Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Who Defied Him

The acting attorney general, Sally Q. Yates, on Monday ordered government lawyers not to defend President Trump’s executive order on immigration in court.

I salute the courage of SallyQYates. May other Americans in the government have the same resolve when required. link
  • Ted Atkinson (teddypasketti)

    Evan_McMullin SallyQYates nytimes Us civil servants take an oath to the Constitution, not to party or President. And we take it seriously

  • Ted Atkinson (teddypasketti)

    teddypasketti Evan_McMullin SallyQYates nytimes I have worked alongside colleagues with radically different political views, but we

  • Ted Atkinson (teddypasketti)

    teddypasketti Evan_McMullin SallyQYates nytimes always approach our professional duty with a view toward what the law says, not what

  • Ted Atkinson (teddypasketti)

    teddypasketti Evan_McMullin SallyQYates nytimes a politician, officeholder, or campaign says. I can't think of one time in 8 years

  • Ted Atkinson (teddypasketti)

    teddypasketti Evan_McMullin SallyQYates nytimes when a colleague (GOP, DEM, other) has acted outside of that principle. Law first.

  • David Benjamin (DavidInAuburn)

    teddypasketti Evan_McMullin SallyQYates nytimes so you can point to actual law that the actual text of the EO violates? Yates doesn't.

  • Ted Atkinson (teddypasketti)

    DavidInAuburn Evan_McMullin SallyQYates nytimes I can't offer a legal opinion on this. Not that I couldn't; I can't.

  • sallah (sa11ah)

    . teddypasketti DavidInAuburn Evan_McMullin SallyQYates nytimes "Law first" like when LorettaLynch got on that plane on the tarmac #lol

  • Nick Kolakowski (nkolakowski)

    Evan_McMullin I wonder if we're on the verge of Saturday Night Massacre 2, ten days in.

  • Atheist Slayer (GayPrizon)

    nkolakowski Evan_McMullin Whatever that is, I hope you're the first to know.

  • Nick Kolakowski (nkolakowski)

    GayPrizon Evan_McMullin Interesting bit of Watergate history. Worth reading about!

  • (((AG))) (AG_Conservative)

    Evan_McMullin The enemy of your enemy isn't always your friend. You should be more diligent and selective in your praise.

  • Anthony J. (Jay_Conz)

    AG_Conservative Evan_McMullin McMullin seems to have rapidly become solely and instinctively anti-Trump. Barely offers up any original new/fresh ideas.

  • Jay_Conz AG_Conservative Evan_McMullin Just trying to sell a newsletter or a book, aren't you, Evan?

  • Steven Cravis (StevenCravis)

    . Evan_McMullin SallyQYates nytimes link

  • Evan_McMullin SallyQYates nytimes Couldn't agree more. If only Republicans in Congress could follow this brave patriots lead

  • Luna (pink_sprnva)

    Funny how her bravery came right on theHeels of Ovomit speech NetworkJunkyz Evan_McMullin SallyQYates Oh& link

  • pink_sprnva Evan_McMullin SallyQYates All the Obama memes in the world won't make Trump any less of a shitbird.

  • NetworkJunkyz pink_sprnva Evan_McMullin SallyQYates yyyyaaassss!!

  • Luna (pink_sprnva)

    Yasss what? You all Insiders_Agency stand w NetworkJunkyz Evan_McMullin ISlS &Soros stooges SallyQYates link

  • pink_sprnva Insiders_Agency Evan_McMullin SallyQYates That's a whole lotta crazy. Alex Jones is rotting your brain, gotta mute you now.

