Trump's Supreme Court pick founded club called 'Fascism Forever'

Neil Gorsuch (pictured) set up the club so he could rally against the ‘left-wing tendencies’ of his professors while attending a Jesuit all-boys preparatory high school near Washington D.C.

Extreme vetting. link
  • Amy the creAtor (AmyHouckCEO)

    KeithOlbermann link

  • Kevin Leffew (kleffew94)

    AmyHouckCEO KeithOlbermann The club was Gourch's attempt at being ironic in the 80's. He was a protege of a staunch constitutionalist @ GP

  • Amy the creAtor (AmyHouckCEO)

    kleffew94 KeithOlbermann go to a Holocaust museum today, where a Tshirt that says "Jews don't matter" then come back tweet me its ironic

  • Kevin Leffew (kleffew94)

    AmyHouckCEO KeithOlbermann Go to Berkeley and riot against free speech.. Your cognitive dissonance is showing

  • Amy the creAtor (AmyHouckCEO)

    kleffew94 KeithOlbermann see previous tweets of mine calling the riots wrong, see current tweets about Milo.

  • H.N.I.C. (Jasmon_j)

    AmyHouckCEO kleffew94 KeithOlbermann Thsi really is not the big deal you want it to be. i bet most dems were commies in highschool

  • Amy the creAtor (AmyHouckCEO)

    Jasmon_j kleffew94 KeithOlbermann prob true.

  • PW (jinx252525)

    KeithOlbermann I hate how normal this is all starting to feel

  • Ric Miller (the_one_ric)

    jinx252525 KeithOlbermann Right!? You don't even have time to get fully shocked by something before the next comes out!

  • PW (jinx252525)

    the_one_ric KeithOlbermann Could it be dumb luck or a kind of strategy? What is this, Day 12?

  • Ric Miller (the_one_ric)

    jinx252525 KeithOlbermann If it's a strategy. It's either brilliant or idiotic, no in-betweens from this camp

  • PW (jinx252525)

    the_one_ric KeithOlbermann Either way it's probably the brainchild of Steve Bannon.

  • Ric Miller (the_one_ric)

    jinx252525 KeithOlbermann I can't believe I was scared of "Bush's brain" Rove.

  • PW (jinx252525)

    the_one_ric KeithOlbermann I'm started to look back at the Bush admin fondly.

  • Em (MsnBama247)

    jinx252525 the_one_ric KeithOlbermann Really sad we've come to this. Even billmaher said he'd give Romney a mil to come back. #NOTNORMAL

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    KeithOlbermann 30 years ago (give or take some years), Bath tub refused to come into work. He did not want to leave his bath tub.

  • gallegosr Hey, moron, you conservatives will parrot anything. I was in a bathtub because of a kidney stone, trying to get into work anyway.

  • You were in the bathtub because that's were you passed out at, WackySportsReporter KeithOlbermann gallegosr

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    Davidhnaz KeithOlbermann gallegosr I hope you never have a kidney ailment. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, no matter how much I disagree.

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    sunlitweb I've experienced kidney stone & childbirth. I'll take childbirth over kidney stone anytime Davidhnaz KeithOlbermann gallegosr

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    Magdalena0113 sunlitweb Davidhnaz KeithOlbermann gallegosr Hell yes! A baby doesn't take days to pass, & it doesn't feel like a razor

  • But how does a bathtub help? HeddaGd Magdalena0113 sunlitweb KeithOlbermann gallegosr

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    Davidhnaz You and your bathtub. Get a life, please! HeddaGd sunlitweb KeithOlbermann gallegosr

The Daily Mail reports that Gorsuch founded a "Facism Forever" club while in high school. Quite disturbing if true. link
We all did crazy, embarrassing things when we were young. But we didn't found a goddamn Fascism Forever club. link
Trump's Supreme Court pick who used famous WikiLeaks Kissinger quote founded and led a club called 'Fascism Forever' link
"And THIS Supreme Court Justice founded his prep school's 'Fascism Forever' club..." link
You might have missed this one overnight. "And THIS Justice founded his prep school's 'Fascism Forever' club..." link
  • Tygartman (Tygartman)

    KeithOlbermann He was protesting the fascist liberal regime at the University. I know nuance is lost on you.

  • Tygartman KeithOlbermann It was high school, and it just shows the dude was a total dick then. In high school!

  • Tygartman (Tygartman)

    chrisswartout KeithOlbermann Then its even dumber for you to care about. Meanwhile at Berkeley REAL fascists are shutting down free speech

  • Tygartman A paid speaking gig is not a 1st Amendment right, fella. I don't agree with the property damage either.

  • Hardcoredlw (MidAmericaWarr1)

    KeithOlbermann Trump Accused Australia Of Sending USA The 'Next Boston Bombers' Does he know FoxNews owner Rupert Murdoch is Australian?

  • Myra D. Sirois (MyraDSirois1)

    MidAmericaWarr1 JJohnson2u KeithOlbermann FoxNews Do we Really think Murdoch s Australian or just another megalomaniac?

