World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data

The Mail on Sunday today reveals evidence that the organisation that is the world’s leading source of climate data rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming.

Left Anti-Science, Pro-Fraud: World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data link via MailOnline #MAGA #Dobbs
  • Alan Wilson (AlWilson725)

    LouDobbs The only science Dems believe in is "climate science." They don't believe life begins at conception or that DNA determines sex.

  • Jerry Lee (JerryDonLee)

    AlWilson725 LouDobbs Nailed it! Isn't that funny when you step back and look at it like that.

  • Moshe Francis (moekamerow)

    LouDobbs MailOnline link

  • Moshe Francis (moekamerow)

    LouDobbs MailOnline link

  • moekamerow LouDobbs MailOnline Could've went th rest of my life wo seeing this pict..uuggg

  • Tim Firzgerald (3fitzlvnv)

    LouDobbs MailOnline I don't know about duped, maybe willingly duped or just plain ignorant

  • Jake (RealWestSideOG)

    3fitzlvnv LouDobbs MailOnline a quick google search debunks the article. But you dont look at outside sources

  • Mike N (hockeyfanct10)

    RealWestSideOG 3fitzlvnv LouDobbs MailOnline was that from snopes ??

  • Tim Firzgerald (3fitzlvnv)

    hockeyfanct10 RealWestSideOG LouDobbs MailOnline so you believe global warming now climate change is not a ploy to control economies

  • Mike N (hockeyfanct10)

    3fitzlvnv RealWestSideOG LouDobbs MailOnline are u asking me? Global warming is leftist ploy to make money, and to a degree control

  • Jake (RealWestSideOG)

    hockeyfanct10 3fitzlvnv LouDobbs MailOnline because scientists make so much money doing that huh?

  • Mike N (hockeyfanct10)

    RealWestSideOG 3fitzlvnv LouDobbs MailOnline yeah its called grant money its how they make a living !!! Wu

  • Jake (RealWestSideOG)

    hockeyfanct10 3fitzlvnv LouDobbs MailOnline leftist scam and that these men studied for years to make a quick govt buck

  • LouDobbs LindaSuhler MailOnline Global warming is caused by Liberal hot air

  • Moshe Francis (moekamerow)

    LouDobbs MailOnline link


  • Sons of Reagan (SonsofReagan)

    . LouDobbs BoSnerdley The #LimbaughTheorem is at play here & even RushLimbaugh missed it! Blaming it on #NOAA and NOT on BarackObama!!!

  • SonsofReagan LouDobbs BoSnerdley rushlimbaugh BarackObama It's algore! Makes off it. He invented the Internet 2 remember?

Whistleblower scientist reveals world leaders were duped by manipulated climate data when NOAA broke own its rules link
  • Mark Baumbach (mkbaumbach)

    DavidRoseUK this is interesting, but nobody cares anymore.

  • GChristian (GWinfl55)

    mkbaumbach DavidRoseUK Why do you think Obama's been pushing this climate change so hard? This was going to be his Golden Goose!

  • GWinfl55 mkbaumbach DavidRoseUK let's hope Trump makes it his golden shower

  • Liz Iuliucci (eaiuliucci)

    DavidRoseUK michellemalkin as if most conservatives don't know this, another reason for snowflakes to melt

  • Haywood Jablome (Rustynails1)

    DavidRoseUK isn't the o-zone layer supposed to be gone by now?

  • Tony Ton (TonyTon717)

    Rustynails1 DavidRoseUK there's been zero talk about it cuz it repaired itself, same shit that's been going on for millions of years.

  • chris (cm677427)

    DavidRoseUK SteveSGoddard We all no we have been scammed on "man made climate change" which has finally been debunked

  • Eric (ApeTuono10)

    DavidRoseUK it's very narcissistic to think that we humans have much effect on Mother Nature. When she's done with us she will hit reset.

  • Paul Roundy (PaulRoundy1)

    ApeTuono10 DavidRoseUK Your point is ridiculous. Ever looked down from a plane on an urban or agricultural area?

  • Eric (ApeTuono10)

    PaulRoundy1 DavidRoseUK oh pollution is real. Never said it wasn't. Climate change doom and gloom is based on an agenda.

