Trump nemesis John McCain admits he gave FBI Trump smear document

John McCain, 80, said he passed on the dirty Trump dossier to the FBI but had no idea if it was accurate. He claimed he was simply acting as a normal citizen. He refused to endorse Trump for president.

If SenJohnMcCain was truly involved in the fake smear dossier, he should resign today. link #GoldenShowerGate
  • AnneTheWriter (AnneTheWriter1)

    ChunKukDo SenJohnMcCain Given McCain's history of honorable service (even if u disagree w/him, he's been honorable)... I doubt he thought this was a fake doc.

  • Chuck (ChunKukDo)

    AnneTheWriter1 Agreed, an honorable man. Sadly, his judgement appears to have been clouded by the hatred and jealousy he harbors.

  • AnneTheWriter (AnneTheWriter1)

    ChunKukDo Apologies. Geniunely confused with only 144 char's, and lots of pronouns! :-)

  • Chuck (ChunKukDo)

    AnneTheWriter1 I think he hates (or at least highly dislikes) Trump. Not surprising considering what Trump said about his war hero status.

  • AnneTheWriter (AnneTheWriter1)

    ChunKukDo Ergo, at lst 4 his part in this, I think he geniunely believes it poss'ly true. Given his Intel experience, also hard 2 think he was hoaxed.

  • Chuck (ChunKukDo)

    AnneTheWriter1 It would have required a willing suspension of disbelief to accept that document as authentic.

  • ChunKukDo SenJohnMcCain I agree. It's reprehensible and incomprehensible why a member of the Senate would do this.

  • HERBERTARTIST ChunKukDo SenJohnMcCain So - if you have something that you do not know is true or fraud - DONT contact the authorities?!?

  • Chuck (ChunKukDo)

    Michael10plus10 If you're looking for something dodgy, and have hatred in your heart, you will probably settle for an obvious fake dossier.

  • ChunKukDo but why can it not be given to FBI?

  • Chuck (ChunKukDo)

    Michael10plus10 Because current IC can't be trusted to keep it confidential as we know.

  • ChunKukDo and how are postpone to know that before turning in information?

  • Zachary Marvel (zachmarvel93)

    ChunKukDo SenJohnMcCain Why because he stands against Trump like 90% of the American people do. Please explain why he should leave office.

  • Chuck (ChunKukDo)

    zachmarvel93 90% stand against the guy that just got elected? Interesting math. Anyway, betrayed his own party's candidate. Reason enough.

  • P.Kuiper (pkuiper)

    ChunKukDo So you think SenJohnMcCain should have hushed this up? Strange! #goldenshower #GoldenShowerGate #Trump

  • Chuck (ChunKukDo)

    pkuiper The dossier didn't fall into his lap. He sought it out. Hush it up? His group of nevertrump RINOs likely paid for it's creation.

  • ChunKukDo Kingvegas1My SenJohnMcCain So we dont even vett the intel we just get it and pass it on whether its real or not to the FBI ADUH

  • Chuck (ChunKukDo)

    edgecrusher23 Kingvegas1My SenJohnMcCain Apparently, the intelligence folks couldn't tell fact from fiction either.

  • judeEcooper (judeEcooper)

    ChunKukDo edgecrusher23 Kingvegas1My McCain did Trump a favor if it is untrue. The FBI can investigate those trying to bribe Trump.

  • ChunKukDo blankinglost John McCain Made More Than 32 Communist Videos Speaking Out Against The United States. link

John McCain is a disgrace to GOP. Resign immediately. link
Trump's nemesis John McCain kicked off 'Kremlin memo' scandal by handing dossier to FBI | Daily Mail Online link
  • lynda Joyce (ntvnyr173)

    FootballKig too late when he took phony Russia report from Rick Wilson to FBI

  • TheKigMaster (FootballKig)


  • lynda Joyce (ntvnyr173)

    FootballKig McCain got the fake docs gave them to FBI he prob leaked them to media too

  • TheKigMaster (FootballKig)


  • lynda Joyce (ntvnyr173)

    FootballKig he prob won't run again he's getting close to 80

  • TheKigMaster (FootballKig)


  • lynda Joyce (ntvnyr173)

    FootballKig was hoping he would lose election

  • Elvira F. Hasty (efhasty)

    mitchellvii John McCain has for years now been a traitor. Don't care about his Navy service nor about having been a POW------he's a fake.

