Want to Know if the Election was Hacked? Look at the Ballots

You may have read at NYMag that I’ve been in discussions with the Clinton campaign about whether it might wish to seek recounts in critical…

This is well reasoned. And cause for all of us to be concerned. link
  • superbirdman (superbirdman1)

    GeorgeTakei if Dems won, GOP would fight for recount..come on TheDemocrats time to demand a recount

  • superbirdman1 GeorgeTakei TheDemocrats GOP & realDonaldTrump screamed it was rigged before we even voted. Of course they'd fight

  • GeorgeTakei "Were this year’s deviations from pre-election polls the results of a cyberattack? Probably not." Uh... all right.

  • GeorgeTakei Medium boy those Dems hate introspection

  • pcsbuttercwup (pcsbuttercwup)

    GeorgeTakei link I didn't vote for her, but I'm supporting her effort to raise funds to demand a recount in key areas.

  • scumhorror (scumhorror)

    pcsbuttercwup GeorgeTakei i didnt like either canidate so a recount means nothing to me. That being said, i support the effort

  • Michael (gamecocklaw)

    GeorgeTakei Medium Hi George. link

  • b. (betseybess)

    GeorgeTakei CathyWentzel Medium Please encourage everyone you know to call DOJ and demand an audit.PLEASE

  • Derpy Peasant (DerpyPeasant)

    betseybess GeorgeTakei CathyWentzel Medium Yeah, also ask them to look into the DNC, Bernie might appreciate it

  • b. (betseybess)

    DerpyPeasant GeorgeTakei CathyWentzel Medium Bless your heart, Happy Thanksgiving. Bye

  • GeorgeTakei Russia has a clear motive for doing this. The Economic Sanctions we placed on them have been onerous. link

  • Ken (voice_of_sane1)

    MasterMarquette GeorgeTakei POLITICOEurope link

  • Bryan Gaffin (thegaf)

    GeorgeTakei Politics_PR Medium honestly, having it rechecked is a good thing. If legit, the results will be unimpeachable.

  • GeorgeTakei largely theoretical, most machines are not networked, meaning each machine would need to be compromised inperson #unlikely

  • Nasty Jules (synathroesmus)

    andrewjneumann GeorgeTakei Did you read the piece? Your assertion here was specifically addressed and debunked.

  • synathroesmus GeorgeTakei debunked? No. simple math, #voting machines per state = #of "voters" to physically compromise.Can only vote once

  • Nasty Jules (synathroesmus)

    andrewjneumann GeorgeTakei Again, did you read the piece?

  • synathroesmus GeorgeTakei twice actually, I also follow(ed) his work, long before this election.

  • Nasty Jules (synathroesmus)

    andrewjneumann GeorgeTakei We agree on recount but piece explains how each U.S. voting machine doesn't have to be compromised in person.

Great piece on possible hacking of voting machines and why-for more than partisan reasons-there should be recounts. link
  • Robin Little (RobL777)

    alexgibneyfilm JohnHeaner Please. It's for partisan reasons. Nobody on Dems side said squat re voting "irregularities" until now.

  • Alex Gibney (alexgibneyfilm)

    RobL777 JohnHeaner Please back atcha. I said "more than partisan reasons." Everyone should be concerned about possible vote hacking.

  • Tab Brown (tbrown5650)

    alexgibneyfilm What spiteful drivel, People have spoken LOUDLY! Trump for President... Oh wait.... He WON!!! Get over it.

  • Alex Gibney (alexgibneyfilm)

    tbrown5650 Perhaps if u actually read the article you would see that it's not "spiteful drivel" and the issue of vote hacking is important.

  • Tab Brown (tbrown5650)

    alexgibneyfilm I did read it despite the fact that it's well beyond relevant.

  • USN Gary (GaryJoh91256633)

    alexgibneyfilm SarahKSilverman Medium Michigan uses paper ballots...........................................

  • Alex Gibney (alexgibneyfilm)

    GaryJoh91256633 SarahKSilverman Medium Yes, but also optical scanning machines of those ballots. link

  • Alex Gibney (alexgibneyfilm)

    Joe_Bleaux SarahKSilverman Thanks for your clever remarks Joe. Perhaps you should actually take the time to read the article.

  • alexgibneyfilm SarahKSilverman Medium quit whining. The story is bunk. link

  • Alex Gibney (alexgibneyfilm)

    dockofthebay4 SarahKSilverman Medium freep oh did you even bother to read it or was that too much trouble?

  • alexgibneyfilm SarahKSilverman Medium freep would you like me to call you a waambulance or should I organize a protest in your honor?

  • alexgibneyfilm SarahKSilverman where the fucking hell was all this 'concern' when TheDemocrats primary was so extremely obviously rigged

  • balding pelican (jwilson0879)

    alexgibneyfilm JuddApatow Medium scattershooting while wondering if you even bring this up if your girl won?

