Trump fires acting AG after she declines to defend travel ban

President Donald Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates Monday night for "refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States," the White House said.

WHOA! Black Jesus, please protect & keep her. Justice Dept. will not defend executive order on travel restrictions link
  • Jay Orsi (JayOrsi)

    wkamaubell Wouldn't that set the stage for a cage fight between Black Jesus and Republican Jesus?

  • dg (alikasams)

    JayOrsi wkamaubell officiated by Judaic Jesus. Wait, isn't that like in the Middle East? So, he might want to come, but is banned?

  • Cinematic Legend (ItsRomy)

    wkamaubell There is nothing scarier to Trump, Bannon and co., than a nasty woman with a law degree.

  • Freddy Merlos (MerlosFreddy)

    wkamaubell FOR REAL. link

  • Michelle Felix (ipsofucto)

    wkamaubell Sally YATES!!! Between her and KamalaHarris and SenWarren Ann M. Donnelly...women are getting shit DONE right now.

  • ipsofucto wkamaubell KamalaHarris SenWarren and now. She's fired.

  • Michelle Felix (ipsofucto)

    JHasselberger wkamaubell KamalaHarris SenWarren I know. Shit is fucked.

  • Jeromne Durango (JeromneD)

    wkamaubell "Inspired" by Republican Jesus, Donald Trump issues an Executive Order, denying healthcare to 30 million Americans. link

  • Victoria T (Victorianna68)

    wkamaubell I believe Trump just fired Yates for not agreeing with him.

  • nate mezmer (natemezmer)

    wkamaubell The Orange One just fired her for "betraying the US" ... time to fire Him!

  • @JaLoCbad (jalocbad1)

    wkamaubell sadly black Jesus was busy. Yates has been canned for her integrity . The emperor has spoken

  • Thailand Jesus (thailandjesus)

    wkamaubell white jesus checking in. Sorry sir, they have no interest in listening to any Jesuses. #koreanjesusstilltrying #theyamess

  • Jo Hagans (JoHagans)

    wkamaubell link

  • 7r0n7r0n (Rot_farm)

    wkamaubell "How dare politics be political!" -republican party in this article

  • 7r0n7r0n (Rot_farm)

    wkamaubell Seriously dumbfounded about the statements I'm reading.

  • Deborah R (deborahrl100)

    wkamaubell put her in witness protection! #nomuslimban #DumpPresidentBannon #Resist

  • deborahrl100 wkamaubell I hope she has someone watching for her safety.

  • Jeromne Durango (JeromneD)

    wkamaubell link

  • m (stocksjunky)

    wkamaubell bannerite maybe Black Jesus can help her be our next President of USA I like her we need more like her

Wow. link
  • Fahrenthold It's well past time for her to resign then.

  • Jeff (Jskorn)

    . ByondPolitics Fahrenthold Why? She knows the order is unconstitutional. She also knows she's leaving when a new AG comes.

  • Jskorn Fahrenthold "she knows" If she is an attorney she knows her job is to represent her client. If she can't, then resign.

  • Jeff (Jskorn)

    . ByondPolitics Fahrenthold POTUS is NOT her client. She defends the Constitution. There's a reason why we have branches of government.

  • Jskorn Fahrenthold No one said "POTUS." Yes. We have branches of government. She is a member of the Executive Branch.

  • Concerned Citizen (Amazed1950)

    ByondPolitics Jskorn Fahrenthold wrong!

  • Amazed1950 Jskorn Fahrenthold You're right. I was incorrect. She is no longer a member of the Executive Branch. She was.

  • Concerned Citizen (Amazed1950)

    ByondPolitics Jskorn Fahrenthold so you understand her job was 2 review cases on merit, not 2 pleasure of potus? This basic tenant of gov

  • T.D. (DingusW)

    Fahrenthold She will leave the DOJ with her head held high.

  • Kim (KahootsiePie)

    DingusW Fahrenthold And she just taught my kids that it's important to always stand for what you believe in. A true American.

  • Jay (jay_peg)

    Fahrenthold Filibuster Sessions and have this lady in charge for as long as possible.

  • Grace Lidia Suárez (gracels)

    Fahrenthold Yes. My new hero. link

  • Lenna Leprena (LennaLeprena)

    gracels JackieEspinal4U Fahrenthold Grace of Arc..burned at the stake for fighting America's enemies..

  • Miss Ervilha (ervilha_no_muro)

    Fahrenthold Someone with a backbone! Finally!

  • Ryan (RwMcD)

    Fahrenthold Kind of loving that an Obama holdover appointee is totally telling Trump to go stuff it. Even if only for a little bit.

  • Laura (tailor31415)

    Fahrenthold she'll go down on the right side of history

  • Moms4HRC (Moms4HRC)

    Fahrenthold Yates 2020!! Atlanta women rule!

  • Ross (BatteryTenderUn)

    Fahrenthold Can she just be confirmed as our new Attorney General?

The impetus for the Trump admin to get Sessions confirmed asap just grew jumped by an order of like 1,000 link
Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she declines to defend travel ban; Dana Boente named new AG link
⚡ #BREAKING — First on CNN: Justice Department will not defend executive order on travel restrictions link
First on CNN: Justice Department will not defend executive order on travel restrictions - link link
This is what happens with an impetuous and incompetent president: chaos, conflict and confusion. link
She had one job. AND SHE DID IT. link
#BreakingNews ? POTUS fires AG, Sally Yates, after she declined to Defend Trump Travel Ban link via CNN
  • nauthizjane (nauthizjane)

    jnarls POTUS CNN All DOJ activists who do not obey the Constitution&who do not litigate our laws should be fired.America is not Obama's leftist vision

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