You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.

A post is making rounds on social media, in response to the Women’s March on Saturday, January 21, 2017. It starts with “I am not a…

“You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.” by dinachka82 link
  • Björn Olsson (skibidido)

    DebraMessing dinachka82 Nobody likes when the privileged act like they are oppressed. Stop whining.

  • Laura Hopkins (lanah03)

    skibidido DebraMessing dinachka82 oppression of women has nothing to to with their wealth.

  • Björn Olsson (skibidido)

    lanah03 DebraMessing dinachka82 Who mentioned wealth?

  • MISS LIZZY (tinndrawers)

    DebraMessing dinachka82 this group has proven how inferior they are to Republican, educated, real women

  • Michi (cbn2)

    tinndrawers <-- Says the lady who retweets herself. :) DebraMessing dinachka82

  • MISS LIZZY (tinndrawers)

    cbn2 DebraMessing dinachka82 womensmarch link

  • Michi (cbn2)

    tinndrawers All women are real women. Not everything is political.

  • ItsJustMe22 (ItsJustMe122)

    DebraMessing dinachka82 is someone who is part of entertainment complaining that women are objectified? Seriously?

  • Barb S (Barb7598)

    ItsJustMe122 DebraMessing dinachka82 These "celebs" more representative of ALL of us than our Govt or the cad you support as #liarinchief

  • Be Cocky (tlfordsc)

    Barb7598 ItsJustMe122 DebraMessing dinachka82 no. Debra Messing is not representative. If she were HRC would b POTUS.

  • KeithLeBlanc (KeithLeBlanc63)

    DebraMessing dinachka82 Oh the conservative trolls from the White House basement are out in force wonder if Trump called forVlad's help

  • Michi (cbn2)

    DebraMessing dinachka82 Thanks for sharing this. Here's some research to help you make sense of these trolls. link

  • Paula (BlueRidgeChick)

    DebraMessing dinachka82 Medium you really don't understand the foundingothers of the movement. They were never as trashy as this.

  • DebraMessing dinachka82 Thank U. I responded to a female friend with “I am not a “disgrace to men” because I support the women’s march".

  • sam_shicks (shicks_sam)

    DebraMessing dinachka82 more advise from the bat crazy woman

  • USApril ? (AprilAchoo)

    DebraMessing dinachka82 Medium Hollywood is oppressed. Get a real life

  • Jen MN TX (Jenjktx)

    DebraMessing dinachka82 Medium When do we get to say we are angry at those who didn't vote for Hillary? They put us here today!

“You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.” by dinachka82 link
  • BethanyJoyLenz dinachka82 Medium Thank you! for standing up for us.. I thank God for people like you, voicing out what others couldn't :)

  • Jessie ♡ (ILaffJoy)

    BethanyJoyLenz dinachka82 Medium everyone that still doesn't understand the reason for this march should definitely read this!

  • America First Lynn (mlynnkc1)

    BethanyJoyLenz dinachka82 Medium horribly self righteous. No you don't speak for me. It was everything I voted against.

  • Jill Hand (JilliannHand)

    BethanyJoyLenz "but there is no wage gap!" Yeah right link

  • J vdG (jenn_vdG)

    BethanyJoyLenz dinachka82 Medium why is a woman's body described as "broken" after pregnancy?

  • BethanyJoyLenz dinachka82 This is incredibly powerful. Thank you.

  • larissa (gabrixlmacht)

    BethanyJoyLenz you're so strong and you worry a lot for us women, keep like that girl, we have proud of you! Love from Brazil, thank you

  • Lacey ☃️ (laceyjae27)

    BethanyJoyLenz thank you for sharing that article! So inspiring and well written

Yes! This is powerful stuff. link
  • Margery Murk *Home* (hmmurk)

    MsLeaSalonga Thank you for tweeting this. We should not forget because we take so much for granted now.

