White House discussing asking foreign visitors for social media info and cell phone contacts

Trump administration officials are discussing the possibility of asking foreign visitors to disclose all websites and social media sites they visit, and to share the contacts in their cell phones. If the foreign visitor declines to share such information, he or she could be denied entry. Sources told CNN that the idea is just in the preliminary discussion level.

Goodbye tourism, skilled workers, students ... link
  • JeTKerr (JeTKerr)

    paulkrugman I'm afraid so. I would end all travel and work in US immediately if forced to inform on my/all friends'/colleagues' views.

  • Folkert Wierda (FolkertWierda)

    JeTKerr paulkrugman Same here, no more US traveling until that fascist moron is gone!

  • Bradley Duke (wombatkidd)

    paulkrugman Good thing I already decided not to visit the US for any reason after drumph was elected.

  • Usahibs (usahibs)

    wombatkidd paulkrugman Interesting view. I think Trump assumes people will actually want to keep visiting the United States.

  • Bradley Duke (wombatkidd)

    usahibs As a bisexual I didn't feel comfortable visiting a nation that elected Pence as VP Everything after that has reinforced my decision

  • michelle rogers (mmfrog)

    paulkrugman Impeach now. every day he is destroying America in a way not even 9/11 could do

  • Martin Mois (Martin_A_M)

    paulkrugman my brother lives in Miami and we discussed a visit later this year. Cancelled.

  • paulkrugman Under NH state law, it is illegal for an employer to demand this from an employee.

  • paulkrugman Goodbye people flying via US to get to other places, so goodbye airlines

  • davecl42 paulkrugman yep I'm a Canadian who flies out of Buffalo cause its closer No more

  • sismondo (sismondo)

    paulkrugman When will this be labeled economic terrorism?

  • Ken Cox (KenCox)

    paulkrugman The prospect of being interrogated over my Tweets unnerves me as a Canadian. May cancel my Florida trip next month.

  • Stephane' Bouffant (TTTTASTY)

    KenCox please don't we'd love to have you here

  • |_ë$líê (LariskaPargitay)

    paulkrugman Shimmering79 how long until American citizens are asked what's on their social media? "It says here you're with her, get on

  • paulkrugman Incredible... A police state in the making...

  • Julie Weise (JulieWeise)

    paulkrugman as economist can u explain why markets love trump despite havoc he will wreak on economy? I don't get it.

  • Joe Torres (JoeBox77)

    JulieWeise paulkrugman that will change tomorrow.

White House discussing asking foreign visitors for social media info and cell phone contacts link
  • starshine (starshine9160)

    jaketapper Good grief, where and when is this insanity going to end?? Trump's turning the U.S. into Nazi Germany!! IMPEACH TRUMP NOW!!

  • Nasty Vicki (ColorInFusion)

    starshine9160 jaketapper actually President Bannon is, Trump is a puppet being run by Bannon.

  • starshine (starshine9160)

    ColorInFusion jaketapper And they're all being run by the Russians. Even more reason to impeach Trump and get rid of them all.

  • tedbird (tedbird)

    jaketapper And we'd like to see your tax returns Mr. President

  • depp (Nole4life02)

    tedbird jaketapper I wonder if you cried for Americans who lost jobs and houses like you do for immigrants from nations that hate us

  • Nole4life02 tedbird jaketapper Yeah, same thing. link

  • jaketapper This is absolute insanity and the silence from our Congressional leaders is deafening.

  • archie alegre (balanced123)

    walterbiscardi jaketapper My NY guy is stepping up in a few ways. I've seen Sanders too

  • Mayda (Tamaqui)

    jaketapper Timothy McVeigh- Oklahoma, Adam Lanza-Conn, Dylan Roof-SC, will white Christian men have to give their social & cell phone info

  • jaketapper Installing a Blogger to oversee National Security and a son-in-law with no experience? That’s dangerous to all Americans

  • William Treuting (BTTNOLA)

    walterbiscardi jaketapper what exactly was Ben Rhodes' Natl Security credentials?

  • BTTNOLA jaketapper Exactly what does Bannon know that Depts. of Intelligence and Military do not know?

  • William Treuting (BTTNOLA)

    walterbiscardi jaketapper answer the question?

  • BTTNOLA jaketapper Nope, different situation. Joint Chiefs and Intelligence were removed. What does Bannon bring that they don’t?

  • William Treuting (BTTNOLA)

    walterbiscardi did some reading. The NSC has been reorged a # of times. Trump brought more policy wonks. DNI and CJCS members as needed.

