Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’

Nasa’s Earth science division is set to be stripped of funding as the president-elect seeks to shift focus away from home in favor of deep space exploration

Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’ link
How the shutdown of NASA's Earth Sciences by small attendance inaugurated realdonaltrump will have giant effects. link
Climate science is neither Democrat nor Republican. This is disgraceful link
  • Jopo (jopo43)

    ClimateReality guardian how much damage will this fool do in 4 yrs and can it ever be fixed after this idiot is done

  • Jill (jilljo1)

    jopo43 ClimateReality guardian This is one of the scariest things I've read so far.

  • ClimateReality sacca guardian "Climate research has been heavily politicized," says the politician cutting it for political reasons. link

  • Rich (LamannaRich)

    ClimateReality guardian Beyond disgraceful! Let's throw critical research and data in the garbage. Embarrassed 2B an American Scientist

  • ClimateReality allmurphallthex science is science it presents information it is not political

  • Ian Paterson (retvet10)

    ClimateReality guardian Will we ever learn not to elect feckin idiots to power?

  • Tabs at Nordea (inno_tab)

    ClimateReality SasjaBeslik guardian ..."Holywood" the missing "L" is for "Love"..& the world saves itself from the politics of the USA.

  • Tabs at Nordea (inno_tab)

    ClimateReality SasjaBeslik guardian ...time to wake up from movie life to real life, we are all we have, which is everything!

  • Mike Keenan (hirekeenan)

    ClimateReality guardian Exploring the solar system? Why? To find a new planet to destroy?

  • Richard Kollen (nuclearball)

    ClimateReality guardian The tide of GOP anti-climate change will be washed away in tornadoes, hurricanes, & floods. Nature won't forgive.

Step 1: Politicize science. Step 2: De-fund scientific programs because they've been politicized. link
  • Lesley (hacks4pancakes)

    eroston beebeenz guardian My heart aches with grief. So much great earth science work will be lost.

  • Eric Roston (eroston)

    hacks4pancakes beebeenz guardian I'm still not convinced he's had a briefing on it yet.

  • MadameDefarge (MadameBeloved)

    eroston Funding for scientific research that isn't likely to yield a commercial product is already way down in the U.S., but this is worse.

  • Eric Roston (eroston)

    MadameBeloved Maybe it's a good time to think about the modern global economy as a commercial product.

  • MadameDefarge (MadameBeloved)

    eroston We'll have to promise them new expensive tech toys on the side, though.

  • eroston michaelroston olliemilman this is so bizarre. Science is science even if it's politicized. CC won't stop even if you defund it.

  • Eric Roston (eroston)

    arvindpawan1 michaelroston olliemilman True but studying, monitoring, analysis, and discussion of it can stop if you defund it

  • eroston michaelroston olliemilman agreed. Am I the only one to think this isn't freak out stage yet, unlike Myron heading EPA?

  • Tom Krebs (TomKrebs1)

    eroston litminr Actually, similar plans for public schools: discredit, defund, dismantle

  • k. m. (litminr)

    TomKrebs1 eroston Amen to that.

  • eroston brucepknight You forgot Step 3. Profit

  • Rob Allpress (Roballpress)

    MeddlingLiberal eroston brucepknight step 3 is actually, burn link

  • eroston dancingbeanbob guardian in an all out effort to race to the academic bottom.

  • Bobby Allen (BobbyAllen25)

    eroston owillis guardian WTF?!?!

  • Evan (MDoorpsy)

    eroston owillis Let's face it. We're fucked.

  • Nick Lutz (just_the_haps)

    jackie_kelly what? You can't just string a nonsense phrase together in order to justify a nonsensical attack on climate science?

  • Rani Gran (rdchohan)

    eroston guardian NASA SATs provided evidence to bad polluters, illegal fishing, methane leaks along oil pipelines, and more.

  • Lvl1 Blood Dragon (DudeHazard)

    eroston Trump's policy to make sure the Earth doesn't get warmer: break the thermometer.

Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’ link
Understanding how our planet functions is imperative to our future if we hope to keep living here. link
  • Joshua Chow (jchowabc)

    Ehmee Is it bad to wish it was already four years from now, and that America realizes they had not chosen well?