  • Paul Roundy (PaulRoundy1)

    ApeTuono10 DavidRoseUK So, how large is the climate sensitivity to CO2 from human activities?

  • Eric (ApeTuono10)

    PaulRoundy1 DavidRoseUK well that depends who you ask doesn't it? You r the meteorologist. Tell us why there's never a clear sky. G-E?

  • Paul Roundy (PaulRoundy1)

    ApeTuono10 DavidRoseUK But you were the one asserting basically that the sensitivity is near zero, which we know is wrong.

  • Eric (ApeTuono10)

    PaulRoundy1 DavidRoseUK I can see how you thought that but I just don't think we humans are nearly as consequential as we think we are.

  • Paul Roundy (PaulRoundy1)

    ApeTuono10 DavidRoseUK I agree that there is potential that the worst forecasts out there will overdo warming outcomes.

  • Bonnie L Bryan (BonnieLBryan1)

    DavidRoseUK Kimsparrow13 link

  • Danny Peoples (Danny99634068)

    DavidRoseUK curryja I don't see much response from the "believers ".

  • OldBenzDriver (OldBenzDriver)

    DavidRoseUK GlomarResponder If western civilization survives, "climate science" will rank with Piltdown Man & The Cardiff Giant.

  • Richard Mead (RmeadMead)

    DavidRoseUK curryja 'Bout bloody time!!

Uh oh link
More manipulated climate data. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. link
  • Josh Inman (Inmaniac)

    StefanMolyneux jbhewitt

  • jbhewitt (jbhewitt)

    Inmaniac StefanMolyneux will wait for others to verify as it's only dailymail so far - also on the same homepage link

  • Josh Inman (Inmaniac)

    jbhewitt StefanMolyneux irony at its finest

  • PSI Cortex (psiraise)

    StefanMolyneux Also, why are we turning global warming into a political issue? Planets are not static - they have processes.

  • psiraise How else are politicians going to scare people into giving them even more power? StefanMolyneux

  • finallyhopeful (Segovia_Mora)

    StefanMolyneux thank this man 4 his courage. He will undoubtedly b discredited & character assassinated by environment groupies and lobby.

  • Joan Taylor (tavalite1)

    Segovia_Mora StefanMolyneux . They will be rioting in the streets! Burning cars etc.. you know the drill.

  • hackslayer (hackflusher)

    StefanMolyneux FreeWhiteMale NOAA broke own data handling rules 2 produce climate report 2 support leftist political ends. Another swamp.

  • StefanMolyneux Paradox is . . . The real enemy is environmental polution. Easy to see effects. Why are they hanging to global warming?.

  • PSI Cortex (psiraise)

    Master_Zing StefanMolyneux Both are an issue. Not just one.

  • psiraise StefanMolyneux Yes, however with polution you can not play statistics. It is there. With global warming both sides can manipulate

  • PSI Cortex (psiraise)

    Master_Zing StefanMolyneux Anything can be political for ulterior interests. That's why we need to observe everything neutrally.

  • Natasha Vines (vines_natasha)

    StefanMolyneux ckemp1542400 Trump believes in God and knows the truth!! He will not be fooled! It's a money racket is all that is!

  • Joseph Fitzsimons (jfitz1117)

    StefanMolyneux The3rdstooge It's called weather.

  • Alberto (Croque_Monsieur)

    StefanMolyneux GraziaMusicale of coooooooourse! its al conspiracy to... er, um... make you pollute less! Mwahahaha!

  • Croque_Monsieur StefanMolyneux Well, politicized sciences have unfortunately high rates of manipulation. Read the article when you can.

  • Croque_Monsieur StefanMolyneux And look into the situation. It seems that the mentioned report does have some quite serious issues w/ it.

  • Alberto (Croque_Monsieur)

    GraziaMusicale StefanMolyneux well i guess you're right, I guess the 98% of climate scientists who accept C.H. r wrong

  • Croque_Monsieur StefanMolyneux I'm not saying that climate change doesn't exist. Just that it's exaggerated. This report is proof.

  • Alberto (Croque_Monsieur)

    GraziaMusicale StefanMolyneux proof for goofs, maybe.

  • Croque_Monsieur StefanMolyneux How so? How is it only for goofs?

  • Alberto (Croque_Monsieur)

    GraziaMusicale StefanMolyneux leave science to the scientists, C.

