Trump and Staff Rethink Tactics After Stumbles

One thing has become apparent to both the president’s allies as well as his opponents: When it comes to governing, speed does not always guarantee success.

Trump wasn't fully briefed on the executive order he signed giving Stephen Bannon a National Security Council seat link
  • Rispa Frances (RispaFrances)

    nytimes And he wasn't fully briefed on the botched Yemen raid either. I'm seeing a pattern here. Shifting blame. #MrFixNothing

  • Nikki (silver_neurotic)

    RispaFrances nytimes or WH tried to and he refused to be briefed

  • Rispa Frances (RispaFrances)

    silver_neurotic nytimes When PEOTUS he claimed he was too smart for briefings. He knew more than the generals, remember? His cock-up.

  • Nikki (silver_neurotic)

    RispaFrances nytimes last time I checked, he wasn't the President of MENSA

  • silver_neurotic RispaFrances nytimes He probably has never heard of Mensa. His vocabulary is miserably limited!

  • idiotnews (Idiotwinz)

    . brooksiestout silver_neurotic RispaFrances nytimes ...Drumpf barely has two years in college, equal to a high school diploma today.

  • Rispa Frances (RispaFrances)

    Idiotwinz brooksiestout silver_neurotic nytimes Sadly, if DeVos get's in it, his qualification will be equivalent of a PhD.

  • Andrew (snickerfritz04)

    nytimes these republicans know the man doesnt read or know much about govt and is just using him to sign shit

  • Ria (RiaMo83)

    snickerfritz04 nytimes yep. They're exploiting a mentally incapacitated "man"

  • Tom Woodward (topcattcw)

    RiaMo83 snickerfritz04 nytimes .. here , sign this...

  • Ian Boothby (IanBoothby)

    nytimes That is pretty much how Don Draper got his job!

  • John Mashey (JohnMashey)

    nytimes MrMittensthecat Various interpretations, none good 1.Signed w/o reading 2. Read, didn't understand 3. Asked Bannon, who obfuscated

  • cattywampus (MrMittensthecat)

    JohnMashey nytimes None of those are mutually exclusive. Hopefully Bannon's overstep will make Trump doubt him. Rasputin.

  • John Mashey (JohnMashey)

    MrMittensthecat nytimes Yes, "not fully briefed" is a fascinating description and each of the explanations has own problems, plus overlap

  • cattywampus (MrMittensthecat)

    JohnMashey nytimes Trump is a moron. We are on borrowed time & it's a race between Bannon and humanity

  • MrMittensthecat JohnMashey gosh how did he manage to amass billions of dollars if he's a moron, wow id like to be that kind of moron

  • Patrick Moore (PatrickDallas)

    DagnyDelinquent Remains to be seen if he actually has those billions he claims. Reason to doubt. #TaxReturns MrMittensthecat JohnMashey

  • John Mashey (JohnMashey)

    PatrickDallas DagnyDelinquent MrMittensthecat Using private foundation (of other people's miney) to pay $7 for sin's Boy Scout fee .. odd

  • Patrick Moore (PatrickDallas)

    JohnMashey Everything about manchild Trump is odd. DagnyDelinquent MrMittensthecat

Aides in the White House confer in the dark because they cannot figure out how to operate the light switches link
Don't be alarmed, but Trump is signing major executive orders that he hasn't read link
Trump's aides confer in the dark because they can't figure out how to operate the light switches in the cabinet room link
  • nytimes link

  • ebaca (edmondsburnaby)

    nytimes Fake news paper still taking cheep shots at the President of the USA. Come out and show your faces cowards. POTUS #Hannity

  • Josh Ruhnke (ruhnke)

    edmondsburnaby nytimes POTUS The story has a byline with the authors names listed. Though I doubt you read that.

  • Peter Wader (Pksoze)

    ruhnke edmondsburnaby nytimes POTUS If they could read I doubt they would support Trump.

  • Gilskee (Gilskee66)

    Pksoze ruhnke edmondsburnaby nytimes POTUS Petulant POTUS & Co. in the dark in more ways than one. This cannot end soon enough.

  • HmmmmGood (HmmmmGood)

    Gilskee66 Pksoze ruhnke edmondsburnaby nytimes POTUS it's all very funny til we get attacked by Mexico!

  • Gilskee (Gilskee66)

    HmmmmGood Pksoze ruhnke edmondsburnaby nytimes POTUS Yes...we all remember the Taco Bowl Massacre. We must never forget.

  • nytimes unbelievable!!

