trump accounts. We need calls.

  • Brickmunky (Brickmunky)

    nicfreschi ProbertSue MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Absolutely. On it now.

  • Nic (NiCFRESCHi)

    Brickmunky ProbertSue MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Amazing! Thank you.

  • Brickmunky (Brickmunky)

    nicfreschi ProbertSue MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Thank you.

  • Sheldon Siegel (Sheldonrs)

    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium link

  • John (slalom1420)

    Sheldonrs MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium looks like Libs are the ones crying with their fake outrage and conspiracy theories

  • Sheldon Siegel (Sheldonrs)

    slalom1420 MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Our outrage is real. Your "president" is fake.

  • Emma Brantley (ekb_1019)

    MarkRuffalo steveyeun yonatanzunger Medium Seriously?

  • Emily Miller (EmilyRB)

    ekb_1019 MarkRuffalo steveyeun yonatanzunger Medium Katie, Trump & his ideals are dangerous! He's signing these ridiculous EOs...1)

  • It's not me! (RickRollin_)

    EmilyRB ekb_1019 MarkRuffalo steveyeun yonatanzunger Medium obama was the only one to ignore the law. U guys r hilarious.

  • Sony Le PLEX HD (SonyLePLEXHD)

    MarkRuffalo Hi Mark, your fans in India loved your performance in Spotlight! Any message for them? :) #Its9OTalkOnSonyLePLEX

  • zenn (zennttinela)

    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium This totally a coup, it was clear since the beginning.

“Trial Balloon for a Coup?” by yonatanzunger link
  • sarahkendzior yonatanzunger please break this into digestible chunks for the resistance to amplify. Tough for people to absorb all at once

  • CherylIsaacson sarahkendzior Someone else may have to do that. The past few days, I've been writing full-speed as it is...

  • Sarah Kendzior (sarahkendzior)

    yonatanzunger FWIW I thought your article was perfectly clear and well-organized as is and very necessary. Thank you. CherylIsaacson

  • Donna Hardwick (onandonpr)

    sarahkendzior yonatanzunger CherylIsaacson Agree. thought you did excellent job breaking down what is happening & what it means

  • Douglas Moran (dougom)

    onandonpr sarahkendzior yonatanzunger Doubt CherylIsaacson was saying it's incomprehensible; just smaller chunks are easier to "amplify"

  • dougom onandonpr sarahkendzior yonatanzunger Yes, the writing is clear and compelling to me. No critique intended at all

  • c (sintierra)

    sarahkendzior yonatanzunger Medium the question is...what can be done?

  • MWR DBM (mwr_dbm)

    sintierra sarahkendzior yonatanzunger Courts and judges. Large crowds. Win in 2018. Impeach in 2019. Rs are spineless, would not impeach.

  • Samantha Kotz (SamanthaKotz)

    mwr_dbm sintierra sarahkendzior yonatanzunger Assuming the administration 'allows' an election in 2018. Given the way things are going..

  • MWR DBM (mwr_dbm)

    SamanthaKotz sintierra sarahkendzior yonatanzunger That's why judiciary is the key. The reason why Putin won is weak judiciary.

  • Veronica (VSahlen)

    mwr_dbm SamanthaKotz sintierra sarahkendzior yonatanzunger you mean the same judiciary that no longer exists on White House website?

  • MWR DBM (mwr_dbm)

    VSahlen SamanthaKotz sintierra sarahkendzior yonatanzunger Yes. I am sure, they are happy about that, too.

  • Lazor Byrd (lazor_byrd)

    sarahkendzior yonatanzunger Medium terrifying and evil if true, but are these assholes smart enough to play chess like this? DT def no

  • lazor_byrd sarahkendzior You don't have to be smart for this, just ruthless. And it helps to have a Mentor.

  • Lala La (LA_Detroit)

    yonatanzunger lazor_byrd sarahkendzior And we all know who that "mentor" is.

  • Tue Herlau (TueHerlau)

    sarahkendzior mwr_dbm yonatanzunger Medium Dark stuff. Surely this is not possible? Can someone poke holes in this? please?! LouiseMensch Khanoisseur 20committee lennutrajektoor

  • MWR DBM (mwr_dbm)

    TueHerlau sarahkendzior yonatanzunger LouiseMensch Khanoisseur 20committee lennutrajektoor I am from Russia. Everything is possible.

  • sarahkendzior yonatanzunger Medium it's already a coup. Ignoring Judicial Branch? Yup. Coup.

I'm not usually into conspiracy theories but I STRONGLY encourage u to read this & share it. This feels too real. link
  • billyeichner BANNON is a Leninist. His aim is to tear it all down, create chaos, then build it back up with vanguardian control. Communism.

  • billy eichner (billyeichner)

    mrDaveKrumholtz Agreed.

  • Kristin (cuizoo)

    billyeichner fakedansavage Medium I read it before bed last night. I should not have read it before bed last night.

