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**12/1/2016 - 6:20PM PST - Patch**   • Fix for users not being able to earn XP since the last update   **12/1/2016 –...

Update deployed! Check out the latest patch notes: link
  • Emad (iiEmad)


  • iiEmad Hey Good afternoon, here is a link where you can provide suggestions/feedback link

  • Emad (iiEmad)

    ATVIAssist Done hopefully you'll listen and bring back what we love and hope for in this great game

  • iiEmad Of course, it is reviewed by the appropriate department. Have a great night. ^LB

  • Joana Osorio (joanamosorio)

    InfinityWard still no fix on the ttk it's so inconsistent come one get it together

  • joanamosorio Hi there. Feel free to recommend changes to the current TTK here - link - Thanks Joana. ^DL

  • Mat (Unheard21)

    InfinityWard reddit still no leaderboards, combat record, challenge glitches, map exploits. You guys fixed nothing important...

  • Unheard21 Hey Good afternoon, here is a link where you can provide suggestions/concerns link ^LB

  • JustRaine (JustRainee)

    InfinityWard 13247 xp left to level up, i played a game of tdm earned 5222 xp and now i have 12375 xp left? Nice math, please fix this.

  • JustRainee Hey there, Can you please follow me and send me a DM to continue our conversation? ^VH

  • Brad Mattingly (gmplus316)

    InfinityWard reddit and yet you guys still didnt fix the server full bullshit!! Aka Gisela

  • gmplus316 Hello there. Please send us a DM if you need assistance. Thanks. ^RN

  • Dan (djlove08)

    InfinityWard I bought some COD Points on PC haven't recieved them. Spoke to your support staff they had no idea what i was tlkin abt help!

  • djlove08 Hi! I'm sorry to hear about the frustrations. Can you please message me via DM so I may look into this with you? ^MX

  • Herre sanchez (CreatorEnd)

    InfinityWard we need leaderboards. add them already!!!!

  • CreatorEnd Hey there, no ETA available to provide. Thanks for your interest! ^JE

  • garfield1 (uallget187)

    InfinityWard reddit lobby leaderboards,taunts and gestures no longer give previews, load out blue changed back to beta white. fix the game

  • uallget187 Hello! Can you please elaborate a bit more on the issue via DM? Thanks, ^MX

  • garfield1 (uallget187)

    ATVIAssist hell yea I can

An update just went live on PS4 and Xbox. Read up on what's included in our patch notes! link
  • Josh Case (Trigganomxcs)

    InfinityWard reddit 2 things. #1 no leaderboards... I'll leave it at that. #2 Arial kill streaks are broken now.Warden,thor,etc won't kill

  • Trigganomxcs Hello there. Please be sure you leave your feedback/suggestions here: link ^RN

  • Sam Firby (SamFirbyy)

    InfinityWard reddit the score streaks seem broken?

  • SamFirbyy Hey there! Sorry for the inconvenience. Please specify which title and platform and explain the issue. ^MA

  • InfinityWard reddit why did you ad so mutch camos and other things +600 that is not going to fix the game which a lot of people don't like

  • MASTER_of_COD7 Hi there, feel free to give us a follow and contact us via DM. ^MF

  •  ??nothin ?? (Nickthetall)

    InfinityWard reddit yet there still is not leaderboards

  • Nickthetall Hey there, apologies. Leader boards should be coming coon. ^VH

  • InfinityWard reddit why did you change the team kill rule in Hardcore? Now your chances for getting a nuke is much lower......... Rip man

  • Merry Micah (MicahR_)

    SteveChillinDK InfinityWard This is a ridiculous change. Turn ricochet back on, it's one of the biggest reasons to play that mode.

  • Bret dodson (Iceman338)

    MicahR_ SteveChillinDK InfinityWard I agree since it's on people on team killing you for no reason and taking your care packages

  • Iceman338 MicahR_ InfinityWard Make Hardcore Great Again

  • Bret dodson (Iceman338)

    SteveChillinDK MicahR_ InfinityWard yes make hardcore great again

  • s (lmScampi)

    InfinityWard my wife left me

  • DylanNexxus ? (Nexxus)

    InfinityWard Everyone shut up about leaderboards. You all know you never cared about them before. You just want something to bitch about.