To the all people asking and women being asked: "What are you fighting for? Women are already equal". Your response: link
  • Susan Tuttle (IlkasAttic)

    leahmariepipes dinachka82 Medium , well-said, historical tie-ins, spot-on. For the female deniers: examine your internalized oppression

  • She for She (RealSheforShe)

    leahmariepipes dinachka82 Women WAKE UP! We are NOT equal under the law. Let's get out of our comfort zone, call ur Senator! #RatifyERAnow

  • Anna Gravél (Anna_Gravel)

    leahmariepipes Medium thank you for adding your voice to the fight! Adored you on originals and love following you here. <3

  • S R S P (TsunamiDaisy)

    leahmariepipes dinachka82 The most condescending thing I've ever read in my life! You don't represent me.

  • She for She (RealSheforShe)

    TsunamiDaisy leahmariepipes dinachka82 You don't want equal rights under the law? Why?

  • SocLuv (SociologyIsLove)

    leahmariepipes dinachka82 every 3rd woman was marching for something different. some for Shariah law. We should support that?

  • Renata Klasova (renkla)

    leahmariepipes Yes pigs or ? what to say ...this is how some woman left the March. Hmm really nice ! How stupid you are ! link

If you read one thing today, please let it be this. link
  • niina (justniina)

    thataylaa Medium I'm literally sobbing. That moved me so fkn much. Almost woke up the neighborhood saying "DAMN RIGHT!" over and over lol

  • andrea (andreabalor)

    thataylaa Medium this is a great read, thank you for sharing

  • Kordell (blahbucket)

    thataylaa I do have problems with the women's march because there was a TON of racism, but I'm also glad people marched.

  • Kordell (blahbucket)

    thataylaa I love this article, I'm so glad people came together to fight, but I also think it's important to point out the shit in it.

  • Kordell (blahbucket)

    thataylaa but as important as I think it is to point out the shit, the article this responded to didn't do that. That was fucking ignorant.

  • Sara Tigerlily (theqdust)

    blahbucket thataylaa I agree. parts of the women's march really disappointed me but it's a victory that it was even possible

  • Ladyghoul (AmandaPaigeTodd)

    thataylaa Medium never forget that women of color and indigenous women marched decades before white women cared enough to join in

  • Azi (simoni_azita)

    thataylaa Medium No thank you

  • Sofi (Sofiaaaaaparra)

    thataylaa Medium anavvictoriaa read this.

  • KT Biknel (Biknel_KT)

    thataylaa Medium Wish I could like times! Thanks for sharing.

  • Tiffany Boren (tifferddiffer)

    thataylaa Medium thank you for sharing this.

  • s a r i n a (sarinakeiser)

    thataylaa yes I posted it on fb begging people to read it

This is excellent. Long, long way to go. link
  • jonahkeri there will always be a long way to go as long as pro-life women continue to be barred from events like the #WomensMarch

  • Elmo (DrElm0)

    JosephThomasD jonahkeri until we start seriously considering other options besides the 2 major parties, I'm not optimistic for change

  • Jonah Keri (jonahkeri)

    DrElm0 Going to go out on a limb and say the other candidate would have pushed for legislation more favorable to women.

  • Elmo (DrElm0)

    jonahkeri it's clear there's a strong appetite for fundamental change and we know Trump ain't it, why not get more voices at the table?

  • Jonah Keri (jonahkeri)

    DrElm0 Dems have moved left, GOP has moved right. There will never be a perfect party. But choices are clear, depending on people's POV.

  • Gareth Hale (Gareth_Hale_84)

    jonahkeri Medium no maternity leave? I find that archaic. It's not the UK has the best policy but none is unbelievable!

