Trump asking Congress, not Mexico, to pay for border wall

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team has signaled to congressional Republican leaders that his preference is to fund the border wall through the appropriations process as soon as April, according to House Republican officials.

Trump lets Mexico off the hook? House GOP officials say Trump will ask Congress to pay for building the wall. link
Trump voters, I'm sorry you were lied to. About this and so much more. It must feel awful. He didn't deserve you. link
  • Mariana Vergara (MariSaenzWg)

    oliviawilde annawoodyall Why do we have to pay your stupid wall?

  • Anna Wood (annawoodyall)

    MariSaenzWg I dont want the wall at all, never did. But he promised his supporters this, and its turning out to be the 1st of many lies.

  • Mariana Vergara (MariSaenzWg)

    annawoodyall sorry I was rude. And it was expected I guess, at least is only 4 years, we have our liars for 6

  • Anna Wood (annawoodyall)

    MariSaenzWg no worries

  • Bella (changetherain)

    oliviawilde I'm not sorry. He'll still do things to help us. Hilary Clinton would continue to sit on her ass and do nothing.

  • changetherain oliviawilde yes, because sitting on his ass and tweeting has been so productive. Trump is a train wreck

  • patricia cavazos (spur4trish)

    JWCDreamshaper changetherain oliviawilde has he even left his golden tower?!

  • spur4trish changetherain oliviawilde I don't think he's left his golden toilet yet.

  • ellie (missellie76)

    oliviawilde What part of "reimburse" did we not understand?

  • PeakReach (u2jrmw)

    missellie76 oliviawilde hey if you want to buy me a Bentley I'll "reimburse" you later. Thanks.

  • ellie (missellie76)

    u2jrmw oliviawilde Hey, I'm sorry you need a Bentley to prop up your over inflated ego, but you will have to "reimburse" the bank.

  • PeakReach (u2jrmw)

    missellie76 oliviawilde how about you get there loan and I'll pay you back.

  • BMWm4 (NycBMW)

    oliviawilde all politicians are the same . Most importantly it was #crookedhillary . A proven fraud . Time to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  •  ?  ? (GhostChannels)

    NycBMW oliviawilde i think you missed the point of her post and then just spewed some rhetoric out, that's cool.

  • allnighttom (allnighttom)

    oliviawilde it's awesome he uses twitter....liberal nut jobs like you can't run wild with lying. link

  • Nick Furry (GoNutsEatNuts)

    allnighttom oliviawilde Why would the mexican government pay him back? They have no obligation to do so

  • allnighttom (allnighttom)

    GoNutsEatNuts oliviawilde import tax. Don't give 51.5 million in foreign aid to in Mexico's US debit of 25 billion.

  • Nick Furry (GoNutsEatNuts)

    allnighttom oliviawilde debt isn't something you can call in. I mean The US owes trillions to China but they can't just call in the debt

Sources: Trump will ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for border wall - link link
  • jimsciutto there are three towns in the USA named Mexico, and they will pay for it!

  • TriviumPaolo I bet you he is going to claim that is what he meant all along and his followers will believe it

  • Nancy (reader2105)

    NewaHailu TriviumPaolo It will be. He said we would pay for it and then be reimbursed by tariffs that he can't enforce because of NAFTA.

  • reader2105 NewaHailu and then consumers will pay for the rising prices due to tariffs, and will have them slapped on our goods too.

  • Nancy (reader2105)

    TriviumPaolo NewaHailu I was reading about this today, he CAN'T place tariffs on goods from Mexico because of NAFTA.

  • reader2105 NewaHailu I'm just saying that if we tariff each other that will happen, for better or worse. Look up Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act.

  • Nancy (reader2105)

    TriviumPaolo NewaHailu OK, looked that up, not sure it's still around, or NAFTA replaced it. I did read today that a new tariff is out

  • Nancy g (NancyjGiglio)

    jimsciutto I'm actually starting to enjoy this. The promises and doubt are falling like little golden dominos. #sawitcoming

  • Gustavo (littleyoyo4)

    NancyjGiglio jimsciutto I would enjoy it if Trumpkins had the self-awareness to accept that they were conned. Sadly, not gonna happen.

  • Nancy g (NancyjGiglio)

    littleyoyo4 jimsciutto you're right they will never admit it. I'm going to watch it all implode and buy my " don't blame " me t-shirt

  • Lisa Evette Banks (Mimisb00)

    NancyjGiglio littleyoyo4 jimsciutto I like that...where can I get this tee shirt? I'm sure it will sell out.

  • Nancy g (NancyjGiglio)

    Mimisb00 littleyoyo4 jimsciutto have your pick lol link

  • Anita Creamer (AnitaCreamer)

    jimsciutto In other news, grifters gonna grift.

