Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump

The Electoral College is supposed to determine if a candidate is qualified to be president. Mr. Trump has not met its standards.

I can not, nor will I, cast my ballot for Donald Trump. My nytimes nytopinion: link #ElectoralCollege
  • Kristen Kurtis (kristenkurtis)

    TheChrisSuprun THANK YOU for being brave & strong enough to speak the truth and do the right thing. I hope you're inspiring other electors.

  • kristenkurtis My strength comes from the outpouring of support from people like you across this country.

  • bleachmomma (bleachmomma)

    TheChrisSuprun kristenkurtis And you bank deposits from Soros

  • bleachmomma kristenkurtis Question...if I'm taking Soros money why do I drive a used VW? Keep your #FakeNews

  • Lamer Gamer (LamerGamer44)

    TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion It's not your job to vote for who you want. It's your obligation to vote for who your people want.

  • sari kamin (sarikamin)

    LamerGamer44 TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion exactly. And the people chose HillaryClinton by over 2.5 million votes.

  • Lamer Gamer (LamerGamer44)

    sarikamin TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion HillaryClinton That's great and all but he's a Texas elector. Texas voted Trump.

  • sari kamin (sarikamin)

    LamerGamer44 TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion HillaryClinton but he loves his country and he's not willing to elect a demagogue.

  • Lamer Gamer (LamerGamer44)

    sarikamin TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion Fantastic. He's not representing his people. And don't tag that treasonist.

  • LamerGamer44 sarikamin TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion uh. You need to read up on the electoral college. He's doing his duty.

  • Lamer Gamer (LamerGamer44)

    molly_knight sarikamin Considering it's illegal to be a faithless elector in half the states, I don't think you quite understand yourself.

  • Why don't you withdraw like others have and allow someone who will vote the will of their neighbors? TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion

  • Oh right, that might not get you published in NYT TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion

  • Brad Helms (cbhelms1961)

    CassandraRules TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion Chris when you were akid and were losing in baseball did you take your ball and go home

  • Mike Mason (mmasonesq)

    cbhelms1961 CassandraRules TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion Suprun's retribution after his lunch money was taken one too many times.

  • Brad Helms (cbhelms1961)

    mmasonesq CassandraRules TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion attention seeking drama queen. Looking for a 20sec. Blurb in inside edition

  • Mike Mason (mmasonesq)

    cbhelms1961 CassandraRules TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion Could not agree more. Suprun would last zero seconds in The Marines.

  • Brad Helms (cbhelms1961)

    mmasonesq CassandraRules TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion I think his water would break before he got to the yellow footprints! LMAO

  • Mike Mason (mmasonesq)

    cbhelms1961 CassandraRules TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion Hilarious!!

I owe the Founding Fathers my best with my #ElectoralCollege ballot. My nytimes nytopinion: link #ElectoralCollege
  • TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion your 15 mins of fame will back fire huge - its called blowback. enjoy!

  • Emil Weston (ExpiringArt)

    fsxrekal TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion why are the fascist trump supporters crying about this? It's only one elector. Won't change

  • ExpiringArt TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion "facist" << lol the reason why Trump won identity politics. Bye Black Box.

  • Emil Weston (ExpiringArt)

    fsxrekal TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion there's nothing wrong w/ fascism it's popular ppl dig it trump is a clear authoritarian tho. link

  • ExpiringArt TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion lol

  • hollowman777 (hollowman777)

    TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion my question is what is the point in voting if the electors can vote any way that they choose to?

  • hollowman777 TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion They take an oath. Chris is not a man of his word. He's a dishonorable liar.

  • hollowman777 (hollowman777)

    SurburbanCowboy TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion I would like to hear from him that if he can switch like he did why anyone should vote

  • hollowman777 TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion I'd like to hear why he suddenly got an agent.

  • hollowman777 (hollowman777)

    SurburbanCowboy TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion I did notice his earlier posts supporting Trump. You suspect this is about publicity?

  • IamMe (PrecociousLass)

    hollowman777 SurburbanCowboy TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion That and maybe a sudden cash flow from Soros/Stein/Clintons.

  • PrecociousLass hollowman777 TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion The IRS should flag him for an audit.

  • TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion Looks like this is a recent change for you. Enjoying the spotlight? Got paid off? You are a disgrace link

  • Rosetay87 TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion That does raise serious flags. What made him break his oath? Tweets? Pathetic.