  • lynda Joyce (ntvnyr173)

    mitchellvii Barbara531 mccain looks like he's w Isis in Syria aka rebels 2013 link

  • TheKigMaster (FootballKig)


  • lynda Joyce (ntvnyr173)

    FootballKig he got re elected so he will ignore us again

  • TheKigMaster (FootballKig)

    ntvnyr173. NOT NEXT TIME. OUT IN FOUR. link

  • LJ (Iamacamarogirl)

    mitchellvii , McCain is senile and needs to retire to the home.

  • Babs (TidePride8)

    mitchellvii McCain loses credibility daily.

  • TidePride8 mitchellvii McCain has no credibility left to lose. His credibility is at zero.

  • Tami ✘ (Brytani_Fla)

    mitchellvii pmbasse Was given to McCain from Rick Wilson according to the originators on 4Chan. Pathetic....really pathetic

  • Peni Basse (pmbasse)

    Brytani_Fla mitchellvii Wasn't Evan McMullin also involved

  • tom fizz (PhizTommy)

    pmbasse Lol You mean Egg Mac Muffin the Idiot from Utah

  • mitchellvii John McCain is a George Soros Lackey. He is funded by Soros and so is Lindsey Graham. Both suck on the Soros titty.

OUTRAGE!! Detestable dirtbag John McCain was personally involved in #FakeNews to smear Donald Trump. Source: link
  • Gordon Miller (gmiller1952)

    TheMarkRomano pkfanderson Wrong on every issue of foreign affairs! link

  • Todd Griffith (c5hardtop1999)

    gmiller1952 TheMarkRomano pkfanderson Sounds like it is time to retire.

  • Ron Allen (afmiracles)

    TheMarkRomano Darren32895836 PolitiPaws holy frijoles, this "jack wagon" dirt bag John McCain is always involved in something Shady. #draintheswamp Fear of exposure!!

  • Connie (PolitiPaws)

    afmiracles TheMarkRomano Darren32895836 I so wanted him out this past election. He's like a wart that keeps growing back...

  • volhorn49 (volhorn49)

    TheMarkRomano McCain is a hero. Trump is a narcissistic sociopath

  • Rob Gonzalez (Arji5139)

    volhorn49 TheMarkRomano McCain is a traitor.

  • Richard Banks (HodorIsBoring)

    Arji5139 volhorn49 TheMarkRomano What possible grounds can you call him a traitor?

  • Dolly St'Elms (Dollymunoz16)

    HodorIsBoring Arji5139 volhorn49 TheMarkRomano Look up his history while in captivity.

  • jude snyder (judesnyder1)

    TheMarkRomano Darren32895836 Mc Cain needs to be impeached along with Pelosi.

  • TheMarkRomano jota331 The Brothers of ill Repute link

  • TheMarkRomano McCain just nailed his own coffin shut.

  • Rob Koons (koons_rob)

    TheMarkRomano John McCain is a traitor to his country and a sell out to the globalist elite and needs to be removed from office

  • Barrie (barries1)

    He's been re-elected - but let's try to get kelliwardaz to replace cohort jeffflake! koons_rob TheMarkRomano

  • Rob Koons (koons_rob)

    barries1 kelliwardaz JeffFlake TheMarkRomano He has been reelected and used Trumps help. But never ever again

  • TheMarkRomano His constituents shud demand he resign. He represents only himself, not their interests.

  • tina whitfield (tiwhitter)

    . TheMarkRomano dirtbag is perfect name for SenJohnMcCain

  • Alaynia (Alaynia1)

    TheMarkRomano McCain needs to go, & I may go to AZ if he runs again, to protest the communist RINO!

  • Alaynia (Alaynia1)

    TheMarkRomano Lindsay is close enough to go daily & let people know what McCain & Lindsey little travel partnership is all about! RINOS!

Globalist SCUM John McCain admits HE handed smear dossier to FBI - because he had no idea if it was credible! link
  • Laura (LauraBejerano)

    _Makada_ usvetram McCain a traitor sold out fellow soldiers giving away positions so he could get preferential treatment in Vietnam

  • Carlos Ramos Sr. (usvetram)

    LauraBejerano _Makada_ signed a confession...of war crimes against the ppl of Vietnam...