  • Cernovich Biggest scam ever, who can argue with "saving the planet" no price too high right?

  • LdyNj1 (LdyNJ1)

    GloriousMale Cernovich bigger than Y2K and that was total BS.

  • Gary Boyer (gfbojar72)

    Cernovich I agree with Milo when he said that hearing "97% agree" should be the first red flag considering nothing is agreed upon by 97%.

  • MaynardKeynes (maynardkeynes4)

    gfbojar72 Cernovich Every national science academy on the planet has been duped too? Deniers are cowards can't face the truth.

  • Gary Boyer (gfbojar72)

    maynardkeynes4 Cernovich Enough $ in grants will sway anyone to say anything. Don't be so naive.

  • Gary Boyer (gfbojar72)

    maynardkeynes4 Cernovich TheAtlantic The Atlantic, really unbiased source!

  • MaynardKeynes (maynardkeynes4)

    gfbojar72 Cernovich TheAtlantic Yeah - clearly that story was planted by the CIA to stop us wearing them hey? You're onto it dude.

  • Gary Boyer (gfbojar72)

    maynardkeynes4 Cernovich I didn't even read the story, I just saw who it was by, which was all I needed to see.

  • of course Cernovich gatewaypundit 350 billmckibben un lying liars gonna lie about anything that their paychecks depend on #YUGE

  • yknot (kitchenscraps)

    Cernovich Certain people (Gore, David Suzuki, David Rothschild...) make a LOT of money off fake global warming. Follow the money always.

  • Dirk Brown (DirkBrown0010)

    Cernovich thurzday60 Duped? Don't think so - most of them were the ones taking part in the duping.

  • Jim (royalsoda1)

    Cernovich MannieMforever #winning

  • David Lonie (DaveL495)

    Cernovich syoka68 You might well say 'duped' Mike. But at the same time they've gone enthusiastically along with the duping.

  • Jeremy Veach (JVeach93)

    Cernovich I doubt they're being duped. They know exactly what they're doing.

  • Mike Healy (Heals9000)

    Cernovich schmucks

More climate fraud, courtesy of Obama administration. link
  • TomFitton dontproject this info gaining momentum now... good work. Until the truth is fully out, we can't have good policy. dontproject

  • That Guy (dontproject)

    theLonelyTrader Science should lead policy; data should lead science. Never the other way(s) around. TomFitton

  • dontproject Forgive my quibble: "Science should lead data." It's about the method for me. Data dis-confirms/confirms the hypo. TomFitton

  • That Guy (dontproject)

    theLonelyTrader one alters the other. Data alters science through method. TomFitton

  • dontproject Another quibble: Data only affects hypos. Scientific method adapts with paradigmatic shifts, which data informs. TomFitton

  • That Guy (dontproject)

    theLonelyTrader paradigmatic shifts generally come from observing data, so, yeah TomFitton

  • dontproject data alone is inert. observation of data is inert without hypos and method. TomFitton

  • That Guy (dontproject)

    theLonelyTrader we could go around all day, but observations are data and they lead most hypos. TomFitton

  • Snowflake Tantrum (Ringorike)

    TomFitton bienafe 2 NOAA charts from Dec. No land data in Africa so they merged nonexistent data onto another chart to show record heat link

  • Bienafe ? ? (bienafe)

    TomFitton Ponzi scheme now being expose. #ClimateFraud

  • PutAmericaFirst (KuhlmannBill)

    TomFitton davidwebbshow It is unraveling. Finally we'll get the truth.

  • Laura Hill (nocount23)

    TomFitton AmericanMex067 all politicians have a piece of that action

  • Christina (ChristiSweeti01)

    TomFitton Ppl forget that Pres O gave millions $$$ to his friends in solar who closed up shop and kept the money. "Solyndra"

  • Chelle Jones (Chelle_Shocker)

    TomFitton LindaSuhler When the CO2 levels of a volcano are far more than we could emit in a life time. You know climate change is a fraud

  • TomFitton alternative social engineering, Agenda 21 Dem's pet. #ConfirmTrumpCabinetNow!