  • Lee Cox (legaleagle48)

    BTTNOLA Who are not qualified for the job either by training or by experience. You wouldn't just hire a CEO off the street, would you?

  • ChugiakTea (ChugiakTea)

    legaleagle48 BTTNOLA Bannon was a naval officer and very successful business man. More experienced than Rhodes, by far. Read first.

  • aaron (Blahaaron)

    jaketapper this would keep me from visiting the US.

  • Jen C (Jen__Again)

    Blahaaron jaketapper I'm a white Cdn citizen and even I decided Nov 8 that I'm done with travel to US. Tourism hit will be remarkable.

UNREAL! Trump wants foreign visitors to disclose all websites they visit & share the contacts in their cell phones. link
  • tparsi tawaksham Just give them your iCloud / Google account in advance and let them restore from a blank phone. Express customs clearance

  • Steve (illiteratum)

    tparsi DrPsyBuffy Tell you what Don; we just won't fucking visit. We'll spend our tourist money elsewhere.

  • Wanderson Marçal (wanmarcal)

    tparsi 1984 here we go...

  • MG (MikeGibbons_MG)

    tparsi 2016Guitarman US tourist industry about to be culled #job losses

  • Robert Carlsson (Tretton80)

    MikeGibbons_MG tparsi 2016Guitarman Yea. I planned to go to the USA for skiing some time. I'll probably go to Iran instead.

  • RocknTroll (RocknTroll5)

    tparsi Mike_P_Williams UNreal Obama bails out hedgefund and the MSM and snowflakes say nothing link

  • Per Ola Wennefors (wennefors)

    tparsi Better to ask him to reveal his tax returns and shady business contacts around the world.

  • Fort Worth Cajun (big_mac_504)

    tparsi DrPsyBuffy How the hell would they implement and enforce something like this? To say nothing of the fact there are 100 ways around.

  • big_mac_504 tparsi Right--it's meant more to scare & intimidate.

  • gardengirl (zgardengirl)

    tparsi coupled with signs of being a sociopath (again IMHO). But I'm not a psychologist... just a concerned American

  • gardengirl (zgardengirl)

    navgirl63 IMPL0RABLE Impeach_D_Trump He should not be running the Country!

  • fieryshadows (fieryshadows1)

    tparsi There goes tourism, if it weren't dead already after all this. Plenty of other places to visit in the world.

  • RocknTroll (RocknTroll5)

    fieryshadows1 tparsi I'll be visiting now Trump won.

  • fieryshadows (fieryshadows1)

    RocknTroll5 tparsi good for you, you'll have the place all to yourself.

  • Michael Hubrich (mrhubrich)

    tparsi xeni nothing will make them feel more like a US citizen then forfeiting their privacy in the name of freedom…..

  • Looking for a  ? (crax99)

    tparsi reds1863 that could get awkward link

  • tparsi peterbrownbarra I warned my granddaughter about this move a week ago so she decided NOT to holiday in Florida.

  • janimal (jan1mal)

    tparsi Something tells me the number of willing visitors to the US will be dramatically falling from now on anyway. #resist

  • Chooglin (Chooglin1)

    tparsi ODeeCS I already signed up just to beat the rush link

アメリカへ入国する外国人に、ソーシャルメディアや携帯の情報を提供させる案をトランプが検討中、とのニュース。2017年とは思えない。「1984年」である。 link
  • Ayako (oberon_metatron)

    KazuhiroSoda Yonge_Finch 提供用のアカウント作ってしまえば終わるような気もしますが…そうもいかないのかな…

  • ssrqmil (ssrqmil)

    KazuhiroSoda aojimami1 立て続けに挑発してるな。 何を企んでるのか。

Foreign visitors to the U.S. may be asked for their social media info and cell phone contacts, jaketapper reports. link
  • Jamil Smith (JamilSmith)

    An administration serious about protecting Americans isn't frisking foreign visitors for contact information and their Facebook pages.

  • JamilSmith jennybent jaketapper Just foreign visitors? What's next? Citizens? No freedom. No liberty. Totalitarian State. #ResistTrump

  • JamilSmith juliaioffe jaketapper North Korea has a similar set up - hand your phone over for safekeeping at the border.

  • JamilSmith jaketapper some in fact have already had that info demanded. Republicans

  • andrea nicole (cudawudapica)

    JamilSmith jaketapper but any lunatic can get their hands on an assault rifle and it's no big deal.

  • JamilSmith jaketapper they were already looking through their social media accounts on their phones.

  • JamilSmith juliaioffe jaketapper CBP already does this, remember you can be turned away for any reason from the border.

