US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier

For the first time, US investigators say they have corroborated some of the communications detailed in a 35-page dossier compiled by a former British intelligence agent, multiple current and former US law enforcement and intelligence officials tell CNN. As CNN first reported, then-President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama were briefed on the existence of the dossier prior to Trump's ...

The more they corroborate, the more we're getting closer to the truth. You might say...a wee bit closer. link
  • GeorgeTakei The truth will come out, and Trump has to be shaking in his boots.

  • ANNETTA WARREN (nita1969)

    DTrumpExposed GeorgeTakei Or peeing in his pants.

  • GeorgeTakei That joke was golden!

  • StyxGaia (StyxGaia)

    GeorgeTakei can you imagine history teachers having to explain this in 20 years? Oh gods if we have schools in 20 years?! #mademyselfsad

  • Trevor Hanna (trevorrhanna)

    GeorgeTakei wee bit? Say the length of POTUS ... hands?

  • Blaž (artfilmfan)

    trevorrhanna GeorgeTakei POTUS I don't think it's just the hands that are small. Also the wee.... thing. As usually with types like him.

  • Josh Howell (lesscrazyplease)

    GeorgeTakei Perhaps the reason the media isn't more focused on "the jobs Trump has brought back" is because there haven't been any.

  • david c mathis (dcmathisTN)

    GeorgeTakei Never forget. R "leaders" knew this potential but covered it up while Comey, Putin, & House Rs smeared Hillary. #dossier

  • Stephen Tatton (TattonTreks)

    . GeorgeTakei the golden truth will shower down on us all

  • GeorgeTakei That just flowed out of your keyboard.

  • Sean Currey (SeanTCurrey)

    GeorgeTakei I'm glad to hear that details are trickling forth and hope the stream continues. We're all in for a big splash in the end.

  • Hindsight Guy (ThatFederici)


  • Andy Denmark (adenmark)

    GeorgeTakei The joke is funny but let's keep this focused on felonies.

  • Rick Bailey (lacomedywriter)

    GeorgeTakei Conway, Spicer, Priebus...all shopping for wagons so they can form a circle.

  • KathrynM (gentle_strength)

    GeorgeTakei Could be urine bigly trouble, Donald. Oil money, Rosneft, purchased election, treason. SAD! #ImpeachTrump

  • Amy Green (Amycrocker76Amy)

    GeorgeTakei Um, there's gold in them thar hills? YNB markie_post CarnieWilson funder dwilliams1210 sgrant525 ronwood77 BetteMidler

US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier CNNPolitics link
If the Trump Russian dossier story doesn't stay at the top of the news, I don't know what country we're in anymore. link
  • stevesilberman Media can only report news if it develops. Can't rehash stories for emphasis. It's public's job to keep dossier top of mind. link

  • JuneCasagrande Plenty of new related developments: link

  • stevesilberman I know. Just saying editorial decisions can't be guided by desire to make a point. We the ppl need to keep demanding answers

  • JuneCasagrande I'm a journalist myself. Obviously, advancing the story is crucial. That's what I meant.

  • stevesilberman I've made it my mission last few months to shout "Russia" to everyone I can, esp on Twitter. It's potus Achilles' heel.

  • Jim Roberts (nycjim)

    stevesilberman We'll do our part.

  • Bill Gross (Bill_Gross)

    stevesilberman thanks for your Tweet on this. I hope this gets explored.

  • stevesilberman one in which new egregious violations of law and ethics occur near-daily?

  • tisa farrow (tfboxcar)

    stevesilberman nycjim This is HUGE. Election was tampered. Trump et al will go down. History unfolding,

  • Andrew Fine (AFineBlogger)

    stevesilberman Peabots13 Flynn story page A10 in NYT. Smh!

  • Anne Clune (AnneClune23)

    stevesilberman 45 will tweet something outrageous or sign another travel ban to keep us distracted. Pay attention everyone.


    stevesilberman lskurrus We enter into Fascism and no one does a thing about it. Unreal.

  • patrice jones (gone_native)

    stevesilberman When added to the other stories, such as arrests in RU of FSB officers for treason, you ask what's the correlation?

  • Sarah Akin (E_c_h_o)

    stevesilberman Unspecified (non-salacious) details confirmed = hardly clickbait. But it's promising.

  • Ken M Erney (kmerney)

    stevesilberman LamkinSusan they are tossing up distractions and smoke screens. We need to persist.

  • kcbyrne (kcbyrne)

    kmerney stevesilberman LamkinSusan #persist

  • meg wyckoff (megwyckoff)

    So much urgent competition. Flynn. Rebolovlev. ICE. Chaos is opportunity for authoritarians. stevesilberman christine081579

  • Lauri Love (LauriLoveX)

    stevesilberman (and also but to a lesser degree because this is development is a bit of a non-development...)

#FLASH US investigators corroborate some aspects of the former MI6 officer, Chris Steele's Russia dossier link
CNN says US investigators have corroborated some (non-salacious) aspects of the Russia dossier on Trump link
  • Gary W. Fuller (garywfuller)

    NickKristof Ultimately, I believe every aspect of the dossier will be proven true.