  • SurburbanCowboy TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion He's a follower not a leader, so easily persuaded. Wonder what it took. Prob money

  • A ??F ??P (afatalpapercut)

    RoseTay87 SurburbanCowboy TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion His media relations is a Van Jones company link

  • afatalpapercut RoseTay87 Dollars to donuts, TheChrisSuprun didn't even write it. PR agencies ghost write op-eds for clients all the time

  • scarlet13 (scarlet13fire)

    TheChrisSuprun nytimes nytopinion You are a traitor to the Texan voters!!!!!!

  • PMA (ModPwg)

    scarlet13fire call the texasgop at 512-766-4597 Texans deserve to have their voted cashed not his vote casted.He voted his on Election Day

  • Robin Davani (RobinDavani)

    ModPwg RivalThoughts scarlet13fire TexasGOP Wonder what it was worth to him? What's the going rate 4 selling out your country? Traitor.

  • scarlet13 (scarlet13fire)

    RobinDavani ModPwg RivalThoughts TexasGOP His Soul to the Devil #faithless

  • Robin Davani (RobinDavani)

    scarlet13fire ModPwg RivalThoughts TexasGOP Yes, hes traded his soul for some worldly goods. Hell will be overflowing with the faithless

  • RobinDavani scarlet13fire ModPwg RivalThoughts TexasGOP He traded his soul for this: link

  • Robin Davani (RobinDavani)

    mesiaindo scarlet13fire ModPwg RivalThoughts TexasGOP Also enforces my belief that every day we let Obama stay in office brings more BS

I am a Republican presidential elector now asked to cast a vote for someone who shows daily he is not qualified link
  • NYT Opinion (nytopinion)

    I watch Trump fail to unite America and drive a wedge between us link

  • NYT Opinion (nytopinion)

    Trump does not encourage civil discourse, but chooses to stoke fear and create outrage link

  • NYT Opinion (nytopinion)

    Trump shows us again and again that he does not meet these standards link

  • NYT Opinion (nytopinion)

    I owe no debt to a party. I owe a debt to my children to leave them a nation they can trust. link

  • NYT Opinion (nytopinion)

    Hamilton reminded us that a president cannot be a demagogue link

  • NYT Opinion (nytopinion)

    The election of the next president is not yet a done deal link

  • NYT Opinion (nytopinion)

    The Electoral College is supposed to determine if a candidate is qualified. Trump has not met its standards link

  • Doug (dlrn64)

    nytopinion BernsteinJacob nytimes ridiculous and idiotic. The elector isn't supposed to vote for HIS preference, but who the ppl voted 4

  • dlrn64 nytopinion nytimes That's a fair argument. But the electoral college also seems to have a built in safety switch, seldom used.

  • Doug (dlrn64)

    BernsteinJacob nytopinion nytimes Explain this please. Show me something in the Constitution.

  • DJM (dceagle11)

    nytopinion nytimes This man has more courage and integrity than anyone in the Republican Party right now.

  • 3 Paw Pundit (3pawpundit)

    nytopinion Not respecting vote of your state is wrong. Just as I lived through the monstrosity that is Obama, you too will survive this!

  • Wil Gentry (wilable70)

    3pawpundit nytopinion Says you. Many of us aren't nearly as confident as you about the Orange Troll not destroying us all.

  • 3 Paw Pundit (3pawpundit)

    wilable70 nytopinion Well, just as I had to accept things when Obama won, we shall all find out together how a Trump presidency works out.

  • Wil Gentry (wilable70)

    3pawpundit nytopinion I just wish I didn't have to experience the horrors to come with you. I need an extradimensional doorway.

  • 3 Paw Pundit (3pawpundit)

    wilable70 nytopinion Sad that liberals aren't even offering the same chance to Trump as I was expected to do for Obama. So hypocritical

  • Wil Gentry (wilable70)

    3pawpundit nytopinion Umm...you do realize that conservatives never gave Obama a chance, so aren't we ALL a bunch of hypocrites?

  • 3 Paw Pundit (3pawpundit)

    wilable70 nytopinion I don't recall whining & tantrums before he even took office. Everybody is passionate about their candidate tho :)

  • Eric Guice (eguice01)

    3pawpundit wilable70 nytopinion You dont recall, really. link

Texas Republican elector says he will refuse to cast his electoral vote for Donald Trump. link
  • Matt Pearce (mattdpearce)

    That's quite the final paragraph, from a Texas elector who responded as a firefighter during 9/11. linklink

  • Ann Marie Mewherter (amm10021)

    mattdpearce summerbrennan if the electors don't vote HRC, it's a vote for trump. Everyone realizes that, right?