  • jennie wales (jenniewales1)

    JamilSmith jaketapper that something putin would ask for. He is getting those ideas from his boyfriend

  • Justin Cormack (justincormack)

    JamilSmith jaketapper the ESTA form already asks now (which must have been added pre Trump)

  • Shyama Llama (MedievalPhDemon)

    . JamilSmith jaketapper link

  • eliya gwetta (puzmi)

    JamilSmith juliaioffe jaketapper to be honest they already ask for similar information.

  • eliya gwetta (puzmi)

    JamilSmith juliaioffe jaketapper when I came here on a tourist visa I had to give the names, addresses, and phone numbers of 3 US friends

  • eliya gwetta (puzmi)

    JamilSmith juliaioffe jaketapper I also had to account for where I'll reside throughout my stay (address + phone)

  • eliya gwetta (puzmi)

    JamilSmith juliaioffe jaketapper I'm not saying it's OK to ask for phone contacts and social media, but it's relatively marginal

  • eliya gwetta (puzmi)

    JamilSmith juliaioffe jaketapper it's already so hard to come to this country, even just to visit. The ban makes it so much worse

  • eliya gwetta (puzmi)

    JamilSmith juliaioffe jaketapper they also take your fingerprints when you apply for a tourist visa. Then again when you enter the US

  • eliya gwetta (puzmi)

    JamilSmith juliaioffe jaketapper I haven't been to a lot of other countries, but none of them asked for fingerprints, or even a visa

  • Adri Martens (adrimartens)

    JamilSmith juliaioffe jaketapper Who wants to go to Paranoid Country??

This is beyond ridiculous. If this will become policy for entering the U.S. I am out, no more visits. #Trump link
  • . andersostlund Same. I refuse to hand over my social media.

  • . andersostlund This is certainly not the way to 'make America great again'. In contrast, it's a sure way of bringing America into disrepute

  • Brett W (Honoreye69)

    andersostlund throwing bricks from the balcony is an easy way 2 achieve power & now these clowns think that's how everything works.

  • andersostlund he's doing what he said. Nothing more.

  • andersostlund metaquest I don't plan to visit either - and I live here!

  • marlyn ditommaso (notuggs)

    andersostlund CaptBattleborn As sad as I am to say this, an international boycott is appropriate here. Actions have consequence, Mr Trump

  • Angela Oswald (atoswald)

    andersostlund what I wouldn't give to have your options. My sincerest apologies to the world for this #trumptastrophe we will #resist

  • Vlad Stelmahovsky (vladest_)

    andersostlund looks like yanukovich regime. trump should ask for apartments in Rostov in ahead

  • paul elledge (microbear1)

    andersostlund how can I join you! Hook me up with a visa, I'll ask for political asylum.

  • cynthia collier (brocanteuse)

    andersostlund The irony would be if the Trump hotels saw a loss in revenue and all of US tourism. Loss is all they care about not justice.

  • cynthia collier (brocanteuse)

    andersostlund Finger wiping for gun powder, etc while men pass through without bother..not looking forward to next flight abroad.

  • cynthia collier (brocanteuse)

    andersostlund I wouldn't come here either but wondering what I'll have to go through when I travel abroad. 4 the past 12 yrs full body scan

  • Mrs. Whatsit (MrsWhatsit1)

    andersostlund I don't blame you - I wouldn't come here either now that Cheeto Hitler and his Nazi goons are in charge.

  • ungadjo (ungadjo1)

    andersostlund Phostir Can you imagine what's on #AgentOrange's computer? He won't show his taxes much less his secret videos: link

  • andersostlund And after 9/11 we thought the racial profiling at airports was bad. I can't believe we've fallen so far so fast.

  • lynn cook (lynncook6)

    andersostlund AKimCampbell I'm beginning to think the same

  • Bradleydun (SaukFish)

    andersostlund Bannon’s sickness is that this reaction is precisely what he’s hoping to get.

  • Mushtek (MushtekN)

    andersostlund Common, more hell!

  • andersostlund don’t they already have this?!

New: WH discussing asking foreign visitors for social media info & cell phone contacts or deny entry - jaketapper link
  • William Campbell (rancheroo2)

    jimsciutto EnigmaNetxx jaketapper Why does Trump show us each document after he signs it. Is it to prove he knows how to sign his name?

  • creoletbone (creoletbone)

    rancheroo2 jimsciutto EnigmaNetxx jaketapper Kindergarteners. "Show and Tell"

  • EnigMaa (EnigmaNetxx)

    creoletbone rancheroo2 jimsciutto jaketapper POWER Trippin'

  • Andrew Howson (Howson_Halifax)

    jimsciutto redcoathistory jaketapper They can stick their country, will go to a welcoming one instead.