  • Timothy Bair (TimothyBair)

    TomFitton THIS IS WHY THEY ARE STALLING JEFF SESSIONS AS LONG AS POSSIBLE...People thought Yates was housecleaning Watch and learn

  • Mike (TheBottomWalker)

    TimothyBair TomFitton link

  • bah maar (alfiebullock59)

    TomFitton LindaSuhler if u are struggling for proof of global warming ignore the scientists either side of the debate look out the window

  • TomFitton Will it never end ...deceitful deception.

  • Tami (TRiddle_Me_This)

    TomFitton davidwebbshow Daily Mail is considered a tabloid, so take it with a grain of salt.

Did America’s NOAA publish exaggerated global warming to influence the Paris agreement on climate change? link
  • robert howell (rhowell39)

    Heritage Global warming is a hoax! I have lived in AZ since 1975 temps are actually cooler than then! GW is a total joke!

  • Jeff Darrell (jdarrell208)

    Heritage **very disturbing allegations consistent with past proof of the ethical lapses of the crony climate choir! Ends jstfy the means?

  • Jeff Darrell (jdarrell208)

    Heritage "Settled Science" DOES NOT resort to manipulation. It welcomes challenge. Not happening here folks!

  • Heritage No, the Daily Mail just misrepresented NOAA's data in order to have a headline. This has already been debunked.

  • dont put name on twi (sher308)

    Heritage yes

  • Jim S (BurghFan99)

    Heritage No world leaders were duped. Corrupt politicians always act in concert with corrupt scientists on this stuff.

  • Heritage NOAA changed raw historical data & still failed to make their warming models predictive #GarbageInGarbageOut

  • clroger (clroger)

    Heritage the entire climate thing is only to get a carbon exchange started. It is all about money folks nothing more.

  • Heritage Isn't the world supposed to be in flames according to their first models ?

  • ImJustMike (ImJustMike555)

    Heritage Didn't we know this for a long time?

  • dannio gaith (david_dgaith)

    Heritage World "Leaders" are easily duped by bogus "scientific" data.

  • Jeff Davis (electricianwv)

    Heritage really!!! No ... say it ain't so! Biggest lie ever... right behind real butter is bad but eat all the wheat products you want.

  • John Martin (jmartin94695)

    Heritage NASA and NOAA have been "adjusting" temperature datasets for a while. Early last century colder, recent years warmer.

  • Coronet Spark (CoronetSpark)

    Heritage Yes.

  • Michelle oh (mkohlrogge)

    Heritage well to the left lying ok if it gets their agenda moving. Remember heterosexual AIDS scare.

  • Troy (tajfree)

    Heritage these climate change so called scientists are loosing any credibility they had each and every time they manipulate data

Hey Scientific American (sciam), Are you going to report on all this fraudulent "Climate Change" data? Source: link
ClimateGate2 is revealed in an important expose by DavidRoseUK link
  • Zeke Hausfather (hausfath)

    curryja DavidRoseUK That article is horribly misleading and inaccurate; I'm disappointed you would promote it. More formal response soon.

  • Judith Curry (curryja)

    hausfath DavidRoseUK Well, I hope you have something better than data plots, since these are rather beside the points being made here

  • Zeke Hausfather (hausfath)

    curryja DavidRoseUK "World leaders duped by manip global warming data" and Rose's article in general isn't about data management practices

  • Zeke Hausfather (hausfath)

    curryja DavidRoseUK Also this is patently false. NOAA gave greater weight to buoys in ERSSTv4, thats why identical to buoy-only record! link

  • Greg Laden (gregladen)

    . curryja DavidRoseUK You know the Daily Mail is a rag, don't you?

  • Judith Curry (curryja)

    gregladen DavidRoseUK Read David Rose's wikipedia biosketch link

  • Greg Laden (gregladen)

    Rather than reading the bio of an obviously politically motivated denier, I'll read the data and peer reviewed lit. curryja DavidRoseUK

  • Windy (GTMGQ)

    gregladen curryja DavidRoseUK Or read #ClimateGate where these very same people conspire to keep real science from being peer reviewed.

  • Windy (GTMGQ)

    gregladen curryja DavidRoseUK Same perps. #ClimateChange s #DirtyLittleSecret #NASA #NOAA #ClimateGate #Sussman link

  • Kevin Anderson (KevinClimate)

    . curryja I'd be interested in your take on hausfath response to the DavidRoseUK piece - see: link… - Thanks.

