Trump pressured Park Service to find proof for his claims about inauguration crowd

The new president demanded additional photos from the government agency.

Trump PERSONALLY bullied head of Parks Service to back up his Inauguration Crowd lie. He. Is. Profoundly. Insane. link
Saturday am - his first full day in office - Prez Trump *personally called* Park Service to complain about crowd pic link
  • Chet Powell (ChetPowell)

    KatyTurNBC washingtonpost Historians will one day talk about how Americans allowed an obviously mentally unstable man to become POTUS.

  • His Queen (His_Queen423)

    ChetPowell KatyTurNBC Perhaps we need a registry of trump voters. No further voting rights for them until they learn critical thinking.

  • Colton Rhodes (Swampbeast777)

    His_Queen423 ChetPowell KatyTurNBC Good luck with that one darling. We ain't registering without a fight!

  • His Queen (His_Queen423)

    Swampbeast777 ChetPowell KatyTurNBC Neither are our Muslim friends & neighbors. We already know youre outnumbered. By about 3 million ;)

  • Colton Rhodes (Swampbeast777)

    His_Queen423 ChetPowell KatyTurNBC And once all you're illegals are gone you won't even come close to outnumbering us

  • His Queen (His_Queen423)

    Swampbeast777 ChetPowell KatyTurNBC It's time to sat goodby Colton.

  • Chet Powell (ChetPowell)

    His_Queen423 Swampbeast777 KatyTurNBC I wonder if he's drunk-tweeting.

  • Colton Rhodes (Swampbeast777)

    ChetPowell His_Queen423 KatyTurNBC Typical liberal goes right for the ad hominem because you have no actually arguments.

  • Ian (ianjay_)

    KatyTurNBC the insecurity of this man is just sad

  • Bexcee (ignorancecosts)

    ianjay_ KatyTurNBC Insecurity of Park Services to tweet such a disrespectful & partisan tweet.

  • Ian (ianjay_)

    ignorancecosts KatyTurNBC its not insecurity to tweet a fact, lol

  • Lucy (psychlp)

    KatyTurNBC washingtonpost Donald Trump is mentally ill. I'm in the mental Health field. This is behavior of a very disturbed person.

  • SimonSays (sassyair)

    psychlp KatyTurNBC washingtonpost It's flagrantly obvious. Compared 2 a dermatologist spotting a melanoma as they walk by. Which happens!

  • amzieaa (amzieaa)

    KatyTurNBC washingtonpost its not making america great again for trump. its about making trump great. and trump will never be great

  • Bexcee (ignorancecosts)

    amzieaa KatyTurNBC washingtonpost He already is.

  • ignorancecosts amzieaa KatyTurNBC washingtonpost That's why he's been crying over crowd size for a week. BC he's great. And insecure.

  • Cary Urso (cary_urso)

    KatyTurNBC washingtonpost And when they didn't bow to the Dear Leader and comply, he shut down their website. #removetrump

  • Bexcee (ignorancecosts)

    cary_urso KatyTurNBC washingtonpost When public servants tweet to embarrass their new boss. #brilliant

  • Joe Thomas (foddon)

    ignorancecosts cary_urso KatyTurNBC washingtonpost If facts embarrass the boss then the boss is unfit.

  • Sage_dude (Sage_dude)

    KatyTurNBC mitchellreports washingtonpost Anyone as obsessed with SIZE as Trump is certainly has a deep-seated insecurity.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump pressured Park Service to back up his claims about inauguration crowd with eilperin link
  • 7/11 (teamkimlisa)

    ktumulty eilperin washingtonpost link

  • hoistthatrag (hoistthatrag1)

    teamkimlisa ktumulty eilperin washingtonpost Two different times. #fakenews

  • 7/11 (teamkimlisa)

    hoistthatrag1 ktumulty eilperin washingtonpost mad? link

  • teamkimlisa JessikaJayne hoistthatrag1 ktumulty eilperin washingtonpost Getting a front row seat to Tumps inauguration... link

  • I-Spy (Spyhuntress)

    Gordie_Cummings teamkimlisa JessikaJayne hoistthatrag1 ktumulty eilperin washingtonpost link

  • hoistthatrag (hoistthatrag1)

    Spyhuntress Gordie_Cummings teamkimlisa JessikaJayne ktumulty eilperin washingtonpost Imagine what it would look like if the inauguration was held in Columbus, OH, and not Black/Democrat Washington, DC.

