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It has begun! The first wave of my massive NES collection has hit eBay. Spread the word! link
Just one day left to go on a mess of my cool toys and rare NES games. Please bid and spread the word. I like money! link
For the daytime crew: I have another mess of rare toys and NES games (including a proto!) up on eBay. Go bid! link
It's the final push to bid on some of my rare NES games. They're good ones, too! link
  • Addison Webb (RwebbA)

    WhimsicalPhil you going to be selling your more common games?

  • Phil Theobald (WhimsicalPhil)

    RwebbA Eventually, yeah.


    WhimsicalPhil If nobody bids on these does that mean you have to throw them in the trash?

  • Jason C. (setaimx)

    WhimsicalPhil Have any of your rarer games been selling? Curious to know if there are buyers for those items out there.

  • RJ (RJTZ)

    WhimsicalPhil How does DNO differ from a reproduction? Was it a different build that EGM had?

Buncha NES games up on eBay again, including another super rare prototype (Snow Brothers!). link
I'm selling more of my old toys on eBay. Including some (gasp!) MOC Mega Man figures. Bid before I change my mind! link

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