  • Judith Curry (curryja)

    KevinClimate hausfath DavidRoseUK a blog post responding to the critiques is coming soon

  • Mike Mangan (mangan_mike)

    curryja KevinClimate hausfath DavidRoseUK Have they developed an effective smear of Bates yet? Like, "He's only a meteorologist!

  • Alea Iacta Est (sullafelix)

    curryja DavidRoseUK Worked for five years with NOAA scientists who all told me there simply wasn't enough data. So this is true.

  • Greg Laden (gregladen)

    No, it is not true. You are a liar. And you are probably not even a monkey. sullafelix curryja DavidRoseUK

  • Alea Iacta Est (sullafelix)

    gregladen curryja DavidRoseUK Oh really? Can you prove that? I still have my contacts at NOAA.

  • Ants Tygertyger (antsty)

    sullafelix gregladen curryja DavidRoseUK Ah, Greg is correct, read Twitter t&cs, monkeys aren't allowed their own accounts

  • Alea Iacta Est (sullafelix)

    antsty gregladen curryja DavidRoseUK That's weird. All the Clintons, Pelosi and Reid have accounts....

  • Dave Andrews (PopsandSunshine)

    curryja DavidRoseUK "manipulated global warming data??? I am shocked!!

  • curryja DavidRoseUK When one fake scandal about climate change is not working anymore, make up a new one. #climate

World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data link
  • The Hungry Rabbit (THRblog)

    RaheemKassam i don't think the world leaders are duped - i think they are duping the public.... #gravytrain springs to mind

  • Mark Hutch (MarkoHutch)

    RaheemKassam Rely on oil from volatile Middle East, gas from Russia, etc or cut down, reduce exposure, pollution. Why not tell the truth?

  • Frank Thiel (Frankthiel71)

    MarkoHutch RaheemKassam The truth is man.made Global warming is fake news

  • Mark Hutch (MarkoHutch)

    Frankthiel71 RaheemKassam Completely agree but can't lose sight of need for good energy policies whilst addressing the fake news

  • cheryl g tracy (cottagecachet)

    RaheemKassam And not the 1st time they have been duped by manipulated global warning - climate change. Now it is a brainwashed religion.

  • Light Tac LLC (LighttacLLC)

    RaheemKassam Leftists always think their causes are so noble yet they cannot promote them without lies

  • Niren Tsew (niren_tsew)

    RaheemKassam Manipulated, no. They've been bought off by powerful globalist interests. Why else would they tax their ppl over a scam?

  • Barry Woods (BarryJWoods)

    RaheemKassam NOAA whistleblower article, by Dr Bates himself.. he writes Washington Post reject article in 2015 link

  • анди мак (AndyMeanie)

    BarryJWoods RaheemKassam curryja The Climate' , etc post is MUCH better than the Daily Mail article.

  • AngrySanta (ANGRYsanta73)

    RaheemKassam throw in about 75 dead scientists in the last two years. It's a deep rabbit hole. Journalists turn up dead for reporting.

  • libra rising (GeoffJinBucks)

    RaheemKassam Who knew ? Apart from climate realists, that is.

  • Arthur Sixpence (Parkerbats)

    RaheemKassam clareswift604 they did it in the past, do it now and always will to keep the gravy train flowing.

  • Skye Shepard (SkyeShepard)

    'World leaders' aren't really very smart, for the most part, eh? RaheemKassam sustain05

  • matthew hatch (Hatch526)

    RaheemKassam wonders in silence how much tax I have to pay each year because of global warming and wonder if it could be a scam?...

  • matthew hatch (Hatch526)

    RaheemKassam oh dear....was Trump right ...again....lefties are going to meltdown over this..

  • RaheemKassam World leaders are, by nature, complete dummkopfs. Federal Judges? Not much different.

  • Daniel W Borvan (DBorvan)

    RaheemKassam Raheem, I will support climate change when the scientists can tell me when my flight will be cancelled due to weather.

  • debra spence (xxdspence49)

    RaheemKassam. Climate change is about making $$$$ for the elite and controlling the plebs

  • RaheemKassam not duped but willing accomplices

  • Crap GWR (Crap_GWR)

    RaheemKassam not to mention thousands of scientists; so much duping going on. SAD!

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