  • Howson_Halifax jimsciutto jaketapper yes my thoughts too frankly. Immigration there was intimidating before this, now must be horrific

  • KeyserSozeBro (KeyserSozeBro1)

    jimsciutto jaketapper I'm no lawyer, but isn't that outside of the language & scope of the EO?Request is overbroad.Anyone the expert here?

  • KeyserSozeBro (KeyserSozeBro1)

    jimsciutto jaketapper This seems like a dirty bomb around the due process they tried, & failed, to frame in the EO. Just agitate & expel?

  • Alonzo (AlonzoHudkinsiv)

    jimsciutto jaketapper Impeach Trump before he destroys freedom.

  • Pam Solomon (shortpam)

    jimsciutto jaketapper Violation of human rights?!!

  • PJB617 (Octobergirl8A)

    jimsciutto jaketapper my social media would never allow me in this country if what they are looking at has to do with loyalty to Trump.

  • marypg keating (marypgkeating)

    jimsciutto jaketapper they already asked them yesterday according to reports?

  • jimsciutto jaketapper reports coming through that it's already happening

  • Ronald Garlit (The_Ron)

    jimsciutto julielerman jaketapper at least they'll ask. Unlike previous two administrations

  • Get him out (BrentRowland8)

    jimsciutto jaketapper trump is literally hitler reincarnated.

  • tim jackson (timj50)

    BrentRowland8 jimsciutto jaketapper yep the full hitler.And what does the UK PM do.Basically sucks his c..k. This is scary.Fascism

  • Get him out (BrentRowland8)

    timj50 jimsciutto jaketapper it's scary.

  • Alexander Spady (Spady2013)

    jimsciutto jaketapper I hope they don't think this is going to solve anything.

  • jimsciutto jaketapper oh, tourist will be flocking to the US.

  • David (vermiciouskid)

    jimsciutto jaketapper this doesn't stack up with the hiring freeze, that's for sure

Visitors to the US may be required to provide all of their phone contacts, web history, and social media sites. link
  • King Dugg (KingDugg)

    brianklaas fgr62 deletes browser history

  • PlasmaGirl (fgr62)

    KingDugg brianklaas *considers doing the same ...*

  • CrazyArse (crazymoobark)

    fgr62 KingDugg brianklaas won't be visiting whilst twat is POTUS so doesn't matter

  • Corrina (JuicyCorriander)

    crazymoobark fgr62 KingDugg brianklaas not that I'm likely to go, but think a simple old Nokia type will be only thing I took with me

  • King Dugg (KingDugg)

    JuicyCorriander crazymoobark fgr62 brianklaas will you smuggle it in?it's hard to swallow that size of phone. Or will you not swallow it

  • Corrina (JuicyCorriander)

    KingDugg crazymoobark fgr62 brianklaas those things could only store about 20 numbers and 10 texts, they'll not get much info from it

  • Steve (stevebristoluk)

    brianklaas junesarpong they gonna ban anyone thats said a bad thing about trump on social media then

  • Michael Volpe (NoisyMV)

    stevebristoluk brianklaas junesarpong That is essentially what it is yes.

  • Steve (stevebristoluk)

    NoisyMV brianklaas junesarpong The guy is paranoid for sure

  • Digger Gigger (dgmicro)

    brianklaas LePlanRex I'm not setting foot inside US until you guys come 2your senses &get back 2'normal'.I'd go 2Canada or Mexico instead!

  • brianklaas TonyBarrett and this would surely only bother you if you were a criminal? Although I'm in favour of mandatory DNA logs too.

  • Michael Volpe (NoisyMV)

    Mr_CallumWright brianklaas TonyBarrett You would, obviously, think like this. You have been duped and had your paranoia justified.

  • Toddy in Europe (toddy19)

    brianklaas AuldGrannie That will be the American tourist industry decimated then. Who would go on holiday there now?

  • Debra (Debra_McGill)

    brianklaas tiv_w DEPLORABLE!!

  • Jane Gilbert (msjanebond007)

    brianklaas jacquep what about their tax returns?

  • Scott (Scottie1797)

    brianklaas dgmicro Then I won't be visiting..

  • Tony Vadasz (Tumblejockey)

    brianklaas Hmm, it'd be Canada or Mexico, if I were minded to have transatlantic holiday for the next 4 years. I'm far too liberal.

  • super spurs (boggis_mark)

    brianklaas TonyBarrett never step inside USA again !!

