Trump Strategist Stephen Bannon Says Media Should ‘Keep Its Mouth Shut’

Mr. Bannon, one of President Trump's top advisers, gave a scathing assessment of the news media, calling it “the opposition party.”

Ask Nixon how a war against the media turns out, Bannon. link
  • Adam Schrader (Schrader_Adam)

    KeithOlbermann nytimes let's make the #FourthEstate great again.

  • K T (kanthom2000)

    KeithOlbermann nytimes Am I the only one that thinks Bannon looks like a disheveled drunk?

  • Peggy J Cone (ConePeggy)

    kanthom2000 KeithOlbermann nytimes No, you are not.

  • Daniel Meersand (DanMeersand)

    ConePeggy kanthom2000 KeithOlbermann nytimes "looks like"

  • KeithOlbermann they're saying this because they're afraid of the media

  • eric wright (elwright2020)

    StillReppinNOLA KeithOlbermann Ding Ding Ding We have a winner for the most stupid thing said today "they're afraid of the media "

  • elwright2020 KeithOlbermann deplorable eric with the cowboy skull tattoo is here to give us his cutting political insight.

  • George (GeoBoy69)

    KeithOlbermann nytimes Incredible, this low life fascist and Nazi loving piece of crap tell our press to shut up.Does the 1st Amend exist?

  • Jimmy Darko (JimmyDark0)

    GeoBoy69 KeithOlbermann nytimes Bannon is a guy that works for Breitbart, a pro israel paper named after a jew and employs multiple jews

  • Jimmy Darko (JimmyDark0)

    GeoBoy69 KeithOlbermann nytimes But go ahead scream nazi when faced with someone that has right wing views.

  • (((Cin Irwin))) (Photomom11)

    KeithOlbermann nytimes Just wondering, does he include Breitbart as media?

  • David Bicovny (chevda7)

    Photomom11 KeithOlbermann nytimes Well Breibart is alternate facts media.

  • Words Matter (WordsMatter3)

    chevda7 Photomom11 KeithOlbermann nytimes here we go with that alternative stuff again. link

  • Woke B (Therealtesp)

    KeithOlbermann nytimes I bet you burned that American flag you wrapped yourself in to take that pick Olbermann. You've lost it.

  • Therealtesp I hope he did. It's called freedom. You know, that thing your country used to stand for?

  • EndTimeSurvivor Therealtesp Yep. And we used our freedom to vote for Trump so suck it up

  • JackHaperT49 Therealtesp Actually the ppl didn't vote for Trump. Plus he is fucking up the whole world. So no one's going to suck it up.

  • Woke B (Therealtesp)

    EndTimeSurvivor JackHaperT49 I'm a person, I voted for him. So yes, suck it up.

  • Therealtesp JackHaperT49 You're the minority tho and again. No. Get used to it, this is your new reality.

  • EndTimeSurvivor Therealtesp We won by the rules which both parties had agreed to. You need to get used to it. Where u from anyway to care?

  • JackHaperT49 Therealtesp Canada. Your shit doesn't stay contained unfortunately. This shit affects me. And no one's going away.

Sorry, what country are we in? "Trump Strategist Steve Bannon Says Media Should ‘Keep Its Mouth Shut’, via nytimes" link
  • Bea Dazzle (Bea_Dazzler)

    camanpour psychicmediumje nytimes Media doesn't understand the county? Does Trump understand 3.5M people protesting him on 7 continents?

  • Bexcee (ignorancecosts)

    Bea_Dazzler camanpour psychicmediumje nytimes link

  • Kurt Stiefler (Impocerous)

    ignorancecosts BunkerBuster77 Bea_Dazzler camanpour psychicmediumje nytimes which merely proves Bexcee is an idiot. QED

  • JOHN EDWARD (psychicmediumje)

    Impocerous ignorancecosts BunkerBuster77 Bea_Dazzler camanpour nytimes Guys."BLOCK" & move on... dont be distracted Stay focused

  • Kurt Stiefler (Impocerous)

    psychicmediumje ignorancecosts BunkerBuster77 Bea_Dazzler camanpour nytimes time for a new thread here please!

