With No Warning, House Republicans Vote to Gut Independent Ethics Office

The move by emboldened Republicans on the eve of a new Congress would strip power and independence from an investigative body and give lawmakers control over ethics inquiries.

115th Congress doesn't begin for hours but in a shocking pre-game accomplishment score is now: Swamp 1, House GOP 0: link
  • Rachel DeAlto (RachelDeAlto)

    CoryBooker nytimes Terrifying. All of it. Praying for a balance of light and dark.

  • Ryan (coachryan82)

    CoryBooker What are you going to do about it? Angry talk on Twitter is meaningless if devoid of action on the floor. Step up, earn 2020...

  • Kato Leonard (kato3000)

    coachryan82 CoryBooker hard to do anything about it with republicans controlling house and senate.

  • Ryan (coachryan82)

    kato3000 CoryBooker I guess we might as well quit then, right? Bow down and kiss the Darth Trump pinky ring. Fuck. That...

  • Scarlet Begonia (cajunsicily)

    coachryan82 kato3000 CoryBooker I've got my pitchfork. See ya in DC. Time for protest.

  • Lucky Luke (MassenaFlyBoy)

    cajunsicily coachryan82 kato3000 CoryBooker LOL. Go waist ur time and money. #idiots #snowflakes

  • Kato Leonard (kato3000)

    MassenaFlyBoy cajunsicily coachryan82 CoryBooker it's "waste" and you have the nerve to call someone an idiot.

  • CoryBooker House GOP is the swamp headquarters, Cory. Every Congressional Democrat should be screaming bloody murder. FIGHT FOR US!!!

  • CoryBooker Sorry, no. It's Congress 1, US citizens 0

  • didi (didinyc)

    AquamarineSteph CoryBooker if you think this gives Congress points, change your perspective. You hold their future...in the ballot box.

  • Matthew Chapman (fawfulfan)

    You're dramatically undercounting Swamp's current score, Senator. CoryBooker nytimes

  • Cyanna (Cyan1137)

    CoryBooker Americans are watching. We will hold ALL elected officials accountable for their actions.

  • Chief1970p (chief1970p)

    Cyan1137 CoryBooker no we won't. We never do and proved it this past election by not researching what was really the truth. Sad.

  • Michelle Smith (macsmith413)

    CoryBooker President should appoint Merrick Garland before new Congress is sworn in. If this is how things are going to be...

  • Mel Ankoly (Mel_Ankoly)

    macsmith413 CoryBooker They lost their chance to advise and consent.

As I said, we are entering an era of epic corruption. link
  • Robby Starbuck (robbystarbuck)

    paulkrugman Reminder from nytimes that in 2011 it was Democrats that wanted to gut the Ethics Office. link

  • SlugoPugo (slugopugo)

    I forgot about that robbystarbuck paulkrugman nytimes nytpolitics

  • Robby Starbuck (robbystarbuck)

    slugopugo paulkrugman nytimes nytpolitics I think Paul forgot too...

  • Lennart De Geyter (lenirtpls)

    robbystarbuck slugopugo paulkrugman 1 Dem? And they didn't have a secret vote to achieve it.

  • SlugoPugo (slugopugo)

    lenirtpls determining the rules for any new congress is a closed meeting robbystarbuck paulkrugman

  • JustLisa (Coastal4594)

    slugopugo lenirtpls robbystarbuck paulkrugman Do U have the Dem's name/post U sourced. W/the Fake News, Ur integrity is my #1 Concern

  • Lennart De Geyter (lenirtpls)

    Coastal4594 slugopugo It's in the article robbystarbuck tweeted like five tweets up.

  • Robby Starbuck (robbystarbuck)

    lenirtpls Coastal4594 slugopugo Meant to ask were you asking me for something? If so I'm happy to grab a source of it's something I know.

  • Andy Ostroy (AndyOstroy)

    paulkrugman nytimes The first act from the Kleptocracy..:

  • ItsAllBeenDecided (OlgaUK1)

    paulkrugman We need to come out in droves in 2018 midterms and send congressional republicans a serious message.