  • Nexxus InfinityWard boi we want leaderboards to see how many people are actually play the game.To make fun of them.I nvr use them

  • Lucas Hollifield (lukevols98)

    InfinityWard reddit Don't worry to read the patch notes I haven't even got on cod but I do know one thing. There are still no leaderboards

  • Oscar Santiago (oscar_j_s_h)

    lukevols98 InfinityWard reddit next week

  • Lucas Hollifield (lukevols98)

    oscar_j_s_h InfinityWard reddit I'm thinking they will have leaderboards when we get to IW Remastered

  • cupidstunt247 (Cupidstunt247)

    lukevols98 oscar_j_s_h InfinityWard reddit nobody wants to play iw so remastered would sell 0 copies and leader boards r in supply drops

Update 1.08 is live along with patch notes. Get the details here: link
  • Pat Glauser (PatuGlauser)

    InfinityWard reddit Sweet. Didnt fix the nv4 and the spawns are still fucking horrible. Good work

  • PatuGlauser Hello there. Please be sure you send us a DM if you need assistance. Thanks. ^RN

  • InfinityWard reddit ZOMBIES PUBLIC IS BROKEN! guys you cannot select the spaceland map. Please help

  • OgZombieCentral Hey there! Sorry for the inconvenience, which platform is this for? ^MA

  • Seye (Infoseye)

    InfinityWard reddit Okay I like the commander rank unlocks mk2 weapons but reaching 100 is kinda long don't you think?

  • Infoseye Hello there. Please be sure you leave your feedback/suggestions here: link ^RN

  • Robbe Denis (robbedenis)

    InfinityWard reddit can u please fix the 'carpet bomb' challenge? I got 30+ triple kills with aerial scoresteaks but it's stuck on 4/10...

  • robbedenis Hey there, what platform are you on? You can report that here: link ^CT

  • vT Sentow (sentowski_6)

    InfinityWard reddit There is an issue with the medals. It shows the medals that I also received while playing bots, not just for pubs

  • sentowski_6 Hey there, feel free to give us a follow and shoot us a DM for assistance. ^MF

  • Anthony L. (WeDemBoyz89)

    InfinityWard reddit how about adding calling cards earned in multiplayer to the match summary

  • JKE ? (MyStandardz)

    InfinityWard reddit new black sky looks class link

  • Liam | Drizeh (Driizeh)

    MyStandardz i may have to grind that camo now as it looks much better but I'll wait till I'm 10th prestige first so then I've got all guns

  • Mesmerisee (MesmeriseeXBL)

    Driizeh MyStandardz I'm nearly there

  • Liam | Drizeh (Driizeh)

    MesmeriseeXBL what guns do you need

  • Mesmerisee (MesmeriseeXBL)

    Driizeh M1, Hornet, TF-141,

  • InfinityWard reddit Good job IW! Finally fixing IW lol, listening to the community. I know it's tough and busy but good on you guys!

  • Dxziah (Dxziah)

    InfinityWard will we DEFINITELY be getting Leaderboards on Tuesday?

  • PoW Prodigies (PowProdigies)

    InfinityWard did I read this correctly? Leaderboards are out now? Or are they apart of the patch, just not released until the 31st?

  • PowProdigies InfinityWard Not out yet. They released the medal system but leaderboards will probably be out Tuesday

  • PoW Prodigies (PowProdigies)

    BlueLightningX2 InfinityWard ah. I'm stuck at work so I can't see if they are out or not. Thanks for the reply.

