Trump vows ‘insurance for everybody’ in Obamacare replacement plan

The president-elect also said he would force drug firms to negotiate prices in Medicare and Medicaid.

  • DRUDGE_REPORT love it! He is going after pharmaceutical companies they will not be politacally protected anymore!

  • DRUDGE_REPORT jjauthor washingtonpost And Friday community organizer gone

  • Ed Munstr (Emunstr1313)

    serveellsworth jjauthor DRUDGE_REPORT washingtonpost link

  • DRUDGE_REPORT washingtonpost Yes. Trump will force the Pharmas to lower costs, that alone will save the plan billions. Trump world.

  • DRUDGE_REPORT I've been shaking my head at the people on both sides who think he's a conservative Republican.He's not. (I voted for him.)

  • Jmac (jmac12120)

    jswriter65 DRUDGE_REPORT common sense independent.

  • DRUDGE_REPORT Those freaking@ this haven't paid attention. He's said we have to cover the poor, etc. He's 5 steps ahead of both parties.

  • Charles Poynton (cpyton52)

    jswriter65 DRUDGE_REPORT Obamas imported welfare will hopefully go away

  • Don Vito (Don_Vito_08)


  • Jay (JayandRocco)

    DRUDGE_REPORT washingtonpost if he's done all this before even being sworn in, can we just automatically give him the full 8yrs!!

  • DRUDGE_REPORT washingtonpost Put a fork in it! Obummercare is done!

  • NoOneSpecial (Anarchylogic)

    DRUDGE_REPORT washingtonpost DEREGULATION please. Massive competition needed across the entire health care insurance industry

  • packergirl (p9cker_girl)

    DRUDGE_REPORT not until the bill is signed

  • G.F. (chicaguerrera)

    p9cker_girl DRUDGE_REPORT They will repeal it,replace it & Trump will sign it after he's sworn in.

  • packergirl (p9cker_girl)

    chicaguerrera DRUDGE_REPORT still isn't official until he signs it

  • G.F. (chicaguerrera)

    p9cker_girl DRUDGE_REPORT Congratulation on the Green Bay Packers wins against the Dallas Cowboys

  • Heidi (HeidiAlpine)

    DRUDGE_REPORT washingtonpost Good. You can buy migraine meds for $5 in Germany compared to $100 in USA realDonaldTrump

NEWS: Trump talks to WaPo, vows ‘insurance for everybody’ in Obamacare replacement plan link
NEWS: Trump targets Pharma... will demand bidding. 'They’re politically protected but not anymore' link
  • Biotech Hack (BiotechHack)

    costareports adamfeuerstein what he says and what he can do will be completely different....

  • BiotechHack Trump's statements are as empty as those folders at the press conference

  • Rebecca Adams (RebeccaAdamsDC)

    costareports washingtonpost Did he really say he wants to negotiate drug prices in MEDICAID?

  • Rebecca Adams (RebeccaAdamsDC)

    costareports washingtonpost I wonder if realDonaldTrump doesn't know how Medicaid drug pricing works & that it's different than Medicare.

  • Mitchell Stein (mhstein)

    RebeccaAdamsDC jrovner costareports washingtonpost realDonaldTrump Wonder if he knows Medicare and Medicaid are two different programs

  • MidwestMet (MidWestMet)

    costareports He's tired of paying full price for #Viagra.

  • Jimble Kimble (damongiles1973)

    MidWestMet costareports Good thing he has so much money. He was able to put it right up yours, wasn't he? #Winning link

  • MidwestMet (MidWestMet)

    damongiles1973 He's living off credit, courtesy of #Russian banks.

  • Jimble Kimble (damongiles1973)

    MidWestMet Which ones?

  • MidwestMet (MidWestMet)

    damongiles1973 You may want to read up on Trump Soho. But, be warned, it's more than 140 characters. link

  • Jimble Kimble (damongiles1973)

    MidWestMet That's okay. You can just tell me. Which banks? How much? Shouldn't take too many characters. Begin.

  • Jenna (SustainRetain)

    damongiles1973 MidWestMet Central Bank of Russia & Central Bank of China, both state owned by respective countries link

  • Jimble Kimble (damongiles1973)

    SustainRetain MidWestMet Your story, &!entire theory, quotes the Russian Chamber of Commerce's guess about his org. So you trust Russia?

  • costareports It's like he WANTS congress to impeach him.

  • Wendyrama (wendyrama)

    PeterAllenWebb costareports More like he wants to prove Congress can't. #bonechilling

  • Dolorous Edd (DolorousE)

    costareports quick, sell all your drug stocks!

