Why Our Super Bowl Ad Failed

Cards Against Humanity purchased a Super Bowl ad, but it was not successful.

? Cards Against Humanity purchased a Super Bowl ad, but it was not successful. Here's what we learned: link
  • C418 (C418)

    MaxTemkin max max ur good people

  • Allen Hemberger (dhemberg)

    MaxTemkin this line is amazing. link

  • Steve Kim (Fobwashed)

    MaxTemkin Classic case of "you say potato I say bankruptcy." I'm sure with what you've learned, you'll totally nail it next time.

  • Michael Glotzer (Mglo)

    MaxTemkin hotdogsladies someone should make a gif (pronounced jif) out of that ad!

  • Brandt Hughes (Gatowag)

    Mglo MaxTemkin hotdogsladies I've got you covered. link

  • Michael Glotzer (Mglo)

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  • DownfallArts (DownfallArts)

    MaxTemkin a 1000 years from now historians won't make heads or tails of any of this time. Don't mind us, we're just trolling the future.

  • David Femia (eNTyDF)

    MaxTemkin if you ran 2 15 second ads you would have doubled the potato screen time and increased potato retention. $$$

  • Syama Mishra (SyamaMishra)

    MaxTemkin At least you have a big hole to bury the potato in.

  • SyamaMishra MaxTemkin They filled that in

  • Syama Mishra (SyamaMishra)

    bob119800 MaxTemkin They can just dig a small hole for the potato with their hands then.

  • John Plewe (ncgames)

    MaxTemkin it's natural to second-guess yourself & think you should change something, but have you considered just trying the same ad again?

  • Michael Gorton (MikeGorton)

    MaxTemkin mikeyface Medium I believe your analysis is off. The problem was clearly in your font choice.

  • That Michael (idlemichael)

    MaxTemkin At least you tried, Max, and that makes me proud.

  • Ryan (ryanwhitney)

    MaxTemkin I couldn’t help but notice the first few frames were overexposed. Next year, consider a cinematographer? link

  • Richard Parker (rparkerjr77)

    ryanwhitney MaxTemkin They must have used another potato to do the filming.

  • Mariusz Ciesla (dotmariusz)

    MaxTemkin ur good people max

  • Celio Hogane (CelioHogane)

    MaxTemkin Medium Call me genius but i think the reason failed is because there was no reference to the product in the video.

  • Steve Temkin (TEMKIN)

    MaxTemkin So proud you spelled 'advertisement' correctly.

We bought a Super Bowl ad this year. Unfortunately it completely tanked. Our thoughts: link
Thank you for all the kind words, it's been a crazy ride. link
“Why Our Super Bowl Ad Failed” by Cards Against Humanity link
Really inspiring. Very bold, very brave insights. What an incredible journey. link
  • Merlin Mann (hotdogsladies)

    Millenniums see potatoes differently than their parents. They want fewer potatoes, but better potatoes. Also, the ability to own a home.

  • Todd Vaziri (tvaziri)

    hotdogsladies much courage

  • Beau (beaudotgiles)

    hotdogsladies was “run a super bowl ad” this week’s due by Friday and if so where was yours

  • Pratik Patel (ppatel)

    xorbit1 hotdogsladies I can't but wonder if this is fake. #Damn2016

This is genius. link
All of us at CAH were really excited to work on an ad for the Super Bowl. Unfortunately it tanked: link
A transparent and sobering post-mortem on CAH's failed Superbowl spot: link
This is the best post I've ever read on advertising link
  • ashleymayer Medium omg. Genius. "Looking back, the effectiveness of this concept was 99% based on the audience hearing The Rolling Stones"

This made me laugh. LAUGH, I tells ya. link

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