  • Jonathan (Jonathanky74)

    hoistthatrag1 Spyhuntress Bush and Regan never had a problem with supporters showing on Inauguration Day. Americans hate orange Hitler

  • hoistthatrag (hoistthatrag1)

    Jonathanky74 Spyhuntress link

  • (((Popehat))) (Popehat)

    . ktumulty oneunderscore__ Now this press flack is doing her job like a pro: link

  • Rob Major (RobMajor4)

    Popehat ktumulty oneunderscore__ How does she manage, with Mike Huckabee and Bernie Sanders for parents?

  • RobMajor4 Popehat ktumulty oneunderscore__ did you just accidentally pitch a political CBS sitcom in a tweet

  • Rob Major (RobMajor4)

    BakerMikeRomeo Popehat ktumulty oneunderscore__ "My Two Daddies: DC Edition."™

  • RobMajor4 Popehat ktumulty oneunderscore__ "Reaching Across the Aisle" and the promo shot is them holding hands at the altar

  • Rob Major (RobMajor4)

    BakerMikeRomeo Popehat ktumulty oneunderscore__ Episode 1: The Cake Crisis. link

  • Anthony (redness9)

    ktumulty yay_yee eilperin washingtonpost why is it I follow people for MMA news but keep getting left bullshit

  • Josh Gross (yay_yee)

    redness9 ktumulty eilperin washingtonpost Nothing left or bullshit about that story. I share what's interesting to me. Still allowed?

  • Anthony (redness9)

    yay_yee ktumulty eilperin washingtonpost do what you like your just going to lose followers like I said I follow you because of MMA

  • Josh Gross (yay_yee)

    redness9 ktumulty eilperin washingtonpost I'm unconcerned with losing followers. I cover MMA aplenty. Feel free to follow or not.

  •  ? (UpUrButt_Jobu)

    yay_yee redness9 ktumulty eilperin washingtonpost unfollow. Ariel breaks the real stories anyways.

  • Anthony (redness9)

    UpUrButt_Jobu yay_yee ktumulty eilperin washingtonpost Ariel has the brains not to mix politics in

Trump pressured Park Service to back up his claims about inauguration crowd - The Washington Post link
If the President calls and asks you to do something weird, please let the Washpost know. link
  • ClrView (ClrView)

    sallyjenx washingtonpost Have you sent the same message to Democrats? Doubt it.

  • Sally Jenkins (sallyjenx)

    ClrView washingtonpost I don't know how to separate them on twitter. is there a party function? please advise.

  • Bruce Arthur (bruce_arthur)

    sallyjenx what if he just calls to talk

  • sallyjenx PennyRed eilperin your liberal tears are delicious. Hope you enjoy your failed party

  • Matt Siegel (mattsiegel)

    realDonaldTr___ Come on, you're not even trying. Earn that paycheck, comrade! sallyjenx PennyRed eilperin

  • mattsiegel I don't need to try. The left is so far gone it's comical. You're borderline communists at this point and don't even realize it

  • Matt Siegel (mattsiegel)

    realDonaldTr___ Good job, that's much better! Now report back to FSB headquarters and lick Putin's boots. sallyjenx PennyRed eilperin

  • mattsiegel what's sad is you're still on this Russian narrative. Did you read the report? It was a mythical fairy tale. LMAO!!!

  • Matt Siegel (mattsiegel)

    realDonaldTr___ I've read FAR more than the report, & the conclusions are inescapable. Muting you now tho :) sallyjenx PennyRed eilperin

  • mattsiegel you would because you know your "facts" are bullshit. I'll screen shot this and send you an I told you so.