  • DolorousE costareports my healthcare mutual fund has performed well & im keeping it forever while praying for single payer

  • I'm a mom (MarjmoorIm)

    costareports washingtonpost yes. We need to encourage this; leave hate&division behind; fight for #SinglePayer #medicare4all together

  • G N. (grow4eatin)

    MarjmoorIm he is NOT proposing breaking up the WallSt Health INSURANCE CARTEL of basically only 4 companies now, look at stocks all-time hi

  • I'm a mom (MarjmoorIm)

    grow4eatin Trump cares abt public opinion&his popularity We need 2keep making our voices heard in favor of #SinglePayer #medicare4all

Oh link
  • benshapiro Oh no. How dare an incoming President ensure that his citizens have basic insurance!

  • CantStumpTrump1 benshapiro because then it'd essentially be the same thing as Obamacare. You're forgetting that conservatives aren't big

  • Jeremy Bowyer (jeremy_bowyer)

    IsabelleAliciaa CantStumpTrump1 benshapiro Hey now, some of us are pretty big. Granted I'm still cultivating mass but still...

  • jeremy_bowyer CantStumpTrump1 benshapiro I did a two part tweet

  • Me (ThisPlaceToxic)

    benshapiro Yeah!? Guess he doesn't realize we think forcing people to get insurance is socialism.

  • Brian (FendersBenderz)

    ThisPlaceToxic benshapiro We're not able to drive without car insurance.

  • Me (ThisPlaceToxic)

    FendersBenderz benshapiro Driving is a privilege, not a right.

  • Brian (FendersBenderz)

    ThisPlaceToxic benshapiro Touche!

  • benshapiro when are you going to realize he's not actually conservative, Ben?

  • Kevin Meyer (KCchemguy)

    tylermgriffith benshapiro Just a teensy guess, but I'm guessing that Ben already knows.

  • KCchemguy benshapiro his tweet implies he's surprised. so maybe he still thinks donny is a "teensy" bit conservative

  • Kevin Meyer (KCchemguy)

    tylermgriffith benshapiro If you've followed him much, the "Oh" response is basically an "I told you so".

  • Sterling (MoreCredible)

    KCchemguy tylermgriffith benshapiro You new to twitter, buddy? Or atleast have followed Ben for longer than 15 minutes?

  • MoreCredible KCchemguy benshapiro enlighten me, twitterpro

  • Sterling (MoreCredible)

    tylermgriffith KCchemguy benshapiro Not gonna go tweet for tweet but you can start here: link

  • benshapiro OH? What's the matter Ben--never heard of Medicare? It's been around for a while now. Google it. Cover people SHORT on cash.

  • T64Pamela Conservatives don't see expanding welfare as an inherently good thing. Yes, even when Republicans are doing it.

  • Jimbo (jimmybo50)

    WarriorJoshua7 T64Pamela so what happens to people who can't afford insurance? Die on the streets?

  • jimmybo50 WarriorJoshua7 Ummmm. Medicare.

  • Jimbo (jimmybo50)

    T64Pamela WarriorJoshua7 what if you're under 65?

  • jimmybo50 WarriorJoshua7 If you are poor, you qualify for medicare. Google it. If you are not poor, buy competitive insurance or get a job

  • Jimbo (jimmybo50)

    T64Pamela WarriorJoshua7 you're thinking of it. Many ppl earn too much for Medicaid but still can't afford insurance.

  • jimmybo50 WarriorJoshua7 Health Insurance is NOT a civil right. Work hard, Pay for stuff. if you are poor, we will help you.

Tomorrow, Fox announces new show: Understanding health care, with host Jonathan Gruber. link
  • BillKristol can see the Hannity headline now "Single-payer: the Patriotic Option"

  • BillKristol washingtonpost Another tweet from Kristol Island.

  • Carlyjake (carlyjake)

    BillKristol washingtonpost first thing to understand is health insurance is not a right. Increase competition and the commodity sells.

  • Sean Olson-Roy (seanaolson)

    carlyjake BillKristol washingtonpost You're correct. Health insurance is not a right. Healthcare, however, is. #HealthCareForAll #ACA

  • Carlyjake (carlyjake)

    seanaolson BillKristol washingtonpost So are ice cream sandwiches a right? Healthcare is a commodity. You have the right to buy it.

  • Sean Olson-Roy (seanaolson)

    carlyjake BillKristol washingtonpost No, like water. Why else would ERs be required to treat you?

  • Carlyjake (carlyjake)

    seanaolson BillKristol washingtonpost ER's treat critical, bill government, refer to county, lose money, due to regulations, not choice.

  • Sean Olson-Roy (seanaolson)

    carlyjake BillKristol washingtonpost Isn't it strange the 8th Amendment gives prisoners the right to care but not you? Special rights?

  • Sean Olson-Roy (seanaolson)

    carlyjake BillKristol washingtonpost How about children; do they have a right to healthcare? At what age is care denied?