  • Luna (pink_sprnva)

    It's actually a photo McCain posted but keep your head up your Ass that'll help NetworkJunkyz Insiders_Agency Evan_McMullin SallyQYates

The acting attorney general has ordered the Justice Department not to defend President Trump's immigration order link
  • The New York Times (nytimes)

    Trump has authority to fire Sally Yates, but she is the only one authorized to sign foreign surveillance warrants link

  • The New York Times (nytimes)

    Letter from Sally Yates, the acting attorney general and a holdover from Obama administration, to the Justice Dept: link

  • The New York Times (nytimes)

    Sally Yates's letter transforms the confirmation of Jeff Sessions into a referendum on the immigration order link

  • Robby Starbuck (robbystarbuck)

    nytimes Executive Order was reviewed by Office of Legal Counsel. Yates is flouting the rule of law. Trump cabinet needs to be confirmed.

  • robbystarbuck nytimes they have to be vetted. Approved if they are a valid steward of American values - denied if not.

  • Robby Starbuck (robbystarbuck)

    adamturner21 nytimes The office of Legal Counsel is the benchmark and they reviewed the EO. What Yates is doing is ideologically not okay.

  • Kerry (Ms_Maxine)

    robbystarbuck adamturner21 nytimes high probability OLC didn't see it before it was signed- Kelly was briefed AS it was signed

  • Robby Starbuck (robbystarbuck)

    Ms_Maxine adamturner21 nytimes Greta reporting they reviewed before signing.

  • Yankeesfan66 (Rangersfan66)

    Looks like Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani aren't that familiar with what is legal under the constitution.. #Fascists nytimes

  • Shimshon (Samsonsansdelil)

    Rangersfan66 nytimes 8 U.S. Code § 1182 (f). Read it and get back to me. Trump's action is very legal.

  • Yankeesfan66 (Rangersfan66)

    That is for those with communicable diseases or other problems. Nice Try. Read Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 Samsonsansdelil

  • Shimshon (Samsonsansdelil)

    Rangersfan66 Yeah, it doesn't say that at all. Words have meaning. All Trump has to say is that it's detrimental to U.S. interests.

  • M.E. (mebstudios)

    Samsonsansdelil Rangersfan66 He can't legally deny a visa holder the right to due process...

  • M.E. (mebstudios)

    Samsonsansdelil Rangersfan66 He can't deny a Permanent Resident their rights because they have the same Federal protections as you and me.

  • M.E. (mebstudios)

    Samsonsansdelil Rangersfan66 He can't deny a U.S. Citizen with dual citizenship their rights because the Constitution applies.

  • Seth Frantzman (sfrantzman)

    nytimes things are going swimmingly at foggy bottom #fail

Thank God there are people who will follow the Constitution. We must all stand with her. #ThankYouSally link
  • Prince Anthony (BeebeAnthony)

    BarbaraBoxer 727Iwt nytimes our country is falling apart at the tiny hands of a monster.

  • serena  ?️‍? (IwtLBBH)

    BeebeAnthony BarbaraBoxer nytimes it's really scary to watch. we need more government officials to stand up against trump and defend us

  • Prince Anthony (BeebeAnthony)

    727Iwt BarbaraBoxer nytimes agreed.

  • Mary O'Neill (mmqcstl)

    BarbaraBoxer nytimes link

  • Pam Kennedy (timtypam)

    BarbaraBoxer nytimes since the elected officials of our country can't stand up to the tyrant DT, the citizens have to.

  • jesse reiss (jessereiss)

    BarbaraBoxer can you talk to SenFeinstein and get her to #resist please? thank you!

  • Rings Bingo (RingsMiner)

    BarbaraBoxer nytimes Except when it comes to the Second Amendment, right? You guys are only Constitutionalists when it suits you. Traitor.

  • Deirdre Lynch (deelightful64)

    BarbaraBoxer nytimes American hero found! Sally Yates has more courage than most of Congress.

  • Pam Kennedy (timtypam)

    BarbaraBoxer nytimes since the elected officials r not working for our best interest, I want their salaries refunded to the US citizens

  • United California (unitedcal)

    BarbaraBoxer nytimes And thank you, Senator.

  • Jason Shout (JaySchout)

    BarbaraBoxer LeslieMarshall nytimes if she made a legal argument, sure. I hate the law, but her letter was devoid of legal reasoning

  • John J Anthony (Necromancer54)

    BarbaraBoxer LeslieMarshall nytimes By all means, Obama showed what happens WHEN YOU DON'T We're watching & vigilant!