  • Ceddiec Ced (itscedsworld)

    OlgaUK1 paulkrugman unfortunately congressional districts have been gerrymandered so badly not even the highest turnout may help.

  • LBJ (BernieLBJ12)

    itscedsworld fritchee OlgaUK1 paulkrugman but we MUST turn out! And help others get ID etc. so #Crosscheck does not disenfranchise!

  • Erin F.D. (ErinFeichtinger)

    BernieLBJ12 itscedsworld fritchee OlgaUK1 paulkrugman I'm with you, we can also work to get people IDs in those districts, ground up!!

  • LBJ (BernieLBJ12)

    ErinFeichtinger itscedsworld fritchee OlgaUK1 paulkrugman And wit GOP in charge even MORE VS WILL b in play. So 2018 is VERY IMPORTANT

  • paulkrugman We are a bonafide banana republic.

  • little caesar (littlecaesar50)

    paulkrugman nytimes GOP hell-bent on retribution, 8 years of PBO blew their small minds

  • littlecaesar50 paulkrugman nytimes You could have stopped at "blew." 8 years of "President" Obama blew.

  • Right_Smarts littlecaesar50 paulkrugman nytimes heh. you sure showed us...that u r a blatant ignoramus. "Right Smarts"

Breaking News: House Republicans voted to gut the congressional ethics office, set up after corruption scandals link
  • Susan (SuesZoo805)

    nytimes What the f••k is going on in Washington? The GOP needs to be stopped! NOW before all of our "checks and balances" are destroyed!!

  • ThisWeekinRed (ThisWeekinRed)

    SuesZoo805 nytimes we had our chance at the polls in Nov. We. Failed. Because much of electorate believed GOP bullshit.

  • Chris Garaffa (cmg)

    ThisWeekinRed SuesZoo805 nytimes if only there's been a popular progressive with a movement behind him that could have defeated Trump...

  • Chris Garaffa (cmg)

    ThisWeekinRed SuesZoo805 nytimes oh wait. That existed. The DNC killed it in favor of the status quo and handed Trump the election.

  • Josh (darthhomme)

    cmg ThisWeekinRed SuesZoo805 nytimes bullshit. Popular? No, he couldn't even win the Primary. He mostly won undemocratic caucuses.

  • Trump MUST GO! (JessikaJayne)

    darthhomme cmg ThisWeekinRed SuesZoo805 nytimes I fucking hate Bernie people! So fucking much!

  • Chris Garaffa (cmg)

    JessikaJayne darthhomme ThisWeekinRed SuesZoo805 nytimes I'm not even a Bernie person. Not a Democrat. Didn't vote for him.

  • Kerry (Ms_Maxine)

    cmg JessikaJayne darthhomme ThisWeekinRed SuesZoo805 then why perpetuate a false narrative abt a "stolen" primary? Gtfo

  • SamanthaDunn (SamanthaDunn)

    nytimes So much for "drain the swamp." Voters will remember this.

  • Emma Hucknall (EmmaHucknall)

    SamanthaDunn nytimes Not unless we remind them on a daily basis.

  • SamanthaDunn (SamanthaDunn)

    EmmaHucknall nytimes True!

  • Conrad Hackett (conradhackett)

    Before vote to limit Office of Congressional Ethics, 78% in US disapproved how Congress handles its job linknytimes

  • Miaopinie (helloyoohoo)

    nytimes Is it me, or is it really getting swampy in here?

  • Cynthia Wilson (WillCyn611)

    helloyoohoo nytimes hip waders and duck dynasty alert

  • Zach Alan (zwash300)

    nytimes can't have ethics getting in the way of the massive corruption to come

  • General Zod (GeneralZod1960)

    nytimes why do these GOP reps always look like child molesters?

Swamp Fever! On its first day, new Congress moves to scrap independent watchdog that oversees it. link
  • David Bourgeois (dwbourgeois)

    . davidaxelrod nytimes And Democrats sit back and shrug. Makes them as bad a Republicans, worse maybe.