  • Chuck Baggett (ChuckBaggett)

    sallyjenx suzi527 washingtonpost But not just washpo. The pres is willing to use torture to impose his will, so he says.

  • Dan W (DanWearsShirts)

    sallyjenx washingtonpost what really blows me away is that I don't even think he's willfully lying. he actually thinks he's right

  • sallyjenx JuddApatow washingtonpost "Yes, is this the Parks Service? This is DJT. The very same. Look I need your best photoshopper guy."

  • sallyjenx JuddApatow washingtonpost the best part about this is it fucking came true! He photoshopped his hand to appear bigger

  • Rich Byrne (Spotsdad)

    sallyjenx washingtonpost He asked me to flat iron his hair once. Is that weird?

  • Willis (gamgeegardens)

    sallyjenx JuddApatow washingtonpost Weird like how? Like, pee?

  • Neerja (fiberopticquill)

    sallyjenx washingtonpost not just WaPo, all of us. All of US.

Take note, historians: Our prez spent Morning 1 in office pressuring NPS head to back up false crowd-size claims: link
  • Jason Shawn (jsin)

    JohnWoodrowCox deray washingtonpost he has a very small penis problem

  • Nikki Petulla (nikki_petulla)

    JohnWoodrowCox DebraMessing washingtonpost are you that petty that you are still talking about crowd size? There r more important matters

  • Jen Blanchard (JenABlanchard)

    JohnWoodrowCox deray washingtonpost seeing the #WomensMarch after that must have burnt... Such a fragile little snowflake

  • JohnWoodrowCox DebraMessing washingtonpost show the photos taken while he was speaking not the ones taken at 10am

  • Odog4ever (odog4ever)

    RocktheStageNYC JohnWoodrowCox DebraMessing washingtonpost LOL There are time lapse photo of entire day, still empty spaces/bleachers

  • Teri Dessalet (TDessalet)

    JohnWoodrowCox deray washingtonpost it's called photoshop.

  • JohnWoodrowCox DebraMessing washingtonpost This pic is taken from a different angle earlier before inaguration even started.Pressuring?

  • JohnWoodrowCox DebraMessing washingtonpost The pic of him at the podeum showing the endless crowd in front of him what's wrong with that

  • Fred Tarantino (humbledvoter)

    JohnWoodrowCox washingtonpost I hope historians in 3017 aren't going to study twitter archives to learn about history

  • Susi Learn (EtsiSusi)

    JohnWoodrowCox healthcareiar washingtonpost trump is a petty little man with petty little hands and petty little............hehe

  • Amanda Solomon (Aurtrivic1)

    JohnWoodrowCox DebraMessing washingtonpost why am I not surprised. Smh

  • Chris (ths77chris)

    JohnWoodrowCox realDonaldTrump damonbethea1 washingtonpost Not like the NPS has zero experience estimating crowd sizes. Embarrassing

  • Truman Edwards (deionsandals_)

    JohnWoodrowCox TheKevinAllison washingtonpost SMALL HANDS

  • Debbie Godfrey (monica2debbie)

    JohnWoodrowCox DebraMessing washingtonpost it's very important don't you know ;-)

  • Jordan  ?? (LegitimateGeek)

    JohnWoodrowCox deray washingtonpost only a matter of time before his admin uses bad photoshop on inauguration crowd.

  • JohnWoodrowCox washingtonpost Bcause theyr #fakenews. I wuld 2 if MSM was constantly lying very well 2 the American Public. #Trollfortruth link

  • Dale dog (Daledog6)

    JohnWoodrowCox gianitals washingtonpost like in calling Mexicans murderers cut out later part speak saying only criminals not all are

  • Dale dog (Daledog6)

    JohnWoodrowCox gianitals washingtonpost just chose that pic to look credible as in many other reports show part of what said.

  • Dale dog (Daledog6)

    JohnWoodrowCox gianitals washingtonpost that's an early photo was much larger later on tward swearing in.