  • Silvia (SilviatbSilvia)

    BarbaraBoxer So far Trump doesn't care about our constitution

  • BarbaraBoxer Please impeach Trump. His immigration ban is unconstitutional. He was wrong to for Sally Yates. Trump is incompetent.

  • Lynda DBS (LDBS92)

    BarbaraBoxer nytimes Sally Yates stood up for America today & we thank her. Trump's unlawful UnAmerican rampage is disturbing. Reject!

  • Gen X dreamer (genxdreamer)

    BarbaraBoxer nytimes She is awesome!!!!

  • Bryan Yaninek (byaninek)

    BarbaraBoxer nytimes she was breaking the constitution.

  • Scott R Barnes (scottrbarnes)

    BarbaraBoxer nytimes we love you Sally!!!!

  • Joanie (tylertooo)

    BarbaraBoxer LeslieMarshall nytimes are you being serious. the constitution is the last thing on your mind. so absurd!

  • K. Fox (KMorrigan55)

    BarbaraBoxer nytimes really? Vetting refugees is legal

Bravo acting AG Sally Yates! Orders Justice Dept. not to defend lunatic bigot Trump's despicable #MuslimBan link
Having served w/Sally, she's a public servant of unquestionable integrity,always putting country &Constitution first link
Sally Yates is a hero who put the Constitution first. History will remember. link
  • plables (LisaJAbles)

    ChadHGriffin nytimes Ummm, clearly you should read the Constitution!

  • John Bristol (jbristol11)

    ChadHGriffin nytimes The law is the law. The same law Obama used for the same purpose. The same law used a couple weeks ago against Cuba. link

  • Ex GOP Flood (tjfloodflorida)

    ChadHGriffin nytimes No way. No foreign national has a constitutional right to come to America and enjoy our benefits.

  • Everyday American (EStrieby)

    ChadHGriffin nytimes No Citizen of a foreign land has a constitutional right to demand entry into the US.

  • Alisande  ?? (Alisand3)

    ChadHGriffin nytimes No she did not. She was there to defend American laws. She's a traitor. potos SallyQYates

  • Apocalypsys (TheApocalypsys)

    ChadHGriffin nytimes Speak up. YOU'RE NEXT!

  • Jacpil (jappille)

    ChadHGriffin EJLandwehr nytimes A chapter on her should be added to "Profiles in courage".

  • Steven (ArlingtonSteve)

    ChadHGriffin wrong , no foreigner has a right to be admitted to the USA

  • WT (WTadros1)

    ChadHGriffin nytimes Except she did not claim the act was unlawful. Only unwise and unjust. Big difference.

  • Eat my art (danjdob)

    ChadHGriffin nytimes Wow...when did she become the whole Supreme Court?

  • jim ortego (JimOrtego)

    ChadHGriffin nytimes You are right. History will remember that Ob's AG, who did not comply with her oath of office, was removed. Shocking!

  • Em (emsawarrior)

    ChadHGriffin nytimes Yes. Trump fires Patriots and hires frauds link…?

  • ChadHGriffin nytimes Sally Yates is a traitor and a disgrace to women in America.

  • ChadHGriffin nytimes Hey Chad, not like you care but look at all the people who agree with you. ::sike::

  • Jill Dotter (jilldotter)

    ChadHGriffin nytimes Sally Yates decided 2 be a partisan hack who put anti-Trump politics first. BRIEF history will remember her for that.

  • jim filey (jimfiley)

    ChadHGriffin DanaDelany nytimes what part of constitution did she put first? POTUS has the power, not congress or courts.

  • Erwin Rommel (bigx1)

    ChadHGriffin DanaDelany nytimes make no mistake we are in a new civil war.