  • John Orloff (johnorloff)

    KeithOlbermann I wrote part of Band of Bros. I knew Dick Winters, and he would not find Gorsuch's "humor". He saw too many people die. link

  • John Orloff (johnorloff)

    KeithOlbermann Funny? Ironic? Ask the men of Easy Co.- or any ww2 vet- what they went through to destroy fascism. Nothing funny or ironic. link

  • Andy (HoltonAndy1)

    johnorloff KeithOlbermann This makes me want to cry. My father could be in that picture.

  • Neil Armani (narmani)

    KeithOlbermann Why does no one care? Fascism club, Orange boy's rape cases, taxes, Russia - it's like everyone forgot or doesn't care ...?

  • John Orloff (johnorloff)

    KeithOlbermann Writing about B-17 crews now. These men died on their first mission fighting fascism. There is something wrong with Gorsuch. link

  • Junji Tatsuno (jtatsuno)

    KeithOlbermann SCOTUS Neil Gorsuch nominee a Fascist? Wow! Red State SenateDEM take note.

  • KeithOlbermann looks like he was cherry picked by #SteveBannon to continue spreading his poison

  • Andrew Mark (POTUSstinks)

    KeithOlbermann OMAHAGEMGIRL Trump supports Fascism. SCOTUS Gorsuch = founder of Fascists Forever Club. No hearing! #StopPresidentBannon

  • L188188 (L188188)

    KeithOlbermann In short, an east coast prep school douchebag to represent Trump's downtrodden rural voters. Sounds legit.

  • KeithOlbermann To fight the "left wing tendencies" of his teachers/ staff. They were PRIESTS, a Jesuit school. Fight that lefty Jesus!

  • Jason Hope (Jhope1923)

    KeithOlbermann how peachy! Everything is going to be alllllllllllt-right!

  • pittardm (pittardm)

    KeithOlbermann I keep seeing people say, "But he was young!" Funny, I've never started (wanted to start) a "Fascism Fovever" club.

the populist revolt chose a child of immense privilege who spent his entire life in tony prep schools for elites link
  • "fascism forever" is exactly the sort of cheeky "rebellion" you would expect from a dc area private school kid

  • You have never met a more obnoxious, insufferable teenager than 90% of these kids by the way, trust me

  • Steph Widman (perkusrex)

    AdamSerwer Sean Spicer went to Portsmouth Abbey. $50,000 a year HS boarding school.

  • perkusrex weird that they don't teach about frederick douglass there

  • big moose (humbleguy36)

    AdamSerwer Sounds like Obama's life story! And JFK's. And Obama'skids. Etc, etc. LMAO

  • Roberta Steve (Bertie913)

    humbleguy36 AdamSerwer Obamas life story? Are I kidding me? He did NOT grow up privileged.

  • Brea (Somthin2belivin)

    Bertie913 humbleguy36 AdamSerwer He went to an elite school for privileged kids in Hawaii! The school is part of an island tour I went on

  • Roberta Steve (Bertie913)

    Somthin2belivin AdamSerwer Which he attended on scholarship. Trump such a man of people; went to ultra exclusive prep school.

  • L.A. (theclew24)

    Bertie913 Somthin2belivin AdamSerwer. His dad sent him there to give him discipline and work ethic. Military school.

  • Brea (Somthin2belivin)

    theclew24 Bertie913 AdamSerwer She blocked me She brought him up when I said Obama went to an elite private school like the Judge

  • L.A. (theclew24)

    Somthin2belivin Bertie913 AdamSerwer. Who blocked you?

  • Brea (Somthin2belivin)

    theclew24 Bertie913 AdamSerwer Bertie I wasn't trying to be offensive just fair ...

  • blazintommyd (blazintommyd)

    AdamSerwer foggybottomgal the USA is were Fascism was born. Some people in Congress have attempted to move US Gov beyond that

  • blazintommyd (blazintommyd)

    blazintommyd AdamSerwer foggybottomgal and Conservatives are the ones that oppose doing so. So in the USA u r either pro fascist or

  • blazintommyd (blazintommyd)

    blazintommyd AdamSerwer foggybottomgal a Liberal apologist for it. It's as simnple as that and y the USA D-r(s) are obsolete

  • Bob Yamtich (BobYamtich)

    AdamSerwer tinygracenotes , Jesuits say "Give us the first seven years, we'll give you the man." This one got away.

  • Terry Jennings (TDJenn)

    AdamSerwer davidcrosss Gorsuch was alt-right before alt-right was cool! #gorsuchfacts

  • William B. Turner (wbtphdjd)

    AdamSerwer realdawnsummers. They are NOT" populists. Quit misusing that term

  • AdamSerwer what about this? link

  • AdamSerwer oh. God. What an incredibly vivid next logically correct step in this path to global war. Or Take USHR in 2 years, impeach.

Trump's SCOTUS pick founded club called 'Fascism Forever' link
  • Hazoo Clove (HazooClove)

    MariaSohn1 Oh jesus fucking christ, for shit's sake, where is he FINDING THESE PEOPLE?!

  • Elizabeth (MoChroi1965)

    HazooClove MariaSohn1 Trump isn't finding them. President Bannon is finding them.