  • Brian Jackson (GBrianSJackson)

    camanpour nytimes He is a fascist. This administration lies when it is easier to tell the truth. Of course they hate the press.

  • Bexcee (ignorancecosts)

    GBrianSJackson camanpour nytimes link

  • Brian Jackson (GBrianSJackson)

    ignorancecosts Who said anything about Hitler? Not smart enough. More like Mussolini. Dumb fascist blowhard

  • camanpour nytimes As Meryl said, "call them on the carpet for every outrage." This is an outrage!! link

  • Bexcee (ignorancecosts)

    Republican4Hil camanpour nytimes Not really. Read rest of his quote.

  • Tony Wolf (tonywolfness)

    ignorancecosts Republican4Hil camanpour nytimes The rest of his quote doesn't remotely explain an assault on the First Amendment. Nor the whole war on the media.

  • tonywolfness ignorancecosts camanpour nytimes Agree.

  • George Hayduke (eggsmcenroe)

    Republican4Hil tonywolfness ignorancecosts camanpour nytimes The skeletons in this closet are many, start digging and bury the man!

  • George Hayduke (eggsmcenroe)

    Republican4Hil tonywolfness ignorancecosts camanpour nytimes although he looks so unhealthy he will probably bury himself soon!

  • Kurt Stiefler (Impocerous)

    camanpour maddezmom nytimes I think Bannon is gonna be disappointed. The people are not gonna be silenced

  • Bexcee (ignorancecosts)

    Impocerous camanpour maddezmom nytimes I'm sure he's disappointed you are so gullible. Read his entire quote.

  • Kurt Stiefler (Impocerous)

    ignorancecosts camanpour maddezmom nytimes His entire quote is quite clear. He wants to silence the press. But we fully understand non-thinkers like you dont get it and wont ever

  • Got Hacked (DJDJ18)

    Impocerous ignorancecosts camanpour maddezmom nytimes I read the quote, he was simply saying the Press has made itself too partisan.

  • Kurt Stiefler (Impocerous)

    DJDJ18 ignorancecosts camanpour maddezmom nytimes Uhhhh, he said just what he meant. Dont play semantic games with me. You want to play with "alternative" facts go talk to Trump. Get it?

  • Beth Bryson (maddezmom)

    Impocerous DJDJ18 ignorancecosts camanpour nytimes exactly. He is a white nationalist bully who want to suppress free speech.

  • Kurt Stiefler (Impocerous)

    maddezmom DJDJ18 ignorancecosts camanpour nytimes Yes he is. I love it when Trumpsters try to "explain" the clear meaning of what Bannon said. The Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar approach

  • Got Hacked (DJDJ18)

    Impocerous maddezmom ignorancecosts camanpour nytimes He said the Media should be humiliated (About getting so much wrong/low trust 1/x

In a rare interview, President Trump's strategist Stephen Bannon said the media should "keep its mouth shut" link
Trump cannot afford the existence of a free press, but democracy cannot thrive without it. link
  • Andrew DeVigal (drewvigal)

    TomSteyer - Independent journalism is more important now than ever. | cc: nytimes

  • Hydra ToXic (HydraCEO)

    TomSteyer nytimes how it is free if it constantly sides with the left? This isn't the "free press."

  • HydraCEO TomSteyer nytimes Have you considered that many of the facts might align with what the left is saying?

  • Hydra ToXic (HydraCEO)

    DearestxDarling TomSteyer nytimes nope

  • HydraCEO TomSteyer nytimes Oh ok. Well. To each his own.

  • Hydra ToXic (HydraCEO)

    DearestxDarling TomSteyer nytimes not really. They were wrong flat out. Don't trust the MSM

  • HydraCEO TomSteyer nytimes Well, TBH when the MSM perfectly aligns with real life science I'm probably gonna go with it. Just me though.

  • Huevus Ehg Yaytzo (EhgYaytzo)

    DearestxDarling HydraCEO TomSteyer nytimes Choosing to live in actual reality? How modern

  • Buzz Fledderjohn (Buzz509)

    TomSteyer I would add, I'm not sure the GOP can survive Trump. I bet the quickly come to this conclusion and remove him under 25th amend.