  • Summer Brennan (summerbrennan)

    amm10021 mattdpearce No, that's not how it goes.

  • Ann Marie Mewherter (amm10021)

    summerbrennan mattdpearce so no one gets 270, it goes to the house right? Controlled by GOP. they'll put in Trump. 'Protest' nullified.

  • Mariano Marx (MarianoMarx_)

    amm10021 summerbrennan Or the house picks Kasich. Plus, D electors are going to vote for Kasich hoping 38 gop electors vote for him too.

  • Ann Marie Mewherter (amm10021)

    MarianoMarx_ summerbrennan Well a normal republican wld certainly b better than Trump. But I have 0 faith that that's what GOP would do.

  • Mariano Marx (MarianoMarx_)

    amm10021 From what I have read Colorado Dems started the movement. They all vote for Kasich, convince all Dems to vote for him + 38 Rs.

  • Ann Marie Mewherter (amm10021)

    MarianoMarx_ Well good luck to them. Kasich over Trump is a win.

  • amy abernathy (gagirlames)

    mattdpearce You are bound to cast your vote, that is part of the peaceful transistion of Power that Hillary said was nescscary.

  • ally_kat (bgardnerfanclub)

    gagirlames mattdpearce If there wasn't an element of choice involved there wouldn't be an electoral vote, it wouldn't exist.

  • amy abernathy (gagirlames)

    bgardnerfanclub mattdpearce They are bound to give the vote for there area after the election has taken place.

  • ally_kat (bgardnerfanclub)

    gagirlames The system is a part of the checks and balances of the electorate. Rep can disagree w the ppl's choice. That's why it exists

  • OMA (bigo206509)

    bgardnerfanclub gagirlames it's a safeguard against stupid voters, never has it been more necessary

  • amy abernathy (gagirlames)

    bigo206509 bgardnerfanclub That is the Hillary supoerters being sore losers. There are laws on the books to punish electors that do not

  • gagirlames bigo206509 bgardnerfanclub This isn't about being sore losers! This isn't a JV Football game it's Democracy! Trump is UNFIT!

  • Bruss Bowman (brussbowman)

    mattdpearce sspencer_smb Think he wont be the only one. Yet Cheeto will still get his 270+

  • Steven Spencer (sspencer_smb)

    brussbowman mattdpearce it was a thoughtful article. would be nice to see at least a handful of others...

  • Bruss Bowman (brussbowman)

    sspencer_smb mattdpearce Yes, thought provoking and well done. Just poking a little fun at you Penn guys. #WhereIsMyBlazer

  • Marta (martapejm)

    mattdpearce nytimes guy's a hero. Plus he knows what the FF'S envisioned as the role of the EC.

  • Jamie Weis (Skamama01)

    mattdpearce elle_tb15 Awesome! Now will you please knock some sense into other Texas electors before they jumpstart WWlll & kill us all?

A Texas elector makes the case against Trump, based on a simple, three-part charge in the Federalist papers. link
  • Brian Johnson (BJGraydens)

    JoyAnnReid Goal of EC to ensure representation of all states. Without EC this cycle, industrial heartland disenfranchised by california.

  • BJGraydens JoyAnnReid Um...no.

  • Brian Johnson (BJGraydens)

    sirenshampoo JoyAnnReid Um...Yeah.

  • BJGraydens JoyAnnReid EC is completely unbalanced, out of date. Only disenfranchisement is of voters in densely pop. areas. 1p1v

  • BJGraydens JoyAnnReid My vote shouldn't count for less than someone in a state with more cows than people.

  • Brian Johnson (BJGraydens)

    sirenshampoo JoyAnnReid Respect your opinion, but founders knew big states would come to dominate small states. Hence EC. Also Senate.

  • BJGraydens JoyAnnReid EC is an outdated method enshrined on a slave document. If 1p1v then its nthng to w states(or slaves), but people.

  • Brian Johnson (BJGraydens)

    sirenshampoo JoyAnnReid Origins matter but 1p1v can lead to tyranny of majority over minority. Federalism designed mechanisms to mitigate

  • David R. Strong (drschaos)

    JoyAnnReid vanorsdale72 He should be allowed to vote for HRC even if he totally disagrees with her merely because she is qualified.

  • drschaos JoyAnnReid vanorsdale72 Pick a qualified GOP candidate that is moderate in his beliefs. JohnKasich Or hell even McCain works.

  • JoyAnnReid This is a well reasoned argument and should encourage other electors to vote in the country's true best interests.

  • Pat Ryan (Raytap1)

    HeidiLiFeldman JoyAnnReid it should at the very least kick off the debate about EC vs Pop vote. Need a better system. Almost 3 mil votes!!