  • Fawad Rehman (fawadrehman)

    jimsciutto neither he will get the money nor boarder wall will b installed. Win win for both. Congress will b blamed.Whats next? #Obamacare

  • Carrie La Seur (claseur)

    jimsciutto No big surprise. But could you stop showing those disturbingly small hands?

  • Stephen Kalin (stephenkalin)

    jimsciutto maybe he could ask Russia to pay for it...

Imagine having believed this nonsense. link
  • NeverEverTrump (orangedouche)

    franklinleonard Lee_in_Iowa Lock her.. ah, nevermind My taxes.. ah, nevermind Drain the.. ah, nevermind Mexico's paying.. ah, nevermind

  • NeverEverTrump (orangedouche)

    franklinleonard Lee_in_Iowa Not touching Social S.. ah, nevermind Not touching Medi.. ah, nevermind Not touching Medi.. ah, nevermind

  • NeverEverTrump (orangedouche)

    franklinleonard Lee_in_Iowa We're bringing coal.. ah, nevermind I don't know Puti.. ah, nevermind I never grabbed.. ah, nevermind

  • Craig Boyd (craigthedeac)

    franklinleonard danpfeiffer They literally don't care. It's the "shoot someone on 5th ave" crowd.

  • Javier Ramos (JaviMRamos)

    franklinleonard He'll still say Mexico paid for it and his cult will eat it up like a Trump steak

  • JaviMRamos franklinleonard he'll figure out a way to come out smelling like a rose while the little guy has to fight for a few thousand

  • franklinleonard it's a "question of priorities" Yes, because providing affordable healthcare, college tuition and assistance to Vets isn't

  • missayyy (AngelFilthySoul)

    TDSCouch franklinleonard your tweet hurts like only the truth can.

  • Kevin Schultz (kevinrschultz)

    franklinleonard danpfeiffer who knew? It's not like he chickened out of asking Mexico's president about it during the campaign

  • Michelegab (MicheleGabay)

    franklinleonard danpfeiffer morons who followed him blindly will soon find themselves screwed

  • Rich Farmer (Searching4Par)

    franklinleonard danpfeiffer What's sadder is imagining over 62.9M voters believing it...

  • Imperator Furiosa (SSummny)

    franklinleonard danpfeiffer probably the same guy who thought they'd repeal Obamacare and keep the ACA...

  • deanharrel (deanharrel)

    franklinleonard danpfeiffer biggest con in history!

  • jfree (fjennifern)

    franklinleonard danpfeiffer Having believed it and they still don't give a sh^^. Too stupid to know when their hair is on fire

  • franklinleonard danpfeiffer I can't imagine being that utterly stupid.

  • Raymond (raybee98)

    franklinleonard danpfeiffer What's that thumping sound? Trump voters banging their heads against "the wall". Call it the #Trumpthump

  • franklinleonard link

"Hello Mexico, it's Trump. I'm ready for you to pay for that wall... Remember the wall we discussed. Hello? Hello?" link
  • shannon chandler (ShanChan_37)

    wkamaubell "We're not paying for the f**cking wall"-Vicente' Fox

  • KJ (ASAPgal)

    wkamaubell ChrisCuomo Do you want to ask your Trump supporters to pay for the wall BEFORE or AFTER you take away their healthcare?

  • Notorious Gmen (RentUWS)

    wkamaubell bs story! Trying to get media to switch from the Russian hacking story! He's not building wall!!!!

  • Dee_razzingU (DeeMD215)

    wkamaubell Woooohoooo all them old trump morons taken for a ride..heee hawww link

  • wkamaubell It says right in the article that Trump stated in Oct that Mexico would "Reimburse" us for the wall. Hello? :)

  • Mr Wonderful 2 (CKgolfer2)

    wkamaubell amyrchapman link

  • Jack Stone (Jack_Stone_818)

    wkamaubell baileelee PEOTUS is a moron, anyone who still follows him sycophants.

  • John Sheehy (jsheehy)

    wkamaubell Uh, yeah. Trump calls Congress "Mexico." It was cute and then it got weird and nobody wanted to say anything.

  • . wkamaubell you think any of his voters are now realizing they got taken for the ride of their life? #BuyersRemorse

  • ferociousfuz Great anecdote today. Old man in doc's waiting room: "I voted against Obamacare, not the ACA" This is what we're dealing with.

  • Karyn Ruffin (karyn_ruffin)

    wkamaubell So a person who doesn't pay taxes is going to use OUR tax dollars to pay for this wall? Have his supporters pay, they want it.

  • Elisabeth Barker (ebarkerlaw)

    wkamaubell ChrisCuomo maybe Donnie could pay for that Mexican wall out of his billions & ask his rich friends to pitch in. Not from taxes!