  • Patrick Burk (BurkPatrick1956)

    MoChroi1965 HazooClove MariaSohn1 #StopPresidentBannon

  • Patrik Severin (PatrikSeve)

    BurkPatrick1956 MoChroi1965 HazooClove MariaSohn1 Are sure they are trying or simply these people crawl forth from dark places to join?

  • Elizabeth (MoChroi1965)

    PatrikSeve BurkPatrick1956 HazooClove MariaSohn1 It's like the Walking Dead, they just show up and you either shoot them or die.

  • David Galiel ? (davidgaliel)

    MariaSohn1 shucks, haven't we all? Such a joker, Herr Gorsuch! shipdrummer

  • badwolf303 (badwolf303)

    davidgaliel MariaSohn1 shipdrummer Yeah, if I had a dime for every fascist club I started in school...

  • Jane (prideinthename)

    badwolf303 davidgaliel MariaSohn1 shipdrummer Have you been nominated for the Supreme Court? If not, fascist away sunshine.

  • badwolf303 (badwolf303)

    prideinthename davidgaliel MariaSohn1 shipdrummer Perhaps if my parents had been wealthy players in #GOP I might have been. You?

  • Jane (prideinthename)

    badwolf303 davidgaliel MariaSohn1 shipdrummer I'd rather agitate against fascists than be one of them.

  • Rebecca Rauber (rebeccarauber)

    MariaSohn1 Can I be the first to say that #merrickgarland never founded a club for fascists

  • JKS (JudithKto)

    MariaSohn1 Surely that's a deal breaker!

  • badwolf303 (badwolf303)

    JudithKto MariaSohn1 In this stolen racist admin

  • Janene (MTJanene1)

    MariaSohn1 so those pics were shown by US media, but they left this out. Foreign media is the only good media to report honestly abt trump.

  • SerenaVR (LongLiveRHS)

    MariaSohn1 DebraTdmbg Makes sense. The Fascist in Chief wants a fascist SCJ. SenateDems timkaine MarkWarner please read the article-ugh

  • Don (Secretoriginz)

    LongLiveRHS MRbelzer MariaSohn1 DebraTdmbg SenateDems timkaine MarkWarner link

  • Janene (MTJanene1)

    MariaSohn1 CharlieRoseShow chelseahandler why is US media not covering trump as tightly as foreign media is. They seem afraid to cover.

'Fascism Forever?' Oy. Dude was at Prep - not a school threatened by views opposing the luxury of white entitlement. link
  • Kinneas (Kinneas)

    jfreewright DavidAlanMack Were You wearing a tie at 18 and giving yourself over to Academics? Or. Were you bangin' chicks and smokin' pot?

  • David Mack (DavidAlanMack)

    Kinneas jfreewright - I was a film student, now a science-fiction writer. He's being considered for the SCOTUS. DIFFERENT STANDARDS APPLY.

  • Kinneas (Kinneas)

    jfreewright DavidAlanMack What is he there? 18? What silly bull were you spouting at 18? You should get forgiven if you survive to 30.

  • David Mack (DavidAlanMack)

    Kinneas jfreewright - I did plenty of silly things at 18, but you know what I didn't do? ENDORSE FASCISM. FILIBUSTER THIS FUCKING ASSHOLE.

  • Kinneas (Kinneas)

    DavidAlanMack marybirdsong jfreewright I totally feel ya'. And. Hope it all works out in the end. Usually does. -- Best.

  • jfreewright This Nazi thing is getting beyond a joke now. I can't believe what's happening to the USA. The KKK got what they always wanted

  • TeyV Green (TeyV_Green)

    1LaneOnly jfreewright Sad thing is that even if the source isn't credible, it's feasible enough to believe it at this point.

  • TeyV_Green jfreewright It's like they were waiting for the right time to come all out of the woodwork ORIGINALISIS

  • TeyV Green (TeyV_Green)

    1LaneOnly jfreewright I liked it better when they hid it.

  • jfreewright jonfwilkins wonder how reliable this is? Source seems sketch & I think about 'finders guide to facts': link

  • Dane Venable (iamthedane2)

    yanivbrandvain jfreewright jonfwilkins You wait to have FOX confirm it for u Yaniv..but I'll just lay this right here link

  • Jon Wilkins (jonfwilkins)

    iamthedane2 yanivbrandvain jfreewright Can't decide if FOX would deny, or confirm and celebrate: "Oooh, President!"

  • GoonerBill (DirkDiggler918)

    jfreewright oh for heavens sake, it was 30 years ago.

  • Matunos  ? (matunos)

    DirkDiggler918 jfreewright I don't remember that sentiment when we had to hear about Obama's Indonesian "madrasa".

  • factasaurus (conservaderp)

    jfreewright yeah but Hillary's emails...

  • MF DEL 5thousand (MFDel5000)

    jfreewright Kinda wish whoever got this scoop got the scoop and broke the story a little earlier...

  • JKxZ (JKxZ)

    jfreewright I told you it was fascism link

  • resistance (Emeraldluxury)

    jfreewright trump is a russian compromat. Until we fully have an investigation on trumps actual russian involvement, cant vote

This is true link

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