President Trump fired Sally Yates, saying she betrayed him by refusing to defend his executive order link
  • Erik Meyer (meyercode)

    erinlambi No, this is the law and she failed to follow it. link

  • Jolie (havensarcher)

    meyercode erinlambi the people who are being deported had valid visas from two years of vetting and some had actual green cards. Illegal

  • cathy states (rulebreaker1)

    nytimes Momastery CherylStrayed SenWarren when a woman disagrees it's betrayal when a man disagrees he's ruthless and tough. #

  • Scott Brook (sbrook)

    rulebreaker1 nytimes Momastery CherylStrayed SenWarren Her oath was to the office and Constitution not to the President. #Narcissist

  • Godspeed (GodspeedTrumps)

    nytimes She wouldn't do her job link

  • Josh Objects (joshobjects)

    GodspeedTrumps She wouldn't do job because she takes #constitution seriously. If you believe your name, you don't take much seriously.

  • Jackie (jacindahopelee)

    joshobjects GodspeedTrumps She never stated the ban was unconstitutional. She stated she didn't agree with it which is not her job

  • Jackie (jacindahopelee)

    joshobjects GodspeedTrumps And she was getting the boot anyway this was just grandstanding

  • Josh Objects (joshobjects)

    jacindahopelee GodspeedTrumps Grandstanding, standing on principle. Tomato, tomato.

  • Richard Murphy (RichJimMurph)

    nytimes inching closer to dictatorship.

  • Patrick Onesty (Onesty)

    RichJimMurph nytimes like you know what your talking about

  • Richard Murphy (RichJimMurph)

    Onesty nytimes yeah? Well you're just a cat, and cats are a bunch of arse holes!

  • TShev (TShevory)

    nytimes She has just guaranteed herself a place on honor in American history, and she will be remembered for that.

  • Erik Meyer (meyercode)

    TShevory She didn't follow the law, darn laws link

  • Sveta (SvePan1108)

    meyercode TShevory She stated that her department will not defend the executive order of questionable legality as it is challenged.

  • Professor RMB (ProfessorRMB)

    nytimes "Beyrayed". She's not his friend. She's an employee of the American people... doing her job. Insecure Trump?

  • Jackie (jacindahopelee)

    ProfessorRMB nytimes She wasn't doing her job that's exactly why she was fired

  • jacindahopelee ProfessorRMB nytimes Her job is to scrutinise the legality of government actions.

  • Professor RMB (ProfessorRMB)

    yascaoimhin jacindahopelee nytimes That was what she was doing, and Trump didn't like it, so he fired her.

Inside the State Department, an internal memo opposes President Trump's visa ban link
Once again, it’s the women who stand up to Trump best. 4 federal judges, Sen Gillibrand and now Sally Yates. link
  • Amy Crawford (amymcrawf)

    moorehn nytimes Women know the stakes.

  • Heidi N Moore (moorehn)

    amymcrawf as God is our witness, we will never go hungry again

  • Maris Arcia (1mariagarcia1)

    moorehn Trumpnado2016 nytimes Yes We Will! womensmarch MomsDemand PPFA SenWarren WhoopiGoldberg Madonna SAGawards MichelleObama link

  • moorehn nytimes He's got to be out of his mind furious with misogyny-fueled narcissistic rage!

  • moorehn GiGicmka nytimes YES. Stay "all over him like a bitch." The Republic is at stake more than since 1860. USA women leading #Resist!

  • kwtalk (kwtalk)

    moorehn nytimes You go, ladies! Made me think of this: link

  • Ajay Chand (AjayCnyc)

    moorehn nytimes Would add Senators Kamala Harris and Warren to that list

  • Janet Sternberg (JanetPhD)

    moorehn "Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation!" #Resist #RESISTANCE #NoBanNoWall

  • moorehn WoodCowBooks nytimes And I'm told that the majority of those ProBono lawyers at airports right now are female.

  • Ted Wedel (tedwedel)

    And don't forget Hillary... moorehn sarahw

  • Chris Staiti (realStaiti)

    moorehn Russian_Starr As men in Congress sit in silence

  • totalnewbie (totalnewbie)

    moorehn nytimes I'm going to come out and say it, I love women.