  • brianklaas hallonsa link

  • Arsenal Nexus (ArsenalNexus)

    brianklaas TonyBarrett This won't happen.

WH discussing asking foreign visitors for social media info, phone contacts. Could be denied entry if they refuse. link
  • Rodrigo Homsi (RThomsi)

    HalaGorani It's time to call him what he really is: Fascist

  • HalaGorani how to decimate US tourist industry

  • Vinod Amalsadia (VAmalsadia)

    HalaGorani people dont travel to America.

  • Antje Freudenberg (Mycopoftea)

    HalaGorani MapleleafCameo my contacts are safe. No visit in the US for me for at least 4 years.

  • Mycopoftea HalaGorani Hugs to all who need to visit the US :(

  • Louise Kelly (LouiseK20625455)

    HalaGorani I'll show trump my telephone activity when he shows the world his tax returns. #NoBanNoWall

  • HalaGorani and we'd all better pray the #ACLU has our backs when WE are asked to do the same under the guise of national security. #1984

  • PK ? (pkellyshock)

    HalaGorani remember when we found out Obama's NSA was doing this in secret to all American citizens stateside? Stop being hypocrites !

  • Samir ADKZ (samirADKZ)

    HalaGorani That's right thing cause what is being said in social media describes the real thoughts and radicalization if exists.

  • Yigal Lupo (LupoYigal)

    HalaGorani Only being mentally ill can explain the executive order that have no sense.

  • Yigal Lupo (LupoYigal)

    HalaGorani Normal people are looking for normal reasons. Mental illness can be more reasonable. Who the US can send this poor ill man out

  • jeff roberts (jeffrey1962)

    HalaGorani so that will work people will just make a new page and delete contacts on their phone

  • Jerome Swartz (Matrixdot)

    HalaGorani divide and conquer

  • Jacob Rhea (JacobRhea101)

    HalaGorani Isn't this how our Govt has gotten their best info AFTER most attacks?

  • Michael Glünz (mfzh)

    HalaGorani wblau That's exactly what East Germany's Stasi would have done back in the 80s.

  • Joey Danahy (cup_of_joey_)

    HalaGorani IsomRig I actually don't have a problem with this. Text me bruh!

  • smaty (soummatt)

    HalaGorani HVaughanJones Well if it gets me to Vegas I don't mind #nothingtohide

Whoa: link
  • Scott Wiener (Scott_Wiener)

    sama "Whoa" is definitely the right reaction, as is "I understand why 1984 is sold out."

  • Adam McLane (mclanea)

    sama this is standard when going through secondary screening worldwide, including the US. Has been for a long, long time.

  • Adriano (AdrianoCarmezim)

    sama whoa? they do ask already as an "optional" but you better show cooperation. Most americans are oblivious about how immi. works in US

  • evanlong (evanlong)

    . sama NSA should know already. Why ask?

  • Andrés San José (ansanjose)

    sama I was going to LA for some lectures ar UCLA but now seems doubtful if I will be allowed in if that proves true

  • VP (vincent_porta)

    No different than Obama's immig restriction on Iraq and Venezuela... sama Bad now because #MuhParty

  • Mohammad Shaddad (MohammadSH)

    sama How about we just give them our passwords in advance?

  • Rutger (rutgeri)

    sama all foreign visitors eh? Guess i wont be coming round for a while, at least not until the #usa gets their shit back together

  • ahmed (AhmedElmurtada)

    sama privacy !!!!!!!!!

  • Alireza Ali (alirezaali)

    sama this is already happening according to the detained folks from yesterday.

  • Monika C. Trebo (mctrebo)

    sama Will be "great" for tourism and service industries which benefit from tourism.

  • Sean (inthenightshot)

    sama What would be the point of asking people for things they already know about them? Is that like a double bluff? You know that anyway!

  • Taimur (TaimurAbdaal)

    sama happened to me in "secondary screening" at JFK last year - asked for fb, twitter, insta, whatsapp usernames. happened to a friend too

  • Raul Ricozzi (raulricozzi)

    sama Trump would better not look at my twitter!

  • Amey Chaugule (asc89)

    sama they done so before at border during secondary screenings.

  • Tim Gleason (tim_g314)

    sama insane!

  • Pamnado (mamagoals)

    sama wtf? The word "doom" comes to mind.

  • Lisa Shapiro (lashapiro30)

    sama POTUS a life saver when it comes to The communications between real Bandits of a terror list .

  • Lisa Shapiro (lashapiro30)

    sama I Could of been killed along with my late son had he not survived A medical Trauma.We would of been at that Party,Thus I believe it's

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