  • dwbourgeois davidaxelrod nytimes they have no power and it happened behind closed doors republicans only

  • David Bourgeois (dwbourgeois)

    Christiano104 davidaxelrod nytimes Well, starting tomorrow the Democrats should shut the government down. Sit ins. Be vocal. Agitate.

  • dwbourgeois davidaxelrod nytimes they can start by getting the judge for the Supreme Court confirmed at noon link

  • davidaxelrod Democrats and republicans this is what fucking happens when you vote with no info and don't vote in midterm elections

  • woody (bwipacs)

    davidaxelrod nytimes What do you expect from the Christian party of no ethics or morals?

  • Deb Levine (Deb7111)

    davidaxelrod Every day I tell myself Trumpworld can't get worse. But it gets worse!

  • Stephen Ondra (StephenOndra)

    davidaxelrod brucejapsen nytimes Gutting the ethics office is how to transform the swamp into a cesspool, not how to make America great.

  • SportaDiva88 (Lmachazel)

    davidaxelrod nytimes That's what you do when you know you're not honest! #GOP

  • pmb50 (pmb501)

    davidaxelrod remember when Dems took control in 09 they passed bill to save Econ & provide healthcare. Rep 1st thing is end ethnics reform

  • Monica Harvey (soberealestate)

    davidaxelrod nytimes We are fucked! Pardon the language but it's what best describes the next 4 years & rapidly approaching shit storm!

  • Ron Von Ehmsen (vonehmsen57)

    davidaxelrod nytimes it's all over. We are officially screwed or about to get screwed. I feel sorry for Trump voters who r struggling.

  • Angel (Chappie1947)

    vonehmsen57 davidaxelrod nytimes I don't feel sorry them, I feel sorry for the sane ones that didn't vote for that imbecile including me.

  • Zenber1 (Zenber1)

    davidaxelrod Closed door Republican only session. This is corrupt & not good for Democracy SpeakerRyan SenateMajLdr

  • The Monster (boris3324)

    davidaxelrod CraigCo62 EricLiptonNYT But Hillary had emails

  • A L Katz (boyndog)

    davidaxelrod brianpiero So ethically challenged people did something ethically challenged. Never saw that coming...

  • rrlse (priusport)

    davidaxelrod the right wingers exposing themselves as fascists?

  • Nightowl805 (Nightowl805)

    davidaxelrod CNN FoxNews realDonaldTrump Afraid to have Donald Trump & Ethics & GOP in same room. High chance of death due to swamp gas

  • Lauren Evans (yeslaurenevans)

    Sickening. Here we go. davidaxelrod nytimes watching #TRMS cover this.

With No Warning, House Republicans Vote to Hobble Independent Ethics Office link
  • nytimes Curiously, the NYT is now interested in ethics as an issue after enabling Hillary for all these years. Cheerleader status is over.

  • MMinSC (MMinSC)

    Founders_1776 nytimes So you just admitted it's an ethics issue. You got duped by Trump. You'll admit it one day.

  • MMinSC Founders_1776 nytimes lol... But her emails #draintheswamp link

  • LadyMolly (LadyMolly736)

    yaboyzdacubs Shy_Survivor MMinSC Founders_1776 nytimes No worries, Trump doesn't use emails, he uses couriers. link

  • MMinSC (MMinSC)

    LadyMolly736 yaboyzdacubs Shy_Survivor Founders_1776 nytimes washingtonpost Trump typing an email... link

  • MMinSC OK, now I'm thinking about Lancelot Link. Shy_Survivor LadyMolly736 yaboyzdacubs Founders_1776 nytimes washingtonpost

  • davydogg (davydawgg)

    PetuniaCatLand MMinSC Shy_Survivor LadyMolly736 yaboyzdacubs Founders_1776 nytimes washingtonpost Delivering Top Secret by Bicycle. link

  • Lynn Jean Gray (Gray1Lynn)


  • Printerman (nonmaladjusted)

    Gray1Lynn nytimes Do you want the short answer? Yes. And any attempt to point it out will be met with "but her emails!" link

  • Lynn Jean Gray (Gray1Lynn)

    nonmaladjusted nytimes Agreed. Just lie and redirect until no one remembers anything other than the lie.