  • Laura (LauraBejerano)

    usvetram _Makada_ Thank you for confirming this

  • Carlos Ramos Sr. (usvetram)

    LauraBejerano _Makada_ McCain broke while many died taking their Oath to the heart goes to those Heros not this fake

  • Laura (LauraBejerano)

    usvetram _Makada_ me too. Terrible and he wants Trump to apologize for his comments. Trump stated the truth.

  • Carlos Ramos Sr. (usvetram)

    LauraBejerano _Makada_thhey call Putin aWarCriminal yet forget hisWar crimes-aimless bombs on innocent ppl-my rounds hit anActualCombatant

  • Jeff Martin (JeffMartin8372)

    usvetram LauraBejerano who knows...ISIS may have blown that crap up and just said Russia did it...I don't believe ANY msm anymore

  • Jeff Martin (JeffMartin8372)

    usvetram LauraBejerano hell...everytime we bomb ANYTHING, the enemy always says it's a hospitol or school...why would this be different

  • _Makada_ Mot worthy of a Senator or an Officer and a Gentleman. A sad day for McCain.

  • Jay VanOrman (JayVanorman)

    mickelsonrm _Makada_ A little late for plausible deniability.

  • Warren Eves (warrenthebull)

    _Makada_ TrussElise I cannot wait until this scumbag John McCain is shown the door. This RINO has been a disgrace for a long, long time.

  • Carolyn Bailey (Carobailey864)

    _Makada_ bullshit! JohnMcCain is a mean self serving man with too much power. His behavior is unethical and shd be investigated

  • BobbyT (kernolsooner)

    _Makada_ GregScheinert documents he got from Evan_McMullin and TheRickWilson link

  • kernolsooner _Makada_ GregScheinert Evan_McMullin TheRickWilson DId he ever say why he was with terrorists?

  • BobbyT (kernolsooner)

    Miller_JohnNOT _Makada_ GregScheinert Evan_McMullin TheRickWilson nope

  • _Makada_ Guess the name Songbird given McCain was appropriate.

  • Glenn Ostrosky (GlennOstrosky)

    _Makada_ Pedro_Riguez SenJohnMcCain admits he handed the dossier over to the FBI. Leak has been found realDonaldTrump

  • TrumpWinsForUS (DJT4POTUS)

    _Makada_ #TermLimits please!! Why don't they retire & make room for young blood! SenJohnMcCain LindseyGrahamSC

  • Lacyheart (lacyheart)

    _Makada_ #DrainTheSwamp starting with SenJohnMcCain the main swamp rat.

  • NumisBit (Btully41Tully)

    _Makada_ Two words: TERM LIMITS

Wow !! ??Trump nemesis John McCain admits he gave FBI Trump smear document link via MailOnline
  • Glenn Turner (glenntu)

    ChrisCoon4 rockynickydog If McCain and Graham vote with the Dems it could really hold back the country. Why are they doing this

  • Chris Coon (ChrisCoon4)

    glenntu rockynickydog Sour grapes ?

  • JAN 20, 2017 (immike22)

    ChrisCoon4 steph93065 MailOnline SenJohnMcCain A true Republican embarrassment

  • Chris Coon (ChrisCoon4)

    immike22 steph93065 MailOnline SenJohnMcCain he's a Big Ass Rhino !!

  • JAN 20, 2017 (immike22)

    ChrisCoon4 steph93065 MailOnline SenJohnMcCain Emphasis on "Big Ass" Obama's one noteworthy legacy, Smacking the RINO in 2008

  • ChrisCoon4 MailOnline no statesman but a small petty bitter has been that #Arizona must recall #RecallMcCain link

  • DeplorableProud (txtricia1)

    Constituents16 ChrisCoon4 MailOnline Then GET OUT of the Republican Party you traitor.

  • de Cleyre (danahaswell)

    ChrisCoon4 ResistTyranny MailOnline John McCain is a true patriot.