  • Liberty Newspost (LibertyNews)

    Buzz509 Why not use the entire quote? “Media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while,”

  • Top ?Hat (top_hat_321)

    LibertyNews Buzz509 It's an absurd, ridiculous statement. Plus - the man has no class or he would've clarified & phrased it appropriately.

  • Buzz Fledderjohn (Buzz509)

    top_hat_321 There's a new hashtag going around. #blockingthedeplorables

  • Top ?Hat (top_hat_321)

    Buzz509 Hey- thanks. Also, I use Twitter's "mute" option all the time. Becuz how many stupid tweets can one rational person handle? Ugh.

  • Buzz Fledderjohn (Buzz509)

    top_hat_321 My theory is, there is a small # of them making lots of noise. If enough of us block them, then their insanity is subdued.

  • Top ?Hat (top_hat_321)

    Buzz509 Sad but true, unfortunately.

  • Bruce Mirken (BruceMirken)

    TomSteyer nytimes I have a few words for Mr. Bannon about dissent, the press and patriotism link

  • Top ?Hat (top_hat_321)

    BruceMirken TomSteyer nytimes Thank you for posting this. Too bad we don't have a Mark Twain rn.

  • Bruce Mirken (BruceMirken)

    top_hat_321 TomSteyer nytimes I second the motion! Twain's one of my personal heroes.

  • Top ?Hat (top_hat_321)

    BruceMirken TomSteyer nytimes I did a Twain meme last year-something like"Where's Mark Twain When We Need Him?"Tho he's timeless really.

  • Top ?Hat (top_hat_321)

    BruceMirken TomSteyer nytimes Found it!He was brilliant,yet he spoke so that anyone could follow.Plain speaking in the very best way! link

  • Bruce Mirken (BruceMirken)

    top_hat_321 I'm the resident writer/editor here Greenlining, and I often say everything I know about writing I learned from Mark Twain

  • Top ?Hat (top_hat_321)

    BruceMirken Greenlining

You wish, white nationalist! link
  • Allison Glock (AllisonGlock)

    CharlesMBlow nytimes that wording/language is the language of an abuser

  • Tinahseattle (tinahseattle)

    CharlesMBlow nytimes Sounds like Steve Bannon is a little snowflake whose feelings are hurt. #NotMyPresident #Resistance #Fascism #NoHate

  • tinahseattle CharlesMBlow nytimes link

  • Rae Busch (GammaRae206)

    moonatmidnight susanbrandon96 tinahseattle CharlesMBlow nytimes link

  • (((Sam Kestu))) (Sam6869)

    . CharlesMBlow nytimes Who is crazier: Donald Trump or Steve Bannon?

  • Jennifer Weyenberg (JenWey)

    Sam6869 CharlesMBlow nytimes it's a tie. And it's terrifying.

  • Hill Duff (hillofbeans17)

    CharlesMBlow nytimes Seriously fuck this dude. I am so enraged I am shaking.

  • Thomas Roe (ThomasRoe16)

    hillofbeans17 I've been shaking myself for a while now. This is incredibly disturbing on so many levels.

  • Joe (htown_Joe)

    charlesmblow He's frustrated. Lashing out. On the run. His boss is failing, flailing. Media pressure—calling out their lies—is WORKING.

  • htown_Joe delusional

  • Joe (htown_Joe)

    lindamccorkle I agree: he's delusional! Experts think #Trump may be mentally ill. link… #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder

  • htown_Joe Huffington Post. My sides!! I can't remember when I've had so much fun laughing at delusional liberals.

  • Joe (htown_Joe)

    lindamccorkle Uh oh! Uncontrolled laughter + seeing things? Looks like you're suffering from the same psychosis. Perhaps too much #FoxNews?

  • Brian Crano (briancrano)

    CharlesMBlow nytimes he speaks as you expect a future war criminal to. Can wait for the coming trials.

  • Gary Monico (garymo44)

    CharlesMBlow nytimes Must be hitting a nerve... KEEP IT GOING!

  • CharlesMBlow nytimes Generally speaking, nazis don't like a free press.