  • totalnewbie (totalnewbie)

    moorehn nytimes seriously though thank fuck there are actually people who still act with principle and do the right thing.

  • m (stocksjunky)

    moorehn nytimes its more like women have been the sane one's while men are clueless so far

  • Glenda Rose (GlendaMcRose)

    moorehn teymoornabili nytimes Why didn't these women stop Victoria Nuland from the Ukrainian coup that killed so many?

Obama political appointee undermines rule of law at Justice Department. Unethical. She should be fired. link
  • Robby Starbuck (robbystarbuck)

    TomFitton nytimes This is a big deal. She needs to be fired immediately and Trump's cabinet confirmations need to happen this week.

  • Deplorable Lynda (LyndaG1963)

    So the Acting AG is going against our POTUS ? Hmmmmm.....seems the traitor needs to be FIRED!!!! TomFitton johnontheright nytimes

  • lilredhsb (lilredhsb2)

    LyndaG1963 POTUS TomFitton johnontheright nytimes That's her job, defend the law, not pander to a moron

  • Chief (streetglide12)

    LyndaG1963 lilredhsb2 POTUS TomFitton johnontheright nytimes these are the last attempts by a drowning Dem party. Enjoy

  • lilredhsb (lilredhsb2)

    streetglide12 LyndaG1963 POTUS TomFitton johnontheright It's the beginning of impeachment

  • Deplorable Lynda (LyndaG1963)

    Rub a lamp snowflake.... POTUS will leave Jan 2025 lilredhsb2 streetglide12 POTUS TomFitton johnontheright link

  • lilredhsb (lilredhsb2)

    LyndaG1963 POTUS streetglide12 TomFitton johnontheright Ahh yes. Memes link

  • Deplorable Lynda (LyndaG1963)

    This the same poll that had HILLARY winning at 95%? lilredhsb2 POTUS streetglide12 TomFitton johnontheright link

  • Kim Rippere (KimRippere)

    Defending the constitution, doing her job! Thank you. TomFitton nytimes

  • Ex-GOP RUDY (rutam2011)

    KimRippere TomFitton nytimes you better LEARN the Constitution...your way off

  • Kim Rippere (KimRippere)

    So far all the JUDGES seem to agree with me regarding #MuslimBan. Guess *YOU* need to learn law, not me. rutam2011 TomFitton nytimes

  • Ex-GOP RUDY (rutam2011)

    KimRippere TomFitton nytimes judge can't stop it and besides it's still going on and should be

  • Kim Rippere (KimRippere)

    Judges can and do stop presidents. Presidents are not above the law or constitution. Bye! rutam2011 TomFitton nytimes

  • Ex-GOP RUDY (rutam2011)

    KimRippere TomFitton nytimes bet you love killing babies too, DUM,DUM

  • Kim Rippere (KimRippere)

    I think women have the right to make decisions about their bodies. rutam2011

  • Ex-GOP RUDY (rutam2011)

    KimRippere still death.. killing humans with a heart AND feelings just like you

  • Joker (_The_Joker_143)

    TomFitton nytimes That's it she's fired! #POTUSApproves link

  • Kathryn (complxgrl)

    _The_Joker_143 ctrm045 TomFitton nytimes My President has true grit! I love him so much!

  • Joker (_The_Joker_143)

    complxgrl ctrm045 TomFitton nytimes One day they'll all love him for restoring this country, mark my words. #AmericaFirst #ForeignersLast

  • Cami (ctrm045)

    _The_Joker_143 complxgrl TomFitton nytimes I don't know. I doubt the left is capable of comprehending Honestly They are wired wrong

  • Kathryn (complxgrl)

    ctrm045 _The_Joker_143 TomFitton nytimes It's their upbringing and a very poor liberal indoctrinated public education! Or, no education if you ask me! Teachers need to be audited!

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