  • GloriaSeattle (NightShade10)

    JoyAnnReid excellent paper

  • Jean-Michel Ormand (jmichelo)

    JoyAnnReid AnOldLefty I'm a disabled senior/veteran & have tears after reading this article/People of conscience,step forward & protect us

  • ginny (gc4ginger)

    JoyAnnReid nytimes Hamilton laid it out! The electors have permission of the founding fathers to do the right thing!

  • Waukesha GOP (WaukeshaGOP)

    JoyAnnReid What made a 1st term senator who spent most of his 1st term running for president qualified? Yes he did read a teleprompter well

  • Stephanie Myers (smyers6969)

    WaukeshaGOP JoyAnnReid Did u even read the article? It's not about lack of experience.

  • Jen Rice (jenverified)

    JoyAnnReid nytimes rel="nofollow" target="_blank">link

Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump, via nytimes link
Mad respect. Also, stay safe, faithless electors. link
  • Robert Sumner (RobertGSumner)

    ChuckWendig Let's stop calling them "faithless". They're faithful to America.

  • Chuck Wendig (ChuckWendig)

    RobertGSumner True, though it accurately notes a lack of faith in the president elect.

  • Robert Sumner (RobertGSumner)

    ChuckWendig John Q. Public will hear "faithless" and think they're satan worshippers.

  • Reef Blastbody (FranticSnail)

    ChuckWendig Yeah, I really wish they'd do this in stealth mode. On 12/19 just give the country an early "Happy Holidays" present.

  • Chuck Wendig (ChuckWendig)

    FranticSnail Though it might send a message to the other electors.

  • Reef Blastbody (FranticSnail)

    ChuckWendig True. But I would just LOVE to see Trump and his followers gobsmacked like sane people were on 11/8.

  • David Torske (DavidTorske)

    Idk, ignoring the votes in your state bc "I know better" is fraught w/ problems too. ChuckWendig summerbrennan nytimes

  • EWhite (Ekwhiteslo)

    DavidTorske ChuckWendig summerbrennan nytimes This is the point of the EC though, otherwise why have them actually vote at all?

  • David Torske (DavidTorske)

    2. What makes you think HRC would even accept that result? She is not advocating it. Ekwhiteslo ChuckWendig summerbrennan nytimes

  • Cory Thorp (Coryscant)

    DavidTorske Ekwhiteslo ChuckWendig summerbrennan nytimes Not even a protest vote. He recommends they line behind Kasich.

  • EWhite (Ekwhiteslo)

    Coryscant DavidTorske ChuckWendig summerbrennan Kasich>Trump, and I'm a dyed in the wool Dem.

  • Cory Thorp (Coryscant)

    Ekwhiteslo DavidTorske ChuckWendig summerbrennan I certainly won't disagree

  • Agathawise (agathawise)

    ChuckWendig WhiteTrashGal nytimes ALL electors should understood how dangerous this clueless self-serving fraud is #MakeAmericaSafeAgain

  • Elena LaVictoire (mrsL)

    ChuckWendig nytopinion Now that he's admitted it he should just step down since he can't in do the job he is supposed to do

  • ChuckWendig MaryRobinette Many are already getting death threats. It’s horrible.

  • PennyDreadful (Sixpynce)

    ChuckWendig nytimes I'm a Democrat but Suprun's article is the first spark of hope I've felt since I cried myself to sleep election night.

  • Chris Hobbs (ChrisJavasnob)

    ChuckWendig johnpavlovitz whelp, that's one, much respect, but that's just one.

  • Karen Sargent (ksarge07)

    ChuckWendig He is a brave man. I respect the hell out of him.

  • Sey (dagobruh)

    ChuckWendig nytimes gotta love that starwars #RogueOne shout out.

Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump link
  • AndreaChalupa Kasich being floated as a Plan B by Hamilton Electors. It's a compromise but I think for me one I can live with. Thoughts?

  • Nasty Babe (ELLENRgtbabe)

    nadinevdVelde AndreaChalupa Hillary won. Boom!

  • ELLENRgtbabe AndreaChalupa Agree fully Ellen but if it gets to December 19 and the choice is Kasich or Trump. Would you still say HRC?