  • inmatemd (inmatemd)

    ErikMickelson1 CharlesMBlow Maybe Bannon should explain this better so the Slow NYT writers & readers may understand. You seem a bit slow

  • inmatemd CharlesMBlow I agree - nazis aren't always the best at explaining things.

There's a new opposition party: Facts. link
  • Dennis D. McDonald (ddmcd)

    slpng_giants jeffjarvis nytimes don't take his bait.

  • Sleeping Giants (slpng_giants)

    ddmcd jeffjarvis nytimes Never.

  • slpng_giants nytimes Those pesky, pesky facts. Always getting in the way. The American Press needs to keep up the pressure. Keep. It. Up.

  • Brian P-C (1791bpc)

    slpng_giants Garts2point2 nytimes How does that saying go? "Either You're with me, or you're my enemy". Trump's surrounded by yes people.

  • Ryan T DaSilva (RTDaSilva3)

    slpng_giants his tone is more alarming. Seemed to have 0 intention of bringing the country together. Kept saying opposition 2 much.

  • B. Cayenne Bird (BCayenneBird)

    slpng_giants noreallyhowcome nytimes . SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell and SpeakerRyan agree w/ everything Trump is doing. We the People can #Recall them from office by organizing

  • Rick (twitnitrick)

    slpng_giants nytimes That is straight out of the Nazi playbook, try to delegitimize the media.

  • tabitha ford (TKFord1)

    slpng_giants #WhoElseShouldShutUp according to Trump team. Women, hispanics, muslims, Scientists, liberals...add yours.

  • Saranlap (SaranlapSploss)

    slpng_giants nytimes "working class hobbits and deplorables". Wow, that's some mad respect for your base right there, Stevie B.

  • marymargaret (marymargaret528)

    slpng_giants language of the white nationalists spoken from the White House, to save America this dude has got to go

  • Ryan T DaSilva (RTDaSilva3)

    slpng_giants nytimes fuq I hate this dude but he right about how the media got it wrong. Dems better get back the working class for 2018!

  • Richard Kamarer (rickkamarer)

    slpng_giants nytimes why would you interview the founder of alt-news and let him spew this shit unchallenged? What are you people mice? link

  • quizquest (quizquest)

    slpng_giants nytimes Somebody should start a party called the Dragnet Party. "Just the facts, ma'am."

  • stacey clarfield (rteest)

    slpng_giants nytimes #resistance #ImpeachmentSoon #Fascism

  • slpng_giants nytimes go! fight! win! link

  • slpng_giants nytimes Ahh the Puppeteer

Steve Bannon says media should "keep its mouth shut." Castro, Putin, Erdogan, and Xi all feel the same way! link
  • TONY-O (MojoFilter64)

    StephensWSJ nytimes Your comparisons are extreme and put forth like Pelosi,Bannon is making a point the MSM covering unfairly ...its true

  • KnowYourObama (KnowYourObama)

    MojoFilter64 StephensWSJ nytimes only for those who've gobbled up his propaganda. It's all for you. the gullible

  • TONY-O (MojoFilter64)

    KnowYourObama nytimes So your saying the media didn't show favor covering Obama?

  • KnowYourObama (KnowYourObama)

    MojoFilter64 nytimes no. trump is veering on facism, which is why folks are alarmed. One person is far worse, hence the coverage

  • de Cleyre (danahaswell)

    KnowYourObama MojoFilter64 nytimes He's fully arrived at authoritarianism.

  • KnowYourObama (KnowYourObama)

    danahaswell MojoFilter64 He hasn't actually DONE anything except write memos and squawk. still a lot fighting to do before he acts on it

  • de Cleyre (danahaswell)

    KnowYourObama MojoFilter64 From the looks of it Congress is going to roll over. It's totally up to us.

  • Cameron (cameronhaider)

    danahaswell KnowYourObama MojoFilter64 This voter fraud investigation is obviously a set up for National voter roll purge Crosscheck 2.0

  • Indivisible (indi_visible)

    StephensWSJ One reason we have no respect for media is the way you're omitting the second half of his quote: "and just listen for a while."