To those who do not support the Women's March: link
  • Ron *Thug* Hall (RonHall46)

    Yes! I think it is a great deal like Clarence Thomas, take advantage of affirmative action programs but then (cont) madeintham

  • Ron *Thug* Hall (RonHall46)

    But then try to pull that ladder back up & and say, Hey I got here on my own, you don't need any programs! madeintham

  • madeintham the most pretentious and condescending thing I have read today

  • Susanbrarian (historygeek37)

    madeintham TheStacksCat Medium I cannot love this enough!!!

  • Karl Knowles (kobefn)

    madeintham Medium it would of been great if they March in front of embassies of countries that oppressed women like Saudi Arabia.

  • madeintham Medium Look at these salty replies, must have hit a nerve esp w/ the men. Won't someone think of the men?!?!

  • Kyle Green (Kylehboc)

    madeintham Medium How about you go to Saudi Arabia and have your March there? Then you'll see what having no rights at all feels like.

  • Trench Dota (Brantherton)

    madeintham You want the same pay as a man? do the same jobs. Have fun in the oil fields or welding pipes or driving heavy machinery

  • Brantherton madeintham The whole point of equal pay is for the same position, not all around....

  • Carlos Polanco (LordPatrick23)

    madeintham Gender gap is the stupidest thing on the earth and is one of the focal point in this article, so you can log off.

  • NHDeplorable (ravenous5200)

    madeintham The womens march was funded by an actual Nazi and a sharia law loving muslim

  • Irish (TheIrishSOA)

    madeintham Medium The Sharia Law March?

  • madeintham What about the rights that women have over men? Assumed caregivers for children?

  • madeintham Medium the womens March was dumb. Women have equal rights and Trump doesn't want to take that away even if he is an asshole

  • Daniel King (DannyCKing)

    madeintham Medium in short you are telling them "you are too dumb or afraid to admit you are wrong". Really empowering women there!

  • Tim Bostic (timbostic37)

    madeintham Medium wow that's a lot of bullshit in one article

  • Karl Knowles (kobefn)

    madeintham Medium where was the March when Bill Clinton was running through all of them women back then?

A quick read for my lady friends who are still unsure of the women's march. This should clear up any misconceptions! link
  • Colin Kopka (fun_size_guy)

    CaitiWard_ Medium this was a great read. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Caiti Ward (CaitiWard_)

    fun_size_guy Medium Thank you for taking the time to read it. I appreciate it.

  • Dante (NakedSnake_1935)

    CaitiWard_ Medium the comments on the article have really good points

  • Emily Robbins (emilyjRobbins)

    CaitiWard_ Medium is this what liberal women believe? This has to be a joke! #libtards #makeyourlifegreatagain #stopbeingavictim #maga

  • Marla B (embea22)

    CaitiWard_ Medium you can't be taken seriously when you walk around with a vagina on your head.

  • CaitiWard_ you cannot encapsulate every female's experience with some convenient statistics, and you can't "clear up" a lack of empathy.

  • Heather (dodiesmusicisme)

    CaitiWard_ Medium this is beautiful thank you for sharing this

“You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.” by dinachka82 link
  • MockingBird (KDHcharley)

    rosemcgowan dinachka82 Medium great post and for those just learning about Feminism. Read and Share

  • Jim Austin (JimAustin45)

    rosemcgowan dinachka82 Many of the ladies listed should be thanked. Not certain about the others. link

  • Andrea Hobson (Andrea_hobson)

    rosemcgowan thanks for the amazing tweets today. Rt'd the article.

  • Lisa Jay (JLisaJay)

    rosemcgowan the truth

  • Patty Miller (PattyMi30551532)

    rosemcgowan what are you so mad about?

  • DJ from CA (djkidd63)

    rosemcgowan dinachka82 they are as equal as you their voices though not loud are just as valid. How dare you Hypocrite!!!!!!

  • DJ from CA (djkidd63)

    rosemcgowan dinachka82 Bottom line your freedom your ability to protest all comes from men who died for that right..soldiers.

I'm sure most of you have seen/read this but i want to french kiss whoever wrote it. its in rewponse 2 facebook post link

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