  • Lisa (CatCharmer1)

    billyeichner Medium I don't think it's so much a trial balloon as starting to move all the pieces into place. Most don't think it COULD be

  • Lisa (CatCharmer1)

    billyeichner Medium I'm not a conspiracy theorist either, but he's doing it openly BECAUSE ppl just can't fathom it being possible.

  • Chinchuleen (Chinchuleen)

    CatCharmer1 billyeichner Medium Hidden in plain sight was a tactic Hitler and the Nazi's used.

  • Lisa (CatCharmer1)

    Chinchuleen billyeichner Medium Yep, and that appears to be what he is doing. He's very visible but people just don't believe it.

  • @4_truth_ (4_truth_)

    billyeichner Medium poor baby. Your little Hillary didn't win. Let me go on twitter everyday and rant because more poor little vag hurts

  • Baby Trump (BabyTrumpz)

    4_truth_ billyeichner Medium Right? Little snowflakes cry about decimation of constitutional rights & the principles our country was founded upon. Pathetic!

  • @4_truth_ (4_truth_)

    BabyTrumpz billyeichner Medium what right are you talking about ?

  • SEAN SCOTT (seanporterscott)

    billyeichner fakedansavage Medium not a conspiracy theory. It's a well reasoned and informed position. Extreme? Perhaps. Not implausible.

  • Todd C. Dion (tcdion)

    billyeichner Medium The "19% plus a brokerage fee" line rings awfully true.

  • billyeichner Medium oh dear God, I need some Xanax now

  • Poppy Fields (Poppy_Fields1)

    _Lulu_Palooza_ billyeichner Medium Of course you do.

  • Ash Parsons (AshParso)

    billyeichner Medium sarahkendzior has been sounding this alarm - check out her writing.

  • Lucius Aelius (LuciusAelius)

    billyeichner Medium I literally just keep retweeting everyone who posts this, word needs to get out so we can stand up and resist #impeach

This may be a coup d'etat. The most valuable lesson I learned working in politics: always be prepared for the worst. link
  • Jack Hutton (jackhutton)

    "On Inauguration Day, Trump apparently filed his candidacy for 2020. Beyond being unusual, this opens up .." BeauWillimon Medium 1/

  • Jack Hutton (jackhutton)

    .. this opens up the ability for him to start accepting “campaign contributions” BeauWillimon Medium 2/

  • Jack Hutton (jackhutton)

    ".. campaign coffers are a mechanism by which US nationals can easily give cash bribes directly to Trump " BeauWillimon Medium 3/ link

  • Jack Hutton (jackhutton)

    BeauWillimon Medium note: sarahkendzior JoyAnnReid maddow SenFeinstein rel="nofollow" target="_blank">link… Rosneft Russian Oil sale !important 4/ link

  • Jack Hutton (jackhutton)

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the goal is to create “resistance fatigue,” BeauWillimon Medium 5/

  • Jack Hutton (jackhutton)

    "..most frightening escalation ..DHS made it fairly clear that they did not feel bound to obey any court orders" BeauWillimon Medium 6/

  • Jack Hutton (jackhutton)

    "Yesterday was the trial balloon for a coup d’état against the United States." BeauWillimon Medium cspanwj SenFeinstein SenSchumer link

  • Resista Sista (JudyJetson12)

    BeauWillimon Medium The coup has already happened. We just can't seem to adjust our lenses to see it yet.

  • JudyJetson12 bearski55 BeauWillimon Medium It was a coup by gerrymandering, voter suppression and election fraud.

  • Resista Sista (JudyJetson12)

    jeffboswell bearski55 BeauWillimon Medium it started decades ago with the dumbing down of the middle class

  • Auntie Fa (Eurotrash67)

    BeauWillimon pattonoswalt Medium link

  • Beth Havens (msbhavens1)

    Eurotrash67 GrainOfSands BeauWillimon pattonoswalt Medium pretty sure its too late for EARLY Warning... #ResistTrump

  • TV Is Great (tvisgreat)

    BeauWillimon billyeichner You don't work there anymore, but House of Cards is now going to be seen as an uplifting West Wing by comparison

  • LilMamaQSpice (lilmamaqspice)

    BeauWillimon Medium yonatanzunger Recent purge by WH is frightening!! #MustRead RT RT RT link

  • JonesB (HamonSpot)

    BeauWillimon billyeichner Medium This IS a coup, Beau. This is happening faster than we can tweet.

  • Marci V. (marskivan)

    BeauWillimon billyeichner Medium terrifying piece. I'm actually physically ill :(

  • Moot Monkee (mootmonkee)

    BeauWillimon jamesocromwell Medium mootmonkee We must stay strong and continue to resist! #Revolution

  • New Blue Party (NewBlueParty)

    BeauWillimon pattonoswalt Medium There's no doubt this is our Neville Chamberlain moment. Either we push back or become ruled by a madman

Eyes open and on the ball. Bannon hates our government. “Trial Balloon for a Coup?” by yonatanzunger link
  • Marcus Vinicius (mvsmotta)

    . MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Sure, makes sense. link

  • Linda Roesch (lhroesch)

    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Truth. He's trying to create world chaos as a justification for war. He's playing Trump into driving it.