  • PowProdigies InfinityWard anytime

Updated patch notes are now available! link
  • LDpixel (LDpixel)

    InfinityWard why didn't you nerf all weapons and increase the aim assist? ATVIAssist

  • LDpixel Hey there, just to clarify which title are you referring to? ^CT

  • LDpixel (LDpixel)

    ATVIAssist InfinityWard answer of my question plzz

  • LDpixel Could you clarify which title your referring to and what platform you're on? ^CT

  • LDpixel (LDpixel)

    ATVIAssist InfinityWard i play on ps4 and the title of the 2 questions is IW

  • LDpixel Sorry for the delay, unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any way to display the names in CoD Caster. ^CT

  • LDpixel (LDpixel)

    ATVIAssist np, updatefor the name? And for increase the aim assist and nerf the weapons, 1 update plzz

  • LDpixel You can leave any feedback/suggestions here to make sure it gets up to the right people: link ^CT

  • InfinityWard reddit ATVIAssist Activision CallofDuty What happened to the Daily Bonus...?

  • Sancho_McPollo Hey there, could you clarify your question for us? Thank you. ^JE

  • Daniel Painton (DanielPainton)

    No login bonus for me today either, normal and season pass. PC user ATVIAssist Sancho_McPollo

  • DanielPainton Try changing your mission team then check again when the next bonus appears. Let us know of your outcome. ^JE

  • Nicolas Tribolet (NicoTribo)

    InfinityWard "We will be disabling COD Points on Steam shortly. That was pushed in error." Why? I've cod points and i can't use it!!

  • NicoTribo Hello, please send us a DM if you require any assistance. Thank you. ^JE

  • Josh (MetalFurball87)

    ATVIAssist NicoTribo when will the first dlc be coming out

  • MetalFurball87 Hi Josh. Sorry, I've no info on this at this time. Thanks for your understanding. ^KJ

  • Panda (pandapower456)

    InfinityWard fix the aim assist problem plzzzz

  • pandapower456 Hey Good evening, may i ask what is going on can you provide me with a video of this? ^LB

  • Panda (pandapower456)

    ATVIAssist it's basically u get some or no aimassist based on ur location on certain parts of the map the SMGs also have little aim assist

  • pandapower456 Hey, sorry for the delay. Could you clarify what platform you're on? Do you know what maps this happens on? ^CT

  • Panda (pandapower456)

    ATVIAssist I'm on PlayStation 4 and I've seen some problems on throwback i have an Elgato if you would like me to mimic what I saw

Patch notes for today are now live! link
Updates & Patch notes for #InfiniteWarfare today are now posted: link
Official patch notes are live on Reddit link
  • Cillian (Cillianlikecoke)

    PrestigeIsKey can you help with this issue downloading the update? link

  • Ryan B. (PrestigeIsKey)

    Cillianlikecoke you have to remove a game from your console. You ran out of space

  • Cillian (Cillianlikecoke)

    PrestigeIsKey according to my console, I have 36GB of space

  • Jham (JhamTV)

    Cillianlikecoke PrestigeIsKey not enough I guess

  • Cillian (Cillianlikecoke)

    JhamTV PrestigeIsKey the update is 1GB tho

  • Lighttz // Jesse (Lighttzout)

    Cillianlikecoke JhamTV PrestigeIsKey PS4 says you have 36gb available but you really don't lol. Happens all the time

  • Cillian (Cillianlikecoke)

    Lighttzout JhamTV PrestigeIsKey I fixed it there, thanks though

  • AJHoppy (AJHoppyOfficial)

    Cillianlikecoke Lighttzout JhamTV PrestigeIsKey this is why Xbox One is better cause you can use an external hard drive for games.

  • Terror Within (EcHo_tyler29)

    PrestigeIsKey reddit Don't really know what you expect I stopped playing it months ago because they only care about money. it's not fun to me at all.

  • Jham (JhamTV)

    PrestigeIsKey soooo.. leaderboards yet?

  • Narian rayatt (Nwith_aR)

    PrestigeIsKey leaderboards?

  • Ryan B (iT_Cereal)

    PrestigeIsKey reddit Would you like to see double keys in infinite warefare?

  • Sisir Kovuri (sisir360)

    PrestigeIsKey reddit Private matches are finally 'private' now. You must be overjoyed. xD

Check out the latest #InfiniteWarfare Update and Patch Notes: link
UPDATE - Official Update 1.05 Patch Notes Released For Infinite Warfare. Read Here: link
More patch notes are also incoming. Check ashtonisVULCAN and link soon

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