  • Chris Coon (ChrisCoon4)

    danahaswell ResistTyranny MailOnline

  • de Cleyre (danahaswell)

    ChrisCoon4 ResistTyranny MailOnline Trump is a deadbeat link

  • de Cleyre (danahaswell)

    ChrisCoon4 ResistTyranny MailOnline link

  • de Cleyre (danahaswell)

    ChrisCoon4 ResistTyranny MailOnline link

  • Glenn Turner (glenntu)

    . ChrisCoon4 Is SenJohnMcCain involved in some criminal enterprise he's afraid Trump will expose? He should be investigated.

  • Sue! (suenraleigh)

    ChrisCoon4 labsmanfromPA Arizona needs to recall SenJohnMcCain GOP

  • Jellenne ? ? ? (jellen805)

    suenraleigh ChrisCoon4 labsmanfromPA SenJohnMcCain GOP It'll never happen. We'll be lucky if he retires in 6 yrs when this term is up.

  • debbie g (dweebieg)

    ChrisCoon4 MailOnline can McCain be impeached? an Arizonan, I'm embarrassed & DID not vote for this clown!

  • Daesh Hunter (CLIFFBELL888)

    dweebieg ChrisCoon4 MailOnline I hear ya! I feel the same way about Lindsey Graham! The scourge of South Carolina!

Trump nemesis John McCain admits he gave FBI Trump smear document link via MailOnline
  • Jim M (ottomul)

    chuckwoolery StacyBrewer18 MailOnline McCain is a Globalist. Very Tight with SOROS. He is doing all he can to undermine his President

  • ottomul barkmartin chuckwoolery StacyBrewer18 MailOnline McCain is a traitor and should have suffered more in pow camp

  • ottomul barkmartin chuckwoolery StacyBrewer18 MailOnline I know that's very harsh to say but he is a traitor and it shows now

  • Jim M (ottomul)

    JohnnyCoronad14 barkmartin chuckwoolery StacyBrewer18 MailOnline I think MCCain is mentally unstable.

  • Claudette (barkmartin)

    ottomul JohnnyCoronad14 chuckwoolery StacyBrewer18 MailOnline Suffers from Trump envy ..

  • barkmartin ottomul chuckwoolery StacyBrewer18 MailOnline He has a very bad case of Trump Envy

  • Jim M (ottomul)

    JohnnyCoronad14 barkmartin chuckwoolery StacyBrewer18 MailOnline Nobody can be mentally stable after being POW in Nam. He should retire

  • ottomul barkmartin chuckwoolery StacyBrewer18 MailOnline If their that unstable he should have never got into politics after the war

  • Alexa Joy (TrumperChick)

    chuckwoolery MailOnline oh boy. McCain should recuse himself from any hearing. He is full of hatred for Trump for what he said abt him.

  • Lisa (LisaAsharris826)

    TrumperChick chuckwoolery MailOnline McCain should be removed if he doesn't recuse himself. This is INSANE!!!!

  • Alexa Joy (TrumperChick)

    LisaAsharris826 chuckwoolery MailOnline still pissed about what Trump said, which was not very nice, but no excuse to do this now.

  • Janyce (JanyceW)

    chuckwoolery MailOnline This is outrageous that he would pass on fake information in order to smear DJT. John McCain should resign.

  • Lisa (LisaAsharris826)

    JanyceW chuckwoolery MailOnline immediately!

  • James McMonagle (jimfod1982)

    LisaAsharris826 JanyceW chuckwoolery DJT's treatment of John McCain is inexcusable!

  • Janyce (JanyceW)

    jimfod1982 LisaAsharris826 chuckwoolery The apology was made. Enough it does not condone what McCain has done.

  • chuckwoolery that is truly disgraceful and shameful of SenJohnMcCain. I would expect better... What am I saying? He's establishment.

  • Jim M (ottomul)

    PatriotPlaceATX NottaLiberal chuckwoolery SenJohnMcCain Yes He is. And Globalist tight with SOROS. He is undermining new President

  • Mom For Trump (StacyBrewer18)

    chuckwoolery MailOnline I think we will find out a lot of bad stuff about McCain very soon. I think that's why he is trying to smear DJT.

The establishment will never stop: Trump nemesis John McCain admits he gave FBI Trump smear document. link
  • Belynda (belynda13)

    JessieJaneDuff John McCain needs to be run out of DC. He lost his Hero status & all of my respect a long time ago. He's no Patriot!