  • Zach Alan (zwash300)

    nytimes rolling out the welcome mat for fascism

  • Bernie woulda won. (SnarkCage)

    BlobWeird zwash300 Rosie nytimes the "socialism" was a head fake to get elected, they were behind large corporations like Bayer

  • Bernie woulda won. (SnarkCage)

    BlobWeird zwash300 Rosie nytimes sounds familiar, actually

  • Bernie woulda won. (SnarkCage)

    BlobWeird zwash300 Rosie nytimes or Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, among the Forbes best places to do business.

  • Bernie woulda won. (SnarkCage)

    BlobWeird zwash300 Rosie nytimes or maybe your slippery defn of socialism suddenly doesn't include these countries, right?

  • Lanna (Lannatexasgal)

    nytimes SWAMPY ...almost like they know LOTS of unethical crap is about to go down & preemptively hiding it

  • Leighbra (Leighbra)

    Lannatexasgal nytimes they're hoping to get this through before they get their own emails released.

  • Lanna (Lannatexasgal)

    Leighbra graham admitted his was hacked... safe to assume others were that haven't admitted to it.. if so tremendous blackmail potential

  • Leighbra (Leighbra)

    Lannatexasgal time to take our government apart brick by brick. I'm done.

House Republicans voted to curtail the power of an independent ethics office. The move was made without notice. link
  • jseverance (jseverance)

    nytimes I wonder why the republicans don't want ethics oversight? It's weird

  • jseverance nytimes lol, I bet you can guess. They aren't being obvious or anything...

  • JR Howell  ? (JR_Howell_JR)

    nytimes link

  • Jennifer Warren (benjean2)

    nytimes Shame on you SpeakerRyan and GOP members. The American people deserve better from you.

  • michele turney (Coolhorsegirl)

    benjean2 nytimes SpeakerRyan no they don't per Ryan. I guarantee he thinks Americans are stupid

  • Nicaloys (nicolasgiron)

    Coolhorsegirl benjean2 nytimes SpeakerRyan it's hard to argue with that right now

  • Jennifer Warren (benjean2)

    nicolasgiron Coolhorsegirl nytimes SpeakerRyan Very hard to argue but we must prove him wrong.They can NOT be allowed to turn back time.

  • nytimes iamryanbeck Fellow Earthliings. I live in both North Carolina & the U.S.A. Help.

  • Nancy g (NancyjGiglio)

    nytimes When you have no ethics you no longer need an ethics office.

  • keithincali (keithincali)

    nytimes with no warning? Trump was elected almost 2 months ago. How much more warning do you need?

  • Eric O'Donnell (egomro4)

    nytimes & so it begins! Looks like SpeakerRyan has already lost control & new congress hasn't started yet!

  • nytimes This is a f*cking nightmare - House Republicans can't be trusted to police themselves HouseGOP GOP Seriously, what the f*ck?

  • Lawrence Feeney (PascoFilms)

    nytimes Ladies and Gentlemen, your 115th United States Congress. And so the shit show begins.

  • Simone Cromer (FassFass)

    nytimes the corrupt soulless basterds aren't even trying to hide how evil they are.

  • Rose (Trudi16)

    FassFass nytimes Trump certainly doesn't try and hide it. They have been given free reign and it will be a disaster.

  • malc mcgookin (malcmcgookin)

    nytimes Welcome to the new Republic. Of Ameristan.

  • ones and zeroes (schwaid)

    nytimes what one would expect from the party of scandals -and that's a fact - gonna get even better with realDonaldTrump leading the way

  • WarNeverChanges (EvilGary101)

    nytimes Republicans doing away with ethics. No surprise these unscrupulous curs would pull something like this.

  • Mimi (sosheepy)

    nytimes WTH! SpeakerRyan Corruption has begun and you're the leader. You must be so proud of yourself.

With No Warning, House Republicans Vote to Hobble Independent Ethics Office link
  • Kimberlee King (kdbk42)

    nytpolitics maddow nytimes I want to hear from Trump supporters. Why is this a good thing? If Hillary or Obama tried it, ye Gods!!!!?

