WhatsApp vulnerability allows snooping on encrypted messages

Privacy campaigners criticise WhatsApp vulnerability as a ‘huge threat to freedom of speech’ and warn it could be exploited by government agencies

#WHATSAPP #backdoor #allows snooping on 'encrypted' chat... link
  • Ade (adeyspadey)

    drudgeheadlines Could be exploited by Govt agencies, but they'd never do that,relax everybody..

WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages link
  • JC (JC080496)

    guardian facebook It's Facebook property. How else do you think they are going to make money.

  • simon harbord (HarbordSimon)

    guardian Anyone who thinks anything on the net is secure is a fool. The problem is people believe the hype from Whatsapp and Facebook.

  • guardian dig deeper please ... poor implementation or a purposeful back door and dissembling by facebook on its existence? #whatapp

  • Giovanni Valle (Gio_Valle8)

    guardian story is horseshit. whispersystems have detailed tech details of this on their blog.Im no facebook fan but this is bad reporting

  • امير الدين (Amir442)

    guardian Joanmarie hi, sorry for asking, but i wonder, since you're developing orca, can you using it without seeing the screen… link

  • bad_guy (live_b4_dying)

    guardian "save thy noodz"--tech commandment

  • Peter Goudy (PeterGoudy)

    guardian Use Brax.me (encrypted and secure) and leave Zuck's apps.

  • The Voice Of Reason (xtvor)

    guardian Facebook collecting data. I'm totally not surprised.

  • Morgan Cox (morgancox_uk)

    guardian Whatsapp been known to be unsafe for a while - Signal is the only one to trust. (aside from setting you your own jabber server)

  • guardian is this true

Why you can not trust a crypto-system where the server does anything crypto-relevant, Episode 23: WhatsApp/Facebook link
  • hmm (vecirex)

    ProtonMail That's also true for you guys: you should be stopping delivering the JavaScript needed for enc-/decryption. / frank_rieger

  • ProtonMail (ProtonMail)

    vecirex frank_rieger Just use ProtonMail on mobile apps. Desktop app support also coming soon.

  • hmm (vecirex)

    ProtonMail frank_rieger The other issue mentioned in the article, that you control which public keys are used, is still unsolved.

  • ProtonMail (ProtonMail)

    vecirex frank_rieger Yes, we have a solution for this which could be ready for public release later this year.

  • hmm (vecirex)

    ProtonMail frank_rieger So, such as to use ProtonMail without any central platform?

  • SpaceSjut (spacesjut)

    frank_rieger guardian Ist das immer Ep. 23 oder gibt's da ein Archiv?

Is anyone actually surprised? // WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages link
WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages link
  • Dub (DubCook)

    guardian I'm a financial supporter of The Guardian...and, for the first time in a while, I'm really disappointed in you guys. (1/2)

  • Dub (DubCook)

    guardian This is little more than poorly written/researched/explained clickbait. (2/2)

  • Mike Chelen (mchelen)

    DubCook guardian in what way is it poorly researched?

  • Dub (DubCook)

    mchelen guardian Researched is not the word I should have used there...

  • Dub (DubCook)

    mchelen guardian ...(and, considering the fact that my quibble is about the appropriate usage of words, I should've been more careful)...

  • Dub (DubCook)

    mchelen guardian ..."Seemingly poorly understood by the reporter" would be a better way of putting it.

  • Dub (DubCook)

    mchelen guardian Let's be clear...I barely understand it, but the word "backdoor" means something very different from...

  • Dub (DubCook)

    mchelen guardian ..."a known issue with any encryption". "Backdoor" insinuates deliberate wrongdoing.

  • Alison (Azeurez)

    guardian Best bit of this story: a dozen security experts dismissed guardian claims it was a bug in #WhatsApp, it's actually a "feature!"

  • Alison (Azeurez)

    Whether you call it a bug, backdoor, or feature, FB can snoop on your messages on #WhatsApp, security experts say "it's working as designed"

  • Christopher (Chris_Bigg)

    guardian Anyone with any knowledge of how encryption works would realise this is a horseshit article. Poor from you guys.

  • guardian I am separately asking whispersystems if this vulnerability affects SignalMessenger, which shares with WhatsApp encryption code

  • Sid (Sid_co_Team)

    guardian Try Sid, the decentralized secure messenger from Germany. link

  • Sid_co_Team guardian In which way(s) is #sidmessenger superior to SignalMessenger from whispersystems ? "Experts" seems to recomm signal

  • Dave Berkeley (daveberkeleyuk)

    . guardian privacytoolsIO Who needs privacy? link

Gizli kalsın istiyorsan whatsup kullanma encryption bile olsa: link
Wire is private, modern communication. Don’t take our word for it — we are open source. #privacymatters link
  • Tina Membe (pepe_le_phew)

    wire Uhh, guys, this article describes a vulnerability that is also present in Wire.

  • Wire (wire)

    pepe_le_phew Not true.

  • Tina Membe (pepe_le_phew)

    wire I just installed Wire on two phones, exchanged messages, reinstalled on one phone, and sent a message from the other. No warning!

  • instantchow (instantchow)

    wire guardian next question, how does wire do this better?

  • SraX HD (SraXHD)

    wire You should know that this isn't a vulnerability. And also, your client is opensource, not the server side

WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages link
It is not just sufficient to encrypt, how to control and protect your keys is most important. link
WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages : link
  • mcmrc1 (mcmrc1)

    binitamshah Mathieulh guardian Its a feature for the NSA, no worry !

  • Sam Wilson (CISCO_UCCX)

    binitamshah guardian I think every comm system has a built in backdoor entry

  • Sam Wilson (CISCO_UCCX)

    binitamshah guardian Nothing is sacred ever!

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