  • Robbin (RobbieRae61)

    Impeach_D_Trump nytimes so happy I didn't vote for Trump I know better than to vote for an idiot

  • RobbieRae61 Impeach_D_Trump nytimes but you voted for a thief, lair, and a cheat snowflake go back in your hole and get your crying pad

  • patricia cavazos (spur4trish)

    jack_trammell RobbieRae61 Impeach_D_Trump nytimes she said she didn't vote for Trump, can't read much, can you?

  • Matthew Sikes (mateo_sikes)

    nytimes Hilarious, but also sad and scary. Who put these idiots in charge again? Oh wait, the same people who want to #boycottbudwiser

  • matze (biggest_crowd)

    mateo_sikes nytimes link

  • Matthew Sikes (mateo_sikes)

    Cheers, biggest_crowd

  • Paul Weiss (weissmon)

    nytimes More put downs from the ignorant Times- grow up!

  • LucyVanPelt (LucyAppa)

    weissmon nytimes You don't need to invent putdowns for this joke of an administration. THey're like the Keystone Kops.

  • HmmmmGood (HmmmmGood)

    LucyAppa weissmon nytimes nah Kops had cool uniforms

  • LucyVanPelt (LucyAppa)

    HmmmmGood weissmon nytimes Only a matter of time before Donny makes himself a uniform with 6 stars. and LOTS of gold braid.

Trump angry that Bannon snuck by Trump the EO putting Bannon on NSC. Raises Q: Who's in charge--Trump or Bannon? link
  • Phillydude (Fairwinds10)

    BillKristol nytimes Bannon - It has been pretty obvious during his signing ceremonies that Trump doesn't read the EOs that he's signing.

  • Rusti Levin (rustilev)

    Fairwinds10 BillKristol nytimes Trump is a con artist being conned by a bigger grifter than himself. Sad

  • Greg Eno (GregEno)

    BillKristol frank_bonnette nytimes Then why doesn't he just do an EO taking Bannon off it?

  • Martini (frank_bonnette)

    GregEno BillKristol nytimes He is watching a Disney movie right now. Don't bother him.

  • Rich Luchette (richluchette)

    BillKristol nytimes link

  • lisa laylock (doublel1031)

    BillKristol soledadobrien nytimes I think it's clear that Bannon is the boss!

  • PirateWench (PirateWench1989)

    doublel1031 BillKristol soledadobrien nytimes I think it's clear Trump can't read.

  • Herbal (HerbCarmen)

    BillKristol soledadobrien It’s simple. realDonaldTrump is Bannon’s autopen.

  • Steve Caimano (CTRSteve)

    BillKristol If you don't read the briefing and only believe what people tell you, you are dangerous.

  • Stewart Hanson (Jaystew17)

    BillKristol nytimes Same NYT narrative as the Bush years. Only now it's Bannon instead of Cheney. Jackasses, find some new material.

  • Jaystew17 BillKristol nytimes At least Cheney was on the ticket. You think this is cool, Trump signed the EO not knowing what it said?

  • KAT TALES TV (KatTalesTV)

    BillKristol this should be another in the long list of impeachable offenses not reading the E.O.s he signs

  • ✭G✭ (BlkCarmenSDiego)

    BillKristol soledadobrien nytimes that's crazy if true! We all know Bannon is pulling the strings but HOLY COW!

  • chris savage (chris0s)

    BillKristol nytimes Bannon.

  • BillKristol it's like the greedy children tricking their aging parents into signing away power of attorney to them.

  • Matt (psionedge)

    BillKristol soledadobrien SNL addressed this last night guys

  • SpockYoda (DarthTargaryen1)

    BillKristol nytimes President Bannon is more real than I ever imagined.

  • Laura McGinnis (TxsleuthUSA)

    BillKristol Brindle_Girly Saturday Night Live told us that last night. Bannon has the big desk, Trump has the kiddie desk in the Oval.

  • Brindle Girly (Brindle_Girly)

    txsleuthusa billkristol How stupid r u when ur in Trump's position and u aren't reading what u sign and complain about not being briefed?

Trump's aides confer in the dark because they can't figure out how to operate the light switches in the cabinet room link
Aides in the White House confer in the dark because they cannot figure out how to operate the light switches link
  • Johnny Jetson (johnnyjetson1)

    nytimes aides in the editorial room at Nytimes work in the dark because they don't know how the majority of Americans think and feel.

  • Jill E Duffy (jilleduffy)

    johnnyjetson1 Do tell about this new editorial position called news room aide...