  • superbirdman (superbirdman1)

    kdbk42 nytpolitics maddow nytimes I think we hear enough from Trump voters without asking

  • nytpolitics One has to ask why? Why the need to hobble OCE? Why the need for vote without warning? What are/will Republicans hiding?

  • superbirdman (superbirdman1)

    AmerPatriot13 nytpolitics Republicans can't handle the truth

  • superbirdman1 AmerPatriot13 nytpolitics People are starting to uncover the truth. See my pinned tweet. link

  • superbirdman (superbirdman1)

    PatrickJFerree AmerPatriot13 nytpolitics hope it's not too late

  • superbirdman1 AmerPatriot13 nytpolitics We have to rise up. Be loud. And resist at all costs. Even the classic conservatives can help.

  • PatrickJFerree superbirdman1 AmerPatriot13 nytpolitics resist what? The Dems want this as much as the Reps link

  • DagnyDelinquent superbirdman1 AmerPatriot13 nytpolitics Need to take out the Dem trash and appeal the the real conservatives still left.

  • Jack Charles (unitasLynch)

    nytpolitics nytimes It has started the GOP is expanding the swamp

  • The Truth (RWynes)

    unitasLynch nytpolitics nytimes the swamp is full of lying, deceiving, crooked asshats. Both parties are full of them.

  • 1 of the 48.1% (Nika_Naylor)

    nytpolitics nytimes CNNPolitics WTF? Republicans are drunk with the thought of being in power. Hopefully the GOP doesn't destroy USA.

  • 1 of the 48.1% (Nika_Naylor)

    nytpolitics nytimes CNNPolitics GOP is so focused on short term. Repealing ACA will cause ppl to be more sick & cost more government $.

  • 1 of the 48.1% (Nika_Naylor)

    nytpolitics nytimes CNNPolitics When ppl don't have health care, illnesses become chronic, cause disabilities, & cost more money for care

  • 1 of the 48.1% (Nika_Naylor)

    nytpolitics nytimes CNNPolitics GOP has no care for the American people who need them most. They only care about their hate for Obama.

  • Nika_Naylor nytpolitics nytimes CNNPolitics The alt right have taken hold. See my pinned tweet. link

  • 1 of the 48.1% (Nika_Naylor)

    PatrickJFerree nytpolitics nytimes CNNPolitics washingtonpost Globalization is not an Obama thing... It's a people of the world thing.

  • 1 of the 48.1% (Nika_Naylor)

    PatrickJFerree nytpolitics nytimes CNNPolitics washingtonpost The Internet made it possible for a majority of ppl to understand others.

  • Nika_Naylor nytpolitics nytimes CNNPolitics washingtonpost That's why "don't trust computers" comment Trump made. Putin wants it gone.

House Republicans voted to curtail the power of an independent ethics office. The move was made without notice. link
  • nytimes United States is about to literally be looted by Republican Party and I have serious doubts you have the guts to report it straight

  • Rusted_Ideas (rust_ideas)

    wetcasements nytimes You were saying? link

  • Miss Joy (GodsDesign17)

    rust_ideas wetcasements nytimes What exactly does this mess have to do with the original post? Or anything else for that matter?

  • Rusted_Ideas (rust_ideas)

    GodsDesign17 Inference isn't a liberal strong suit is it? Let me splain: abuse of power i.e. LOOTING for 8 yrs now & useful idiots SILENT

  • Rusted_Ideas (rust_ideas)

    GodsDesign17 What is really funny, libs will learn details of the looting when the freebies run dry. You've been sold out for "refugees" link

  • RustyOneTwo (RustyOneTwo)

    nytimes Ethics aren't optional. If this passes, find out if your representative voted for it, and put them out in mid terms.

  • nytimes it's called "furnishing the swamp". Needs to be nice and cozy for all the #unethical business they will be doing #MAGA

  • J.M. Hamilton (jmhamiltonblog)

    . nytimes What's next, a law placing House GOP above all laws?