  • lhroesch MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium U all said Trump doesn't listen to anybody, now he's a puppet for Bannon. Can't have both.

  • ladylothlorienn lhroesch MarkRuffalo FWIW, I don't think the "puppet for Bannon" idea has merit.

  • smarsman (smarsman)

    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium President Bannon and his puppet Donny T. #presidentbannon will drive Donny crazy.

  • smarsman MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Yah, yah. With Bush it was Cheney, Obama's was Jarrett, now Trump's is Bannon...just stop.

  • smarsman (smarsman)

    ladylothlorienn MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Much different. MUCH DIFFERENT. Sorry if you can't see that LadyLothlorienn

  • Leonard Armstrong (lta100163)

    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Excellent read. Please focus on point #6. It needs to be more widely reported and discussed.

  • Lisa (serpentina66)

    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium The unrest he creates will give him "justification" for Martial Law. The US is becoming unrecognizable.

  • Matt Bonnett (Vchat20)

    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Thankfully a lot of people are starting to see this. Trump is merely a distraction at this point.

  • MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium DHS ignoring court orders is the most troubling thing

  • Equality For All (ltgins)

    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger So what the heck do we do? It's happening right before our eyes. How do we stop this from playing out??

  • billy kravitz (wilkravitz)

    MarkRuffalo didinyc yonatanzunger Medium Can't see HOW BAnnon circulates in public.. or oders food in restaurants.. ppl KNOW WHO he IS..

  • didi (didinyc)

    wilkravitz MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium This scares me way too much. Sales of 1984 and It Can't Happen Here are but THIS, #EEK!

  • Stephen Kurtzke (kurtzkes)

    MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Amazing read here.

  • MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium SecretService Dear officers. Want to bring this tweet to your attention this actor is advocating a coup against the government oif USA

  • MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium You are insane. A fruitcake, influencing other wacky people. You are an actor. America is smarter then you. Your celebrity ego is poison

  • MarkRuffalo yonatanzunger Medium Coup already happened Nov. 8, 2016. It's call an election.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be thinking this way. It may be what saves us. Circulate #StoptheCoup link
  • PastryPlate (PastryPlate)

    BeauWillimon several years ago, I was a conspiracy theorist for thinking this way... I hate being right about this stuff...

  • PastryPlate BeauWillimon Isn't that what the guy who can see Sarah Palin's house from his balcony wants?

  • No To Trump (NoToTrumpNow)

    BeauWillimon Medium Yes, it's textbook. Provoke us to stand up to his anti-American policies, yell "anarchy", then grab absolute power.

  • Angela Grace Gunn (AngelaGunn)

    BeauWillimon Medium I think I have now Rtd and posted it like 20 times.

  • Stacy (LaikaSpaceDog)

    BeauWillimon I hope this isn't going to be one of those things that people laugh at now but then *cut to four years later* we're fuuuuucked

  • Robyn Ruth (upnorthrobyn)

    BeauWillimon This petition is SO close to the signature goal! - Please Sign Now! #StopSessions #TheResistance link

  • SJW (Shannonwilt1)

    BeauWillimon Medium I almost sent this to you at 4:30 am when I read it, with the hope that you could spread the word. It's frightening.

  • wizard (fmc21369)

    BeauWillimon harleyb11 No doubt. Excellent read. A must!

  • cb (Bommer1179)

    BeauWillimon Medium I'm beginning to think everyone in Hollywood is a Pedophile, hiding nasty secrets...

  • My Movie (anchorstine)

    BeauWillimon link

  • KK Garrett (SpazzyKK)

    BeauWillimon Medium LeslieSeiger - You need to read this.

  • Mac Intosh (fatoldbaldguy5)

    SpazzyKK BeauWillimon Medium LeslieSeiger OH. MY. GOD

  • BeauWillimon Medium And again, it was Obama and the sycophants in the media that allowed such consolidation of power which thout protest..

  • eTruePolitics (eTruePolitics)

    BeauWillimon Medium Trump to Nominate John Barron as Supreme Court Justice link

  • (((Jan Harrison))) (jmhpro)

    BeauWillimon BananasLola Medium Jesus. Will share.

  • Lauren McDowell (macsloth)

    BeauWillimon katherineanne67 Medium Really important reading - spot on and completely terrifying

  • BuffaloMeg (mwolfers)

    BeauWillimon Medium And once we are "at war" it will be MUCH more difficult to #Resist

  • Almost Ready (yrocdrumz)

    . BeauWillimon Medium Gonna be tugg of war between departments of who has authority. Will it get violent? Who will military/police obey?

If true, this is terrifying and should have everyone very very very concerned. link

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