  • Jared Cosulich (jaredcosulich)

    indi_visible StephensWSJ The first half of that quote kind of overwhelms the second half. Why should they "just listen for a while"?

  • Niccolo Salo (SaloForum)

    jaredcosulich indi_visible StephensWSJ because maybe they will learn something about the America they don't know roddreher

  • Jared Cosulich (jaredcosulich)

    SaloForum indi_visible StephensWSJ roddreher What is that exactly? What would they learn if they listened?

  • Niccolo Salo (SaloForum)

    jaredcosulich indi_visible StephensWSJ roddreher for one thing: calling people deplorables, racists doesn't really work

  • J.K.Callaway (realJKCallaway)

    SaloForum jaredcosulich indi_visible StephensWSJ roddreher Calling people #Snowflakes, #Libtards and #Cucks works like gangbusters tho, yes?

  • Si (chiefstoker)

    realJKCallaway SaloForum jaredcosulich indi_visible StephensWSJ roddreher Who lost?

  • Jared Cosulich (jaredcosulich)

    chiefstoker realJKCallaway SaloForum indi_visible StephensWSJ roddreher Who got more votes?

  • NHDeplorable (ravenous5200)

    StephensWSJ nytimes Fuck the media.All they do is lie

  • Liam Gallagher (Taringa_MCFC)

    ravenous5200 StephensWSJ nytimes says the proud deplorable

  • NHDeplorable (ravenous5200)

    Taringa_MCFC StephensWSJ nytimes Proud of it!

  • Mike (stumbalinaa)

    ravenous5200 Taringa_MCFC StephensWSJ nytimes Ironic that you only believe that because you were told that by conservative media. LOL.

  • NHDeplorable (ravenous5200)

    stumbalinaa Taringa_MCFC StephensWSJ nytimes I do my own research

  • Turd Burger (FackUTrump)

    ravenous5200 stumbalinaa Taringa_MCFC StephensWSJ nytimes baahahahahahaaaaaa

And so the gauntlet has been thrown: Media Should ‘Keep Its Mouth Shut’ link
  • SilArt (SilArt2)

    Lawrence nytimes Media should be louder than ever, and Bannon belongs in a nuthouse.

  • SilArt2 Lawrence nytimes more like jail

  • SilArt (SilArt2)

    IndVoter2016 Lawrence nytimes agreed. How about a maximum security prison for the criminally insane? Methinks he deserves it.

  • Jon Enge (MarsRisingFilms)

    SilArt2 IndVoter2016 Lawrence nytimes Arkham or Azkaban?

  • SilArt (SilArt2)

    MarsRisingFilms IndVoter2016 Lawrence nytimes Arkham Asylum. (Oh good lord)

  • Jason Karsh (jkarsh)

    Lawrence The White House has forced journalists to choose a side. #Resist

  • Dan Grilo (grilodan)

    jkarsh Lawrence journalists should've picked sides January 20th, 2009 when the country was melting down & only Dems were trying to save it

  • Kris Benke (MizMeow)

    grilodan jkarsh Lawrence I agree. They've been quiet too long. They should have started calling trump on his lies during campaign.

  • Susan Doyle (SusanDoyle1963)

    Lawrence nytimes what do you expect from an abuser, it worked with his scared wives, he thinks it will work on press #resist

  • Ronald (Ronald82231576)

    SusanDoyle1963 Lawrence yes. That prob works well w one female. He has a giant size advantage there. Not here.

  • Susan Doyle (SusanDoyle1963)

    Ronald82231576 Lawrence I think I have 750K in LA to bring to chat with him

  • Ronald (Ronald82231576)

    SusanDoyle1963 Lawrence Those hateful memos etc REEK of Bannon. He eggs Trump on and tells him he will look SO

  • Susan Doyle (SusanDoyle1963)

    Ronald82231576 Lawrence exactly! between Bannon and Kushner one must ask, who really is POTUS?