  • ruthayres (reallyruth)

    jmhamiltonblog nytimes in word, yes

  • MaggyResistant (Maggyw519)

    nytimes it makes it impossible for the public to find out anything about GOP wrongdoing

  • Miss Joy (GodsDesign17)

    Maggyw519 nytimes They purposely destroyed this office of oversight so that we couldn't/wouldn't find out for 4 years

  • nytimes Republicans have become Un-American. Sold their souls to corruption and Putin.

  • JC (JC080496)

    nytimes GOP HouseGOP I guess ethics, fairness & doing what is right for the country is not priority for the GOP. Nixonian Republicans.

  • Trump = USA1st ?? (katzkab11)

    nytimes MitchMcConell SpeakerRyan Realky? Protect yourselves over the people, laws, ethics? We remember and we vote. #draintheswamp

  • nytimes Not surprising at all. GOP doesn't care about ethics.

  • Susanne (SusanneB99)

    nytimes there will be no more checks and balances....we will be a dictatorship under Trump #resist

  • Dan Bierce (DanBierce)

    nytimes We're looking at the most corrupt US government, ever.

  • Tom Kardon (tomkardon)

    nytimes Republicans are immoral! They deserve to be punished.

  • Banana Rights Watch (UN_brw)

    nytimes well Republican already got unethical prez.... They have a chance to make unethical office.

  • Brian Keith O'Hara (bkohatl)

    nytimes They are the party of corruption and perversion: link

Please read. link
If you love this ??country, you have to be ill over the way Trump & the GOP are blatantly dismantling our democracy. link
  • Not giving in (NastierWoman)

    KaivanShroff Jean_ie nytimes Frankly I no longer feel as I did about my country. If I were younger and it were feasible, I would be gone.

  • Jean Reynolds (Jean_ie)

    NastierWoman This is so upsetting. These disgusting pigs are unbelievable! I'm so pissed off.

  • DP (dr_hairy_potter)

    KaivanShroff StillWithHer nytimes man behind atrocious plan is RepGoodlatte and his VA office phone is (540) 857-2672 DC (202) 225-5431

  • J Berkow (MizJanetta)

    KaivanShroff - Not about party or who you voted for anymore. Time to stand together & put our country first. #RevolutionaryWar2.0 nytimes

  • janeshort (jeanthorpe)

    KaivanShroff This is how it starts. nytimes

  • Renee Evans (politicallynuts)

    KaivanShroff nytimes Yes. There must be a term for the type of gloom I am feeling. It isn't personal. It's for the country.

  • Carol Fields (trisagion3)

    KaivanShroff Beyond ill. Watching Authoritarianism rise daily . Sigh .

  • Frozen (Frozzen2168)

    KaivanShroff StillWithHer nytimes Kavian u r so right. Republican R continuing 2 strip away our democracy

  • R Garrett (GarrettRuby)

    KaivanShroff nytimes And so it begins..GOP shock & awe It's going to be a fight to stop the"dismantling"of our Democracy #TheResistance

  • IHateItButHeWon (teachaged)

    KaivanShroff nytimes Kinda like what's going on in North Carolina. We've got four years of this shit. Pence is just as bad.

  • JD (SharpShooterSev)

    KaivanShroff Speaker Ryan's DC office no: (202) 225-3031. Call tomorrow re: Office of Congressional Ethics

  • KaivanShroff TRUMP: Drain the swamp! GOP: Expand the swamp!

  • Croeseler (RoeselerC)

    KaivanShroff We are a shell of our former selves. It is madness that so many in this nation prefer party to patriotism. #NeverTrump

  • KaivanShroff nytimes read this. link

  • KaivanShroff 1% HAVE pulled off their long awaited coup d'etat ~much bigger than just USA it's global TWIT-LER will let Putin take Europe link

  • st8ofmind (sannino2005)

    and the worst thing is ppl are just watching it happen. It is time to be alarmed and act. KaivanShroff link

  • Michael K. McKeon (mckeonmk)

    KaivanShroff This is just the beginning. They feel empowered to subvert everything. This is eventually inviting a military takeover

  • virginia green (booksbygin50)

    KaivanShroff StillWithHer nytimes I love this country. I am ill we have to act

  • not my prez (Lindsay05946319)


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