  • MS (Bengals_DFS)

    garywfuller NickKristof perhaps not all, but certainly enough to impeach #DontheCon #MoscowMike and #DensePence

  • Bengals_DFS garywfuller NickKristof and possibly arrest Flynn for treason?

  • MS (Bengals_DFS)

    stephalves101 very unlikely. He'll prob just resign and they'll let it go

  • NastyWomanLSR (laurierusso218)

    NickKristof And still jasoninthehouse won't investigate. Sad.

  • Keith Robert (Fritztastic)

    laurierusso218 NickKristof jasoninthehouse Chaffetz is a disgrace to this country.

  • Clyle Alt (clylealt)

    NickKristof seanspicer would do well to study the 48 members of the Nixon Administration who went to prison for the cover up. #LawyerUp

  • Marshall Maher (marvelle)

    NickKristof the non salacious bits are the most important

  • Gracey_Knoll (gracey_knoll)

    NickKristof If CNN says it it's bound to be rubbish. #fakenews

  • Garrett (sheelymeely)

    gracey_knoll NickKristof Is there any negative news of trump that you wouldn't all "fake news?" Serious question.

  • sheelymeely gracey_knoll NickKristof Convenient to write off all things that don't support one's worldview. They'll follow him ANYWHERE.

  • Garrett (sheelymeely)

    blueclrpantsuit gracey_knoll NickKristof It's fascinating they can't see their own blatant bias. It's like they choose not to.

  • sheelymeely I love the UP. Was up for the ice festival last year. Was about three degrees, but beautiful.

  • Garrett (sheelymeely)

    blueclrpantsuit Just moved up here in October. Our first full winter. Gotta love snow.

  • SFVaughn (vaughn_bill)

    NickKristof confirmation of salacious aspects of dossier should be soon. #VladimirPutin has dirt on #Trump prostitutes got #Putin in power

  • vaughn_bill cdelbrocco NickKristof Great,maybe there is a God..

  • Dizzy (earthpeasluv)

    NickKristof So WHAT DOES RUSSIA HAVE ON MITCH McCONNELL? His refusal 2 call 4 hearings has world flabberghasted #russianhacking #dossier

  • mxvizcaino (mxvizcaino)

    NickKristof shall we celebrate? link

  • César F. Rosado (cfrosado)

    NickKristof treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors?

  • mundo (HumphrysR)

    NickKristof Oh please release the fake prurient & salacious details; including the fake movies of the fake VP cavorting with fake hookers.

US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier link
It. Never. Stops. --- US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier CNNPolitics link
  • Dån Smith (numbakrunch)

    pcatapano ShaunKing CNNPolitics Can't wait someday to tell my grandkids about the first time I saw the pee video.

  • Kat (Bmorekitten)

    pcatapano ShaunKing CNNPolitics makes Flynn's amended denial of his alleged sanctions conversation w Russia even more interesting.

  • Daniel Jenrel (DanielJenrel)

    pcatapano ShaunKing CNNPolitics "None of the newly learned information relates to the salacious allegations in the dossier."

  • Daniel Jenrel (DanielJenrel)

    pcatapano ShaunKing CNNPolitics "Rather it relates to conversations between foreign nationals."

  • Daniel Jenrel (DanielJenrel)

    pcatapano ShaunKing CNNPolitics The Red Scare won't stop until you stop it.

  • pcatapano ShaunKing CNNPolitics where is jasoninthehouse and his never ending line of investigations for THIS administration?

BREAKING: US investigators corroborate some aspects of the scandalous Russia dossier link #TrumpLeaks #PutinsPuppet
  • TheDemCoalition puppymnkey This is why Obama was smiling in the kite-surf photos. He knew this was about to blow! #Resist #ImpeachDJT

  • Luis Alvarez (lacptng)

    TheDemCoalition Duh!!, only non s cience believing ignorant stupes haven't figured out what a horror show the Trumps are like Treason duh!

  • Holly Richendrfer (HRichPhD)

    TheDemCoalition #impeach #getridofallofthem

  • Beangirl (Celinabean723)

    TheDemCoalition Be careful what you ask for Donald. You get what you deserve.

  • Nordic gnome (FJSEA)

    TheDemCoalition So what're you/we gonna do about it??? ACTION not hand wringing please.

  • TheDemCoalition ru roh!

  • rebel rant (rebelrant)

    TheDemCoalition puppymnkey 'what are you guys afraid of? Less food stamps, more jobs, better healthcare, growing economy, security? WTF?

  • Esther (Chaparrita49)

    TheDemCoalition fine so what are they doing about it? Trump needs to #RESIGN

  • TheDemCoalition #TrumpLeaks #PutinsPuppet

  • Nana P (NanaP28469766)

    TheDemCoalition CNNPolitics maddow CBSEveningNews ABCPolitics ChrisCuomo jaketapper PoppyHarlowCNN Acosta Coming down!

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