  • Attiyya Atkins (attiyya_sun)

    nytimes I think this is true. I read something about Bannon couldn't figure out the light switches

  • pmurtdlanod (dlanoDlaeR)

    nytimes FAKE NEWS! They prefer to live in the dark because it matches the colour of their souls.

  • pmurtdlanod (dlanoDlaeR)

    darrenthewelder nytimes B-B-B-B-BUT OBAMA, HILLARY! Are you so much in denial that you forget that Trump is now responsible for the US?

  • pmurtdlanod (dlanoDlaeR)

    darrenthewelder nytimes Keep 'em coming sweetheart. I got #99problems but #alternativefacts ain't one.

  • pmurtdlanod (dlanoDlaeR)

    darrenthewelder nytimes Ohhhh no, my poor feelings! Now I've gotta go join the #GOP and cry for a living. Vote for me?

  • Jochen Koerner (koernerjochen)

    nytimes your article/analysis is spot on. But the tweet is unnecessarily harsh, belittling

  • Neola Mace (NeolaMace)

    koernerjochen nytimes really? too harsh? what was the harsh part? reality bites.

  • Stephanie Nawyn (SNawyn)

    NeolaMace koernerjochen nytimes normally I'd agree that it was low blow but this consistent incompetence needs to be emphasized.

  • Jochen Koerner (koernerjochen)

    SNawyn NeolaMace nytimes totally agree. Just don't know how to handle "escalation". Know what I mean? Belittle me/belittle me....

  • Neola Mace (NeolaMace)

    koernerjochen SNawyn nytimes really don't mean to belittle anyone other than horrible people

  • Jochen Koerner (koernerjochen)

    NeolaMace SNawyn nytimes when they go low we go high. Again and again: content of article is great. Just the tweet

  • Neola Mace (NeolaMace)

    koernerjochen SNawyn nytimes ok I think maybe I'm just being dense but specifically what is the harsh part. Still not getting it.

  • Jochen Koerner (koernerjochen)

    NeolaMace SNawyn nytimes or maybe it is my English (German) : article is about content but tweet about their inability to turn light

With GlennThrush, the first two weeks of Trump's White House, where the deeper story is told at night link
  • Kat Kinsman (kittenwithawhip)

    maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes This is just so damned good.

  • Jason Kaminsky (trerai)

    maggieNYT GlennThrush Does this mean he didn't read the EO for Bannon's NSC appointment and didn't actually intend that to be the case?

  • cyrus the bacteria (lepcyrus)

    trerai maggieNYT GlennThrush He wasn't "briefed" (he can't read)

  • Kathleen (ODonnellKathlee)

    maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes How did I miss that his father's name was Frederick Christ Trump?

  • zannerina (zannerina)

    ODonnellKathlee maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes A common Prussian name; Christ.

  • Sarah Ferguson (ferguriffic)

    maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes Trump signed an exec. order that he wasn't aware made Bannon a member of NSC?!!

  • helchose (helchose)

    ferguriffic maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes Trump doesn't read anything, remember?

  • Peterabbit68 (peterabbit68)

    maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes they don't know how to turn the lights on? What?

  • Nick Jacob (nicktjacob)

    maggieNYT "Just by a show of hands, who here hates Glenn?" GlennThrush link

  • Amanda Green (weary_river)

    maggieNYT GlennThrush Fred Trump, light switches, bathrobe, pages of drapes and a new TV. God is in the details.

  • Ian Clark (idclark13)

    maggieNYT samarthbhaskar GlennThrush nytimes this is why I gladly pay for the Times. Can't believe this shit. Great reporting.

  • Kieran Browne (IsengrimIRL)

    maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes that the only personal picture in the Oval is of his father is a killer detail

  • Peter Hodges (peter_hodges2)

    maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes "...Mr. Trump was delighted to page through a book that offered him 17 window covering options."

  • Peter Hodges (peter_hodges2)

    maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes So Trump was angry because he was not fully aware of EO details giving Bannon seat on NSC? Who is leading?

  • MsYilly (MsYilly)

    peter_hodges2 maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes POTUS BANNON, Can't wait til it comes to TRUMPIE firing BANNON. WE will have lots of dirt.

  • Brenda Teese (brenda11831)

    MsYilly peter_hodges2 maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes I'm thinking that day will come, inevitably.