  • JohnWoodrowCox DebraMessing washingtonpost apparently size is everything to POTUS #yikers #getoverit #yourswassmaller

Fred never loved Donnie enough, so now the entire USA will be held hostage to Trump's insanely fragile ego. link
  • 20committee Mommy did not love Donnie Sent him to boarding school and did not let him back .But Putin loves him so its ok

  • Jennifer Arrow (JenniferArrow)

    20committee washingtonpost well Fred probably didn't love Donald because Donald has been insufferable monster since early childhood.

  • Kristi GA (InquiringMindGA)

    20committee washingtonpost This all started b/c mom and dad didn't hug him enough. People, hug your kids - ya know, to save the world!

  • Jeremiah Rivera (jeremiah_rr)

    20committee accurate. In an alternate universe where Jr got more hugs, the Trump foundation is a champion for people in need.

  • Daniel Acheson (ach3son)

    20committee it's not even 10:00 EST and I want a scotch. Will this be the next four years? Yes, yes it will.

  • ButterHead (ButtersSomers)

    20committee washingtonpost Trump sent away to military school when other sibs. left at home. Always going to curry favor with strong males and actually subservient. link

  • 20committee Tenax_Imperii washingtonpost Keep quiet and watch Donald transforming the country!

  • Solon Turman (Tenax_Imperii)

    SergeHalytsky 20committee washingtonpost Watch him transform it into a Muscovy vassal police state!

  • Tenax_Imperii 20committee washingtonpost Oh, that liberal crap makes absolutely no sense. But ain't going to discuss it with you. Bye!

  • Linda Kotran (nameconfusion)

    20committee washingtonpost You just nailed his core issue. This is what is driving him and his behavior.

  • RichK (RJKphoto)

    20committee MeosoFunny washingtonpost I LOVE that Trump is NAILING YOU LEFTIST LYING VERMIN AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY!

  • Meoso Funny (MeosoFunny)

    RJKphoto 20committee washingtonpost Rich, John is a conservative. Trump is a leftist. You're confused.

  • RichK (RJKphoto)

    MeosoFunny 20committee washingtonpost Trump is a patriot and capitalist. Calling him a 'leftist" shows you're a tool.

  • Meoso Funny (MeosoFunny)

    RJKphoto 20committee washingtonpost Are you functionally illiterate?

  • Jack'sBack (LouReed322)

    . 20committee washingtonpost Constantly seeking strong male figures - perfectly defines his alt-Right base - obsessed w Alpha's and Cucks

  • Giant Gary (giant_gary)

    20committee washingtonpost And now he sees Putin as a father figure.

  • 20committee washingtonpost Collective action needed re mental disease of millions of Americans. Trump's only the most dangerous example.

Trump spent morning after being inaugurated pressuring Park Service director to help boost crowd size lie link
  • Wesley Lowery (WesleyLowery)

    (if i'm ever inaugurated POTUS i'm spending first AM reading classified files on MLK assassination and Tupac murder, but to each his own)

  • Tony Snyder (swguru2004)

    WesleyLowery I am sure prophetofrise would do the same

  • The Prophet (prophetofrise)

    swguru2004 WesleyLowery I agree

  • ©wordfromyrmom (cbgb84)

    WesleyLowery washingtonpost That's what someone who has narcissistic personality disorder does. He will never change.

  • Sarah Carr (mrsanderstree)

    WesleyLowery What irks Trump most is that his "people" didn't show up to pay tribute.

  • JP (zumausa)

    WesleyLowery washingtonpost Imagine what he will do if economic statistics are not to his liking

  • No 9 Clarence (scchumpert)

    zumausa WesleyLowery washingtonpost I know right... He'll stop federal agencies from reporting them.

  • WesleyLowery washingtonpost Trump & I do share one thing in common - we're both furious he won.