  • Emily Graslie (Ehmee)

    jchowabc No, it's not bad - but there's so much we need to do before now and then. We can't just wait and hope it'll be over in 4 years.

  • Ehmee 'political' science is a stupid label. Everything is political. We're social creatures and politics is how we codify our values

  • Paul Rodgers (real_attentive)

    Ehmee minutephysics Scary part is the Orwellian act of classifying stating facts as "politicizing", instead of blaming $lobbied$ deniers.

  • T Jones (camelsamba)

    Ehmee guardian did you see this quote from the politician meddling in science? Bleh. link

  • Joshua Chow (jchowabc)

    Ehmee I'm a freshman at university, and this year was my first presidential election. I'm scared by the choice of the electoral college.

  • Penthouse Sidebar (drfessel)

    Ehmee guardian real science isn't political. There is no PC in science.

  • Penthouse Sidebar (drfessel)

    Ehmee guardian what NASA has been doing with the temperature record has all been political.

  • kenrentz (kenrentz)

    drfessel Ehmee guardian accuracy and honesty is not political. the dishonesty and moral bankruptcy of the deniers is.

  • rgm3 (rgm39)

    Ehmee minutephysics which is what NOAA is for

  • Kevin Pluck (kevpluck)

    Ehmee guardian kickstarter?

  • Ehmee minutephysics Is there a way for citizens to donate?

  • N Karr (KarrNLaw)

    Ehmee guardian they claim earth studies shouldn't be in space agency funding? Are they not aware of how remote sensing etc works...?

  • Garett Major (garettmajor)

    Ehmee guardian Maybe he's just thinking further ahead and this'll mean more space missions! /s

  • Pine (mad_giraffe)

    Ehmee Damn, that's legitimately scary.

This is a disgrace Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’ link
  • The El Dude (SamuelGibson302)

    jessesingal SophiaBush It isn't a disgace.. it is 'politicized science' It's a major problem in all fields of the social sciences as well!

  • Jesse Singal (jessesingal)

    SamuelGibson302 did you feel that way about climate change before you started exploring anti-SJW stuff online?

  • Gregory Bush (gb235711)

    jessesingal Sad that the answer to "politicized science" is to eliminate the "science" part instead of the "politicized."

  • Michael J P Burns (mjpb5)

    jessesingal 45albannach olliemilman LOL, Politicised Anti- Science instead.

  • Bart Jopling (Joper1799)

    jessesingal And look where it's coming from, The Guardian!!!!

  • James s Piddy (JamesSPiddy)

    jessesingal SophiaBush guardian good idea

  • jessesingal guardian Not only is it a disgrace, it's dangerous governance. Are they trying to rid the electorate of the "costal elites?"

  • Vada Veritas (VadaVeritas)

    jessesingal guardian realDonaldTrump There is no "politicized science" but how you, Trump, treat it. Science is only science. We need it.

Mr. Trump plans on scrapping (wait for it)...all NASA funding that was previously there to study climate change. link
  • Hutch (z0mgItsHutch)

    His justification here is that NASA should go back to keeping their focus on exploration. Funny thing about that, though... link

  • Dean. (deanmcdonaId)

    z0mgItsHutch and that was written before we knew about climate change. Not agreeing with Trump but your reasoning is silly.

  • Hutch (z0mgItsHutch)

    deanmcdonaId 1. That only helps my point 2. It's also not true.

  • z0mgItsHutch guardian welll we literally wasted billions trying to find out about climate change. Most tests showed nothing.

  • Justin Fassino (Justegarde)

    ConnorM45875954 z0mgItsHutch False. link

  • Hutch (z0mgItsHutch)

    Justegarde ConnorM45875954 Let him know all the things, Justin. Let him know.

  • z0mgItsHutch Justegarde I'm not saying climate change doesn't exist, just saying govt is horrible at fighting it.

  • Hutch (z0mgItsHutch)

    ConnorM45875954 Justegarde So your solution is to not address it at all? Also what you're saying now contradicts what you said earlier.

  • z0mgItsHutch Justegarde of course climate change exists, govt just needs a massive reform on fighting it

  • Justin Fassino (Justegarde)

    ConnorM45875954 z0mgItsHutch I would say less a reform and more of a stronger focus. Tons gov can still do, but it's been politicized.