  • Ronald (Ronald82231576)

    SusanDoyle1963 Lawrence Bannon whispers in Trump's ear and largely goes under the radar. His plan needs to be exposed

  • Susan Doyle (SusanDoyle1963)

    Ronald82231576 Lawrence I keep waiting for someone in the #press to get on it and stay on it can only hope

  • Ronald (Ronald82231576)

    SusanDoyle1963 Lawrence I CHEERED when I read Lawrence's tweet. Bannon wants WW3. White nationalists like hmm..Russia

  • AmericaAdrift (larry_author)

    Lawrence nytimes Steve Bannon really is a modern day Goebbels.

  • Tim I (iafollatim)

    larry_author Lawrence I'm reading a history of US ambsdr to Germany in 1930s. Terrifying.Before Hitler was Hitler, he was Trump. It's 1935

  • Tim I (iafollatim)

    larry_author Lawrence KatyTurNBC It's called "In the Garden of Beasts" by Erik Larson. WAY too many parallels and it's progressing faster

  • Tim I (iafollatim)

    larry_author Lawrence KatyTurNBC Next step: laws against scapegoated groups (DT already started). After that.... /1

  • Tim I (iafollatim)

    larry_author Lawrence KatyTurNBC followers attacking them in the street with impunity. Good people outraged; attackers walk free.

  • Tim I (iafollatim)

    larry_author Lawrence KatyTurNBC And after THAT is followers attacking outraged good people, again with impunity. Outraged ppl arrested.

  • Tim I (iafollatim)

    larry_author Lawrence KatyTurNBC This progression took about 3 years in Germany. Any bets on whether it's faster or slower in the US?

  • AmericaAdrift (larry_author)

    iafollatim Lawrence KatyTurNBC Two keys. 1. Will media remain timid, allow Trump to obfuscate? 2. Will GOP continue being lap dogs?

If there was any doubt in journalists' minds that the press was being used as a hate object, Bannon just ended it. link
  • jayrosen_nyu How can press best avoid fall into trap here? If press responds directly, risks confirming Bannon’s characterization.

  • Jay Rosen (jayrosen_nyu)

    HeidiLiFeldman Minimize the news of his hate message, but report it. Maximize your study of what it means, believe it, and act accordingly.

  • Jonathon Heide (JonathonHeide)

    jayrosen_nyu HeidiLiFeldman What's your take on adding more historic context—not the first example of strong animosity btw WH & press?

  • Jay Rosen (jayrosen_nyu)

    JonathonHeide HeidiLiFeldman I believe in saying "not the first time" when someone says it is the first time. Did someone say that?

  • Hope Anderson (hopemanderson)

    jayrosen_nyu CloudContact nytimes Reap what you sow, media. You demonized HRC and lazily gave #trump a pass, so enjoy your reward.

  • Jay Rosen (jayrosen_nyu)

    hopemanderson Thanks, Hope. That's super helpful. Please keep those contributions coming. And your addressee: "media" is awesome. Thanks!

  • Hope Anderson (hopemanderson)

    jayrosen_nyu you're welcome. I'm surprised you think it's my job to be positive about media failures.

  • Jay Rosen (jayrosen_nyu)

    hopemanderson Thanks!

  • jayrosen_nyu nytimes Ok quid pro quo so i expect all media outlets will now reciprocate & refer to him as "Dog-fucker Bannon" from now on?

  • jayrosen_nyu nytimes or, for example, "well-known & universally despised rat-rapist Stephen Bannon"?

  • Gwen Moritz (gwenmoritz)

    jayrosen_nyu Former Breitbart head hitched to ratings-obsessed reality TV star joins Limbaugh in complaining about the "the media." Sheesh.

  • Gregory S. David (GregDavid20)

    jayrosen_nyu Goebbels doesn't like the free press. Imagine that...

  • Anders (Sverige)

    GregDavid20 jayrosen_nyu He did until Jan 20.

  • rpaul (justanothe4159)

    jayrosen_nyu Betsy_Manning nytimes i have no doubt he would prefer they did not exists.

  • Betsy Manning (Betsy_Manning)

    justanothe4159 jayrosen_nyu nytimes We'll be left w Briebart & 700 Club! Terrifying prospect! Even Fox will be squelched if they object

  • Jonathon Heide (JonathonHeide)

    Betsy_Manning The 700club is offended at the notion. ; )

  • Stephen Boyce (Stephenboyce)

    jayrosen_nyu nytimes nytimes POTUS realDonaldTrump MR. BANNON IS 100% CORRECT, THE MEDIA NEEDS TO LEARN THAT "LOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS!"