  • notgonnabpc (notgonnabpc)

    belynda13 markhplant JessieJaneDuff I think he should be also! Lost all respect for him! Don't trust him, he is a snake in the grass !

  • Deplorable Mark (markhplant)

    notgonnabpc belynda13 JessieJaneDuff Time for McCain's nursing home. Meghan? Ready?

  • notgonnabpc (notgonnabpc)

    markhplant belynda13 JessieJaneDuff Past time for the nursing home!

  • Deplorable Mark (markhplant)

    notgonnabpc belynda13 JessieJaneDuff And yet his daughter defends him on Outnumbered. Go figure!

  • notgonnabpc (notgonnabpc)

    markhplant belynda13 JessieJaneDuff Exactly! But after all she is, his daughter! Just trying to protect daddy. I feel sorry for her.

  • Deplorable Mark (markhplant)

    notgonnabpc belynda13 JessieJaneDuff Still would never, ever, defend my dad, if he was wrong! McCain is wrong!

  • notgonnabpc (notgonnabpc)

    markhplant belynda13 JessieJaneDuff I agree, I wouldn't either, but some people aren't that strong. She won't last much longer on OutNumb

  • Jen For Trump (Jenlee2425Jen)

    JessieJaneDuff donaldbroom Is there any question as to who is controlling McCain? link

  • Brian Ritchie (Barnyard668)

    Jenlee2425Jen spzkaz JessieJaneDuff donaldbroom We must continue 2root out the members of the Deep State and banish them. Recall McCain

  • Jen For Trump (Jenlee2425Jen)

    Barnyard668 spzkaz JessieJaneDuff donaldbroom I really hope Arizona wakes up and votes him out next time!

  • Brian Ritchie (Barnyard668)

    Jenlee2425Jen spzkaz JessieJaneDuff donaldbroom They'll have to overcome all the Dirty Soros money.

  • Jen For Trump (Jenlee2425Jen)

    Barnyard668 spzkaz JessieJaneDuff donaldbroom Trump will need to make campaign appearances with McCain's opponent.

  • JessieJaneDuff he should be Immediately called upon to resign... #WTH

  • Donovan Ryan (donovantheryan)

    JessieJaneDuff He's just peanut butter and JEALOUS

  • JessieJaneDuff Proves McCain is senile & lacks any judgment to do his job.

  • Andrew Snyder (redynsa)

    JessieJaneDuff McCain gave us Obama. He had his chance

  • Bill Marcy (UnHolyFamily)

    JessieJaneDuff Has SenJohnMcCain ever passed up a chance to work with the enemy?

  • Eric the Red (StormBringerIXI)

    UnHolyFamily letsrollamerica JessieJaneDuff SenJohnMcCain Nope. Songbird McCain is a traitor and scum

Resignation recommended! #McCain admits he gave FBI #smear document about #Trump. Path to destroy a person #myiuk link
  • SGT Bat (Ind) Ex GOP (Samtu78)

    michaelharrisdr wouldn't you provide law enforcement information of possible criminal activities?

  • Samtu78 just a document with no good source? You can ruin anyone's life.

  • SGT Bat (Ind) Ex GOP (Samtu78)

    michaelharrisdr would you have preferred he released to the press? and if it had been true he would have been guilty with holding evidence

  • Samtu78 would prefer he would not serve as a tool to transfer rumor

  • SGT Bat (Ind) Ex GOP (Samtu78)

    michaelharrisdr So do nothing!!! But how would he know it was false? Don't get me wrong, not McCain fan.

  • Samtu78 I understand the important dilemma you raising.

  •  ✡ WD  ✡ (TheWeiseDame)

    michaelharrisdr McCain has been involved in questionable situations related to daesh. linklink

  • TheWeiseDame McCain was considered a disgrace among his fellow officers. His behavior with fellow officer's wives was despicable.No morals.

  •  ✡ WD  ✡ (TheWeiseDame)

    RichardTrubacek Tell that to Arizona. I wish he would retire soon. I hate to see anyone disgraced & he will be.

  • TheWeiseDame His father &g.father were both high ranking admirals-thus his behavior was overlooked.He shows signs of mental deterioration .

  • Roni (Roni4488)

    michaelharrisdr a reporter asked McCain a very good question: "why do you think it was sent to you?" He said: I don't know. Seriously?