  • Carlyjake (carlyjake)

    seanaolson BillKristol washingtonpost please show the legal premise that even broaches the subject of it as a right for anyone.

  • Gerry Moore (Gerryinpa)

    BillKristol washingtonpost Wish you could get the chip off your shoulder It's wearing quiet thin and doesn't become you

  • BillKristol RightRachel #GOP never made a fuss over #Gruber why bitch NOW?

  • cleetus (krheinrich67)

    BillKristol washingtonpost if Trump manages to create a cheaper insurance, available to all as he promises, I'll have words to eat. Lots.

  • Thanatos (Thanatosyletus)

    krheinrich67 BillKristol washingtonpost well... ACA is expensive in many ways it shouldn't... Should be easy to replace

  • cleetus (krheinrich67)

    Thanatosyletus BillKristol washingtonpost if it was easy they would have done it, unless they just wanted to deny Obama credit for it

  • cleetus (krheinrich67)

    Thanatosyletus BillKristol washingtonpost DT has uphill battle against GOP congress. They won't spend the $$$, and govt shouldn't pay

  • cleetus (krheinrich67)

    Thanatosyletus BillKristol washingtonpost even more money for it. Otherwise might as well keep ACA.

  • cleetus (krheinrich67)

    Thanatosyletus BillKristol washingtonpost so if you want it cheaper for consumer, then govt has to subsidize more. A no-go for GOP

  • BearNJ (jimbearNJ)

    BillKristol benshapiro So glad the Trumpbots gave us Trump to stop Hillary so Trump could institute Hillary's policies.

In Q&A w costareports, Trump warns GOP: splinter or slow his agenda he will use his presidential power and Twitter link
  • edatpost costareports But Trump never announced his plan. He's bulling Congress over a HC plan that he's refused to share for a year now.

  • edatpost costareports Story should be "Trump still refuses to share his healthcare plan, vows 35% price hike on most stuff at Walmart"

  • JoJo (minnesotajo)

    rhennington1 costareports The 35% is only on American companies bringing their products back to sell, not imports from foreign comp.

  • minnesotajo costareports Today he promised 35% tax on Mexican-made BMWs. That's a foreign company. link

  • JoJo (minnesotajo)

    rhennington1 costareports Well, that's because he's insane.

  • Dr. Mike Ghouse (MikeGhouse)

    edatpost costareports - Republicans are obedient dogs - they will do what he tells them to.

  • Katie Rosa (katierosa_no17)

    MikeGhouse edatpost costareports Republicans own every thing Trump does. His stench is now theirs.

  • Eileen Sullivan (Kilrushlady2)

    edatpost costareports realDonaldTrump is now threatening the elected officials pretty much like a dictator TheDemocrats SenateDems

  • Kilrushlady2 edatpost costareports realDonaldTrump TheDemocrats SenateDems I think it's hilarious! He is the GOP's monster to handle.

  • edatpost costareports LOL... "and Twitter". Please shoot me. It's the end of times.

  • Mallory Brock (mallorybrock)

    arquitetinha clearly the rapture has happened and we didn't make the cut.

  • Kerri (kerril35)

    edatpost costareports This is delicious. GOP can take him out in an instant and don't think they wouldn't greatly prefer Pence.

  • Joe Carlin (joe_nca)

    kerril35 edatpost costareports But the electoral backlash.....

  • Katie Rosa (katierosa_no17)

    joe_nca kerril35 edatpost costareports I think much of that is a hyped myth. I don't think he has a large true support base

  • Kerri (kerril35)

    katierosa_pnw joe_nca Definite backlash from diehards but GOP can control that. They hv solid ground, just need to brainstorm the message.

  • Patrick (ArgentineTea)

    edatpost costareports washingtonpost Sooooo he'll continue the Obama practices/ways of the last 8 yrs. See Dems? Nothing's changed.

  • Rob (RobhRyan)

    ArgentineTea edatpost costareports washingtonpost Find me one ethics violations of Obama. I'll wait.

  • RobhRyan ArgentineTea edatpost costareports washingtonpost Wow! What about behave with dictators, like Fidel and Raul Castro?

  • jornalistacmprj RobhRyan ArgentineTea edatpost costareports washingtonpost what..

  • MauriceBrownSr1 RobhRyan ArgentineTea edatpost costareports washingtonpost The Lyyn is correct, Obama abused of executive orders.

“I think we will get approval. I won’t tell you how, but we will get approval." -- Trump, obvi link
Trump - praying you'll ignore the IC this week - offers insurance to all, paid for by 35% tariff on unicorn tears. link
  • John Lovaas (jlovaas1962)

    ericgarland washingtonpost Substitute "underbody rustproofing" for "insurance" in his quotes, and it's pretty funny.