  • AAG (youpaynow)

    jwilson0879 alexgibneyfilm JuddApatow Medium so you aren't curious based on irregularities in voting numbers?? We've all seen Scandal

  • Andrew Wallis (DoctorWallis)

    youpaynow jwilson0879 alexgibneyfilm JuddApatow Medium It's impossible to rig the election.* *Valid only when Clinton is ahead.

  • CashMunster (TicoGoodTimes)

    DoctorWallis youpaynow jwilson0879 alexgibneyfilm JuddApatow *you must have forgot all the talk of voter fraud by trump till he won*

  • Andrew Wallis (DoctorWallis)

    TicoGoodTimes youpaynow jwilson0879 alexgibneyfilm JuddApatow No. I remember it being dismissed by the same people protesting the vote.

  • CashMunster (TicoGoodTimes)

    DoctorWallis youpaynow jwilson0879 alexgibneyfilm JuddApatow of course that's all you remember.

  • Andrew Wallis (DoctorWallis)

    TicoGoodTimes youpaynow jwilson0879 alexgibneyfilm JuddApatow Of course you think that's all I remember.

Halderman on how hackers could've stolen vote is what my sister heard 3am 11/9 from US hacker working w/DOJ on e-day link
??? Call DOJ at 202-514-2000 and ask for an injunction so we may #AuditTheVote and look at the ballots. Keep calling link
  • laureldavilacpa beccanalia Jill Stein is fundraising for #recount2016. She's 1/3 there! link

  • catie (surfergurl50)

    GretchenInDE laureldavilacpa what's in it for her? Something smells fishy

  • surfergurl50 laureldavilacpa Stein won't be doing the recount. She's just initiating the process.

  • catie (surfergurl50)

    GretchenInDE laureldavilacpa why ? What's in it for her? I just donated , but I find it odd.

  • . surfergurl50 lack of extinction of our species? GretchenInDE

  • New Day (2009jenns)

    laureldavilacpa link

  • Fran Williams (indie17)

    2009jenns laureldavilacpa This is the right way to do it. Calling DOJ does no good. Candidate asks for recount, pays. Go Jill!

  • Mallory (Ypestis86)

    laureldavilacpa I'm gonna try to call in a little bit

  • PIE2012 (PIE20121)

    Ypestis86 laureldavilacpa Yes! Call now! I also called PA. AUDIT THE VOTE CALL TODAY, DOJO @ 202-514-2000 #auditthevote

  • Robert De Brus (RobertDeBrus1)

    laureldavilacpa Medium they are answering the phones and they know just why you're calling. We should swamp their phone lines

  • Sarah Rauer (srauer20)

    RobertDeBrus1 laureldavilacpa Medium i think we already did

  • Robert De Brus (RobertDeBrus1)

    srauer20 damn I was just up Street rd yesterday. The Country Club Diner has the best breakfast going. And those phone lines are humming

  • Sarah Rauer (srauer20)

    RobertDeBrus1 yes!!!!!!

  • Robert De Brus (RobertDeBrus1)

    srauer20 damn I ate that breakfast at noon and was full all day!!

  • Grogan Rare Coin Co (MattJGNY)

    . laureldavilacpa Medium just called press option 4 to leave a message - all comments are considered-light up the phone lines 202-514-2000

  • dijidog (dijjidog)

    MattJGNY laureldavilacpa Medium all comments are considered what?

  • Grogan Rare Coin Co (MattJGNY)

    dijjidog laureldavilacpa Medium what's your point?

  • Grogan Rare Coin Co (MattJGNY)

    dijjidog laureldavilacpa Medium are you implying you'd call and request they not count the votes and look at Russian interference? GOP

  • Will Hempel (WillHempel)

    laureldavilacpa davebernstein Medium I reside in hell hole. It appears in one WI county there were 1600 votes cast 4 trump then voted. ??

Electronic voting machines need to be backed up by audits of their paper trail. link
  • Marge Davis (Marjee123)

    EFF Asher_Wolf What is so odd is in all the swing states Trump "took" he won in a little over or a little under 1 %of the total vote there

  • S☰bastien F4GRX (f4grx)

    EFF no, electronic voting machines should burn in trash fields.

  • tanya rankle (rankled2)

    EFF MannfredNikolai They need to count every person who signed the register to vote and make sure it tallies same w/machines in each prct

  • JMJimmy (JMJimmy1)

    EFF It should be an automatic audit if the tally is less than 1-2% off

  • Jon Marcus (ThusSpokeJon)

    EFF Medium I don't think they should be allowed at all.

  • John Doe (Perspicacious01)

    EFF jhalderm There is a way to defeat a post analysis of paper ballots, and I believe that's what was done (cont) link

  • Garrett Hayes (GMHForLiberty)

    EFF JohnAllenPaulos A bit late to the party. Libertarians in GA have been pointing out the lack of real auditability for over a decade.

