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Review "Meet our new Ayn Rand." ( "True Allegiance is a terrifying read that brilliantly lays bare the chilling future we all fear is headed right for us." (Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Code of Conduct) “Provocative, intense, and about five minutes from becoming reality.” (Ann Coulter, New York Times bestselling author) "This is a must read novel in which we must as...

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  • Judy Burton (JudyB28)

    benshapiro ShapiroThugLife Been there, did that. Great read! #amazon

  • Juliet Amy (JAmy208)

    benshapiro Bought your book Ben Love it. Sure would like an autograph next time you're in Idaho Your out reach to our younger minds ->Bravo

  • Arthur Shafer (JullianShafer)

    benshapiro amazonbooks Ben tell me it's real link

  • iVoteAmerica (iVoteAmerica)

    benshapiro amazonbooks Just finished it...almost non-stop, loved every page, twist and turn.

  • Edward  ?? (evaldez6457)

    benshapiro amazonbooks I'd rather spend that money on the Gorilla Mindset cc: Cernovich

  • Nathan (NateDog_LA)

    benshapiro Already bought and read. Exciting story! Now waiting on signed sticker in the mail.

  • Alayna Thompson (alayna_14)

    benshapiro amazonbooks wesley_russell do you have this cause if ya don't here ya go

  • Robert (Ruhroe)

    benshapiro I bought it for Kindle, can I still get an autographed sticker to put on the back? :D

  • Honzou (Honzou)

    benshapiro amazonbooks No, Cyber Monday means Ben Shapiro gifts his books to his followers.

  • ledtear ن (ledtear)

    benshapiro I'll take it for free...

  • benshapiro does it come with extra "jew snarkyness" as a deal?

  • benshapiro amazonbooks Is this the one where a little nebbish supports a hoaxing woman even after the hoax is exposed&he looks ridiculous?

  • Scream VE (VirtueScream)

    benshapiro amazonbooks Demanding Shapiro, the hero we need.

  • Court Ecklund (bertlund11)

    benshapiro you got me, finally ordered your book. Can't wait to read it!

  • William Shears (bshears1967)

    benshapiro No One buy this book of Ben the NeverTrumper.. how does it feel to c a POTUS that People wanted and self elitists as u did not?

  • Exasperated5 (Exasperated5)

    benshapiro ShapiroThugLife Will your book be available on Kindle soon?

  • benshapiro i bought three copies. Two for ny parents abd one for me.

  • Spaceboy Zero (SpaceboyZER0)

    benshapiro amazonbooks Does the story feature light sabers?

  • sbrown64 (sbrown64)

    benshapiro amazonbooks bought it last night. So far so great!

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  • benshapiro Seriously Ben... Your books suck.

  • Edward  ?? (evaldez6457)

    benshapiro amazonbooks I already picked my Christmas gift, it's going to be the gorilla mindset by Cernovich

  • Reese Ben-Yaacov (ReeseBY)

    benshapiro amazonbooks or Hannukah gift ;) for myself

  • Ethan Suquet (Ethan_Suquet)

    benshapiro because of the way amazon shipping works (free shipping if over $25) lowering your price $7 only saves people 93 cents

  • Ari J. (ariel_judah82)

    benshapiro SPOILER ALERT: The world blows up & humanity is wiped off the face of the earth by George Soros. I always knew you were dark Ben

  • Logic Hammer (Logic_Hammer)

    benshapiro amazonbooks Ben I can't buy another one, people would think I'm nuts if I had 2.

  • The Goodman Report (TheaGood)


  • LSATgunner (LSATgunner)

    benshapiro amazonbooks I screwed audible out of a free listen. Good stuff!

  • benshapiro anything inappropriate for kids? I think mine might enjoy it—they enjoy your podcast (I'm not asking if it's aimed at kids)

  • Jim (Wilkie3)

    benshapiro complete non-sequitur, but who can I contact regarding my book and billing issue with Daily Wire?

  • benshapiro The book premise would have been a real scenario under Hillary and you worked to elect her and defeat Trump. Why should we buy?

  • Vince (seriousserb)

    benshapiro amazonbooks very good story. I really enjoyed reading. Eager for the next installment

  • David William (davidwilliam_t)

    benshapiro amazonbooks I got mine. Really enjoying reading it. Totally recommend!

  • Sapient Hetero (SapientHetero)

    benshapiro Read it this week. Well written, great read. Study Clancy & Grisham for ideas for better closing chapter. It was a bit abrupt.

  • benshapiro amazonbooks LOL you're a Jew who hates Christians, and someone with a True Allegiance to Israel; stop trying to appear benign.

  • benshapiro Never

  • Steven (tuneuper)

    benshapiro amazonbooks I shall peruse one in the library to see if it is readable

  • Citizen (CitizenFoxtrot)

    benshapiro Sign a copy for me!

  • Chris N. (CNogaA)

    benshapiro amazonbooks Ben, thanks for answering my question on your podcast! Ep.224 (The one about robots).Will definitely buy this book.

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