  • Billie McCarty (bkmc59)

    ericgarland washingtonpost Those unicorn tear importers have gotten away without paying tariffs long enough!

  • Shirley Martin (religoused)

    ericgarland iyamtoo washingtonpost And you get insurance, and you get insurance, and you get insurance!!!!!

  • Kent Johnson (37919KJ)

    ericgarland Stewie Rah-Rah can fix it!

  • DemoDisping (demodisping)

    Anyone know how can I get a ground floor investment in these unicorn tears before they hockey stick? ericgarland

  • Jennifer Li (artistjennyli)

    ericgarland washingtonpost Most likely paid for by tariff on liberal tears, of which there'll be a flood, including mine.

  • akachelmeier (kachelme1)

    ericgarland washingtonpost How do we get some of those 'unicorn tears'?

  • Foresight (calisota91)

    ericgarland washingtonpost 100% Accurate! If he's talking, tweet or press, look everywhere else.Always selling, always- don't buy. TAXES!

  • Shawna Eaton (Shawna116)

    ericgarland washingtonpost Lmbo!

  • Karen Davenport (tenebrific)

    ericgarland washingtonpost I bet the debt he's squirmed out of and taxes he hasn't paid over the years could fund insurance for all.

  • ericgarland washingtonpost Double Rum Rations for all mates!

  • ericgarland is anyone asking Rs for comment?

  • Sam Dornan (sdornan)

    ericgarland It's coming"soon." I'm so excited! *time passes*

  • Juan Ruiz (Whim1986)

    ericgarland washingtonpost fuck yes! The mythical wing of PETA is gonna be stoked. link

  • ericgarland "paid for by 35% tariff on unicorn tears" I literally choked on my own spit from laughing

Can't wait for Trump's plan to provide health ins for everyone. He shld hug Obamacare; no other plan gets closer link
  • Paige Ream (CynthiaPaige10)

    SteveRattner washingtonpost He's not going to tell us- it's a secret beautiful plan. Pssst...he has no plan.

  • SteveRattner Most importantly, the problem was not access, the problem was coverage of services & cost. Notice he's not talking about that.

  • Ike Khoury (IkeKhoury)

    SteveRattner washingtonpost Trump will do nothing, all campaign promises have turned into lies

  • Kayaker (kayak247)

    SteveRattner When Trump said, "health care for everyone", he really meant chicken pox.

  • MEC (mecLovesAmerica)

    SteveRattner Donnaphoto washingtonpost he is blackmailing Democrats saying won't share secret plan until money grabbing Price approved

  • Betsy White (bw0831)

    SteveRattner - what if it is renamed "Trumpcare"? He would probably like it then.

  • FedUp_Mom (Fedup_Mom)

    SteveRattner politico HC reporter laid out 4 options to give healthcare to everybody: 1. Single Payer; 2. Expand ACA; 3. Catastrophic Ins

  • FedUp_Mom (Fedup_Mom)

    SteveRattner politico 4. Massive new entitlement program. Agree?

  • Scott Gurvey (scottgurvey)

    SteveRattner washingtonpost Medicare for all.

  • thehowie (thehowie)

    SteveRattner washingtonpost Willing to concede them the optics of repeal as long as they recognize that #acaworks & work back key features

  • jim Kelley (jimKelley13)

    SteveRattner Sounds like HillaryClinton plan to improve on the ACA. Do you think GOP will every admit her plans were the best plans?

  • Jeremy Martin (JDog318)

    SteveRattner washingtonpost I might make enough to afford new rates, it's killing my wife and I and my small biz, it's NOT Affordable CA

  • Dan Hawkins (DanHawkins11)

    SteveRattner strobetalbott washingtonpost How about the plan the congressmen get?

  • SteveRattner Considering all of the "bullshit"President Twitter spreads, I'll need to wait to get excited about that. link

  • Jim Engler (jimeng52)

    SteveRattner washingtonpost as you know so well...skyrocketing deficit if he delivers

  • SteveRattner realDonaldTrump 1.Hawaii Pre-Paid HC link… 2.MedicCare Buy In For All [2] Democrat Ideas = No Other Choices

  • SteveRattner washingtonpost the irony lol

  • P. Tim Money (PTMoney7)

    SteveRattner washingtonpost Too sick or too poor: Trumpcare. Market-based system for all the rest. Simple.

  • Carla Altman (CarlaAltman1)

    SteveRattner washingtonpost not believing him. He has told far to many lies. All we want now is him out.

  • Deborah Coletti (DebDash)

    SteveRattner washingtonpost My premium? $1493 per month. Up from $384 in 2015! And FORCED to purchase!

Trump vows Obamacare Replacement Done, Tax Cuts in Final Stages link

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