  • Nasty Babe (ELLENRgtbabe)

    nadinevdVelde AndreaChalupa Kasich but I'm sick over the voter fraud. Padded votes, broken seals on machines, more votes than voters. WTF

  • ELLENRgtbabe AndreaChalupa I'm with you. Enraged is my daily mood. I don't love Kasich. Way too conservative but not a psychopathic despot

  • Nasty Babe (ELLENRgtbabe)

    nadinevdVelde AndreaChalupa I won't settle for less than #AuditTheVote I will do everything I can to help out. This is not a rep

  • AndreaChalupa Why not honor the will of the people and vote for HRC, wouldn't that be more noble? and reinforce our trust in democracy?

  • Steve Ragona (smragona)

    mclaudiatropar1 AndreaChalupa Well, we'd have to trust our democracy first. After this election, not so sure.

  • Steve Ragona (smragona)

    mclaudiatropar1 AndreaChalupa Well, not sure Trump can spell democracy. Too many syllables.

  • sonika (redsonika)

    AndreaChalupa I wish I could commend electors backing Kasich, but it’s a protest vote. No actual change.

  • TBashII (RukhnamaLives)

    redsonika AndreaChalupa its one less for Trump. A start.

  • sonika (redsonika)

    RukhnamaLives AndreaChalupa No, it needs to be a vote for HRC. Protest votes give the election to the House, which will uphold Trump.

  • PD (PrimaDonna001)

    redsonika RukhnamaLives AndreaChalupa exactly #StillWithHer

  • Kiran Kaur (kirangkaur)

    AndreaChalupa DebraMessing nytimes it's looking more and more apparent that 38 electors will not vote DTJ. She should be the choice - HRC

  • PD (PrimaDonna001)

    kirangkaur AndreaChalupa DebraMessing nytimes peoples' choice 2.7 mil and counting.

  • MissJass (dingchiroptera1)

    AndreaChalupa cussetabraswell nytimes no republican is fit to lead at the moment -they all need to go to morality rehab

  • Lou Gould (louwho27)

    dingchiroptera1 BreezyLovinInWV AndreaChalupa cussetabraswell nytimes Not a bit of principle in the lot of them

  • Te-Anne Black (Miabirdbrain23)

    AndreaChalupa nytimes - Thrilled to read this. It gives me hope for our nation.

  • Galina Galanos (GalinaGalanos)

    AndreaChalupa CitizensFedUp Commendable decision of a true patriot. As it should be, he puts his country… link

  • Deb (debmaygal)

    AndreaChalupa DebraMessing Great that you won't vote for Trump but crazy to ignore Clinton who is far more qualified than Kasich.

Donald Trump loses an elector: Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump link
excellent. link
  • . StephAllynne SarahKSilverman if ANYBODY can be worse than #trump it's #hillary. can't honestly say who I think is worse.

  • Ryan Simmons (XBillups)

    NO2USPLUTOCRACY StephAllynne SarahKSilverman You're being ridiculous.

  • XBillups sorry for your ignorance StephAllynne SarahKSilverman

  • Ty (Tytan01)

    StephAllynne SarahKSilverman oops... looks like ol' Chris won't be an Elector for the great state of Texas. LOL! BOOTED OUT!

  • . StephAllynne SarahKSilverman great .. if he doesn't cast his vote for #hillary either & go from terrible to terribler.

  • Deep Time (rstackjr)

    NO2USPLUTOCRACY StephAllynne SarahKSilverman He mentioned Kasich which at this point I would be thrilled to have as POTUS.

  • rstackjr better than the other two but still very not good. StephAllynne SarahKSilverman

  • ((Huck Finn)) (ohiospud)

    StephAllynne SarahKSilverman nytimes like Kristallnacht? glass breaking can be so messy

  • StephAllynne SarahKSilverman nytimes link

  • vickib501 (vickib501)

    StephAllynne SarahKSilverman Absurd. He's going to be the President.

  • Wendy Cutcher (cutch417)

    StephAllynne nytimes 2nd celebration is jill steins failure 3rd will b when Electoral cast the vote.

  • Dan Lissolo (Mr_Dan_L)

    StephAllynne nytimes except that pesky 12th Amendment removes choice from electors. Crocodile tears all around. MAGA

  • StephAllynne SarahKSilverman nytimes Ha! 8 years ago U would've called same Bush guy a Nazi racist who kills seniors. Now "execellent"?!?

  • Abraham Quintana (abeq9493)

    StephAllynne SarahKSilverman nytimes Great decision. If only we had more people with that level of thought. OneTermTrump

  • StephAllynne SarahKSilverman Yes, what we need is... *yawn* Kasich! 60 million voters be damned!

  • Ernie Rossi (KooksChicago)

    StephAllynne SarahKSilverman We are United States, not United Coasts (CA/NY). his reasons include attacking SNL,, you are all idiots...

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