  • Lori Lee (LoriLee90998207)

    wkamaubell chriscuomo Probably the best laugh Mexico has had all year

  • Chris Bautista (Pugenggeng)

    wkamaubell ChrisCuomo dumb... just DUMB realDonaldTrump .. !!!!!! link

  • Jackie Cote (jsc6482)

    wkamaubell ChrisCuomo lol so true he is such an idiot

  • MR_G (Mr_G_01)

    wkamaubell Mexico told him to go suck on a "burrito"

  • mike kromski (thekrom)

    wkamaubell don't forget ONLY trump has the solution to ISIS and crime AND hacking....Which he will share next Tuesday...Or something....

  • Mike.Corning (upstatemike78)

    wkamaubell ChrisCuomo ... Campaign LIE from the P.O.S. trump

  • wkamaubell ChrisCuomo Who didn't see this ending in a big Trump lie? I mean Ray Charles could see that coming and he's dead and blind!!!

  • wkamaubell ChrisCuomo Welcome to the Con Artist Administration.... opens on Jan 20th, at noon.

And you fools believed his every word link
  • FreeMilo (kvg1988)

    YourAnonNews get a more credible source. CNN, the channel with broadcasters who leak debate questions to the DNC. Totally reliable...

  • Anonymous (YourAnonNews)

    kvg1988 Find an article to discredit it...

  • FreeMilo (kvg1988)

    YourAnonNews will believe it when I see it cupcake.

  • Señor Economist (SrEconomist)

    kvg1988 YourAnonNews yes yes we know. Fake news on websites with 7 syllables is real. Real news on CNN is fake. Also, you're delusional.

  • Jimmy (UsviJimmy)

    YourAnonNews he already has made Mexico pay for it! They lost Carrier an Ford plants. More to come

  • Rob Nemes (fasheezey)

    UsviJimmy YourAnonNews that cost taxpayers money not Mexico. We are paying for those jobs. You are smrt though.

  • Anonymous (YourAnonNews)

    fasheezey UsviJimmy minus the 4000+ jobs he cost Macy's.

  • Rob Nemes (fasheezey)

    YourAnonNews UsviJimmy and the fact that most of the "saved" carrier jobs are slated for automation and will be lost anyway. But yea #maga

  • Todd N Troxell (Doctor_TnT)

    YourAnonNews Trump said in his Gettysburg speech that Mexico's role would be reimbursement later on, w/Congress paying up front.. #Trump45

  • Anonymous (YourAnonNews)

    Doctor_TnT Quite different than what he repeatedly said everywhere else.

  • Todd N Troxell (Doctor_TnT)

    YourAnonNews All I know is one way or another we need a wall and we're going to get a wall! No more free rides for non-citizens. #DTS

  • Andrew Acuna (AcunaAndrew)

    YourAnonNews can't wait for the stuttering denials and the "BUT EMAILS" from retarded trump voters. Hope Satan is mean to them

  • Beth Donovan (Dragonwitch)

    YourAnonNews Never believed him after all Trump couldn't tell the Truth if his ASS was on fire.

  • Marty F (45) (slapAlib)

    YourAnonNews oh yea we shall take a "CNN" source on this as the truth. Despite repeated examples of CNN being biased and untrue

  • Zupple (Zupplee)

    slapAlib YourAnonNews CNN let me guess, you think Fox News is fair and balanced?

  • Marty F (45) (slapAlib)

    Zupplee who mentioned Fox? I spoke 2 the facts of cnn being caught faking news. Tho Fox was the only 1 not meeting w/podesta 4 HRC

  • Rogue Max (Rogue_Max_One)

    YourAnonNews wait, some of you thought it was like they were going to cut a check to th US!? It will be done through trade deals dumbasses.

  • YourAnonNews Somewhere Mexican people are laughing hysterically at his news.

  • Random Bot (eaglefeather4)

    YourAnonNews no health care for 30m ppl, & no health care for women via planned parenthood but build the f-ing wall.

  • osPatriot® (osPatriot)

    eaglefeather4☭«Your naivete is compounded by your ignorance. De-funding Planned Parenthood does NOT prevent Access to H/C. YourAnonNews

Raise your hand if you saw this one comin??#OurRevolution link
Didn't Trump say....? link
  • Jonathan Moore (careful_jon)

    keithellison Please don't let Paul Ryan raid Social Security and Medicare to pay for this idiotic wall.

  • Amy (CrazyWorld463)

    keithellison You missed the many statements about US getting money back for cost of wall from Mexico!! Said on numerous occasions!

  • Turkey Tom (TomBasgen)

    CrazyWorld463 ok what's the plan to do that?

  • Amy (CrazyWorld463)

    TomBasgen Look it up yourself!

  • B (brianconsolazio)

    CrazyWorld463 TomBasgen news flash- there's no plan. Never has been a viable plan for any of his "promises". He's a fraud.