  • ariella layton (drz5)

    maggieNYT GlennThrush nytimes we've got a modern day Mr. Magoo in the WH

At the end of the workday, Trump grinds through news clips with Spicer, marking those he doesn't like, an aide said link
  • nytimes how to be a child 101 , what president wastes their time doing things like this ?

  • ModernInvest nytimes obama did, he thought killing Christians and setting up America to be Islamic was mature.

  • Daniel (r8thir)

    Elizabe21727706 ModernInvest nytimes Interesting supposition. Any logic...examples...evidence?

  •  ? ? ? ? ? (ZSS)

    r8thir Elizabe21727706 ModernInvest nytimes Don't waste your time, there are none.

  • Daniel (r8thir)

    ZSS Elizabe21727706 ModernInvest Mhm. It's just hilarious watching moron conservatives try to assemble logic. Like dogs trying calculus.

  • r8thir LOL KID even a dog is capable to understand pre calculus instead of you. Having a hard time on a limit towards cero, SON?

  • Volla1Volland r8thir isnt the holy spirit, the spirit of truth wonderful, you tell me swine? Go chase buckets. Im not into dogs.

  • Rafael Vela (Vela71Vela)

    Elizabe21727706 Volla1Volland r8thir Very Christian of you Elizabeth.

  • nytimes From POTUS' tweets it is clear he is planning on staging a terrorist attack against the U.S.

  • Mohamed (Mokillem)

    TrumpysTaxes nytimes POTUS It seems weird, but he always hates losing so I cannot pass it by him. After woods he will rule by fear.

  • arembooks (arembooks)

    nytimes He is a lunatic.

  • David Borstein (BorsteinDavid)


  • Dave Lane (AnAverageFrog58)

    BorsteinDavid nytimes And now HE IS the corrupt U.S. government. He's just replacing the Swamp with a Cesspool. Wake up.

  • David Borstein (BorsteinDavid)


  • HUDSCH (Hudschi)

    nytimes I have never seen a more unworthily US-President than #trump.I am asking myself who is really leading this country.Trump is to busy

  • nytimes this president is an egomaniac

  • Sam (slipperyhero)

    nytimes Should dt have #RealityTV show instead so he can just judge people on TV performance & fire them? Seems what he's best suited for?

  • javier luna (jluna56)

    nytimes They are rethinking strategy because they feel the weight of how much protestors and opposition will make life miserable for them.

  • nytimes ItHasBegun2016 Which I'm sure is most of them, as they, fairly, paint him in an unflattering light. #trumpsucks

  • Anti Trump (ItHasBegun2016)

    trumpsanassh0le nytimes I was thinking the same! They must go through markers like crazy.

Trump wasn't fully briefed on the executive order he signed giving Bannon a seat on the National Security Council link
  • Elliott Lusztig (ezlusztig)

    nytimes I'm having a hard time following what is alleged here. It seems very unlikely Trump didn't know he was putting Bannon on NSC.

  • Rahul Sood (rahulsood)

    ezlusztig nytimes oh I believe it, seriously .. you think he reads anything other than news on himself? He is not a details person.

  • Elliott Lusztig (ezlusztig)

    rahulsood nytimes Maybe. I'm not saying I know for sure. It just seems unlikely that a move of such significance was not explained to him.

  • Rahul Sood (rahulsood)

    ezlusztig nytimes just tell DJT how smart and amazing he is for months, help him win, and hand him a pen. He'll do anything, for now.

  • Henning Kilset (pedershk)

    nytimes He really needs to start reading stuff before signing it.

  • KnightFemme (knightfemme81)

    pedershk nytimes once again ...He cant read !

  • Henning Kilset (pedershk)

    knightfemme81 nytimes It's sure starting to look like it..

  • AllForUSophia (AllForUSophia)

    nytimes Who the hell is running the US??

  • Desh Rain (DeshCare)

    JanJanWard nytimes The literal definition!

  • Elliott Lusztig (ezlusztig)

    nytimes Isn't it more likely that was the source of Trump's frustration? NYT should try to clarify this point. The article is ambiguous.

  • Elliott Lusztig (ezlusztig)

    nytimes Recall there was also a big flap about Chairman of JCS and DNI being removed. That was heavy-handed and drew criticism.

  • Harry Benson (TrumpUriNation)

    ezlusztig nytimes So it is true that Bannon is the real president. If the media keep this story going, he won't resist firing Bannon

  • R.A. Gaffney (ryanagaffney)

    nytimes link

  • Anything Butt (asapherpes)

    nytimes there is some evidence that he isn't really a "reader"

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