  • Justin Fassino (Justegarde)

    ConnorM45875954 z0mgItsHutch Politicians need to stop antagonizing for the sake of being contradictory and treat it like a real threat.

  • Mike Ernst (MERNST313)

    z0mgItsHutch Perfect! Time to end that ridiculous money pit!

  • Protostar (Protostar_UK)

    MERNST313 z0mgItsHutch do you mean war + weapons costs?

  • Im Marksman (Marksman)

    z0mgItsHutch Good, tired of spending money on something we can fix with a giant refrigerator. Just need Whirlpool to get on it.

  • #Swamalytics (Moonlightswami)

    z0mgItsHutch guardian the article does say he wants to shift it to other agencies whos sole purpose is earth science, though.

  • PJay (PJayDavis)

    z0mgItsHutch dary

  • Ben Alfveby (BenAlfveby)

    z0mgItsHutch this environmental stuff is what freaks me out the most. Poised to throw away decades of learning.

  • Veeno (theVeen0s)

    z0mgItsHutch guardian climate change isnt real Kappa link

  • z0mgItsHutch what if maybe the funding went to a proper agency for the study of climate change?

  • T.S. Edwards (yonderhollerlad)

    randompubguy z0mgItsHutch what other org would be better suited? NASA has govt. resources & knowledge tht private business lacks

  • yonderhollerlad z0mgItsHutch I wouldn't know cause I'm not a citizen but feel like they could focus on space than our own planet, ideally.

This is horrifying. I've been trying to formulate a coherent response all day, but bloody hell. link
  • chrislintott (chrislintott)

    Two half serious responses to the Trump/NASA guff. 1. How do we dramatically expand ESA climate science? ed_hawkins? There’s a gap to fill

  • chrislintott (chrislintott)

    2. Should all astronomers apply to study ‘Astrobiological effects on habitable zone planets around G-type stars w. type I civilisations’?

  • Tony Jebson (ajebson)

    chrislintott type I? You flatter us ;-)

  • chrislintott (chrislintott)

    ajebson Well, I’m planning ahead.

  • Michael Streeter (Q8462852)

    Look on the bright side, chrislintott. Focus is shifting away from confirming Earth is becoming Venus 2 towards how to live off-Earth.

  • chrislintott (chrislintott)

    q8462852 Which is fine for the rich.

  • Michael Streeter (Q8462852)

    chrislintott good point.

  • Paul Secular (PaulSecular)

    chrislintott BarnesOwl "doubt over the role of human activity in climate change is a view shared by half the climatologists in the world"?

  • chrislintott (chrislintott)

    paulsecular barnesowl I know. I mean, what does one say?

  • Sarah Barnes (BarnesOwl)

    chrislintott PaulSecular Yeah, I'm kinda speechless. How do you productively move forward after that kind of decision?

  • Paul Secular (PaulSecular)

    BarnesOwl chrislintott Could Trump administration be tried under international Law? For endangering the entire Planet? *Serious* issue.

  • Mr H (singinghedgehog)

    There are no coherent responses. We are living in a dystopian Mel Brooks' film and the doors are locked. chrislintott

  • Ped Peros (PedroPeros)

    chrislintott guardian Excellent. Because the perfect response when you are fast approaching a precipice is to tightly shut your eyes.

  • chrislintott guardian Not just climate research. Expect a lot of NASA programs to be gutted: SLS, Orion, astrophysics etc to pay for tax cuts.

  • chrislintott guardian What an utter twit* (*replace with stronger word)

  • Geoff Tucker (geoffreytucker1)

    chrislintott Trump doesn't just lust after his daughter - he wants to screw the world

  • Andrew Edsor (caymsortweeted)

    chrislintott guardian 40 x ffs?

  • Dr Rhodri Evans (RhEvans41)

    chrislintott guardian There is no coherent response that TGT (that git Trump) would understand

  • Adam Blencowe (NoverreMan)

    chrislintott human history would suggest we're more likely to make serendipitous climate progress searching deep space than home anyway...

  • Tori Weaver (toriweaver)

    chrislintott guardian there's an emoji for that

Climate science is neither Democrat nor Republican. This is disgraceful link

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