  • patrick huss (patrickhuss)

    jayrosen_nyu lrozen nytimes Any who harbored that doubt until today has no business calling themselves journalists.

  • Ingo Paschke (ipaschke)

    jayrosen_nyu nytimes Talking about badge of honor: "Media should keep its mouth shut" is quite an endorsement coming from him Congrats!

  • Les Warburton (LesWarburton1)

    jayrosen_nyu nytimes Of course a propagandist says this. The criminal always hates the good, just man.

  • ✭Serafinos✭ ? (Serafinos)

    LesWarburton1 jayrosen_nyu nytimes No in no way describes NYSlimes or rest of LMSM scumsuckers It's a new day

  • Les Warburton (LesWarburton1)

    Serafinos jayrosen_nyu nytimes Why do all of you Russian Trump shill bots disguise yourselves as Midwest housewives? Go make some memes.

  • ✭Serafinos✭ ? (Serafinos)

    LesWarburton1 jayrosen_nyu nytimes That's me at 50 w/grandchild CarsonGal You're batting ZERO

Bannon, shorter: We're at 37% - we need an enemy - Hillary's gone, so media, u r it! Tactics = ideology. link
  • Josh Douglas (JoshuaADouglas)

    GlennThrush this was the story that caused me to stop reading nytimes through my law library and subscribe for myself. Unreal.

  • Fabion Seaton (Fabionsays)

    GlennThrush nytimes They can't govern and don't know how to talk about what they believe it. Can only fight against some boogeyman.

  • The Dude, Esq. (Juris_dudence)

    Fabionsays GlennThrush nytimes maybe the move then is not provide a boogeyman for them to fight?

  • Fabion Seaton (Fabionsays)

    Juris_dudence GlennThrush nytimes One would think, right? #DontFeedTheTrolls doesn't just apply on the internet. IRL too.

  • The Dude, Esq. (Juris_dudence)

    Fabionsays GlennThrush nytimes the regime needs the press WAAAYY more than the press needs the regime. They gotta know that, right?

  • Sean Ganley (seanganley99)

    GlennThrush We're actually at 59%, thank you very much.

  • Jason Melrath (JasonMelrath)

    seanganley99 GlennThrush LOL. Is that a poll of the Trump WH staff?

  • Sean Ganley (seanganley99)

    JasonMelrath GlennThrush Rasmussen.

  • keefinmqt (kgreising)

    seanganley99 JasonMelrath GlennThrush Link, pls.

  • Sean Ganley (seanganley99)

    kgreising JasonMelrath GlennThrush link

  • fedupinfla (fedupinfla)

    seanganley99 kgreising JasonMelrath GlennThrush Yeah, you might want to try this one...puts him at 44%. link

  • Chris (wvueers2)

    fedupinfla seanganley99 kgreising JasonMelrath GlennThrush lol is that the same poll that showed Hillary winning? Lol

  • angie Waggoner (waggonera2)

    GlennThrush jimsciunytimes Bannon always looks like he has been on a 3 day drunk

  • Amy Margret (WalkOn700)

    waggonera2 GlennThrush So true! He' also a pig.

  • Fabion Seaton (Fabionsays)

    GlennThrush nytimes It's pathetic, really.

  • Barbara Walsh (AtreiyaN7)

    GlennThrush nytimes At this point, Team Trump's only strategy seems to be flailing around wildly, foaming at the mouth, and vomiting lies up nonstop.

  • Aaron (flakjack3t)

    AtreiyaN7 GlennThrush nytimes lol you keep believing that while your beloved obama legacy gets flushed down the drain

  • sandismall (SmallSandi)

    GlennThrush jimsciutto nytimes Media is doing exactly what they're supposed to! Calling WhiteHouse out on their lies.Stop the lies Bannon

  • Tara Cellarius (tgruka)

    GlennThrush jimsciutto nytimes Why isn't MSM covering the 4 people arrested in Russia for treason? Trump is distracting and it's working.

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