  • Amy (CrazyWorld463)

    brianconsolazio TomBasgen Keep believing that- your choice!

  • Emily (Emosh4)

    keithellison exactly! It's almost sad watching him back peddle and spin his way out of all his campaign promises. #notmypresident

  • Steve Smith (daily500)

    keithellison Sweet baby Jesus - read the article and tweet Libby. Finance now payback later for speed - makes total sense

  • Turkey Tom (TomBasgen)

    daily500 okay but Mexico said they aren't paying for the wall so what's the plan?

  • Steve Smith (daily500)

    TomBasgen Taxes and tariffs - it's coming

  • Joe Covey (smilinJoe15)

    daily500 TomBasgen it makes no sense and the wall will never happen. Mexico can take their goods else where & both countries get hurt.

  • Steve Smith (daily500)

    smilinJoe15 TomBasgen take there goods elsewhere. That's funny. USA buys 80% of their products, not replaceable

  • Joe Covey (smilinJoe15)

    daily500 I didn't say they'd replace 100%, that's why I said both economies would suffer.

  • Steve Smith (daily500)

    smilinJoe15 That's where your wrong. USA economy will not suffer - jobs come back, lower true UE, more disposable cash.

  • Joe Covey (smilinJoe15)

    daily500 the jobs could come back whenever they wanted. Corps will move them to a different country to continue to save $ for shareholders

  • hohoifkak2020 (ea2016m)

    keithellison Easy for him to say. He doesn't pay taxes. Please do everything you can impeach this buffoon.

  • keithellison pls fight this. I dont want my tax dollars going to this pointless & extremely expensive thing

  • André Mayer (havhmayer)

    keithellison mattduss HE doesn't pay a cent either way

  • Shane Drahota (sdrahota)

    keithellison But we've always been at war with Eurasia.

  • Mainah3 (ohmyword1)

    keithellison he pulled #AWimpy. link

Sources: Trump will ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for border wall link
Trumpsters: Remember the #Wall Mexico was gonna pay for? Guess where the money is really comin' from-Your Paycheck link
  • WesSmith123 It's a new game show called You've been conned #TheResistance

  • Mr Coldfingerz (mrcoldfingerz)

    drjackiet WesSmith123 Not a game show. Trump doesn't do those: it's a reality show, one where we all lose

  • LilyTom (Lily60tomTom)

    WesSmith123 NiteSteppin your paycheck and not HIS b/c he doesn't PAY ANY TAXES.

  • Kate Miller (KateMiller57)

    WesSmith123 So far Donny, not real impressed with your deal making! I guess you are NOT the best deal maker!

  • Ramona (Roro23544588)

    WesSmith123 Oh, those Trumpers are going to be soooooo disappointed. Another broken promise by PEOTHUS

  • nancy briggs (nancyjbriggs)

    WesSmith123 just a quick calc, Mexico not payin 4 wall, no insurance & growing swamp. the man's not in office. I bet they want a do over!

  • nancyjbriggs WesSmith123 Not that they'd admit to anyway.

  • David Carbone (deecee3737)

    WesSmith123 oh but wait the queen of doublet alkaline, Kellyanne "C" word says Mexico will pay later.

  • dockbuilder (peteLU1456)

    WesSmith123 realDonaldTrump can lay out his $ and let Mexico pay him back,he's a real estate developer lol!!!

  • Green21 (Privace12)

    WesSmith123 trums lame brain GOP thinks a wall will stop drug cartel from bringing N drugs Mex Cartel R smarter than all congress & trump

  • @coolcalmron (coolcalmron)

    WesSmith123 link

  • Abi Normal (Abinormal1)

    WesSmith123 Saya_relativity They asked for it, they got it!

  • WesSmith123 If Donnie Boy is as wealthy as he claims to be, let him fund this!! This country is not some experiment he can just play with.

  • Carol (crossfitnans)

    WesSmith123 fritchee along with a tax increase to pay for it and a cut to your SS and a gut to your Medicare and losing your mortgage int

  • tom long (tlong201011)

    WesSmith123 Trumpsters are feeling embarrassed, they just won't admit it. They'll spin for the home team.

  • LouiseVRuiz (LouiseVRuiz)

    WesSmith123 Maybe his voters will begin to realize they've been duped. They don't seem to care after his picks for important positions.

  • Great for the 1% (tjaroz)

    WesSmith123 i thought he negotiated payment last year when when he flew down there! Oh yeah he choked!

  • Carmen (SoMuchToLose_cm)

    WesSmith123 feel sorry for the deplorables. They could not have imagined such a liar would emerge and back track on all promises

  • Lola G. Patton (LolaGPatton1)

    WesSmith123 Michaelcware4 they the #trumpsters luv him so much, they shouldn't mind paying at all

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