  • Michelle (michisreal)

    WesleyLowery washingtonpost his ego is so fragile. it would be funny if he wasn't the president :/

  • Mary Lee (missmar3211)

    WesleyLowery washingtonpost trumpeters, got him elected. What more does he want! ?

  • WesleyLowery washingtonpost It's not like he had anything better to do... like running the country?

  • Cassy Blue (CassyBlue3)

    WesleyLowery washingtonpost So messed up.

  • WesleyLowery It's incredibly sad how pathetic, needy and insecure POTUS is.

  • IBookery (ibookery)

    At next meeting of World leaders Trump can humblebrag about the size of his Inauguration WesleyLowery washingtonpost

  • Khaki Salmon (khakisalmon)

    WesleyLowery washingtonpost Pictures don't lie.

  • Mike Wheeler (Mike3wheeler)

    WesleyLowery washingtonpost FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS #fakenews

  • Feral ballerina (Govindira)

    WesleyLowery washingtonpost Exactly what we expect of him. It's weird when it's the Park Service, dangerous if he gets upset with Pentagon

  • Zack West (zackofwest)

    WesleyLowery dannysullivan washingtonpost "sees himself in superlative terms" Real story is WaPo has access to POTUS ' diary apparently

  • Stone (Midnightlady927)

    WesleyLowery JumpTheRework washingtonpost Doesn't surprise me damn deplorables

Whoa! #NPS link
He is truly a danger to our democracy!! link
  • 27anny27 Undertow1970 MariaTCardona washingtonpost maybe they gave him the "cheat codes" to Atari "Missile Command" instead ...

  • Chance (Undertow1970)

    StachedMan 27anny27 MariaTCardona washingtonpost Obama kept the puck and gave him an old garage door opener with no batteries. I hope

  • Undertow1970 27anny27 MariaTCardona washingtonpost

  • Steve Thomas (Kasich4Indiana)

    MariaTCardona washingtonpost Ummmmm......still looks empty compared to 2009......even 2013. Sorry Trump.

  • Mike Alaimo (AlaimoMike)

    MariaTCardona He suffers from a milignant form of narcissism. He is mentally ill. UNFIT TO SERVE!!!

  • MariaTCardona washingtonpost I'm going with early stages of dementia. He's already crossed the lines of "delusions of grandeur"......

  • MariaTCardona washingtonpost Truth Messenger Declares Latino Supremacist Maria Cardona to be Non-Compos-Mentis! #ExtremeCretin

  • Michiboo (Michiboo7490)

    MariaTCardona washingtonpost what's wrong with this big orange looking bafoon HILLARY won the popular vote we tired of u 1 week u kidding

  • Stacey56 (StaceyRoedel)

    MariaTCardona washingtonpost I can't believe him. Bring back Hillary. Please let's do a do-over.

  • Adebo Fafiyebi (deboprop1)

    MariaTCardona washingtonpost ---he warned us that he loves DICTATORS.

  • Steve Phelps (phelpss6)

    MariaTCardona washingtonpost Looking for some help in setting up a kids protest. My 6 yr old wants to do a Kids March against hate.

  • Steve Phelps (phelpss6)

    LynRxxxxx MariaTCardona washingtonpost My daughter believes trump is mean. School bully. She knows to stand up and fight.

  • Karen Mann (ksl_mann)

    MariaTCardona washingtonpost Totally. God help us!!

  • MariaTCardona washingtonpost CNN is a danger as are the false media who are nitpicking this good POTUS.

  • Chance (Undertow1970)

    HeidiHausmann1 MariaTCardona washingtonpost He's making criticism pretty easy. No POTUS has ever been so unhinged.

  • Undertow1970 MariaTCardona washingtonpost Unhinged? He has a checklist he is checking ea item off item by item

  • Chance (Undertow1970)

    HeidiHausmann1 MariaTCardona washingtonpost You freeks are so confused about who this clown really is. I really didn't think people could be this guliable. You nutjobs proved me wrong.

  • Undertow1970 MariaTCardona washingtonpost Why the need for name calling. ? Libs preach love & I NVR saw so much hate

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