Well, this is it: Going All-in. My last stand. My final Yolo. $2M-5M possible payoff. (NASDAQ:AAPL) • /r/wallstreetbets

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Guy inherits $2.5mm, blows it on bets on Brexit, Hillary, gambling. Down to last few bucks. Then he does this. Enjoy link
he begging God for $AAPL to miss earnings (Jan 31). What about 90% others long in their 401ks? #thefinalyolo link
  • ViperofDC (ViperofDC)

    modern_rock reddit "I have never been lucky in this life" - Guy who recently inherited $2.5MM

  • Emil (cuzmane)

    ViperofDC modern_rock reddit or "got a small loan of a million dollars"

  • jedimarkus (jedimarkus77)

    modern_rock reddit that is actually a very sad story.

  • ▻△◅ (magicmodus)

    jedimarkus77 modern_rock reddit brutal, eye bleach now. link

  • nodstrade (nodstrade)

    modern_rock "one last bet" mentality is often how you blow up your account and it all started from not following own rules continuously.

OMG. Read this. Can't vouch for it. But...omg. link
Får vibbar från "Stora Paniken" på börssnack. #thefinalyolo link
  • Grottan_Z (Grottan_Z)

    Orderboken läste om den igår..helt sjukt, men hoppas ju för hans skulle att den går in..

  • Space Cowboy (_space__cowboy_)

    Sauronsstock Grottan_Z Orderboken haha vilken sjuk jävel hahahha

  • Dea Brunner (deabrunner)

    _space__cowboy_ Sauronsstock Grottan_Z Orderboken Sen jag tappade bort min adapter till Iphone 7 blir jag ju sugen på att rygga..

  • LaserLöken (LaserLoeken)


  • Orderboken Hahaha, riktigt bra läsning! Skulle vilja vara en fluga på väggen om den går upp. Sitter där i fosterställning och vaggar.

"To be allowed to make that trade, I bought a ton of $128 calls. There is no chance $AAPL is $128 after earnings." link
Here’s the story behind the guy making the big short bet on $AAPL He’s a maniac!! link
  • @me (JustinMorasch)

    JustinPulitzer reddit The way he got here and his "all-in" play is reckless ...but his AAPL thesis is not unresearched or unsound it seems

  • JustinMorasch reddit It's pure gambling.

  • @me (JustinMorasch)

    JustinPulitzer reddit I agree hes gambling on how he constructed the trade, the underlying thesis has some credibility though IMO.

  • AnDREW (canada_andrew)

    JustinPulitzer reddit yikes, pretty intense...soooo dangerous and nuts...psycho therapy would help better than revenge trading

  • Derrick Guanzon (dirkfall)

    JustinPulitzer reddit tastytrade Maybe he's gonna be like "Sike! I really just sold a put spread."

  • subzero hedge (subzerohedge)

    JustinPulitzer reddit yeah i saw this. his assertions about not being able to lose money on the trade are ridiculous

  • Ryan Wallace (ryanwallace198)

    JustinPulitzer reddit dude...this is epic! This guy has balls! Nice!

  • JustinPulitzer Read this post yesterday but believe it may be a work of fiction. If not, ur correct, this super bull trade is pure gambling

  • Zach Potter (Zach_Potter)

    JustinPulitzer reddit wow. Bold

  • Bernard Gilkey (BernardG23)

    JustinPulitzer reddit The guy is a very talented troll. A true artist.

  • Feng Gu (gufengmsa)

    JustinPulitzer reddit LOL

When in trouble double, IRL link
  • David Grannas (DGrannas)

    fksthlm reddit Att undvika dessa situationer borde läras ut i grundskolan. Han är 38, har inget jobb och bor hos morsan.

  • PacMan (Astraeus5)

    fksthlm reddit klart att sizen måste följa portföljen och inte kunskap, erfarenhet och bevisad profitability

  • Kaffe_dax (pengartillkaffe)

    fksthlm reddit link kvällens underhållning kirrad!

  • Gabriel (xcgabriel)

    fksthlm wow, just wow...

The only thing I’m looking forward today is #TheFinalYolo showdown: link I hope FSComeau does it. $AAPL
  • Alexander Elsawah (Alexswah)

    M0101X FSComeau reddit considering the premium buildup into earnings this seems ineffective.. put spread or sell premium. Aapl -20% haha

  • △ (M0101X)

    alexswah MyTraderJourney I agree w you guys but I don’t want to influence him. Who knows. But yes seems stupid. No wonder he lost so much

  • Alexander Elsawah (Alexswah)

    M0101X MyTraderJourney very entertaining though.

  • M0101X FSComeau reddit $112 break even price, impossible

  • |\/| (anmalinowski)

    MyTraderJourney M0101X FSComeau reddit this will be very interesting to watch. Seems like he's a gambler more than a trader

Even if this dude wins his "final" $AAPL bet, please don't become him. He's a gambler not a methodical trader. link
Waiting for appl earnings to see if dude from reddit who went all in blows up or not. lol link

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