  • dadofad (dadofad)

    EFF Medium so what's the point?

  • EFF I heard the deadline passes tonight -- any chance of it happening?

  • Dawnrocks (BenoitPlaneload)

    EFF shocksystem Medium how verify legal status all voters in California, new York and other heavily pop states,

  • Dr. ElSupreme Funk (_DrFunk)

    EFF Medium In Georgia there isn't a paper trail. Not sure about these other states.

  • P (peyparker)

    EFF !!!!!!!!! Important

  • Tom Keller (timrinaldo)

    EFF Medium Nate Silver has pretty much answered this

J Halderman, a legitimate expert on election hacking, explains his argument to #AuditTheVote & better safeguards. link
Want to Know if the Election was Hacked? Look at the Ballots link #AuditTheVote
  • JenMichigander Rosie Medium GOOD GRIEF YOU LOST GET. OVER. IT.

  • Still Deplorable (reallyo1)

    JenMichigander Rosie Medium Have you counted the Illegal Alien vote Hillary got?

  • B2995 (b29953)

    JenMichigander Rosie You do realize they have PAPER ballots! Debunked days ago!

  • HillaryDontDroneMe (fcorpaci)

    JenMichigander Rosie Medium Rosie, it wasn't hacked. You are so out of touch with the average American. #Sad #GotoCanada

  • uvbeen had (CattMaxx)

    JenMichigander Michigan's optical scanners are not hooked up to the internet. Good luck with that cyber hack angle.

  • JenMichigander Rosie Medium Please open this up so we can audit the illegals, refugees, & dead that voted #CrookedHillary.

  • JenMichigander Don't dig too hard. We've already had police raids of 3 or 4 democrat offices for large scale voter fraud.

  • JenMichigander Rosie Not only that but Clintons so called popular vote.. lol now its been revealed it was millions of illegals voting!

  • JenMichigander Rosie the only hacking or cheating done was on your side not ours. WE STOOD UP AND SAID A RESOUNDING NO TO YOU GUYS!

  • Kevin Hazlett (squeaks1966)

    JenMichigander Rosie Medium Hillary is the worst lying cheating corrupt criminal politician ever and she lost! Get over it trump won!!

  • Kevin Hazlett (squeaks1966)

    JenMichigander Rosie Medium liberal idiots!! Hillary the worst lying cheating corrupt politician lost! She is a criminal! Trump won!!

  • JenMichigander Rosie sorry,, just isn't true. As an example Wisconsin. I feel for you though.. link

  • can we say cheater, cheater sore loser ~~~> donnabrazile CNN . JenMichigander Rosie <~~~~ sore losers LOL #TrumpWon get over it.

  • JenMichigander Rosie I live in a heavily Democrat area in Michigan and there were Trump signs everywhere. We use paper ballots also.

  • norinn radd (rerickmaks)

    atomicindica JenMichigander Rosie paper and optical. No internet connection.

  • JenMichigander Rosie Medium dear lord just stop, u lost. And u stoop as low as to attack his son #moron

  • Anne-IllinoisNW (AIllinoi)

    JenMichigander Yeah, and then we can eliminate the illegal aliens who voted for Hillary (3 MM). Trump's win is much larger

  • OverItinMichigan (jmack0813)

    JenMichigander Rosie link

  • Country Gal (countrygal_999)

    JenMichigander Rosie Democratic party operatives tell us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale link

Before you say #RussianHack is "paranoid," read this. Here's how it'd be done. #AuditTheVote #RiggedElection link
A cybersecurity professor from UMich explains his reasoning re: #AuditTheVote. It makes so much sense, you'll cry. link
  • VABVOX leahmcelrath even if hacking wasn't successful, we need to know if & how someone tried. This is about all future elections.

  • VABVOX It probably was hacked but, is HRC going to challenge the results? She loves her country, and we have work to do. - I'm with her

  • i Am u (cynthiarf_says)

    MConsuella VABVOX true i voted 4 her but not sure if shes with us, changed war in drugs stance or if she can be bought by lobbyists

Halderman's article on why he's asking for an audit of e-votes link
  • Worth reading. But key point: he wants to audit because auditing e-votes is a safeguard against hacking, not bc any evidence vote was hacked

  • Brian Sniffen (Brian_Sniffen)

    pwnallthethings the other attacks were evidence. Russian statements are evidence. Trumps are weak evidence.

  • Brian_Sniffen They're good reasons to want an audit, but not evidence in their own right that e-vote machines were ever targeted or hacked.

  • Better world (Betterw05759703)

    pwnallthethings djbratpack Medium Thank you Mr.Halderman WE need more patriots to stand up GOP is trying to destroy our democracy

  • Jericho Black (MrJerichoBlack)

    pwnallthethings Medium Just read this. Great article.

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