  • Sheri Herman (SheriHerman10)

    Roni4488 michaelharrisdr It's obvious. I bet he just passed it along with no thorough read.

  • Roni (Roni4488)

    SheriHerman10 michaelharrisdr agree. He ran to FBI only when he saw the title. Wonder if he ran to Obama too

  • Lady Patriot (lynn_weiser)

    michaelharrisdr Hockey_Pro_Guru Agreed. He needs to resign. Totally unproductive conduct.

  • Chrissy (Chrissylee1975)

    lynn_weiser michaelharrisdr Hockey_Pro_Guru No, he needs to go to jail.

  • A Jay (Musclecar42100A)

    michaelharrisdr McCain dispicable. Looks like a fool. Time to retire

  • Chrissy (Chrissylee1975)

    Musclecar42100A michaelharrisdr No offense to some people in Arizona but what the hell is wrong with them to keep electing this old fool?

  • John W. Esco (Greenvalley410)

    michaelharrisdr Arizona are you listening.......

  • Deplorable Joanne (surgrn123)

    Greenvalley410 Arizona should put their heads down in shame, unless he rigged the votes. He's disgusting !

  • John W. Esco (Greenvalley410)

    surgrn123 Couldn't agree more Joanne

How Trump's nemesis John McCain kicked off 'Kremlin memo' scandal. McCain YUGE GOP TRAITOR #fakenews #morelies link
  • R.L (rlamhar)

    AshleyWarrior You have the audacity to call John McCain, a Traitor and Trump not, you are legitimately sick!

  • Warrior Ashley (AshleyWarrior)

    rlamhar He is a fucking traitor and so are you for supporting him. I will say whatever the hell I want on my TL esp 2 vile scum like you.

  • R.L (rlamhar)

    AshleyWarrior tough twitter talk is cowardice, too bad u have to grin and bear it when confronted, insignificant BITCH

  • Warrior Ashley (AshleyWarrior)

    rlamhar You're not confronting me with anything. You have a troll account w/7 followers. No one gives a fuck about anything you have to say

  • Warrior Ashley (AshleyWarrior)

    KNP2BP rlamhar I blocked too. He was going into the #Triggered #Meltdown mode and getting nasty. Best to leave them foaming at the mouth

  • Tanya LaPree (TanyaLaPree)

    AshleyWarrior KNP2BP rlamhar link

  • Mary Anne Johnson (mawj33)

    AshleyWarrior Term limits needed here. He'd be gone he's a looser a real looser

  • sgJet14 (sg2jet2)

    mawj33 AshleyWarrior Nice spelling Eva Braun

  • . sg2jet2 mawj33 AshleyWarrior Grammar Trolls are trivial. Teetering on the verge of hypocrisy with each word they thumb! link

  • Warrior Ashley (AshleyWarrior)

    gamecocksSecE sg2jet2I'm missing something but he has me blocked mawj33

  • . AshleyWarrior sg2jet2 mawj33 One of the Ladies in the thread misspelled a word....and he called her our on her spelling!

  • Warrior Ashley (AshleyWarrior)

    gamecocksSecE sg2jet2 mawj33 That's what I figured. When they get that petty about typos & spelling on Twitter, they have no game. Losers

  • AshleyWarrior sg2jet2 mawj33 Exactly!

  •  ?Trump ?Girl ? (tteegar)

    AshleyWarrior And now we're stuck with SenJohnMcCain ??? Ugh!!!

  • Warrior Ashley (AshleyWarrior)

    tteegar SenJohnMcCain Exactly! Not sure why AZ voted him back when they had a chance to vote for Kelly Ward. McCain always untrustworthy.

  • Andy (BBdaaz)

    AshleyWarrior tteegar SenJohnMcCain - Very disappointed Kelly Ward didn't win. She's running against Flake.

  • Deb Meinhardt (DebMeinhardt)

    AshleyWarrior link

  • Warrior Ashley (AshleyWarrior)

    DebMeinhardt Thank you. I wanted to read up more on this Have it bookmarked now.

  • Deb Meinhardt (DebMeinhardt)

    AshleyWarrior I'm learning more everyday myself. Trump was right, he's NOT a hero.

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